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Accountability of ETL?

We have made a lot of leadership changes in the last 36 months. Is there any accountability? I have serious concerns about the new org structure and the degrading quality of our products : netscaler used to be the most solid product in the industry... read more

Stealthy layoffs

It’s all about the stealthy layoffs now. Just look at what they did to the social media team. Laid off 4 people and didn’t say a word at the marketing all hands. ER shows a slide with his job openings and then lies when asked why he had job titles... read more

Signs you are on the layoff boat

Anybody feel this way?

Mark Templeton joins Workspot board

Isn't workspot competitive to citrix? How can our execs allow Mark to do this? "Mark brings a distinguished track record of success and vision to the Workspot team and will help the company build on its efforts to provide organizations with... read more

So many people leaving

Layoffs are no longer needed at Citrix as voluntary attrition is taking care of the problem. So much what @SsEhPhf-7lel said. So many people are leaving Citrix on their own volition that the very idea of more layoffs makes absolutely no sense to me... read more

Cutting benefits?

The latest rumor is that Citrix is planning to cut a bunch of benefits in lieu of layoffs that were moved/canceled because the info on them leaked and caused quite an uproar. I'm trying to figure out if this is more wild guessing by folks bored at... read more

Citrix (Left, Right or Detour)?

I can never wrap my own head around it, why so much restructuring? What is Citrix's target? Are we competing in the cloud? Are we competing in EUC? Are we the only ones left in virtualization (deemed legacy)? What's our new direction?

Citrix ELT to take mind reading tests

Well not really, can you imagine to Horrors this machine would uncover in the devious Citrix ELT and evil Elliott Management

Citrix Santa Clara and Ordos

Looks like the empty city Ordis in Mongolia and abandoned Citrix Santa Clara buildings have something in common. They were both built for great things. It never happened for Citrix but the Mongolian megacity will do just fine in the near future... read more

Hard to be a Citrix clown

More dark news recently on the difficulty of being a clown and how people do not like them anymore . Must be hard for the ELT to laugh all the way to the bank with the millions they are stealing from the company... read more

Forced early retirement planned

Rumor has it that Citrix is planning to quietly offer incentive packages to encourage older workers to take early retirement. This will allow Citrix ELT to remove the dead wood in older locations like Fort Lauderdale so they can hire cheaper more... read more

Layoff anxiety

So based on the restructuring last week does this mean Citrix is starting the 2018 layoffs. I pray I’m on the layoff list this time. This company is a joke and run by a bunch of circus clowns

How many?

Do we have any idea how many were hit in the layoffs this week? Can we expect more next week or was that it? Since the term thrown around was "restructuring," a term I've come to hate with fiery passion of five burning suns, I'm worried that it will... read more

Shipping employees overseas

Citrix has started to offer jobs to US employees in EMEA including Ireland and once they accept the offer they are forced to take a huge salary cut. That is crazy. You are asked to sell your car and do all sorts of things thinking it is a lateral... read more

Santa Clara ghost town

So I don’t understand why citrix even has the Santa Clara campus. On any given day the parking lot is mostly empty. Building 1 and 2 have fields and fields of clean empty cubicles with no personal items of any sort. Most of the cubicles have never... read more

Summer 2018 layoffs at Citrix

rumor is there is a summer 2018 layoff planned since the word got out on the March 13’th layoff. The executives preferred to delay the actions to squash this rumor board since it was so accurate on the October 2017 layoffs . Anybody knows if there is... read more

Small layoffs in EMEA

Since the EU has the workers council I was wondering if Citrix can do small 1-8 people layoffs without Worker Council approval. Or do all employee affecting actions need to go through the workers council ?

ShareFile Support

I'd like to know what Citrix is doing about the long hold times and how they're handling the complaints from customers. Removing support roles was a terrible decision and a decision that I'll never understand how or why it was made. The customers are... read more

Citrix has new approach to keep layoffs quiet

The evil overlords (Elliott Group) decided that the two prior layoffs had too much of a negative impact in the eyes of our customers and partners which in turn affected the bottom line (which is ALL they care about). So, moving forward, they are... read more

So now what?

Now that the big date everybody has been expecting to bring layoffs has come and gone, now what? Do we actually believe Citrix when they say there will be no layoffs or do we see this as just a short reprieve that came about because the news got out... read more

Small but frequent layoffs

They are doing the layoffs differently this time around. You’ll see 2-3 ppl. let go, here and there. They’ve smarten up and realize a mass layoff of 800-1000 ppl. has really impacted the company’s image with partners and customers. Not to mention... read more

Citrix denies next week's layoffs

So, it looks like the whole March 13 thing is a rumor gone wild. Citrix higher-ups deny there'll be any layoffs, and that Citrix is actually in the process of hiring. Also, we seem to be famous... read more

March 13 layoffs

The other thread where March 13 layoffs are supposed to be discussed has been completely derailed and I can't sift through over 240 replies for some actual info. Any chance we can get people to post concrete info in this thread? How many, what... read more

Citrix ELT Feedback – Skills Training

Thread about employee Skills Training. Since the Citrix ELT monitors these anonymous threads lets give them direct feedback on the topics that matter to employees. Topic: Citrix ELT has invested little in ongoing employee skills and job growth... read more

Citrix ELT Feedback – Health plan

Thread about the Citrix Health plan. Since the Citrix ELT monitors these anonymous threads lets give them direct feedback on the topics that matter to employees. Topic: If you have ever used the Citrix health plan you know the co-pays are a huge... read more

Citrix ELT Feedback – Tax plan bonus

Thread about special employee bonus due to the newly enacted Tax plan. Since the Citrix ELT monitors these anonymous threads lets give them direct feedback on the topics that matter to employees. Topic: Citrix ELT feels any special bonus is a... read more

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