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Intel selling 8m somethings

At some point in the future Intel will sell something to someone for some undisclosed fee. That's Intel latest news on autonomous vehicles.
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Oh dear

The mods of this forum are a funny bunch.

They were practically nowhere to be found when this board had 3 pages of uh, instigating, posts a day, while now it appears they're finally on the job when things have died down. They're kinda not so bright, but I'm not complaining. Oh yeah, this is... read more

HR Town Hall is a Sham

Currently HR conducting many Q/A sessions and "town halls" related to benefits and compensation. This of course is just a sham to show the employed sheep that HR cares and is listening to the masses. All compensation and benefits costs are paid by... read more

XMM7560 is a huge mess!

And management doesn‘t even know yet how bad it is! I recently got to talk to some key people on 7560, and there was a huge amount of panic. The problems aren’t even supposed manufacturing issues, but the inability to hit critical KPIs and the fact... read more


When I left Intel in summer 2016, the company was about to launch 10nm, and well, here we are, still waiting. So what is PTD doing these days? What’s ATTD doing ? Making more substrates for a declining market ? I have noticed on my LinkedIn many... read more

RiseSmart service for laidoff

Intel has chosen RiseSmart company to help those laidoff with career services and land their next job. I have not found them to be helpful, supportive and they conduct 20 minute meetings (because the consultant assigned to me is always 10 minutes... read more

Wow oh wow, TMG is great!

TMG technology leadership is years ahead of the competition. Billions and billions spent and billions more on the factory and now we got an i3 in an entry laptop with no graphics. Good job, I can’t wait to see that i3 benchmarked against Apple... read more

More layoffs incoming?

BK has to find some way to cover the newly announced $5 billion oversees investment. I'm betting he's going to find it by laying off a bunch of people here. It was done before, and it will be done again, mark my words. I'm getting so tired of all of... read more

American Workers Union Now!

Walk out Friday people. Nothing works anyway. Have some sunshine on the lawn. The powerpoint/status collectors people will take care of everything. No worries.

Intel @ JPM Global Tech Conf (Excerpt)

(source link below) Murthy Renduchintala: ...I think that silicon leadership is really important in as much as it supports product leadership. Silicon leadership in and of itself is only one of the aspects required. First of all Intel is a product... read more

Spheres of influence

Do not make the mistake of not understanding what is within and not within the spheres of influence of the Intel executive branch. Execution of process technology, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, IOT and 5G product roadmaps are under th... read more

Why invest in Israel and not here?

So, the latest news is that Intel is planning to invest about $5 billion in upgrading Kiryat Gat manufacturing plant. Once again instead of creating more jobs here, Intel keeps laying off Americans and expanding its operations elsewhere. What are the... read more

Another H1B lawsuit
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More great news for Intel

This has been such a few refreshing days when it comes to Intel media coverage. It is becoming more and more obvious that the only direction Intel is going is up... read more

Are layoffs behind us?

Considering that our stock keeps growing and a number of analysts saying that we are "crushing it" this year, that we managed to fend off some attempts at market share takeover (Qualcomm, AMD,) and that we are venturing into some new and potential... read more

At least we win one battle

Granted, this was one battle where nobody actually had any chance of dethroning us, but it's a win and I'll take it. I know there are a lot of negative people here, but I'm personally enjoying the fact that things are starting to look up for us... read more

What's on Krzanich's mind?

Interesting article, worth a read. Intel declined to comment on industry whisperings that Qualcomm is mulling ending its Arm-powered server processor efforts. Perhaps it's no wonder: Intel has a monopoly on the compute workhorses used in data centers... read more
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More holes! We have massive security team,but for some reason Powerpoints don't seem to help...

Article about H1B

Can we have some much needed layoffs?

Can we have a layoffs round, but this time one that will for once get rid of the incompetent engineers and all the other dead weight that somehow managed to survive every single round so far? I'm sick and tired of seeing good men and women being... read more

I guess a thank you is in order?

Thanks To AMD, Intel Is Back On Track To Long-Term Success The impressive benchmark scores of AMD’s latest Ryzen octacore processors inspired Intel to get back to basics. Intel’s basic expertise lies in x86 processors... read more

10nm delayed again until 2019.

No way that Intel will have 7nm ready for HVM in 2020. They better hope AMD does not beat them to the punch. If you are a shareholder not satisfied with BK and BOD do not vote for any of the BOD on the proxy because they are the ones who could... read more

Messing up with LTE modems

Instead of taking the ideal opportunity to get even more secure with Apple while they are on a war path with Qualcomm, we managed to screw up our position even further. That's Intel for you, folks... read more

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