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This is too true

Has anybody seen this before? Have there ever been truer words spoken (typed?) Most of employers today are ideally looking for an employee: who has the wisdom of a 50 year old, the experience of a 40 year old, the drive of a 30 year old, and the pay... read more
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Congratulations to Skylake!

Longest running CPU architecture in Intel history, 3 years going on 4. Cannonlake never saw the light of day, as predicted. Icelake in 2019? I wouldn't hold my breath.

The Nuremberg party was once again ridiculous

Every year, Intel embarrasses itself by hosting a ridiculously low-cost party in Nuremberg. You really have to see it to believe it. It‘s truly shameful. This year, they tried to make it look better, but it was still the same sh-- in the end. My... read more

The 3 failures of BK!

Fail#1 - Mobile: Fail#2 - GPU: Fail#- Process technology:... read more

50th anniversary!

During the past 5 years BK, MR and especially ACT completely destroyed and dismantled the traditional Intel culture and value system, meritocracy, etc. and decimated the company. Today, at its 50th anniversary Noyce, Moore and Grove would not... read more

Forty Years +

I recently saw a posting from the intel alumni group saying there are only 39 remaining employees worldwide at Intel who have been there 40 years or more. Many checked out rich, but in 100,000 it's hard to believe there aren't more pitiful souls who... read more

Layoffs starting next week?

There's a lot of pressure to start layoffs next week -due to 50 year celebrations Intel has been delaying bad news -Q2 results next week, quarter was probably ok but guidance will be awful (or Intel continues lying) -new CEO will be announced -10nm... read more

I’m going to miss clown shoes

It was so much fun watching him fumble about with fail after fail after fail. Basis Smart clothing Oakley Olympics Charging bowl Drones Mobileeye Altera McAfee (yes that’s on Renee but damn that was dumb) Nervana Reality TV ACT Losing literally 27... read more

We now know what he meant

Krzanich told the team Intel "will take more risks going forward” and that “change will be the 'new normal’."

Devastating news for Intel

Devastating news for Intel in 2019 they are stuck at 14 nm with meltdown still unrepaired. "AMD Reaffirms 7nm EPYC ‘ROME’ Server Processors Sampling in 2H 2018, Availability in 2019 – To Bring Core Count Bump, More Bandwidth, Increased I/O" Author... read more

Are we vulnerable like this?

Who else thinks that this whole not having a CEO situation is making us vulnerable and is hoping it gets resolved as soon as possible?

Nice wording "Intel’s choice of Aicha Evans as chief strategy officer shows just how serious the company is about mobile"

Any positive suggestions?

No matter which name emerges as a possible new CEO of Intel, we have everybody and their mother crying foul and listing dozens of reasons why that person is so wrong for that positions. Is there ANYBODY people can actually agree on as a good future... read more

Intel decision making for layoffs

The way ACT (and all layoffs at Intel) went (go) down is that managers of the I-race fired non-I managers, Hispanic managers fired non-Hispanics, female managers fired non-females, younger managers fired older employees, incompetent managers that... read more

If Intel is such a bad place to work, then...

why are QCOM developers falling all over themselves to get hired by INTC? Does that mean QCOM is a worse place to work than Intel? Or does it just mean those QCOM people are naive? Any advice for them?


How does a organization with so many people and so critical to the company and its future get this way? Absolute power and success let run unmanaged becomes corrupted absolutely setup for absolute collapse is the only outcome. Wonder if BoD Andy... read more

eASIC purchase

Another company bought. They have only 150 employees and still a lot of VPs. They fit to Intel culture. I couldn't find the price anywhere but probably billions again...

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