Callidus Software Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Callidus Software Inc.

Quarterly Layoffs

Callidus is going through a big transition right now - they are moving from enterprise sales model to SaaS sales model and this is always bad for sales people for number of reason - there is less money for sales when they do that and also Callidus... —  read more 

Callidus layoffs in 2017

That's a rumor - I hear that they are planning 2017 layoffs at Callidus? DO you know if this is gonna happen for real?

The markets go up and down and so do stocks

The markets go up and down and so do stocks. This stock is ranked highest in group by Gartner and has the largest product mix and breadth of any competitor. They are continuing to add customers and improve financially to make the transition to the... —  read more 

Down, down, down

Down, down, down. I do not know who still believes in this company...

revenue is 5% down

revenue is 5% down. services 18% down. licenses 38% down. loss of more than $1M. layoffs are coming, get ready, prep the resume...

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