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Everyone is here for the MONEY

Intel is a dino-tech company. We've tried to dip our feet into services and consumer products, but we can't get it done. We're terrible at it. The decades of 'bozo explosion' managers have left us with silos and duplication across all orgs. This... read more

All just doing their jobs

BK is heads down doing what he knows the best as a fab manager - cutting cost and increasing efficiency, "our strategy is working!!!"; CFO is putting out yet another "beat estimate by one cent" earning and buying back more shares, "next quarter will... read more

The Truth

The complex computer modeling of the nano-world is replaced by Gantt charts and bar graphs. You start attending meetings, lots of them. Meetings with the boss. Meetings with your peers. Meetings with underlings. Food starts to taste funny; the... read more

Silent but violent

Welcome to the next 3 years of FARTS FARTS - Fast Accelerated Reduction of Transient Service-provides If you don't know who is a FART look in the mirror. BK PROMISE TO REDUCE OPERATING EXPEDATURE AT 2016 rate until 2020.

icdg house of cards collapses

Aicha is gone a few weeks and the entire thing collapses under Murthy weight.IBIS the iwatch enabling modem a complete disaster.7560 competing with basis watch for biggest heat sink.7660 new HW Vp begs Qualcomm to take him back after looking at Intel... read more

Intel shuts pension scheme for Irish employees - We won't take the change in pension benefits lying down. There will be a concerted campaign to reduce productivity and to be non cooperative in general... read more

GR6 Salary in Folsom

I am in GR6 for my second year, i have been with Intel for almost 6 base salay is around 106k.. I heard they are hiring RCGs around 96k in Folsom..can you share your thoughts regarding salaries in Folsom...

Common Thread -> Andy Bryant

Intel is on its third generation of struggling CEO's and missed strategy opportunities. The common thread and co-contributor to these failures is former CFO, former COO and now chairman of the board, Andy Bryant. Whether viewed as 2nd in command or... read more

Grade 8 salary in RNB (Santa Clara)

I'm a grade 8 in Santa Clara, PhD in EECS with 10 years exp. Struggling to make it to grade 9 in this bad climate. Been with Intel for 5 years. Salary = 145k + geo 8% APB target = 5k What quartile am I in? What is the salary range for grade 8 in bay... read more

Another attack from the ARMy

Another chink in the x86 volume. Long battery life and good enough performance and likely sold for far less than Intel, ouch

Why is Leadership Feedback Tool removed?

Why is Leadership Feedback Tool removed? Bwahahhaaaaaaa... Ahahahhaaaaaa... Hihihiiiiiii! :-))))))) If (LFT) it would be not so sad/so corrupt, it (LFT) would be a World Wide Joke! Only Fools and Horses, dear hard working Intellers, Only Fools and... read more

Why is LFT removed?

Why did they remove the leadership feedback tool & process ? How can one report toxic managers anonymously, otherwise?

Intel, iPhone 8 and all of us here

Here you go dear board members, have fun reading this: With that out of the way, let's look at a rumor that's cropped up on the Intel board at... read more

Rehire experiences

Anyone here that was rehired after they left Intel? I wanted to look at the options and how hard it is both administratively and procedure wise to get back in Intel. I am getting a short but very exciting contract opportunity that is worth leaving... read more

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