Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Lack of transparency

I understand that no company will go public by first announcing how bad the situation is in the company, but I think Citrix is at the forefront of lack of transparency. Isn’t that so? In the media, everything is smoke and mirrors. Also, if I had had... —  read more 

Employee morale?

I've been gone for two years and when I left things were really bad. Employee morale was hitting a new low, which was one of the reasons why I decided to throw in the towel and find new employment. It's been a while since then so I'm hoping things... —  read more 

I seem to be out of luck

I decided to leave a few months ago and started sending out my resumes for various positions in different companies. And yes, I managed to land a few interviews but I am yet to see an offer from any of them. There are so many people applying for... —  read more 

Is Citrix in trouble?

You would think a company like Citrix would be having exponential growth in times of Covid. How is Citrix doing layoffs and cutting costs? I also noticed that a lot of people are leaving Citrix. Aren't the reps blowing their quota out of the water?... —  read more 

Sales Comp plan changes?

I heard they did some changes to the sales comp accelerators lately, not everyone received the change, only the ones with quota above 2.5M. They raised the premium accelerators threshold to 5M quota from 2.5M. It is hard to believe they did this... —  read more 

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Execs Leaving Citrix

Looks like (2) big execs left Citrix last week. Thomas Eacobacci, SVP Sales and Christian Reiley, CTO. Sounds like Thomas was there for 20 years and Christian for 5 years. Does anyone know who replaced them or was this a push to remove them? ... —  read more 

From CSIO to CSIO....

Lattice Security "Chief Security and Intelligence Officer"... what in the world is this supposed to mean? "OSINT and HUMINT information gather, management and counter measures"

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North Carolina

RALEIGH – The economic impact of the coronavirus could be tremendous with millions of jobs lost, according to a new report. And North Carolina won’t escape the cuts. Aa NC State economist predicts “five digit” losses in North Carolina where nearly 5... —  read more 

Post summit lay-off

Lay-off after summit Sources have confirmed the expected layoffs after summit will proceed as planned in the next few weeks . This was even after the self congratulatory laden disaster of an event the Citrix summit . DH even revealed the layoff on... —  read more 

Workspace is a joke

It’s just an existing rebranded product with all this random revenue assigned to it. Sounds like a huge Ponzi scheme and a house of cards. SEC is investigating this shell game. Prison terms, Huge layoffs and stock collapse on the horizon.

The next CEO of Citrix?

I’m sure DH is doing a great job, but one has to wonder with the amount of SAP leadership people their now at Citrix, could the next CEO be Bill McDermott from SAP? Speculating here of course.

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