Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

What is TK thinking?

Per public online sources, it’s estimated that TK earned over $50mn working at Broadcom. He probably has over $100mn, so it’s perplexing why someone would throw away such a lucrative pay package, lifestyle and the possibility of running a much larger... —  read more 

Long Term Incentives

The Long Term Incentive program that Tom waxed so eloquently about at the GEM is potentially lucrative....if you're a technical resource. I saw the LTI report for my teams and the non-technical people on my team get....absolutely nothing. $0. A very... —  read more 

F this place

This place has gone down the toilet. It’s looks like and smells like sh-t. With the new layoffs in June bring in the pigs and let them wallow in all the sh-t

CSG losing talent, fast

I've kept tabs on who has left, and CSG has lost a LOT of very good talent. And, some of that talent is poaching other talent. In other words, there is a lot more to come. Anyone with a brain can't get out of there fast enough. Also, look for TK... —  read more 

What to Expect on 4/11?

Convention center booked, parking paid and lunch covered. What should we be expecting TK to announce come 4/11? QT performance? More RTO threats? Still can't wrap my head around why a convention center instead of remote.

It's not just CSG

TK will undoubtedly mention this story and say "SEE? If Apple can do it, so can I!" "Apple will reportedly monitor employee attendance to make sure they are complying with a company requirement that they report to the office at least three days a... —  read more 

CSG Job Postings

Word is out! With thousands let go from tech companies over the last few months CSG is not a target for the unemployed. Why? Hard to imagine and everything to do with RTO. Note to Tom K. Seriously, how much more hemorrhaging of valuable... —  read more 

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