Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Fools are running the show

All the smart people were laid off just because they were happy doing their jobs for a pittance! The fools who laid them off were counting pennies. The headcount was cut to 90000. The Fools hired bigger fools and now there is a big cluster F at... —  read more 

Inclusion is great

But when will Intel become more inclusive for capable employees with great expertise and great skillset? Why does it seem to me that the company has become inclusive for all but the most competent?

Still too many old-timers here

I have nothing against older folks, but you can't expect to stay at the top of the innovation game with so many people who are still stuck in the old ways. Not to mention, who are scared that anybody who offers a new idea is there to get their job... —  read more 

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It's hard to accept

that I used to work in a company that was a leader, and that now I work in a company that has no competitive products. I still can’t believe what leadership has done to Intel. What miracle needs to happen for this to become the company it used to be... —  read more 

CEO of Foundry 2.0 and x86

Just now I saw this interview with the CEO that was published a few days ago ___ Thoughts? Especially on that part about x86... —  read more 

PowerPoint Warriors

You know, there have been so many posts here where folks have complained that their managers take their work and just represent it as their own. I have always believed that its ok for managers to do that upto a certain extent. After all they are... —  read more 

Question about skills

I worked at Intel for five years and luckily, I found a new job very easily and very quickly. In the company I am going to in a few days, I will have a better job that is better paid, thanks to some new skills I gained while working here. Some... —  read more 

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