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Always Be Networking

All jobs are temporary, there is no loyalty on either side. Recent studies show that up to 80% of employees are looking right now. Explains why some companies have declining sales and revenues yet the stock buybacks prop up the stock price. Those at... read more

Santa Clara Shutdown announcement

Looks like mid- September will be the official announcement date for shutdown of the Santa Clara site. No amount of persuasion worked with EM and they demanded reduction of costs or the ELT would be fired like KT. The SC party is over, get out now... read more

Citrix is a well oiled machine

Despite these abhorrent posts, Citrix is the most productive and profitable as it has ever been. The leadership is strong and has a great resolve to make Citrix a great working environment. I love it here and will never leave.

This is more like it

The little faith I had disappeared Q3 of last year. From there it has been a steady down hill fall. For those of us that have been around long enough things rapidly changed after the Q3 purge. People that have no business in managing people got... read more

Faith in leadership

Am I the only one who still has some faith in our leadership? Things haven't been good at Citrix for a while, but we are finally seeing some movement forward. I believe if we continue in this direction, we can really turn the company around. However... read more


Here's more about how it works. Nutanix provides the hardware platform for the application if the customer wants to run it on-prem and they provide VDI as a service. They have leapt over Citrix to deliver a hybrid model with no installation required... read more

Terrible employee survey results

I Work in HR and heard the results of the employee survey were very disappointing to DK. Seems everyone complained of lack of opportunity at the company, lack of training support, and no possibility of advancement unless you are part of the elite... read more

Browser Service

is a massive success. Fastest growing product in the history of Citrix. Who is the genius behind the idea? Remember when the whole company was accusing Gus Pinto of burning money on crazy ideas!

Reboot cloud controllers

Surely with this being a common issue we see in support something needs to be done to improve this? customers are getting tired of calling up to ask for controllers to be rebooted because the cloud isn’t working properly. What the heck are the... read more

Arrogant Citrix Cloud Product Management

So part of the self-inflicted wounds for Citrix Cloud is the arrogant product management bozos that are flying around the world trying to put out customers fires by telling them they don't understand the overall picture of cloud. What a bunch of... read more

Santa Clara Shutdown imminent

with the unlimited delay of the building 1 into building 2 consolidation the ELT is almost ready to shutdown the Santa Clara Campus. most of netscaler has been moved to china and the SD-WAN product is about to be retired. SD-WAN never worked and... read more

Santa Clara campus shutdown

Did anyone catch an odd mention of shutting down a west coast campus on the earnings call today. They said it was to align and streamline the cost basis for development. Well guess what , the only west coast development center is the Santa Clara... read more

Overheard ELT

Layoffs planned for August. They need to trim 42 people making above $80k to make year end goals. Brace yourselves.

Can't figure this one out

I can't understand why does this entire f'n industry believe that getting rid of seasoned employees will solve all the problems that were created by the lousy decisions made by lousy upper management... We see it again and again... In Citrix and... read more

DH does not have a clue about innovation

Having watched DH over the last few days it’s obvious DH has no clue what innovation, engineering , software development or any real understanding of the technology the company build and sells. He truly is a disposable figurehead installed by EM to... read more

Employee survey return low

They extended the deadline for filling out the employee satisfaction survey again. People are so frustrated with the poor working conditions at sheterix that nobody is bothering to fill out the survey. DH is sweating bullets

Santa Clara Campus Shutdown

Rumor is Sh--erix has found a subleasee for the entire campus by the end of the year. Means that all company assets must be vacated by year end.

Next Big Thing

"fish rots from the head" Some leaders actually believe SecureMail is the future of tech. Do you really think they have capacity to recognize when all the directors and VPs desperately trying to avoid becoming next Octoblu sticking their crapware... read more


AP- Citrix Systems, Inc. is once again for sale after it announced its pivot to the cloud. Prospective suitors include Microsoft, Oracle and three unnamed private equity firms that our source has asked to keep private. Citrix is confident that this... read more

FIx you Cloud Citrix Clowns

It’s sad when Citrix advocates have to list out what needs to be fixed in the fake Citrix cloud and beg Citrix to fix it. Who needs enemies when you can’t even please your friends.

Santa Clara consolidation cancelled

Rumor is the long awaited and anticipated consolidation of building 1 into building 2 has been cancelled. Seems the decision to shutdown Santa Clara had been made, or Sh--eix is being sold and they will let the new masters made the decision. Rumor is... read more

The truth stings

Execs in Fort Lauderdale were freaking out when this appeared in theregister. Ya the truth burns doesn’t it, especially when they get called out for the smoke they are blowing up the markets a—.

Shared Services is a mess!

Does anyone else work in Shared Services? Morale is poor, it’s so quiet because everyone is unhappy, one of the leaders has a huge potty mouth and she walks around all day gossiping. It’s a terrible environment to work in. We had “calibrations” and... read more

Pending Sale is Coming for real

As an investor and third party, here is what I suggest. Keep your eyes on the Santa Clara offices. They are being renovated while employees work remote. Microsoft plans to buy Citrix out and close the deal by December. Layoffs after the merger will... read more

DH vs. MT vs. KT

MT took the company from 50M to 2B in revenue. Bold decisions to buy Netscaler, GoToMeeting, XenSource, Zenprise to expand business in different areas. Made mistakes but never blamed anyone for them. Infused respect and culture in the organization... read more

What happened to the F5 docs on

I was searching for info comparing NetScaler and F5 on and some links came up but then when I click I get an error message that the content isn't there. Is something going on with Citrix and F5? Why Choose NetScaler Over F5 Oops, the page... read more

Layoffs in July

We are laying off 65 people in July, mostly remote workers. Those affected will be any Finance and Procurement employees who work remote full-time. Than, we will be cutting Marketing again and some sales folks.

Santa Clara campus closure

The rumor is that the SC campus will be completely closed and excess employees will recieve a layoff . Any that remain will have to work 100% remote. This means a big layoff coming to Santa Clara due to campus closure. Fuc sh--rix

Do we get state unemployment with layoff package

I’m planning for the fall layoff and asking if anyone knows when we get state unemployment . With a layoff package can you get the state UI right away or is there a waiting period? Also if citrix gives a 3 month package do you get UI benefits after 3... read more

should i join this company?

Citrix offered me today and i used to read on this site for my current company when they did layoffs. You guys are expert, please share what you think of a long terms?

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