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Who thought making more money would be a problem

when a company pays you higher than every company in the area (do you not know that we just re adjusted and increased salary bands), people are forced to stay. Then when there are layoffs, people are screwed because they will not be able to find jobs... read more
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SFBJ's 2018 Technology Awards winners "Under his guidance, Citrix’s security and IT teams operate as one unit that effectively identifies and stops 54 billion attacks a quarter."... read more

High Salaries at Citrix

You all have to understand that Citrix pays insane salaries to pretty much everyone for a reason. Anyone attepting to leave Citrix for another employer in South Florida will have a very hart time getting same base salary. So they are forced to stay... read more

Wanna cut operating costs yet innovate

First understand why the costs are skewed. Imagine hiring 5 developers for the baseline cost of this overhead - Feel free to work your way down that... read more

Why is the Citrix forum so active?

Why is this forum one of the most active on The Layoff? Why do so many people like to bag on Citrix? VMware, a direct competitor, has a board that is dead. Not one post in months. There is something about Citrix that brings this on. What is it?

XenApp and App Layering still have relevance

quite possibly the best products Citrix have right now, from a TCO perspective relatively low maintenance and cost effective for companies with legacy windows apps. VDI is less compelling as it costs a fortune to run and usually performance is poor.

October 4 layoffs?

I heard a round of layoffs was slated for Oct 4 in Fort Lauderdale. Specifically the HR manager I overheard mentioned Finance, AP and Procurement. Anyone know the truth of the matter? I am worried for my job.

Oct 8’th is the day of infamy

We are nearing the 1 year anniversary of the great betrayal of Citrix ELT, remember when DH proclaimed there would be no layoffs in August and then promptly did the October layoff. How can we trust ELT anymore? They are probably planning the next... read more

Citrix Acquisition

No one will buy Citrix whole. It could be broken up and sold. NetScaler has the best chance for getting a good price but Citrix marketing is quickly destroying its brand value. The VDI has value for the customer base but the product is obsolescent... read more


Has anyone else heard rumors Nutanix is in talks to buy Citrix? I read an article today that said they are ditching hardware and making a play for the same space as Citrix and since we are a partner it makes sense to buy the IP.

Daas from Citrix

" that we are developing a new cloud-based desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering with Microsoft " Wow - no dates. No big name with the announcement. Standard citrix vaporware.

This is why we are leaving

Good people have left or are leaving simply because we have had enough. I left earlier this year because I just got tired of the broken promises / lack of training / no forward movement. All the while you carry the heaviest load for the team and... read more

All the good talent is leaving

Citrix is losing its most competent and core people. I just found out my “go to” person in Procurement left for an advanced role elsewhere and that my “go to” attorney also do for advancement. Every time Citrix has solid workers they exploit them and... read more
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Cisco to resell Avi networks’ product

Cisco thinks Citrix is playing a pu--y cry-baby against Avi! “Cisco will resell the Avi Vantage Platform in markets around the world, and Avi closely integrates with Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Cisco’s intent-based networking... read more

Microsoft changing strategy

Looks like Citrix will be penalized for s---ing up to AWS and Google in the last 12 months. Microsoft will make changes in the next 12 months to only support Azure partners and things may not work well for Citrix as per the rumors Henshall and team... read more

Citrix HR fiasco

HR is posting fake job postings HR is posting fake reviews on Glassdoor HR is lying about regular layoffs HR is watching keywords in emails HR is blocking a lot of URLs

Citrix Cloud love

from loyal customers. Does Henshall see this? I walked away from CWC. Buggy, poor architecture, obviously lacking change control, connectors lack HA. I was using the NGaaS, only VDA;s were in my control. After 1000+ms of latency and the connector... read more

Overall worldwide target reduction of 8%

The layoffs are part of a worldwide realignment of the workforce to identify existing skill sets and transition employees with legacy skill sets that are of no value to the company going forward . This review will determine who will stay and who will... read more

Layoff this fall

With all the realignment and review activities it is a sure bet there will be a massive layoff at Citrix this fall . The inside rumors indicate an 8% reduction in worldwide staff so the upcoming fall layoff will be a nosebleeder. Good luck and god... read more

Something is going on

If you have been at citrix long enough you know there is a sinking feeling that something is going on over the last few weeks. Seems all the management team was recalled to HQs and was involved in a series of big meetings last week. Now this week... read more

Always Be Networking

All jobs are temporary, there is no loyalty on either side. Recent studies show that up to 80% of employees are looking right now. Explains why some companies have declining sales and revenues yet the stock buybacks prop up the stock price. Those at... read more

Santa Clara Shutdown announcement

Looks like mid- September will be the official announcement date for shutdown of the Santa Clara site. No amount of persuasion worked with EM and they demanded reduction of costs or the ELT would be fired like KT. The SC party is over, get out now... read more

Citrix is a well oiled machine

Despite these abhorrent posts, Citrix is the most productive and profitable as it has ever been. The leadership is strong and has a great resolve to make Citrix a great working environment. I love it here and will never leave.

This is more like it

The little faith I had disappeared Q3 of last year. From there it has been a steady down hill fall. For those of us that have been around long enough things rapidly changed after the Q3 purge. People that have no business in managing people got... read more

Faith in leadership

Am I the only one who still has some faith in our leadership? Things haven't been good at Citrix for a while, but we are finally seeing some movement forward. I believe if we continue in this direction, we can really turn the company around. However... read more


Here's more about how it works. Nutanix provides the hardware platform for the application if the customer wants to run it on-prem and they provide VDI as a service. They have leapt over Citrix to deliver a hybrid model with no installation required... read more

Terrible employee survey results

I Work in HR and heard the results of the employee survey were very disappointing to DK. Seems everyone complained of lack of opportunity at the company, lack of training support, and no possibility of advancement unless you are part of the elite... read more

Browser Service

is a massive success. Fastest growing product in the history of Citrix. Who is the genius behind the idea? Remember when the whole company was accusing Gus Pinto of burning money on crazy ideas!

Reboot cloud controllers

Surely with this being a common issue we see in support something needs to be done to improve this? customers are getting tired of calling up to ask for controllers to be rebooted because the cloud isn’t working properly. What the heck are the... read more

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