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Intel is alone on the top

Found this on Qualcomm’s board here.Just in case someone’s interested here are all the reasons why Qualcomm screwed up in the server chips market. It’s good to know that we are that much superior at something... read more

How much GLs make..? Is it worth the stress..

Hello folks - newbie to intel. I noticed that all senior GLs talk very seriously and detailed in meetings,PMs etc..and they have meetings etc. even for tiny misses.. Seems like pretty stressed out situation esp. If you are 18-20 years experienced and... read more

Intel is f---ed

Rome looks like an absolute beast, if leaked benchmarks are any indication. A site called Chip Hell released a benchmark showing a prototype Rome processor performing 10 times faster than a high-end Intel Xeon. However, this is one site, and I don’t... read more

Are we overvalued?

I think most of Intel employees believe this is true - unfortunately.

AMD 7nm Engineering sample more than 2x performance increase from AMD ES

Husband - wife at Intel

Every husband-wife pair employees need to be investigated and everyone who was hired because of diversity initiatives should be put under the scanner.


So glad the board gave BK double digit raises while firing 11k older workers and taking his eye off 10nm. Meanwhile, heads of TMG remain in charge. We have no CEO and a dinosaur AB as BOD chair who thinks he is stll helpful. The world is going to... read more

5G confusion?

So many articles around the web, some say Qualcomm has a working silicon with a successful phone call over 5G. Some say Intel/Ericsson has it too but many trash that especially Charlie. What's your take on this?

For those still claiming we are doing well

We really are not... Intel Corp.’s stock has taken a technical beating this week, as it entered a bear market on Tuesday for the first time in over two years, the day after a bearish “death cross” appeared in the charts... read more

7nm in production

Apple's A12 Bionic is the very industry's first 7nm smartphone chip... The thing has seven billion transistors, 6-core CPU, 4-core GPU, and 8-core Neural Engine for 5T operations/second... And, there are no production delays... read more

A few more 5G firsts from Intel

"First 5G call while juggling 3 bowling pins" "First 5G call over 39GHz with humidity above 65%" "First 5G call while chowing down an authentic New York style slice of pizza" "First 5G call with end-to-end interoperability between vendors where the... read more

Outsourcing to TSMC

Conveniently starting to break the TMG dependency...

Bought a CEO?

Why did DF retire suddenly?

Does this mean that the new CEO has been identified? Is it MR? Otherwise, Intel would have waited for the new CEO to arrive before making these types of sudden executive level changes. If DF wanted to retire (I doubt this because of the timing of the... read more

Official Icdg don't know what they are doing

This proves ex Qualcomm failures are a disaster. The latest "strategy" for 5G. Expand effort on designing a chip on Intel process that will never be productized. Then 6 months later use same RTL to be manufactured by TSMC. Effectively they know the... read more

Further info to Fake Jobs post

So glad people are finally catching onto this scam, which has been happening for years but more so the past year. I can add this, which may help to add further explanation for why it is done. The Federal reserve, which puts out economic stat data... read more

Beware : Scam hiring & fake jobs

Fake news. Fake Economy. .. and... Fake jobs (jobs which don't exist and there will be no hiring for - get posted, resumes collected and false interviews held). Intel is not the only company fake hiring. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple ... do this all the... read more

Intel Xian closing?

I heard rumors that intel were closing Xian site (imc site) is that true? I don't get it they were working amazingly hard, getting out 7480, 7560, 7660. Chips seem to be working otherwise the fruit company would not buy them...

Seems that Qualcomm is on a roll

The first phone call in 5G has been made. Unfortunately, not with Intel's modem. We got their expensive former management, and they got the technology. Ericsson and Qualcomm's Snapdragon X50 modem, here's the link:... read more

Record revenue again Earlier Intel raised revenue estimates by an amount that AMD makes in 1 year. Perhaps they will need to do it again.

Visa question

I am a Ph.D. from a top-tier Univ in the US. I have been at Intel for 3 years and have been treated very well very well compensated. I recently got a chance to go back to school for an MBA. I think I am going to do this since the MBA will be a breeze... read more

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