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Dip, dip...

Intel's stock dives sharply on data center weakness Intel Corp.’s stock lost almost 10% of its value in after-hours trading today on weakness in its data... —  read more 

New at Intel

New at Intel with senior engineer pay level but without the senior in the job title. Is it looked down upon by my team if I put senior on my LinkedIn? I need to show that I made progress from the previous role and this wasn't a lateral move.

Hynix buys our flash...

SK Hynix in $9 bn deal for Intel's flash memory chip business In a regulatory filing, SK Hynix said it will acquire Intel's "entire NAND business division excluding the Optane division" for 10.3 trillion won, with Intel's factory in... —  read more 

Intel loses IPC lead The marketeers USED to be able to say, "Oh hey it doesn't matter if AMD has more cores, LOOK AT OUR IPC! We are still faster per... —  read more 

Q re ARM Chips

This is a frank question, not trying to troll. I diligently follow my company’s board on this site (I work for Allstate insurance in IT) and it crossed my mind that I may have ask this question here. I see that both Microsoft and Apple are... —  read more 

Tigerlake Laptops

Waited and waited and today (10/1) Dell website has Tigerlake Laptops for sale. None yet at HP or Lenovo. 10nm HVM with no EUV, you have to give LTD credit to pull this off. Hopefully, non EUV use is able to more than offset comparative yield... —  read more 

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They s---

Trying to call Intel HR to ask whether I could put down my layoff as COVID related (for that 300 bux beggar's handout) and is put on a long hold even before any human being answers....... LOL they s—... Maybe some HR people laid off too?

Information security

Layoffs under wraps will be getting to the core of the last few professionals within the US based APTs. The last few years have been downsizing the teams to an unmanageable level, forcing attrition through unbearable US conditions while paying... —  read more 

worthless meetings

I waste too much time in meetings every day, none of which have value. Any suggestions how to change the culture of worthless meetings? There is no way I need to check in with ignorant managers daily, really I don't even need them at all to... —  read more 

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