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Dear Bob, WFH is not working

Dear Bob, appreciate the email to employees today about the mandatory WFH situation but working from home is not working. Many employees don't have a home office, many employees now also have kids and pets and neighborhood noises distracting during... —  read more 

WFH 1/2 the week

A legit reason to allow employees to WFH 1/2 the week even after the outbreak Also, it would save driving time

Intel VSP Package

Follow the four steps below: Identify and Write Down Your Objectives and Goals Document Your Current Assets (In One Place) Intel 401(k), Intel Retirement Contribution Plan, Intel Minimum Pension (for more on the minimum pension and how to... —  read more 

Insights/Rewards Stock Levels

How are stocks allocated with this new system? Are they 100% performance based or also dependent on how much you already earn? I'm wondering if I got "low stock". Not sure how to tell the difference.

Intel Salary Ranges for All Grades

Intel Grades - Engineering Levels Salary & Total Comp Ranges (Data Source Below) Grade 5 - Total Comp Range $100K to $120K Grade 6 - Total Comp Range $115K 135K Grade 7 - Total Comp Range $145K - 175K Grade 8 (Staff Engineer) - Total... —  read more 

Coronavirus is fueling talk of ACT style layoffs

Sentiment of some knowledgeable managers is ACT style layoffs will be unavoidable by end of June. Though things are expected to pick up a bit after June, many will not survive in their jobs that long.

Is LKF SW-TPE left the company?

Where is he going? When I worked on LKF 6-months back and he is the only person who knows how to make things happens and technically good in resolving issues. Most of other leadership team members just bully people without proper understanding. ... —  read more 


Are promotions in global supply chain based on performance? How long do they expect you to stay in grade?

Oregon redeployments

Reployments massively skewed towards older engineers. The vast majority are functionally laid off, Intel using delay tactics so the departures are staggered to avoid more bad PR.

Offer for re-hire. What should I expect?

Hi, I have left the company 3 years ago as a grade 7. This was after the big re-org ( forgot the name) and I wasn't happy about that. I have now an offer to come back as a grade 9 in Oregon. What salary range should I expect?

CIO help with evaluations

Here are some thoughts as you do your initial evaluation and assessment. ITI outsourcing was a failure, The teams are not skilled enough to provide any value to Intel. InfoSec failed projects, over priced tools (think splunk) and neurotic... —  read more 

Insights into the new focal process

Does anyone know how this process works? It seems inconsistent throughout the fab. Some groups have heard nothing of it while some managers say their teams can choose to send or not to send bullets. I feel like my performance is in the hands of some... —  read more 

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Expect more GTFO

S. focal budget s—s this year again. Expect more GTFO to Apple, Google, FB, Amazon this year. Record years, high stock buyback, more upper management and fraud fellow promos. MR still collecting. ... pump the already do-less wealthy and dump... —  read more 

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Please clean the IT house. They are k–ling our productivity which includes our ability to ship products. Solutions are thrown in, impactful to users and systems and / or flat out don't work. Please look at issues in the environment NOW as an... —  read more 

Still get to keep RSUs post-layoff?

It seemed to be a possibility mentioned today in an all hands meeting. Seems like it was being discussed, but I did not know how seriously. I assumed all unvested RSUs would be forfeited once you sign the papers accepting the severance.

Intel layoffs

In 2016, all people who took VSP were good workers who got a job elsewhere quite easily Of the people who were given ISP, most employees who were given ISP because of just one stock level-4 were actually good employees. Of the employees given ISP... —  read more 

Its ok,

When I lost my job from Intel in 2016 I was devastated. Being in the late-40s and trying to get a job is not easy. It broke me just thinking I may fail my children. I found a job that I like and coworkers that I like and you will find one job too... —  read more 

Was your job moved outside of the U.S.?

Reading that some of the layoffs are from jobs getting moved from the U.S. to lower cost sites. Those same lower cost sites have been getting new buildings, double digit % annual pay bumps, and more over the last few years. Is Intel slowly... —  read more 

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Sev Pckg 2020

Separation package seems to be: 9 weeks to find another job (redeployment) awarded +1 week per year of service afterwards.

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