Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Who's still here?

As you roll out of bed and slog through rush hour traffic to your site. Going to your shared cube because your own cube got shutdown along with the floor you used to sit at. Checking morning emails and AR's dumped on you from your counterparts in... —  read more 

Bleed blue

When Pat first took the CEO role, he mentioned that a number of former employees were “really excited” to come back to Intel. How’s that going? Is there still (in Pat’s own words) an “irrational” level of excitement. Do these people still “bleed... —  read more 

This makes so much sense

I'm an ex-Amazon senior leader. Here's why layoffs keep happening and why ambitious managers are fueling them.

Relocation zone

I’m getting married and need to move into a new city. Currently my city is zone 2 and the city I have to move is zone 1 (I verified with a friend working there at intel small office) if there was an immediate offer, I would have accepted. If I ask... —  read more 

Will PG be the Lisa Su of Intel?? 2 years in the reign. Will PG rescue the sinking ship? Titanic 2.0 or Phoenix 2.0? What will be the outcome of IDM 2.0??

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Who Really Fired BS?

This weak and uncaring board would not be the real force to have BS fired for wanting to split Intel. The financial institutions would have seen the writings on the wall and know that splitting is the only way forward. Then who is the real force... —  read more 

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