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Who's the most likely candidate so far?

There are so few hints on who is even considered to become the new Intel CEO that I can't even figure out if we actually have front runners or not by now. Is there a favorite so far or not?

Corporate Culture at Fab

Many fab people are a miserable lot, wearing sacrifice like a badge of honor as you firefight family time, work/balance, and get treated like a minion. The worst part is for all the endless carping, many fab engineers still be there 10 years hence... read more

SERMA / marketplace

Anyone using SERMA to pay for marketplace? I know this is not the best place to ask about it but I have no other options. Anyone here who can chime in?

There is no GPTW

GPTW was an Intel Value that was lost long ago. The 'forced fun' aspect was increasingly ill-funded, and for some groups, was just surreptitiously expensed by the managers just to keep up morale. The finance wing of any group would only give so much... read more

Anyone but MR

All employees should petition the board to NOT pick MR as the next CEO
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Talent Development

One of the most important roles of BoD, CEO and senior managers is to develop a deep bench, nurture diverse talent for mutiple and diverse views. In Intel’s BK reign and especially in TMG and SA’s case it was about purging anyone of talent that... read more

LTD leadership bench

It is shocking that for a 50000 employee organization, there is no leadership bench after SA and they had to pick MM out of semi-retirement to lead TD - MM has no expertise leading a large and complex development org like TD. Look under LTD top... read more

How Intel plans to profit from 5G

This article provides a good insight into Intel’s strategy regarding 5G, and how it plans to profit and ensure growth from various segments of the 5G market. I understand that many of you, if not all of you, are familiar with this matter, but still... read more

Intel reality ....

80%-90% of Intel employees are pretty much resting and vesting, traveling, running side businesses on company time and dime, etc. Usually protected by nepotism, cronyism, etc. The remaining 10-20% stupid worker bees do all the actual work. And this... read more

The full story behind xmm8160

This modem was never "pulled in". There has been massive slippage and incompetence. Both 8060 & 8160 were supposed to be the same design but on different process nodes. 8060 on Intel 14nm and 8160 on TSMC 7 nm. Both were suppose to be tapped out last... read more

6 Months to Go

With all the silent layoffs - such as Saffron - there is no trust - circuit isnt talking about anything other than vapid bs, so any rumor of firings since ACT is reasonable, that is the new Intel way - fire while hire - executives trying to excite... read more

Intel reduces the shipments of desktop processors

According to this article, Intel announced the reduction of shipments of desktop PC processors in the fourth quarter of 2018, as it wants to create more space for production and shipment of notebook and server processors. I know this market is not... read more
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Why not Swan?

What's wrong with Swan as Intel's permanent CEO? He seems to be doing a good job all around...

Truth about Intel 5G mess

Don't believe the lies, fake news, and propaganda pieces paid for by Intel.

Decision makers with low vision

The higher management folks from outside have ruined the innovation drive and energy of Intellites. They have zero experience of running manufacturing and with design experience they will never be able to understand challenges in manufacturing world... read more

Three risks for Intel in 2019

While this is an Ashraf article, and we all know what that means, info in here is taken from Swan's call, so it's actually worth a read for a change. During the call, Swan provided insight into some of the challenges -- he referred them specifically... read more

next steps at TMG?

Hi folks, with the news that TMG will start to outsource some of its manufacturing to TSMC, what steps can I take to potentially prepare for the worst (next round of layoffs)? can I reach out to HR? talk to a manager? I don't even know what else I... read more

Advice to Intel's Executive Management

If any exec is reading here is a few things I'd do right now: Increase compensation ASAP if you have any appetite for getting top notch talent, as of now, we are not competitive Focal process is outdated (look into what Microsoft did here) - if you... read more

Moving products to TSMC

Intel needs to start moving its mainstream products to TSMC ASAP. Once a good engagement with TSMC is established, they must spin off TMG. There is no other option. This will immediately drop the market cap in half. No CEO would want to take this on... read more

Anyone use a competing offer to increase pay?

Grade 9 engineer in Hillsboro, interviewing for jobs in SF, and expect some good offers (>$300k). Was wondering if anyone successfully leveraged a competing offer to increase pay. I’m well below the midpoint in my grade, but I do like my job and... read more

Out of here

Ok, been at Intel 5 years, headed back to McGill (Canada for the red necks). PhD program in 3 years will have a great future, Canadian citizenship. A great life. Intel thinks I am coming back...only as a VP...but I will take their stipend so they... read more

Two CEOs?

There's a big change coming, and the obvious thing is to split TMG/TD and the product groups into separate companies, as AMD did with Global Foundries. That means two CEOs. Nothing else explains why it has taken the BOD so long to replace BK. I... read more

How safe is SERMA?

I'm a recent retiree, and I'm wondering if the money in my SERMA account is protected, as in a trust for example. I am not withdrawing anything from it currently as I currently have insurance through better options, but certainly don't want to risk... read more

Strategic silence

Reminder: Just because you see something dumb or wrong on the internet doesn't mean you have to amplify it by pointing out how dumb or wrong it is. "Strategic silence" is often the best way to personally combat misinformation.

BK has a job

It's getting worse

Venting a bit here regarding raises and promotions - both are abhorrently inconsistent. What I see nowadays is that new hires often start at higher salary than people working there for many years. Now, add to that all the perks that keep disappearing... read more

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