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Sorry Qualtrolls but you lose again.

Why Apple May Use Intel Chips Exclusively in Future iPhones By Rachel Gunter Qualcomm could be excluded from upcoming iPhones Apple (AAPL) may be using wireless chips from Intel (INTC) exclusively in its iPhone models to be released this year... read more

The de-evolution of Intel in Four Phases

20 yrs. ago: CEO: Engineers Smith and Jones, just why do you think it’s a good idea to have two separate groups working on the same project? Explain your rationale to me, because I'm just not getting it. Engineer SMITH: I should be leading this... read more

Article on visa abuse and layoff

There will be no big layoffs this year

There will be no big layoffs this year. Things like ACT and SET are periodic. So a couple of years before we have another. Just the grind of BE performers to deal with. But come the next bang no big dollars will be given out. As BK said why am I... read more

Intel to bid for Broadcom

Well, okay then. Intel Corp. INTC 2.86% is considering a range of acquisition alternatives in reaction to Broadcom Ltd.’s AVGO 2.77% hostile pursuit for Qualcomm Inc. QCOM 1.96% that could include a bid for Broadcom, according to people familiar with... read more

Focal firing criteria

Does anyone know the perp walk criteria to be applied in April? Heard that all URM are exempt this year from performance relayed layoffs. Is this true? If so how does this effect employees with a high number of URMs in their group?

Salary at Austin

Recently I will be joining intel soon and I got 105K as base salary at grade 7. I think i am being duped !! Ex-intelite was telling it should be 120K ?

Toxic Weed killer

Just finished some yard work - x emp. IT 17 years, left for a more professional environment... the weed killer I used was quite toxic but not as toxic as IT at Intel.

IT layoffs are happening

Intel has announced record revenues and profits. But IT is laying off employees! Announcement has been made of 200 job cuts in Costa Rica. I am sure there will be impacts at other sites as well. Get serious and please post any news or rumors so that... read more

Layoffs for 50yr Anniversary?

I just can’t see them doing any major cuts this year with it being the 50 year mark, I would guess next year to avoid bad PR. How about another round of VSPs? Anything churning out of the rumor mill on this? For those jumping ship it’s preferable to... read more

Sheldon is gone! he will be missed

An many fellows will join him! AMR, McAfee, Apple and its news processors, drones, 10nm, GPUs, skin burning watches.... All of them salutes you Oh! Titanic (Powered by hacker friendly Intel Processors). Welcome LinkedIn, Glassdoor and all those a--... read more

Hiring Freeze 2018

Is there any Hiring Freeze going on right now at the Hillsboro site? Heard a rumor, but any insider info on this?

Imagine if Qualcomm gets acquired

,1) more layoff 2) low balling of salary 3) China is opening loot of fabs 4) our jobs are outsourced 5) too many immigrants S---s being white semiconductor engineer !

Layoff news or GTFO

Apparently some clueless idiots think that stories about getting rehired or what happened to them years ago make "layoff news". Do I have to spell it out for you? I guess you haven't passed basic collegiate or even high school so here is a hint, a... read more

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