Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

How is attrition affecting you?

People are leaving for greener pastures because Intel is clearly ignoring what inflation is doing to their employees' buying power. I believe that the trend of leaving will not slow down, but will soon be even greater. I don’t think a solution is... —  read more 

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Ohio Fab

This is great news for us. Letting China/Taiwan be the one stop shop for everything is going to be a big mistake in the next decade or two, it also reflects badly on the USA that we are completely dependent on a foreign power as much as we are. The... —  read more 

Node size

Intel falling behind in node size is the problem, yet TSMC is not a direct competitor to Intel. Sure, TSMC competes against the new Intel foundry initiative, but foundry is not the main profit center. For the most part, it's the companies that buy... —  read more 

Compensation Adjustment

Do you know if Intel is doing compensation adjustment for folks that work here right now (current employees)? My total comp is around $260K and I've been here for about five years. What should be base pay for G7?

MSFT is Chipping Away

Links below... Microsoft has hired a key chip engineer from Apple to help design its own custom Azure server processors. Microsoft currently uses Intel and AMD for server chips. Big hire for Microsoft, another chip departure for Apple... —  read more 

Sapphire Rapid delayed?

Can't say I'm surprised. However, the report claims that Intel's 7nm Sapphire Rapids' full-scale volume launch will be delayed until... —  read more 

Bleeding talent

It looks like the talent bleed will not slow down until all talented people leave here and this remains a company only for those who cannot find another job? I may be exaggerating, but it seems so to me now that almost all of my colleagues who... —  read more 

Where is RK?

It seems like RK is MIA. No videos, emails, even Pat hasn't mentioned his name in a while. He was missing in Dev Forum and CES as well. OH, I am not in graphics BU. So maybe I am missing some updates.

Resistance to change

Basically, I agree with someone who claims that Intel has changed in the sense that the workplace is getting worse year after year, but in essence I think Intel as a company is resistant to change. This company is stuck somewhere in the past... —  read more 

Ignoring the competition

I wish that wasn’t the case, but unfortunately, competitors are moving forward and Intel is stagnating. In the past, this company took competition much more seriously. Now it is as if those at the top are totally indifferent, that they do not care... —  read more 

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