Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Not easily replaceable?

Those who are the most talented are leaving. It seems that Intel doesn't give great importance to it because they think that all are replaceable. They don’t see it as a loss for the company when a good employee leaves because the job is done... —  read more 

Name one thing

You have to be realistic, there is no ideal company. I changed a few companies before I came to Intel and I was missing something in each. In one the atmosphere was great, but the pay was a real disappointment. In another I had good health insurance... —  read more 

Use Intel while you can

At this point, Intel still looks really good on your resume. Not sure if this will be the case five or ten years from now considering the direction we've been heading, but right now working at Intel can only improve your chances of being hired. Use... —  read more 

Why are people returning?

I can understand people who never before worked at Intel deciding to join the company since they have no idea what's really happening here. However, seeing people who left or (even worse) were laid off return boggles my mind. I always consider people... —  read more 


It kind of seems to me that Intel is losing its competitiveness, but I’m not quite sure it’s doing the right thing to fix it. Someone said that in that sense, PG might announce a completely new compensation structure across the company. How... —  read more 

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Intel acknowledges how great Apple is by making a very public statement about how Apple is its main competitive threat

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