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When can I apply for internal positions?

I am 3 months in Citrix Miami, and I just saw a position in California. What's HR policy on applying for internal positions? Should I apply after only 1 year? Do I need my manager approval?

Santa Clara buildings for lease

If you had any doubts here is the rental listing for the Santa Clara campus Read the WHOLE listing carefully and see where it says “4988 Great America Pkwy” also... read more

Santa Clara

The entire site has been listed with a commercial real estate company to sublease the buildings to the highest bidder. Whatever remains of Citrix will move to another smaller/cheaper location.

Advise to young and over 50 workers

I tell myself every Sunday night that tomorrow will be fine. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it anymore. Too old to start over, but too young to stop working. I wish my company respected employees as they once did. Young people starting out; one piece... read more

Found new job in three weeks

Good bye joke of a company and laughing stock of the security world . No one is going to buy that c-ap that you are trying to peddle to the market. How can you keep the enterprise safe when you had foreign spy’s in your network for six months and did... read more

Job search

Are people having trouble finding new jobs? A friend told me the situation on the job market is not nearly as good as it's being presented in the media. He has been struggling to find a position that's at least close to his pay here, so now he has me... read more

Hell to you Citrix

Huge layoffs coming to Citrix since we are not going to meet the first quarter goals. Once again firing older workers that will be replaced with junior staff in offshore locations. It is clear that All that matters to Citrix is cheap labor, to hell... read more

How bad will it get?

Goldman Sachs is notorious when it comes to cuts in companies being prepped for sale. I'm sure Citrix will be no different. It would be nice to know when will it start and how bad it will get. It's enough that we have to stress over major layoffs we... read more

Have skills will travel!

You knew the EM endgame when they entered the fray. It's a pump & dump strategy. The irony is that the folks from EM probably think they the smartest guys in the room though in reality in terms of intellectual capacity it's the reverse. But take it... read more

Long and drawn out interview process

I was part of the 10/4/17 lay off and got a decent severance package. Decided to apply again for the company. I interviewed 3/11/19 and the only thing I’ve heard is that I’m still being considered. I assume with the looming layoffs being posted here... read more

Meet Stan Black who needs to be fired

In case you missed the previous post before the website takedown While watching Citrix's security breach unfold in the media we learned who was responsible for the hack (IRIDIUM) but what we really wanted to know was who was accountable for it? That... read more

The Elliott Management Endgame is here

It’s here... The Elliott Management endgame has been finally revealed. The culling layoffs before selling the company to private equity or a larger company. Remember this is what EM did to EMC before the forced sale to Dell. That move had an across... read more

Layoffs are happening

And for a change, media seems to be aware of that, despite the attempts by Citrix to do this all under the radar. Hopefully even more news outlets will pick this up... read more

Citrix doesn't trust its own employees

Only a mistrustful organization walks people out. One day they are telling you that you are family, and the next day they are walking you out. They are afraid that you will take their secrets once their deception is known. They don't trust you to... read more

Layoffs in HDX?

Anyone know if HDX will be affected?
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Layoffs in Marketing?

layoffs started in marketing last week. many more layoffs to come. Anyone over 50 yrs is being targeted for termination. This is a post from @Ybcq1k8-6gpl . Is this really true? Can anybody confirm this as a fact? What numbers are we talking about?

Contact the Media Please

HR is doing methodically drawn out layoffs due to the security breach to bypass NC and FL laws requiring public disclosure of unemployment laws as a publicly traded company. These are SEC violations.

Procurement Contract Error

The inept Procurement Department that is run by the chief consultant who was forced out of a large pharma company is responsible for the hacking carnage. They “negotiated” agreements with significant security holes that allowed companies to penetrate... read more

Massive layoff coming

You heard it here first. This lay-off is for real and planned for May. No wonder all the managers have disappeared this week for the resource stacking exercise. Bless you if you are over 50 years old.

Hackers got Citrix source code for Gateway

Rumors are circulating in the security community that the hackers got Citrix source code including for the Citrix Gateway VPN access server. Apparently it didn't take long for them to figure out how to access these systems. Customers are reporting... read more

It has already started

Looks like the blow-back and consequences regarding the security breach have already started - and I'm scared to even imagine how bad it will get. This is already costing us customer, and many more will follow I am positive as their contracts run... read more

Project "Covered Wagon" layoffs in Planning now

With the perfect storm of a security breach and earnings reductions the time is perfect for a layoff. As you may have noticed most of the Citrix managers are congregating to a Citrix mothership location this week for high level resource talks. The... read more

Losing Clients

I work in Citrix sales and was just told a huge part of our workforce will be reduced because customers are bolting after the security breach. Any job leads for IT software sales?

Blog post from Stan Black

This is embarrassing to read. Stan was clearly asleep on the job.

Just good enough

Well the Citrix approach of “ it’s good enough” is catching up to the real world. Look at all the failures in the products and security services. The products are made to be just good enough but never hardened to withstand the real world. The QA... read more

Is the Santa Clara refurbishment a cover

Rumor has it that the current changes in the Santa Clara buildings are a cover for a much more sinister agenda. The smoke signs say it is just a ruse to upgrade the buildings to make the campus more attractive to any bidder for the campus. The plan... read more

Stan Black must be fired

How many times must the false award winner have to screw up before he is called out for being the worst CISO ever. This guy has allowed the company to be hacked so many times it is becoming a quarterly event. The company is becoming the laughing... read more

Utter Incompetence

So it looks like our CIO has finally run out of b---s---. 6TB of data lost, warned about it in December, only did something about it in March. If only he was as good at IT security as he so often tells everyone he is. I wonder how many underlings... read more

Lay-off rumors

Can anyone confirm. Heard a lay-off is in the works due to the company earnings slowdown .

Worried and need advice

I just started at Citrix and everyone is so mean and cut throat. I am asked to follow this 5 stage process for our dept which is totally lame and not industry standard. Is Citrix usually this formal? The department I work in is in complete chaos and... read more

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