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Moment of truth for this board - tomorrow

Layoff were predicted for dcg on june 19th - nothing happened. Mass layoff was predicted on june 12th - nothing happened. Lets see what happens tomorrow - else this board is a bunch of qcom trolls.


Do you think that Intel owes its employees and shareholders some sort of communication regarding the current project cancellations and riffs? Please vote Stealth is fine. Notify those affected first then explain the rationale to the company.

The problem with VS Blind app

TheLayoff is TOO anonymous. Any competitor troll can submit BS stories, comments and follow-up answers to their own threads. You don't know if they really are an employee. The Blind app at least verifies that you are an employee of the company at the... read more

This is the week you'll know your fate

Last week of the quarter. An amazing amount of leadership are taking Sabbatical or vacation beginning July 1. Group all-hands scheduled. Nice managers have already sent out veiled emails saying that storms are coming and it's out of their control... read more

Have no fear no more ACTs AI is the futures

Just like that the world largest semiconductor company will transform itself to the next big thing AI. Buy a few small companies and cobble a few chips together and with a little marketing and commercials at the Olympicis viola Intel is transformed... read more

x86 innovators dilemma

Intel is a dying dinosaur the leaders are trapped by x86 innovators dilemma and can't see beyond the strengths and behaviors that led them to domination x86 BK spins a good story complimented by big bucks study paid by Intel that the new markets they... read more

Gold standard ....

In a recent CISA presentation by or esteemed supreme leader Murthy (hatchet man) he espoused the execution capabilities of the "5G" team for Goldridge (Intel's first 5G modem) whilst having a little swipe at the 4G team. He labels this the gold... read more

I want my Intel back

Intel used to be great, I want that back BK can do that we need t support him just like America is getting better under Trump let BK work his white magic

Intel-Olympics sponsorship

Yet another "shiny object" to distract and deflect attention from the real issues affecting the company like increased competition and impending share loss in the real markets: client and data center. Intel leadership under BK is abysmal.

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