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Massive layoff coming

You heard it here first. This lay-off is for real and planned for May. No wonder all the managers have disappeared this week for the resource stacking exercise. Bless you if you are over 50 years old.

Hackers got Citrix source code for Gateway

Rumors are circulating in the security community that the hackers got Citrix source code including for the Citrix Gateway VPN access server. Apparently it didn't take long for them to figure out how to access these systems. Customers are reporting... read more

It has already started

Looks like the blow-back and consequences regarding the security breach have already started - and I'm scared to even imagine how bad it will get. This is already costing us customer, and many more will follow I am positive as their contracts run... read more

Project "Covered Wagon" layoffs in Planning now

With the perfect storm of a security breach and earnings reductions the time is perfect for a layoff. As you may have noticed most of the Citrix managers are congregating to a Citrix mothership location this week for high level resource talks. The... read more

Losing Clients

I work in Citrix sales and was just told a huge part of our workforce will be reduced because customers are bolting after the security breach. Any job leads for IT software sales?

Blog post from Stan Black

This is embarrassing to read. Stan was clearly asleep on the job.

Just good enough

Well the Citrix approach of “ it’s good enough” is catching up to the real world. Look at all the failures in the products and security services. The products are made to be just good enough but never hardened to withstand the real world. The QA... read more

Is the Santa Clara refurbishment a cover

Rumor has it that the current changes in the Santa Clara buildings are a cover for a much more sinister agenda. The smoke signs say it is just a ruse to upgrade the buildings to make the campus more attractive to any bidder for the campus. The plan... read more

Stan Black must be fired

How many times must the false award winner have to screw up before he is called out for being the worst CISO ever. This guy has allowed the company to be hacked so many times it is becoming a quarterly event. The company is becoming the laughing... read more

Utter Incompetence

So it looks like our CIO has finally run out of b---s---. 6TB of data lost, warned about it in December, only did something about it in March. If only he was as good at IT security as he so often tells everyone he is. I wonder how many underlings... read more

Lay-off rumors

Can anyone confirm. Heard a lay-off is in the works due to the company earnings slowdown .

Worried and need advice

I just started at Citrix and everyone is so mean and cut throat. I am asked to follow this 5 stage process for our dept which is totally lame and not industry standard. Is Citrix usually this formal? The department I work in is in complete chaos and... read more

Goldman Sachs Re-engaged?

Has anyone heard anything about this? Someone told me Citrix contracted with GS in December again to find a possible suitor to acquire part of the company and then Citrix is seeking to dissolved the non revenue generating applications in a... read more

Upcoming Layoffs (2019)

Reductions will happen 100% sure. Company has hired so many mid-managers and people with none customer facing roles that it is unavoidable, not to mention BrExit. Empires are built in some areas and empires are as we know never lasting. Secondly HR... read more

Citrix acquires Sapho

Citrix bought the enterprise micro application software company Sapho for a not yet disclosed sum. With the acquisition, CTXS is gaining software technologies that appeal to younger generation demographic workers, who seek simpler software solutions... read more


I heard EMEA Finance was being consolidated into the US and we will be severing all those positions. So sad for those who moved there. Any more info on this, please?

Restructuring question

Hi all I am new to this board but heard about it. On Friday my manager told our department that we are undergoing some restructuring and it made me think that my job could be in danger. She said not to tell people outside the dept which made me more... read more

Layoffs slated before year end

I work in HR. I was just informed we will be laying off 42 people in order to ensure our shareholders are pleased. The cuts will be broad and a few at a time to avoid a media blitz

Citrix shows stable growth in Q3

According to the earning report Citrix produced good numbers in Q3, and on top of that raised its dividend per share to $0.35 per share and announced a buyback program by $750 million. There is no doubt that we all should be pleased by these results... read more

Weird security strategy

Less than enough improvement on Adc and Waf, PM s makes me feel they have no desire to work and come up with something new, there are rumours about a layoff for networking positions soo

What will Citrix do now?

Who thought making more money would be a problem

when a company pays you higher than every company in the area (do you not know that we just re adjusted and increased salary bands), people are forced to stay. Then when there are layoffs, people are screwed because they will not be able to find jobs... read more
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SFBJ's 2018 Technology Awards winners "Under his guidance, Citrix’s security and IT teams operate as one unit that effectively identifies and stops 54 billion attacks a quarter."... read more

High Salaries at Citrix

You all have to understand that Citrix pays insane salaries to pretty much everyone for a reason. Anyone attepting to leave Citrix for another employer in South Florida will have a very hart time getting same base salary. So they are forced to stay... read more

Wanna cut operating costs yet innovate

First understand why the costs are skewed. Imagine hiring 5 developers for the baseline cost of this overhead - Feel free to work your way down that... read more

Why is the Citrix forum so active?

Why is this forum one of the most active on The Layoff? Why do so many people like to bag on Citrix? VMware, a direct competitor, has a board that is dead. Not one post in months. There is something about Citrix that brings this on. What is it?

XenApp and App Layering still have relevance

quite possibly the best products Citrix have right now, from a TCO perspective relatively low maintenance and cost effective for companies with legacy windows apps. VDI is less compelling as it costs a fortune to run and usually performance is poor.

October 4 layoffs?

I heard a round of layoffs was slated for Oct 4 in Fort Lauderdale. Specifically the HR manager I overheard mentioned Finance, AP and Procurement. Anyone know the truth of the matter? I am worried for my job.

Oct 8’th is the day of infamy

We are nearing the 1 year anniversary of the great betrayal of Citrix ELT, remember when DH proclaimed there would be no layoffs in August and then promptly did the October layoff. How can we trust ELT anymore? They are probably planning the next... read more

Citrix Acquisition

No one will buy Citrix whole. It could be broken up and sold. NetScaler has the best chance for getting a good price but Citrix marketing is quickly destroying its brand value. The VDI has value for the customer base but the product is obsolescent... read more

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