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Media Twitter Accounts spread the word about the H1B Scam

@realdonaldtrump @foxandfriends @HeatherChilders @ainsleyearhardt @kilmeade @SteveDoocy @AmericaNewsroom @BillHemmer @marthamaccallum @HappeningNow @JonScottFNC @JennaLeeUSA @OutnumberedFNC @SandraSmithFox @Harrisfaulkner @ShepNewsTeam @TeamCavuto... read more
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What is going on at McAfee?

Is McAfee on the selling block. They are signature based protection, after the virus is out in the world, reactive. While you have Cylance that is based on math and catches the virus with out signatures, What is McAfee doing to catch up?

Dear managers: Why are you still at Intel?

I am just wondering why any of the managers are still managers at Intel. I mean, everyone I know is moaning about ACT and about how the people and the managers were screwed over and about how Focal is gearing up for another round of redundancies, and... read more

Another one bites the dust ...

This is getting pretty serious, wonder how long before stock price takes a hit

Big spending but what are they getting? Spending like drunken sailors, but 10nm slipping, two years of layoffs, failed initiatives left and right, chip errata causing dead chips in the field. BK... read more
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Lack of accountability makes work depressing.

I work in SSG on a project that is poorly managed with almost no accountability. Employees and management can pretty much do nothing all day and suffer no consequences. We have meetings here and there and folks pretend to work but everyone knows that... read more

First of AMD Ryzen Benchmark by 3rd party. The performance numbers are yet another worrying sign for Intel as they indicate AMD's Ryzen CPUs will... read more
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