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IRA into Bitcoin

Believe it or not, yes, some peeps r doing just that. To put your IRA into Bitcoin is a fool's move. Bitcoin was the precursor #NWO used to fool people into falling for such a Ponzi scheme by making it look anti establishment, when the opposite is... read more

Intel workers are racist and jealous

Most of the intel workers are dinosaurs, decrepitly old , racists and ultra jealous of us hard working Indians. Well screw you jealous whites and other racists, Indians worked hard to be your masters you pile of lazy azzes

Raj Life

I am a level 8 sr. INTEL TECH LEAD, 2 PROMOS in 3 years. Have done really well at Intel, female mid 30s. My boss is a Raj, he loves my work, when we travel I find the best Indian resturant to have dinner, he loves that my Jewish diet loves vveg... read more

AZFSM lost 1 billion dollars from human errors

AZFSM lost 0.5 billion last year, after the ACT, due to careless mistakes from techs and engineers. Even after a site wide quality taskforce, changes to the blueboom policies, and more lecturing from management, on quality, nothing has changed. Just... read more

Intel's fairgrounds and avocado toast

I saw a really sad documentary once where a Japanese town was building a fairground to try and retain or attract young people to live and work there. In Santa Clara when I see the oversized connect 4 or chess boards I feel the same way. No amount of... read more

Intel grade levels are a scam

After working at intel for 11 yrs, I've found that grade levels are just a way to push out older employees. People often get "promoted", with no actual change in job scope, and then later penalized when they can't meet the expectations of the new... read more

Intel san diego

Hi, i am looking for a job in san Diego and wonder if the Intel office is a good place. Are folks and management nice? Are projects interesting? Any shrinking or expansion planned? Trying to get the vibe.. serious replies only please


From birdie perched high up: BK is going up to CES and proclaim diversity goals have been achieved 3 years ahead of schedule. Meanwhile BS has been given "ownership" to enforce headcount targets per org.

Job offer at Intel

I also got a job offer in the Palo Alto site with a Systems architecture team. Should I take the job or keep looking. Intel People seem very mean on this forum

2017 is almost over

Two weeks left in the year. Where the fck is 10nm? Once more, BK the clown shamelessly lied to and maliciously deceived employees, customers, investors and shareholders.

CRN: Intel cutting "Intel Inside" by up to 60% Intel responds to the market forces by shifting funds from Intel Inside to Server, i.e. is it likely Intel needs to cut prices on server products?

Should I take job offer from Intel

I got an offer from Intel and Nvidia this week for the Santa Clara locations. Should I take the Intel offer as I hear the management is kinder and gentler than Nvidia and had a good pulse on the industry. But I have also heard bad things about them... read more

What happened to 10nm?

Intel promised server first on new process manufacturing day and shifted cost allocation to DCG. Now no 10 nm parts in site. Where is Ice Lake? S---ing wind to competitors. Look at IBMs awesome new AC922 server. PCIe 4. Coherent link to GPU. In... read more

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