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On the matter of too many indians

Indians & other foreigners with outstanding ability are welcome, in small numbers. That is the intention of the H1B program. But, today, the moneyed elites have no allegiance to this country, or its founding stock, hence the H1B binge. The issue is... read more

VSP anytime soon?

Just wondering if anybody has heard VSP packages being offered. I'm gotten interest from other companies and don't want to miss out on a good exit package.

BK layoff/replacement must be true

Hmm, must be true or why was thread removed. Nothing racist or offensive just good leak of what is going to happen next 😉 Intel soon to get a new CEO out with the 🤡 New CEO is highly educated PHD from MIT, illustrious track record of achievement... read more

DCG Layoffs?

Heard layoffs in Diane's projects aka Healthcare, RSD etc. Can anyone confirm or is it just a rumor


I was hit last year after 16 years of being a top rated performer at Intel (recruited to a new job role at just the wrong time) and many comments here are hitting close to home. While I'm somewhat glad to have been pushed from the nest and the mess... read more

Rack Scale Direct ?

Hi folks looks like Intel is forming new division which will be working directly with big clients. So called RSD Direct. They ll be producing own hardware and software for cloud and enterprise. Any news whats this? Think partners like HP or (on the... read more

More layoffs in San Diego ?

The maker team and a lot of IoT people were laid off. But now there are rumors the android integration team including the testers will be affected as well. Anyone can confirm this ?

First signs of AMD's impact

Stacy Rasgon is spot on, as usual.

Question reqarding Intel Minimum Pension

I left Intel last year and was notified that I had a minimum pension. The amount quoted by Intel was "x" and Fidelity confirmed the "x" amount. When I requested from Fidelity a rollover into an IRA account (so that I could manage the money myself), I... read more

AMD Threadripper Well, is anyone surprised by this? Not me and certainly not the market.

Intel rotational program people

Does anyone know anything about intel rotational programs ALP or something and the people in the program? heard some rumors about how "elite" some of the programs are.

Intel to sell fabs and process development?

To be clear, Intel already lost manufacturing process lead years ago. Marketing sayz something else, but everyone who has aces to pdk and can compare it with design rules of other foudries know reality. Now, 14nm is pushed over it's limits because it... read more

Poll: New catch-phrase for 'Tick-Tock Model'

Here's an Intel Layoffs Poll: Intel for several years had the 'Tick-Tock Model', where the 'Tick' was a new process node and the 'Tock' was a major architectural change. The smart thinking was that doing both at once was fraught with issues, so Intel... read more
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DCG chop chop

Ask your favorite senior manager all about it. Actions beginning Q3. My amigos in GDC, the pendulum is going to swing the other way now. Switch to another group while you can.

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