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should i join this company?

Citrix offered me today and i used to read on this site for my current company when they did layoffs. You guys are expert, please share what you think of a long terms?

Citrix is underperforming on revenue growth

Citrix is under-performing on revenue in a growing market. The market for VDI as a whole grew 5.5% year over year from 2016 to 2017. In this same time Citrix revenue dropped 2.2 percent. In the VDI market Citrix has more than 10 competitors and all... read more

Dividends instead of hiring

Citrix stock buyback and dividends program is exhibiting DH’s main move Keep Elliott happy and keep the job. Why bother investing in R&D?

Jobs going to China

It’s great visiting our @Citrix teams around the world. Thank you to everyone here in Nanjing for the warm welcome. -DH Consider more jobs going to China. Don’t duck with the CFO-CEO. He understands excel only.

Arrogant engineering leadership

Tons of examples but this is a good one. In 2009, Citrix publicly made fun of using UDP for ICA protocol: One of the major design flaws in... read more

No Citrix layoffs until fall

Heard there will be annual staff trimming and adjustments in the fall . Right now they are hoping attrition will take care of the numbers but there are many hanging on for a package so no one is volunteering to leave on their own. This sounds about... read more

The window is narrowing

Citrix is having to rewrite the products to run from the cloud as cloud native. So far they are struggling to get the management parts done. In the meantime they have born in the cloud competitors plus service providers who run Citrix on-prem... read more

Citrix analytics

What a crock of sh--. The thing doesn’t work. It takes a day for it to tell you if something is out of whack of your citrix environment. This product was rushed and shipped to market a year early just so they could show something at synergy. The... read more

Citrix s---s

I hate this company and this job. It’s run by a bunch of Florida idiot clowns that are pumping the stock price by faking data and telling Wall Street anything it wants to hear. The house of cards will crumble when the sec investigation starts Time to... read more

Microsoft buying frame

Confirmed that Microsoft is buying San Mateo based software. They have also been having talks with workspot in Cupertino to buy them. Looks like the noose is circling the floridiots and they don’t realize it yet.

Twitter Schmoozers

Why do we have so many people posting self-defecating messages on twitter? PJ: After a successful #CitrixSynergy and a much-needed week off, I’m re-energized to dive back into innovation! One of the most exciting things we’re working on is... read more

Biggest blunder in the last 24 months

My vote goes to product renaming. Marketing idiots have nothing better to do. We spent a decade building a trustworthy "Netscaler" brand. Management diluted it by adding it in the same sink with crapware Xen and Workspace bundle. Your vote goes to?

Lawsuit strategy is a genius move

DH is a genius. He intends to buy companies but wants to pay them little money. Try to kill the small competitors that are clearly next-gen like Avi Networks and Workspot, and buy them when they come to the negotiation table All the trust shown in... read more

Malignant execs

Please share your experiences. I argued about improving products rather than finding excuses and was told to shut up by engineering leaders.

team blind phone app

not sure what going on. tried sign up for on my phone but never receiving sign up emails to citrix email. anyone here have app?

Synergy dog and pony show

Who is looking forward to the great citrix dog and pony show this week at synergy. I’m sure it will be followed by layoffs next week.

Signs you are about to be fired

This looks like the new citrix playbook. Fire your people instead of giving them decency with a layoff package.

Citrix layoffs and terrible tech support

Short sighted decisions by Citrix leadership are leading to terrible technical support. I have had several unresolved tech support cases open for months. One of the cases was initially being worked by a support tech who was fired in October. This... read more

No Microsoft exec in synergy keynote Google Cloud COO is another proof of the dying Citrix-Microsoft partnership. Does anyone know why the love affair is no more active?

More firings at Citrix

Has anybody noticed an increased number of firings in the last couple of months at Citrix? I'm not sure what's the reason, but I know of at least five people who were fired for such insignificant things that it's impossible not to suspect something... read more

Citrix is at it again!

I got calls from two friends that worked for Citrix. Both got axed this morning. The method and frequency of layoffs really brings into question the value of the brand going forward. You certainly cannot trust anyone at Citrix to be there anymore... read more

Citrix will buy InstartLogic in 12 months Step-1 Ask mark to hire sumit at InstartLogic Step-2 Cause chaos at VMware Step-3 Buy InstartLogic to complement NetScaler Step-4 Use Dhawan to kill Vmware... read more

Accountability of ETL?

We have made a lot of leadership changes in the last 36 months. Is there any accountability? I have serious concerns about the new org structure and the degrading quality of our products : netscaler used to be the most solid product in the industry... read more

Stealthy layoffs

It’s all about the stealthy layoffs now. Just look at what they did to the social media team. Laid off 4 people and didn’t say a word at the marketing all hands. ER shows a slide with his job openings and then lies when asked why he had job titles... read more

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