Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Patt G - loser is back

Damn. This guy has been a big failure. Intel will be in no better shape. Why the fuhk is he given this position when he couldn’t even succeed at a lower position? Intel is too desperate. And it’s not helping.

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Bye Bob

I laughed when I read the circuit comments thanking Bob. If it is not done with integrity blah blah. Thanking him for his integrity and transparency What is wrong with our times? People believe in what they hear not what they see and experience... —  read more 

Here's a fun fact...

Here's a fun fact (and I suspect shows what a loser I am :-)) Pat Gelsinger and I were colleagues at Intel in the early 80's. We both worked in what was called "MIPO" (Microprocessor Operation) but I was in Systems Validation and he was on the... —  read more 


I blame him, and the board. Don't mean to disrespect the dead, but if he didn't set things up for BK then Gelsinger would've been here all along. At the time the talk was about Larrabee's failure but that was set up to fail in the beginning, and... —  read more 

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No future

Gelsinger was pushed out as CTO after horribly failing to address AMD's competitive threats. I have no idea how he wormed his way back in, but this does not bode well for Intel's future: Gelsinger is proof of the "Peter Principle", being promoted too... —  read more 

The good and bad of Pat

What can convince a former rock star and heir apparent CEO who left for so long and became a chief to return to his old kingdom? Was it money, sure there is a lot I and sure, look what BS was paid knowing nothing Is it love, he has been gone a... —  read more 

Fire All TAs

You want to save some money and make intel more efficient; fire all TAs Every VP and above has a TA. That is ridiculous. Obnoxious Negative value Totally Useless job category

Just got my M1 Mac

It is nothing short of amazing... Intel is completely screwed unless they come up with something better, fast. Somehow Apple has created the best PC in every category at once. It is even the best Windows PC, despite the multiple layers of... —  read more 

Too long at Intel?

Is there such a thing to be too long in one company? I know people with ~20 years at Intel. Of course there are folks much longer than that as well. But does it tell something about Intel? Or is it about those folks? Are they stuck with Intel for... —  read more 

Intel a Titanic Sattire

I am an ex Intel employee. No grudges. Company treated me well. However, having worked in other companies, the contrast of what I experienced elsewhere versus Intel became pretty apparent after one month in. This company is NOT capable of making... —  read more 

Big Time 2021

I look forward to the below things in 2021: 1) Intel takes back lead on AMD who cannot match them on power or battery life. 2) Mobile eye continues to crush it and helps the world take on Tesla. Intel will be inside every vehicle and ME will... —  read more 

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