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North Carolina

RALEIGH – The economic impact of the coronavirus could be tremendous with millions of jobs lost, according to a new report. And North Carolina won’t escape the cuts. Aa NC State economist predicts “five digit” losses in North Carolina where nearly 5... —  read more 

culling coming soon

The covid-19 will reduce revenue so there will be a culling soon to keep executives bonuses at previous levels. Hope you are all praising the shirtrix way....

Hackers Were Inside Citrix for 5 Months Networking software giant Citrix Systems says malicious hackers were inside its networks for five months between 2018 and 2019, making off with personal and... —  read more 

Should I consider an internship with Citrix

Reading glassdoor comments and I am very concerned. I would have asked this question there but they do not offer that option. Your reddit page is mostly about tech issues. Thanks!

How many people work at Citrix Systems?

Nobody knows when layoffs will happen, but the overall number of employees should be public info. Do you know how many people work at the company? How about the office at Fort Lauderdale?

From CSIO to CISO... Alphabet soupy

So we go from a Chief Security AND Information Officer to a CISO.. And no press release on the CISO hiring who started A MONTH after they left? common.

Post summit lay-off

Lay-off after summit Sources have confirmed the expected layoffs after summit will proceed as planned in the next few weeks . This was even after the self congratulatory laden disaster of an event the Citrix summit . DH even revealed the layoff on... —  read more 

Remote/Telework at FL HQ?

Since when did we start allowing people to work from home? Security Assessment Manager (Remote)

Citrix Systems Layoffs 2020

Anyone would care to chime in with a prediction about potential Citrix Systems Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Boxes in conference rooms

Did anyone notice the moving boxes in some of the conference rooms? Reminds me of when we did massive layoffs. Thoughts?

Workspace is a joke

It’s just an existing rebranded product with all this random revenue assigned to it. Sounds like a huge Ponzi scheme and a house of cards. SEC is investigating this shell game. Prison terms, Huge layoffs and stock collapse on the horizon.

The next CEO of Citrix?

I’m sure DH is doing a great job, but one has to wonder with the amount of SAP leadership people their now at Citrix, could the next CEO be Bill McDermott from SAP? Speculating here of course.

No Massive Layoff --- Day 1

Since we've been seeing "massive layoff" countdowns since January, I'll post the opposite until it happens — Help me move this thing along in this thread.

Congratulations Mark

Who knew that someone could make IT hate them in 1 day? Usually it takes atleast a year, but not for Mark. He sent a very direct email to the entire IT staff and eliminated the teleworking. But he "trusts" us. Doesn't seem like trust to me... —  read more 

Use your own judgment

Like many employees and / or ex - employees, I’ve had my ups and downs with Citrix. No company is perfect. I was exposed to a toxic environment that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. However, the purpose of this forum is to help people - many of whom are... —  read more 

When is the next culling?

Has anyone heard anything about the mid-October lay-off. It seemed certain at the last executive management meeting that it was going to happen. Please share

Lay-off countdown clock

Your lay-off countdown clock is running out of time. Tick Tock Tick Tock You will be named for the lay-off list any day by the mo–nic management team. What will you do when the timer dings....

Lack of analytics leads to layoffs

A member of the Procurement team and I chatted yesterday. They have this “five stage sourcing process” to justify their existence and to keep headcount. This person told me for each little purchase they have to fill out PowerPoint Templates and... —  read more 

Hang in there

The challenge now is that the company needs to get rid of employees and preferably without paying packages. Which means they will bully you out of the job by having abusive managers in different roles. Hang in there is my advice. Those managers of... —  read more 

What will you do when your time is up

It’s not a question of if but rather when your time is up at Sh–rix and you are let go. What marketable skills do you have after all those years at the company? You might be surprised to hear none since there is no ongoing employee training... —  read more 

Analytics matter more than work

Ever notice that the KPIs and the tableau reports seem to matter more than actual work and results? My team has 5 people who just write reports and its a small team!!! Everyone's always asking, got that in a report so I can roll it up? It's... —  read more 


Here we go again...

Major layoff announcement planned

Rumors in the hallway are circulating there will be a major announcement concerning a company wide reduction in force and resulting layoffs. Stay tuned


What do Citrix employees think of Workspace’s strategy and execution?

Layoffs have started

Received a text from my friend that she was layedoff this morning upon arrival at the FL office. She said they were hitting the director level today with more lay-offs coming

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