Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Product owner

Does your team PO: Refuse to talk to customers? Refuse to understand customer needs? Refuse to talk or take advice from team engineers? Refuse to prioritize continually Refuse to create user stories Refuse to take ownership of... —  read more 

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IFS prospects

Any prospects here? I am getting bored here. They have tons of people all doing "strategy". there is no "actual" work to do. just paper exercises. what is the prospect for ifs? is it better to stay or explore elsewhere?

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In the office trolls

Intel management thinks the tides have changed and are pushing hard for back to the office, you should expect this to be required soon. Lets see the result, many remote jobs from companies with the times and not failing in such a dramatic public... —  read more 

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Apple were cleverer than Intel not to buy the useless management layer like Intel bought from Infineon.😉 Intel management should share their expertise in begging. Have a heart, I am not being mean, that would help plenty of homeless people. The only... —  read more 

Inflation adjust

I saw some said there will inflation comp adjustment and RSU grant in October. Managers have not been notified and not aware of such a news. Might be true but cannot be verified.

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The company's comeback

I would like to see Intel get back on track. With such an arrogant leadership, unfortunately, I don't believe that will ever happen. How likely is it that Intel has a strong comeback? What miracle would have to happen? Perhaps someone out there... —  read more 

No, it's not hate nor complaint

I would not call anyone who says that it is no longer nice to work here an "Intel hater". This is not about hate, nor is it about excessive complaining, but rather bitter criticism coming from people who care about Intel. The real question is why... —  read more 

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Layoffs in Europe this week

If it's true there were layoffs in Europe this week, I'm thinking we're next. Maybe not this coming week, but in the next month for sure. I'll be honest, if it happens I won't be terribly disappointed. As long as they don't gut the severance package... —  read more 

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It's coming...

Managers are working on the insigt list. It will not be a full scale redeployment in October, but groups will be asked to merge within BU where resources are needed. I guess if you want to leave Intel because of a merge, it is easier to spin it... —  read more 

This will save Intel Genius! You AMD and Apple fanboys can’t compete with this level of innovation. INTC going to $100 Thanks Pat!

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Is Pat on a PIP?

At Intel, we love our data and celebrate data driven decisions. With this as the ethos of the company, and as a meritocracy, then shouldn't our CEO be on a performance improvement plan (PIP)? Here is the data: according to SEC filings, Intel CEO... —  read more 

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