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5G exit stage left

So what is the word on employee impact on the 5G exit announcement? What groups and when?

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Who will be CFO?

interesting as I'm not seeing mention of their plan to search for a CFO? Who will be CFO? and will the search for CFO be long too?

Throwback Thursday.

Bob Swan in 2017 "Honestly, I think we have too many people," 'We hate layoffs,' but 'we're trying to deal with reality here"

Reminiscent of DEC in mid 90s

DEC had technical leaders while growing, then they brought in Bob Palmer in mid 90s who was a bean counter. DEC had sparkling new child Alpha then however, most of the revenue came from VAX/VMS that was bread and butter of the company and that let... read more

Bob's salary connection with his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Intel entered into an offer letter with Mr. Swan (the “Offer Letter”) setting forth the terms of his employment and compensation. Pursuant to the... read more
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here's the state of AMD vs. Intel

on one hand you have a CEO who has a ph.d lots of research and who is going to be focusing on pushing the envelope with technology. on the other hand you have a bean counter that's going to be counting beans and thinking about how to reduce cost... read more

Where is Latefield?

When will we see high velocity Latefield in high volume production? Surely that new Q team and it's new HVDM has panned out to be clearly better than prior Intel SOC teams.

Don't get too excited about the AMD hype train.

The truth is AMD had a lousy quarter just like every other chip company,Nvidia being the worst. AMD also indicated it's going to have a lost Q1. What's moving AMD is the promise that starting Q2,it will be great because by then, Rome will be out, new... read more

TMG's fate is sealed

Qcom, AMD, Nvidia, Apple (and pretty much everybody else's) design engineers are working on 5nm designs as we speak. In the meantime, Intel designers are held back by TMG's inability to deliver even 10nm. The willful abandonment of a regular... read more

Intel megasite strategy

I hear that Intel aims to concentrate all R&D to a few megasites (at least thousands of employees) and aims to shut down most of the sites under 500 employees during this year. This has been the trend for a while but will get more aggressively forced... read more

Non-political worker bees will get fired

Non-political worker bees will get fired. The bloviators and b---s---ters will always remain. Intel Focal process is completely corrupt and useless. It actually tags the successful, hard working employees for termination and promotes the lying sh1ts... read more

This is embarrassing

As somebody said in another thread, it has been over seven months since the search for a new Intel CEO has started, and still we have no proper candidates (or much more likely - no candidates who would be willing to accept this job.) Which truly is... read more

The real damage

Paying for useless people is cheap. The real damage is when these people spend massive money on counter productive projects and drive the wrong strategy forward. The solution is maintain the pyramid and cut number of middle management by half... read more

Good point from @XlIsehe-mav

"Look how the BoD pulled the rug out from BK a man who dedicated his whole life to the company, and now you wonder why no good candidate can be hired, drafted, coerced." Don't get me wrong, I still think BK was an evil, corrupt clown. But the point... read more


Intel and management team can learn a thing or two from the cultural and focus of Samsung and Huawei as well as the other direct competitors or indirect ones like TSMC, nvidia, Apple, AMD and even Google and Amazon that are killing it.

A Good Business Strategy Needed

No company in the past decade was better positioned with resources to capitalize on technology. Sadly Intel had no leadership capable of taking an advantage of that. Intel hopefully won’t disappear from the tech map but our industry is littered with... read more

PSG layoffs

They just knocked out 100+ ppl in the PSG group, saying the difficult climate in the data center business, they have to reduce some headcount. I’ve just read it on another thread, can anyone confirm this

What else does the chairman do

His top priority is to hire the next CEO and he can't even do that! Who can fire this incompetent gout suffering fool
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Qualities to look for in a tech CEO

Track record as technology visionary Track record as product visionary Ability to pick and attract solid leadership team Track record as an outstanding mentor Highly organized Outstanding manager Admired by direct reports Zero tolerance for BS... read more
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2019- the year of reckoning

2019 will go down as the year of reckoning - the fallse security of the cash cow and chip shortage blinding to the underlying decay in technical leadership, most shockingly in the fab. 5 years ago we claimed to be so far ahead of the competition so... read more

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