Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Citrix Systems Inc.

Forecasting Issue?

On this morning's call, David mentioned a couple of time about a forecasting issue. He didn't say that it was directly related to this but he seemed to indicate that he was displeased about how the forecast was missed. When was the last time Finance... —  read more 

Why hire just to fire?

I've seen several people so far - all young folks - hired and then fired (or laid off or whatever) within a few months of joining the company. Why would we do that? They were not bad workers, they were just still in the learning/adjusting phase. I... —  read more 

Complete burnout

I have been here for several years, I have worked in other companies as well. I'm used to working under pressure and I've never had a problem working hard. It was only here that I recently experienced a total burnout. I'm sure I will overcome that... —  read more 

Bad decisions

I am so glad I left Citrix. The decisions leadership are making are very dangerous. When Covid hit Citrix should of been one of the most booming companies. Instead there true colors showed. The decisions this company has made in acquisitions is... —  read more 

Stuck in the past

The core business is almost completely neglected and this company is becoming desperately stuck in the past. When I talk to colleagues who work in some competing companies, it happens there too, but the problem is nowhere as big as here. I just don’t... —  read more 

No room for concern?

Of course I am aware that no one is ever safe, but it does not seem to me that there could be a lot of layoffs in the near future. I have a colleague who interprets everything that happens in the company as signs that point to dismissals. Admittedly... —  read more 

More cuts at Citrix

I heard there might be more cuts across the board before the end of the month, is this true? I would dismiss it as a rumor but I've heard it from more than one person and that has me worried. If anybody knows what's going on, please share. It'd be... —  read more 

What keeps you here?

I’ve been here over 3 years and I’m not seeing any mobility in my career and I’ve been debating on leaving. I could name so many things that I find wrong with the company as a whole. I’m sure that others can as well. But what I’m really interested in... —  read more 

Morale is so bad

Has it ever been worse? It is impossible to expect better morale when things are getting worse and worse here every day. The rumors about additional cuts do not surprise me at all and it is quite certain that they will come true, because the... —  read more 

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