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Should you stay or should you go?

Does it matter your companies profit if they have an irrational track record of acquisitions and layoffs initiated by BoD even when times are good. Intel has track record of cutting costs while frivolous overpaying to enter late into new markets... read more

Lots of PR trying to gaslight us

Circuit articles saying how great our future will be. Public articles saying how normal taking 7 months to find a CEO is and how our executive exodus is normal. Make no mistake. We are in trouble. No matter what the Q4 numbers are, things are not... read more

We shouldn’t put our hopes in the Apple deal

When I say this I’m trying to be realistic, and everything points to me that we will never become an exclusive supplier to Apple. Judging by what was said by the Apple official they don’t see Intel as a lone supplier of chips and modems in the long... read more

2019 layoffs confirmed

@VB8xZy1-1ynsk It seems that there is a truth to this news. Intel is planning massive layoffs as part of ACT2 that will coincide with hiring of new CEO. It’s evident in recent Executive departures. It maybe in phases but it will be aligned to market... read more
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Latest cuts and severance

I heard that some groups have already had cuts. What is the severance? Is it what they did to the maker groups last year? You have 2 months to find another internal job and then get 1 month severance plus cobra insurance etc? Can anyone confirm?
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2019 layoffs

@VB8xZy1-1ynsk It seems that there is a truth to this news. Intel is planning massive layoffs as part of ACT2 that will coincide with hiring of new CEO. It’s evident in recent Executive departures. It maybe in phases but it will be aligned to market... read more

Here come the reorgs

Mix it up. Rename and acronym everything. Here they come. They will surely be followed by shadow layoffs and cuts of groups as well.

Intel could buy AMD -rumors circulating again

Read this article and to tell you the truth I don’t see this that is realistic. Curious about getting some thoughts on this. Is this even a realistic option at this time? If it is, what could be the consequences of such a purchase?... read more

Short list

Under consideration: Johny Srouji Kirk Skaugen Pat Gelsinger Bob Swan Out: Murthy, Naveen, Diane, Anand, Sanjay, Renee

Yield issues

10nm is at least 3 or 4 years late and 7nm is nowhere on the horizon. Poor yields are to blame. Why have yield AM PJ and 10nm yield GL SowmiR not been held accountable for this disaster?

Intel can only get 50% of Apple's business

Last Friday Apple Executives gave sworn testimony in court today are looking for a Second source supplier. They even approached Samsung and mediatek to supply that 5G solution in 2019. If I worked in ic DG I'd have my resume ready soon

AMD is Intel without the bloat

If you remove all the Acquisitions on b* by the recent management then also at in discrete gpus and take out all the b* initiatives such as wearables and the TV show you then have AMD
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Apple stuck with Intel modems after Q refused With apple building their own modem teams and still looking to Qualcomm as a second source, the future of Intel modem business appears bleak. It seems like the... read more

The search for the new CEO continues

A new company CEO isn’t even in sight and the company faces more and more challenges in the year that’s in front of us. This article tries to tackle the question of why that is the case and analyses what approach the company will be taking when it... read more
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Some "people movement" was reported within PSG yesterday. Interesting choice of words... What is happening in PSG?

Drones, Sports, Camera, New technology group

Zero value add teams : Drones Intel Sports Camera New Technology Group Complete waste of money. Seriously, how many VPs and Directors are in the Sports/Drone teams? What an utter waste of money.

How fierce will the competition be in 2019?

This was an interesting article that sums up what the leading companies in the business have in stall for 2019, an compares their efforts in an attempt to figure out who will prove to most successful. How do you think Intel will do in 2019? Strengths... read more

2019 layoffs have started!

Camera team gets reductions in Finland, USA and Israel (100+ people) Drone team layoffs (dozens) Anything else to add to the list?


Will the CEO announcement happen before the Q1 earnings call?

AZFSM F32 downgrading management positions

AZFSM has recently lowered the pay grades of shift GL (managing technicians) from Gr7 to Gr6, Module Team Leader (managing engineers) from Gr8 to Gr7, entry level Area Manager from Gr9 to Gr8, and Captain of the Ship and FIST leaders (both are... read more

+1 for Fabless

+1 this post (using the voting arrows below) if you think TMG will eventually be spun-off. -1 if you think TMG will remain inside.

Observation TD

Does anyone know why a disproportionate fraction of positions of power within TD (all the way upto PB) are with Rensselaer alumni. One can argue hiring/networking/semiconductor research program is strong for that university but really is that all... read more

Thinking about writing a book about Intel's demise

Just wanted to change the interest on here. Plenty of juicy topics: act, 14nm, mobile, diversity, amd competition, acquisitions, leadership etc. Let me know what you think and if you want me to soccer anything in particular?

Qualities to look for in a tech CEO

Qualities to look for in a tech CEO: Track record as technology visionary Track record as product visionary Ability to pick and attract solid leadership team Track record as an outstanding mentor Highly organized Outstanding manager Admired by direct... read more

Intel’s path in 2019

The article in the link was indeed an interesting read, as it sums up all of Intel’s efforts and plans that the company wants to pursue in 2019. No doubt there will be a lot of changes in terms of the new businesses and markets that Intel is... read more

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