Topics regarding layoffs at McAfee

Topics regarding layoffs at McAfee

McAfee Enterprise Equity?

For McAfee Enterprise employees will pre-ipo equity be distributed? Does STG have any track record of doing this with the 20+ other companies they have acquired? Would this not occur until after fire eye is acquired and merged?

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Leave, its the time.

Many people are leaving or trying to leave at the first chance in both McAfee and McAfee enterprise. The equity given is of no value now. STG and Management is playing with the employees. They are businessman and not a charity org. so remember they... —  read more 

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Is now the time to leave?

Don't know if I should see how this plays out or make the jump. I have only been here for a little over a year, but I'm wondering if I should get out now. It feels like McAfee would make that decision for me after the acquisition is complete.

Good/bad move?

Unfortunately, it will certainly bring layoffs, but I am interested in what you think about the sale of enterprise business to Symphony? Is it a good move for McAfee or yet another debacle? I wonder what the results of this move will be, apart from... —  read more 

Now's the time

With more layoffs on the way, now is the perfect time to start looking for a new job. And trust me (since I've done both before,) it is so much easier to look for a job when you're already employed then after you've been laid off. But if you don't... —  read more 

Sec Filling

On February 23, 2021, the Corporation announced a workforce reduction and other restructuring activities designed to reduce costs

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Get out while you can

If you're a software engineer, your days here are numbered. Go and look at openings for software engineers at Notice something? Almost 90 percent of available positions are in India. And guess who they're replacing? This has been... —  read more 

Build a safety net

A colleague told me this shortly after I started - build a safety net. After I survived my first round of layoffs I understood what he meant. I’m still here but for how long - I don’t know. I don’t enjoy knowing that the fate of my employment lies... —  read more 

Layoffs every year

I worked there for 9 years and only just recently moved to a different company. While I was there I saw layoffs at least once every year. Some years bigger than others. Some years saw layoffs happen twice. It's normal for McAfee. Just wanted to... —  read more 

When will this end?

Looks like every day we hear news about more layoffs. I'm starting to wonder when exactly is this going to end? It's already nerve-wracking to know layoffs are happening but to have no idea when it will end? That just rubs salt into an already... —  read more 

You'll be okay

I heard about the layoffs and had to check in. I was laid off last year and while I know it's not the same situation as this time due to the pandemic, I still believe firmly all of you will be okay. There are still available jobs out there, many with... —  read more 

Bombshell news...

Entire Argentina office is being shut down, other layoffs across many departments and geos as well.. What the f— is this company doing in the name of short term financial numbers?

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