Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.


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Why did you apply here?

I regret terribly that I lost a lot of time in this company. This has become a place only for those who have no other option. The worst thing for me is that I came here from a company where the situation was much better than here. I couldn’t have... —  read more 

You care too much

Sometimes I visit this forum to see if there are any new rumors about layoffs and then I notice how people basically talk about Citrix and the future of this company, whether the business strategy is good or not etc. Why care so much about a company... —  read more 

Be mediocre in your job

Only a glutton for punishment would give his or her all for this management. You can give your 110% and be the absolute best at what you do and they'll repay you with no loyalty and get rid of you the moment they can justify it in some way. If you're... —  read more 

Virtual Field Kick Off

Let me get this right. In a time where we are struggling as a business, leadership decide to all fly around the world to Nashville and record a load of videos for a virtual summit…. Nothing more to add.

I'm getting burnt out

I can't be the only one who feels this way. I can't remember when I last had the energy to do even the most mundane things after work. I am constantly tired and all the free time I have is spent trying to rest and catch up on sleep. I used to read at... —  read more 

The air is thick

I don't have reliable information about what is happening in Europe, but there are a lot of rumors that layoffs are underway. Would that mean we can expect layoffs here soon as well?

Citrix is an absolute joke

That's the main reason I left. I didn't wait for them to get rid of me, I did it my way. I pity the people who are still stuck there and I pity even more those who do business with Citrix. I don't think they realize the level of incompetence and bad... —  read more 

Interesting find

So I found this and it seems some Citrites have already posted. I am going to post just not give too much info away. The survey The... —  read more 

I'm over it

Why is Citrix full of bad managers who have no idea how to actually manage? If they're not outright abusive, they're passive-aggressive and try to ostracize team members behind their backs. This behavior is not only accepted, it's encouraged. No... —  read more 

No job guarantee

I'm not staying at a company that can't offer me minimal job security. I understand layoffs are sometimes necessary, but having to worry about being cut 24/7 is ridiculous. I can't understand young people who keep accepting jobs here. Do they not... —  read more 

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