Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.


Intel: we will be leader in chips again: In another (fake) news : Intel is offering to buy “Frito Lays” for $100T - all cash and stock.

Five years max?

Many say this, that no one should plan to stay at Intel for more than 5 years, but I don't understand why? I'm not saying that it's great here, maybe I would be much better off somewhere else, but let's just say that after four years I'm very... —  read more 


With this latest earning report, I would think there will be more people leaving. What makes people stay at Intel? Why would any smart person stick around this jo--t? I don't get it.

When are things bad?

When it lays off irreplaceable know-how, and hires instead 4 H1B's that can't debug their own code When kiss-up, kick-down is the standard for promotions When management fills up their calendar with nonsense stuff to appear "on a meeting" on... —  read more 

Intel stays with you

I've noticed that with the majority of other companies, people move on once they leave. Whether they were laid off or walked away, they never look back. Not with Intel. Years on, people still hold on to the hate. You mention Intel to them, and they... —  read more 

Intel HR

With Sandra in new role, hope Intel appoints a HR leader with HR experience. Many good HR younger talent left Intel due to having terrible internal HR leadership. Will Pat bring in talent that left or someone new to Intel? Any guesses?


Nice to see that the $52bbn in tax money from the chips act is being used for consolidation of industries. Blatant corruption and nobody even cares.

Pay/Benefit Cits

If Intel no longer is producing cutting edge chips, they can't charge a premium for them. This usually translates to pay and benefilt cuts dut to lower magin. Excpect this to happen. Maybe not soon, but I see it coming.

Mixed feelings

Intel is an as good place as any to make a decent living, but it's far from perfect. On the one hand, I enjoy what I do and my colleagues are okay people, on the other hand, there’s always RIFs around the corner and I’m always wondering when my... —  read more 

Intel’s promises!

Wikipedia Aurura! Aurora was first announced in 2015 and to be finished in 2018. It was expected to have a speed of 180 petaFLOPS[5] which would be around the speed of Summit. Aurora was meant to be the most powerful supercomputer at the time of its... —  read more 

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