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Technologist in Intel?

Anyone knows this position in Intel? And which pay grade it belongs to? The technical ladder in Intel starts from senior as fresh PhD, staff, senior staff, principal and higher. Not sure which level is this “technologist”? It requires PhD+15 YOE... —  read more 

Intel is a Company in Decline

Intel has been a company in decline ever since Craig Barret’s reduce American head count and move the business to India and China. Instead of being an exciting place to work, we had to endure statements like I can get 4 Indian or Chinese engineers... —  read more 

out of cycle compensation

I received 1.5% hike in March (less!) and very less shares at grade 5 with 3 years due to p*ts, now I got revised letter with shares increased to peanuts, I got to know that HR found I was paying less compared to my peers. Anybody experienced... —  read more 


I hope Intel keeps its US-based fabs and continues to upgrade them. It would be a mistake to cede this capacity to outsourcing like so much of our other manufacturing capacity. Interestingly, it seems the US is almost unique in our mass... —  read more 


Nobody's surprised: Dr. Murthy Renduchintala, will be departing the company on August 3rd. Renduchintala joined Intel in 2015, and for most of the past half-decade has been responsible for overseeing all of TSCG’s efforts, and especially involved... —  read more 

Slow Fall

As an ex employee who served long at Intel, Intel has become a depreciating asset for most rank and file employees who worked hard to build the company. During the 90s, everyone wanted to work at Intel. Yes, the meteoric stock rise was boosting the... —  read more 

Fall of Intel

I don’t know what decisions are being made at Intel but they are bad... • Intel delaying 7nm CPU production... • Apple ditching Intel (basically outsourcing their outsourcing) • Intel leaking their roadmaps while AMD hints that they’re going to... —  read more 

Do these people work at Intel

I’m not one of those “Go Intel” people. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of the people on this forum seem angry that their “Good ‘ol boy” culture is being challenged. Does Intel really need these people? Intel has plenty of cultural and technical... —  read more 

Phony initiatives

Do managers get “points” for leading projects that don’t actually improve yield, run-rate, or quality? Also, what’s with these questions they ask that are not relevant to the actual problem/don’t help?


Barefoot group at Intel. Major (!) problems with Tofino 2; CEO out. Cuts rumored for Q3.

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Big news

Jim Keller Resigns from Intel, Effective Immediately Dr. Ian Cutress Intel has just published a news release on its website stating that Jim Keller has resigned from the company, effective immediately, due to personal reasons. Jim Keller was... —  read more 

JK Top Eng

And JK’s departure from INTC is yet just another example of unbearable toxic nature of management at this old dog. Good riddance INTC your a dinosaur that can no longer compete, repackage old tech and old processors is all you now know.

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