Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Be aware of the FUD

Hi all, as many of you, 10+ years Citrite waiting to see what happens. While we find a lot of interesting posts and information here, we also need to evaluate who might be the real poster. Could be people spreading fud, could be competitors, could... —  read more 

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RSUs and April awards

Anyone has any experience with invested RSUs and layoffs? What about our awards from April, granted as a results of our performance in 2021? Any chance to get this money?

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Office Closures?

I have a friend in commercial real estate in Raleigh. He believes Citrix is considering closing offices here. Does anyone know if Fl or SC is up for lease?

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Obviously Citrix has no values

There was a comment comparing the downfall of Citrix to Enron. Looking up Enron’s history this is a fair comparison. Citrix no longer has a moral path…anything goes. Truth, respect, courage, curiosity and innovation are no longer valued. These have... —  read more 

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New Software to be used

Love how the CEO made technology decisions... garbage technology decisions. Leave tech decisions about which software we should be using to people who understand tech. I can't wait for this to turn out just like Wrike and Slack - with a huge... —  read more 

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For your own good - abandon ship

There are so many options outside of Citrix, great companies with great futures and still embracing remote work. I know how strong the connection can feel to Citrix when you have worked there for years, but trust me, it is liberating to break free. ... —  read more 

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Unfair approach to layoffs

The leadership thinks that if layoffs are managed in this way, gradually getting rid of small numbers of people, it will avoid viral backlash and negative reporting in the media. But I think they are mistaken. Why? Because it is not conducting... —  read more 

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History Repeats

In 1970 the average manufacturing worker made the equivalent of $42 per hour with an excellent benefits package. By 1990, US manufacturers moved operations off shore to reduce labor cost, taxes, overhead, and environmental regulations. Investors made... —  read more 

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Executive leaders all hands?

In his email TK said all executive leaders will have their own all hands meetings. Has anyone received an invite? Per TK during these meetings we will find out if our position is staying or being eliminated.

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I have to ask

Do people who are advocating for RTO not have families? Or do you simply don't like them all that much? I can't figure out any other reason why you would prefer to lose a minimum of an hour - or two and more for some of us - commuting each day rather... —  read more 

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November 18

it is simple 23th December is the last working day for those laid off .... work back a max 5 weeks (some countries require 5 weeks notice for older employees), so based on that 18th November will be the last day of layoffs for 2022!!!! I think this... —  read more 

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I know that lately there’s been a lot of negative comments about RTO. But I was wondering is anyone excited to return to the office? I personally missed interacting with my fellow peers!

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It’s Double Dip time!

For those that are still there, I’d try your damndest to find a new job and focus 100% on fulfilling the new job and put 10% on maintaining a Citrix paycheck. Double dip the heck out of them, build your rainy day fund and you’ll be forever grateful... —  read more 

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RTO strategy

The RTO is a strategy they are using to force people to quit and avoid paying severence. This strategy was also used by Tesla, Yahoo and others.

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Here you go TK Data Data Data, read this

As this article outlines and is a systematic study done by McKinsey whose consultants these companies hire, IT can work remotely with 0 productivity loss for the most part. This whole nonsense about being data driven is horse manure at best ! T... —  read more 

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Patronizing 101

As others have said, “I’m doing this for your own good” is insanely patronizing. As someone who currently basically works all hours to support teams in multiple time zones, I will be LESS productive if I am having to put in a commute, and end my day... —  read more 

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