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ISP rehire

Hi I heard that intel is re-hiring ISP employees if the termination is greater than 2yrs, is it a true statement?

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Be satisfied

Intel is one of the most automated fabs in the world. With all the automation improvements, why are people still essentially putting in unpaid overtime? Intel needs to be satisfied at some point. The fab needs to be focused on continuous improvement... —  read more 


If you completed the employee survey honestly this year and your sites scores are low management feels your not worth investment due to lack of engagement. It appears management is not looking for your honest opinion.

They laid off whole GPU team in San Diego

They waited for the only project in this team (LSC) to be delivered and then laid off everybody. Sh–tiest place I ever worked with, evil. Pure evil. But I think the guys were top notch and will find something soon. Go to Hell Intel.

New CIO makes good moves

Major Agile cleanup is afoot, overseeing of work roles to disappear, RTE, SGO, BRM, SSO, FLM to manage the APT moving forward. Can't happen soon enough

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Employee Survey with IT

My first line manager (FLM) let me know this week that senior IT management feels that low employee experience survey results at specific site locations demonstrates a lack of engagement at those sites and thus IT leadership will look to not invest... —  read more 

Safety concerns at Intel

Employee Satisfaction Survey (IT)

My first line manager told me the low site survey scores are looked upon by senior IT leaders as a indication that employees at those sites are not engaged and at risk of limited future investment in those sites. It appears that at least IT does not... —  read more 

Not going on-site during pandemic

No offense intel but there is no way I will return to work in person during this pandemic. Not worth the risk and No task or intel person will change that. Anyone else going in person?

Beefing up AC

Intel to buy smart urban transit startup Moovit for $1B to boost its autonomous car division

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Autonomous Driving

I worked on the ME acquisition a few years back. It was a very expensive bet and hope it is paying off. Any thoughts?

Intel[Apple) Munich modem compensation

Interviewing with EX Intel modem SoC team in Munich. What is the expected salary for 10 years of experience?. Are the RSUs issued at Apple level?. Currently at a grade equivalent to Intel G8/Apple ICT4

Comparing other semiconductor fabs to Intel

Hi, I’ve been applying for jobs. I have a phone interview with another company on the east coast in a wafer-related position similar to here with what appears to be more innovation. If you have worked in fabs on the other side of the US, could you... —  read more 

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Hiring Freeze lifted?

I'm seeing a lot of new job postings going up this week. Has the freeze been listed, or are these all the approved 'essential' hires?

Honest question: Do you like working at intel?

Do you? If you were let go tomorrow, aside from the annoyance of looking for a new job, in six months would you give a c-ap? Me, almost 7 years in, nope; it might just be a good thing. What say you?

iT Security Groups

We are full "fragile" aka agile model and what a forest fire this is. A model of micro management, everything critical pushed down from top model with a complete disregard of good process practices. Roles designed to do nothing but forward mail and... —  read more 

Why not layoff 1/2 intel managers?

Too expensive, too many, they provide very little to the bottom line, too much ego, low capability, poor execution driving the delays, is your experience diferent?

Dear Bob, WFH is not working

Dear Bob, appreciate the email to employees today about the mandatory WFH situation but working from home is not working. Many employees don't have a home office, many employees now also have kids and pets and neighborhood noises distracting during... —  read more 

WFH 1/2 the week

A legit reason to allow employees to WFH 1/2 the week even after the outbreak Also, it would save driving time

Intel VSP Package

Follow the four steps below: Identify and Write Down Your Objectives and Goals Document Your Current Assets (In One Place) Intel 401(k), Intel Retirement Contribution Plan, Intel Minimum Pension (for more on the minimum pension and how to... —  read more 

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Insights/Rewards Stock Levels

How are stocks allocated with this new system? Are they 100% performance based or also dependent on how much you already earn? I'm wondering if I got "low stock". Not sure how to tell the difference.

Intel Salary Ranges for All Grades

Intel Grades - Engineering Levels Salary & Total Comp Ranges (Data Source Below) Grade 5 - Total Comp Range $100K to $120K Grade 6 - Total Comp Range $115K 135K Grade 7 - Total Comp Range $145K - 175K Grade 8 (Staff Engineer) - Total... —  read more 

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