Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Customer satisfaction

Someone mentioned customer satisfaction here. Customer satisfaction used to be very important but now the situation is much different. Citrix doesn't seem to care at all anymore. There are too many reasons for dissatisfaction, aren't there?

Why does stock trade at $89

If the acquisition is at $104 why does the stock trade at such a discount? Is the market building in a renegotiation of the price since the company is loosing so many customers to cloud services like AWS Workspaces and Azure windows desktop.

SAP Anchors

Such a sad story. 2020, pandemic causing the world to go remote and Citrix usage and growth hits a phenomenal stride. Then the ex-SAP clowns jack quotas and absolutely wreck an amazing trajectory and buy overpriced products like Wrike that may be... —  read more 

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Lack of vision

There are many complaints that Citrix has no vision and that this is one of the main reasons why so many are leaving. I agree, I’m also here just because of pay and I’m leaving as soon as I get a better offer, but I’m curious about what is your... —  read more 

Overlord demand layoffs

Heard from a friend more cullings are coming. The stock market collapse is causing the overlords to look for better “employee capital utilization “ so that means another layoff in layman’s terms. Uggg not again..,

Obsolete skills

I'll be honest, it's a real challenge for me now to find a new job and that's the only reason I'm still here. It seems that the biggest danger of staying here for a long time is having your skills become obsolete? Of course, having up-to-date... —  read more 

Lets talk about Priority

Its a scam change my mind. Its a scam for the employees and for the customers. With emails telling us not to provide the services that the customer paid for and was promised. (Let me clarify that. We were told how we were going to be able to work... —  read more 

Let's be honest

Who else is waiting for tibco to take over to see if a severance package is coming? Do we have a date for the yet? Any thoughts of what offices may be closed if jobs are outsourced?

Long hours, no recognition

I "love" how the work culture is such that we're now expected to work long hours - something that was considered going the extra mile before - and we're getting no recognition for it. They slowly morphed the expectations to consider more the norm and... —  read more 

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I read this…

This was a great post that sums up Citrix. “ It is simply impossible to do good work here. You get blocked by entrenched and incompetent managers and stupid processes. The place is rife with incompetence and politics.”

Morale is incredibly low

I don't think the leadership realizes just how low the morale is right now and what it could mean for the company. It's not just pushing out the best talent, it's also ki----g productivity in those who decide to stay (or more precisely, those who... —  read more 

It's too late

If you were hoping to leave and didn't manage to get a better offer by now or if you were simply procrastinating thinking the job market would always be this good, it's now too late. All major and not-so-major tech companies have instituted hiring... —  read more 

No room to advance.

To be perfectly honest, the only thing that is keeping me at this company is the thought that there will be advancement opportunities as there is a lot of attrition in lower management tier. Turns out that that is not the case. Instead of promoting... —  read more 

Stock Price

I left several months ago but still have stock through ESPP. Watching the price I'm wondering why it's not trading much closer to the $104 deal price. I did read about reluctance of finance companies to cover the debt based on higher interest rates... —  read more 

I am curious...

Does anyone else have an inner screaming voice suggesting the Wrike acquisition from Vista and their subsequent acquisition of Citrix, inclusive of Wrike, at a heavy discount to recent share price moving averages was part of a single plan? Does... —  read more 

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Dead-end job

We're now in the constant state of waiting to get hit in the next layoff round that can happen at any point in time. I don't know anybody who is still thinking about Citrix long-term. It's all about making it another day or another week or another... —  read more 

I despise this place

Every of the three years I've been here has been pure he-l for me. I've never worked in such a toxic culture before so that was a shock. Then there's the fact that the workload keeps increasing and nobody gives a damn that it's no longer possible to... —  read more 


With the cost of everything going up the pay stays the same. I am not sorry but when people from other states working remote get paid a crazy salary for the same work we do and buy houses down here for $550K cash pushing the locals out of the market... —  read more 

Retention bonus

Has anyone in engineering received a retention bonus? If so, did you just straight up give an ultimatum to your manager to give you a retention bonus or you quit? Also how big was the bonus?

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