Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Dear Mr. Krause

What is wrong with you? Are you a sociopath? Don't tell me you're a businessman interested in profit. Do your kids know what a piece of cr-p you are? Maybe we should explain it to them so that they know you're everything they actually hate about the... —  read more 

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Check Packages Carefully!

To all the people that got severance packages, review them carefully… mine had missing weeks and ive heared from other people that their packages were missing weeks and other compensation.. some of them at 40% of the total package… take a close look —  read more 

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"A culture of upward or outward"

Stack ranking is the law of the land & work-life balance is officially out the window, per TK's statements around employee comp at today's all-hands. To wit, "if you don't want to take that call after 6pm or you don't want to [regularly work thru the... —  read more 

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Is this true?

The other big policy change is that managers are allowing high-performers, those considered to be skilled talent at risk of leaving CSG, to "unofficially" be allowed to continue to work from home indefinitely. Meanwhile, all other CSG employees... —  read more 

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RTO is a joke!

I’m not coming in to the office as is most of my team. The couple of times I went in, there was hardly anyone around. RTO, like every other TK initiative is a big fat joke.


Ok, TK, you want to play this game? I’m staying. You’re not running me out of here. And, I’m doing the bare minimum possible and will take FMLA leave (can’t take THAT away, porkie!) or just riding it out until I get my severance. Bottom line: IF YOU... —  read more 

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Looking for some info

I'm about to start applying and I'm not sure how to deal with the issue of being laid off once I reach the interview stage. Is it detrimental to my chances if they find out I was laid off from my last job? If it is, is there a way to avoid disclosing... —  read more 

Feeling stuck?

I don't have any false hope that something will change for the better here, nor do I feel emotionally attached to the company or undecided about leaving, but I simply still can't get a new job. That's the only reason I'm still here, I'm simply... —  read more 

Plan for the future

Maybe I would decide to stay here for a while longer if I thought the leadership had some concrete plan to improve the situation in this company. Perhaps someone here thinks that such a plan exists? However, I am almost certain that they do not... —  read more 

Now the wait starts again

It used to be normal that after a major round of layoffs, we'd know it was done and we could focus on our work without worrying about our jobs for a year or at least six months in worst-case scenarios. Now, a day after layoffs are done, most of us... —  read more 


I'm a client of Citrix for a hospital in N. California. I've worked with so many great people from Citrix & have made many friends. Im so sorry to see all this happen. I've worked with Citrix for the 10+ yrs & the & in the last 2yrs I felt... —  read more 

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