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Intel 5G disaster

Yesterday Intel fired modem hw veteran and vector processor expert who recently joined from Qualcomm. His assessment of Intel's "school project" and "amateur architecture" was damming. The medicine of excluding the infineon baffoons was too bitter to... read more

Qualcomm’s 5G modem

I hate this a--hole: F---ing embarrassing to us

Can we take on Nvidia?

Q4 layoffs thread

Confirmed layoffs in SMG, HR, DCG so far. Anybody has info from other groups? Notices and group communications are supposed to be delivered this week and continuing during the next 2 or 3 weeks at least. Let's use this thread to post everything we... read more

layoff package data

First round buy out package is flat 2 months if pay. No time of service adjustment. Very shocking. This is HR. Other groups may vary but probably not much. For sure much worse than ACT packages.


If you hate your job so much then why don't you quit.....ohhh, I guess you can't find a job anywhere else....hmmm....people like you need to go to save Intel.
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Intel is Rocking

Fab news

A clown talking about AI! Part2

OMG, it's so painful to hear this guy. Hard to compare him with luminaries like Jensen, Lisa Su, Pichai or Nadella and not be completely embarassed if you still work at Intel. Those of us that are out of that sh-thole can just laugh it off. Enjoy... read more

What's up with new hires?

Anybody else noticed that most of the people who've been hired in the past ten years fall into the "do what I'm told, and nothing more" category? Raising questions, throwing out ideas, showing initiative is out of the question, and this used to be... read more

Should I accept job in Fab 11X?

Considering uncertain future of Fab11X, Do you guys know anything inside about this site. I got offer from Fab11X but just concern about that site's future. Please advise.

TMG will be split off and sold after 10nm

TMG will be split, sold in pieces to the highest bidder and cast off to the wind in an spectacular ACT. Clown shoes BK will come to be known as the "fab monkey CEO who lost the fabs, and in the process, doomed Intel to absolute and complete... read more

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