Topics regarding layoffs at RSA

Topics regarding layoffs at RSA

Goodbye RSA!

I left RSA earlier this year are being there nearly a decade. Its such a shame its all gone down hill and is being stripped apart. Whilst I don't rate the SMT leadership, I don't think its any 1 persons fault more a succession of bad decisions born... — read more 

STG Buys FireEye

STG strikes again. This should be interesting.

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You need to be prepared

I think it's clear to everybody and their mother that we'll be having major reductions in force sometime in the following months. There's not much we can do to change that, but what we can do is be prepared for what's coming. I've already updated my... — read more 

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The Real Culprit

You can blame current RSA management all you want. The real culprit for the death of a once cybersecurity name brand and icon is none other than Dell. They destroyed this company and then unstrapped the near dead, starving carcass off their backs and... — read more 

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Not the best time to quit

So many people are thinking about quitting and I can't understand that. This place is far from perfect, but it's a job. A former coworker who quit five months ago to join another company has since lost that job (unexpected layoffs and he was the last... — read more 

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Support Layoffs

L1 ws wiped, does not mean it was JUNIOR support. Senior L1 is what does not require ATS and ATS were let go, too. Good luck, customers. Someone I talked to looked their recent acquisitions, so they might try to merge something in security with their... — read more 

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Any news?

After last week's cuts has the dust settled enough to give out any new info for those who still remain? How the cuts were determined? Are there going to be more by the end of year? Any information that would benefit those of us who are still employed... — read more 

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RSA goes in the dumpster!

Looks like Dell got fed up with the RSA malarky. No surprise when you have incompetent management forbidding use of Ruby, sticking with unpopular OS distributions like SuSE, and saddling customers with services that rely on proprietary bloatware... — read more 

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