Topics regarding layoffs at Blackbaud Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Blackbaud Inc.

Annoyed still

"about this headcount" Code for we have more reduction in plans just not today folks, nothing to see here. We know if we do it today our workforce will go nuts so for today we can operate at "about this headcount". It's also great we can see... — read more 

End of the road

Let's thank those who have worked with us for years for the end of the road is today March 1 for so many of our colleagues affected by the Feb RIF. And oh those severance packages are puny in comparison to c level share payouts I must say. Let's... — read more 

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Leave Blackbaud

Its no doubt unfortunate for all those folks that have been affected in some way by this. This was clearly a cost cutting move in anticipation of a Private Equity takeover. There is no faster way to make a company look more profitable than by an RIF... — read more 

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I hate this

I quit my old job to join Blackbaud a little over six months ago. I had no idea then how quickly I'd have to worry about my job. While I survived this last round, I know people who have been here about the same time as I who were let go. Now I'm... — read more 

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Semi annual RIF

Blkb use to be awesome. However executive leadership has moved on from a company doing good to a company doing bottom line math. Yes the ELT is beholden to shareholders because you know it's a public company. This ELT though is fu----g special... — read more 

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Sorry to hear

I worked at Blackbaud for some years as a software engineer. Saw some layoffs. Including them laying off all their quality engineers. Never bought into their phony messaging of making the world a better place or driving social good. I quit years... — read more 

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More layoffs this year

Don't think for one minute it's over. We'll see many more people lose their jobs before the year is over. This incompetent leadership will continue to correct its own mistakes by cutting costs, which is easiest to do by reducing headcount. I don't... — read more 

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Do they want even lower morale?

I really don't understand why this company works against itself. Why were the top performers cut? Is it that they are hoping for bigger attrition and think they will achieve that by cutting good employees and lowering morale?

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Absolutely tone deaf

It would be nice if the CEO, he-l, anyone from the board, could take 30 minutes out of their day to show up for a call to discuss things that have monumental impact on the company instead of shoving the IT manager in front of the angry mob to take... — read more 

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Management stays silent

Management still doesn't have the decency to answer questions on company wide calls. Learning just how bad these cuts were. Sh-t show Blackbaud just screwed themselves out of some of the best talent in the industry. Other companies and non profits... — read more 

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Investor Website

Check out the public filings on the Blackbaud Investor website. These a--holes made moves on February 13th and then got millions in stock given to them! Over $10MM between the people the on the public filings. Mike, Tony, David, Kevin (s), Jon. They... — read more 

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Is it true?

For those who were notified about being laid off - are there a significant number of great performers among you? Some comment that they know several excellent performers who have been laid off, and that totally depresses and worries me.

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A number of people with 30+ years of tenure were laid off. I guess loyalty means nothing to Blackbaud not to mention the loss of knowledge and experience

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