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Apple rumors?

Has anyone else heard word of an Apple takeover? Doesn't seem plausible to me, if I'm honest.

Q3 Career Touchpoints Moved to Q2 18?

To give us more time to focus on day to day tasks as we transition to the cloud. So we are not going to spend an hour, one time, talking about how I can get off my hamster wheel, so I can make sure to focus my energy on running on my hamster wheel?... read more

Citrix is falling apart

I suspect this is true. Citrix had instituted a hiring freeze at the end of last year for all non-quota carrying sales people, which seems to have continued based on the dearth of advertised open positions. I have also noticed that the company is... read more

Layofs are incoming

This isn't a rumor, they are coming. The company went on a corporate wide hiring freeze for the months of June and July. I already spoke with recruiters who Citrix has used to hire for their Fort Lauderdale office for years and they have already been... read more

October layoffs at Citrix

I have noticed several people mention here and on other boards that October is going to bring a round of layoffs at Citrix. Anybody knows if there is any truth to these claims? Most of what I have seen have been rumors, but there are just too many of... read more

No transparency, no forward movement

Last layoff was sort of silence since emails from VPs started to arrive... Low and middle management faking not to know till the very end "We don't know names...". That was a clear symptom of what Citrix would have become soon after: transparency... read more

June layoffs

So the rumours going around all the offices are that after Synergy, and some time in June, there will be another big round of layoffs. No one seems to know or be willing to name sources but it all has a fairly ominous feel to it and everyone seems to... read more

Layoffs today?

Were facilities, shipping, and front secretaries laid off in Fort Lauderdale today?

Citrix Systems Layoffs 2017

I spent last 5years with our company and it'd be a real shame if they were to decide to lay people off from our offices in Fort Lauderdale.

What is the future of Podio?

Does anybody have any inside news about what will happen to Podio, will it die a slow death or will Citrix continue to invest in it...


Do employees in India get RSUs as a part of their yearly appraisal?

Microsoft to layoff 2850 People

The bulk of them from its struggling mobile business.
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Logmein / Citrix GoTo merger See slide 5 for the references to "Sales & Marketing Optimization" and "Product & Engineering Optimization."

Horrible Citrix Managers

There are a number of horrible incompetent managers in Citrix offices (fort Lauderdale, santa clara, Bangalore, hydrabad). While hard working employees such as myself continue to get laid off, these as** somehow get by. If you have a horrible boss... read more

CTXS loves it some h1b

CTXS hires 123 #H1B in Q1 after massive layoffs: couldnt find room for 123 of the hundreds of laid off employees?

Framehawk team let go

About 10 guys from SF. Acquisition from 2 years ago. Much touted technology for a while. Guess it didn't work out.

Is Coming Microsoft will buy Citrix

With all this talk in Sinergy about Citrix + MS around azure. We have to admit this is the obvious move for MS later buy us. This same scenario that occurred with Nokia. New leader have interesting MS work history. We integrating into Azure on diff... read more

Glassdoor fake reviews

Citrix's situation is worse than ever and I am suspicious of management asking employees to post enthusiastic reviews on Glassdoor - some of them quite hilarious and grotesque - to hide the sinking ship moment. I haven't been told to do so (yet) has... read more

No acquisition in 2016

Citrix numbers were bloated last year and the numbers they reported are inaccurate. Citrix states that they will be refocussing on their core products which will put them even further behind their competition. Once the spinoff is final in Q3, it will... read more

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