Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Dell's first Copilot+ PC is HERE!

Work, create and multitask like never before with the new Dell XPS Copilot+ PC powered by Snapdragon® X Series Platform with on-device Al and groundbreaking battery life.** Intel's top customers can wait only so long - then they have to do the right... — read more 

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California Folks read

Go to California transparent and see people who work at government get paired more than intel. What the he-l is going on with intel compensation. We are paid 40% or more less than competitors and 5-10 less than government jobs. Indeed our our... — read more 


You, along with thousands of other employees, are understandably saddened by the stock drop and inadequate compensation. Certain factors are beyond our control. Nevertheless, it is important to appreciate having a job and to focus your efforts on... — read more 

Intel downfall reason

In Bay Area where many options are available to employees intel pay ranges forces you to hire leftovers and mostly 3rd tier people stay with intel. in other low cost sites like Oregon people don't have many options to switch I think. People who are... — read more 

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