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Rony Friedman Set to Become Apple Israel's New CEO

Another old-guard executive ditched Intel... Now Intel design teams will be ran by 2nd-grade executives that were exiled from Qualcomm Rony Friedman Set to Become Apple Israel's New CEO read more:

Call corporate services koolaid has run out

From circuit: I'm curious will we have the heart to see it through? Previous examples: Xscale - ARM - Sold off. Intel Play division - 1st web tablet years before Apple. MP3 player, microscope, and .... You can still by that microscope today from... read more

Intel Links Up with TEPCO... I do not have a high opinion of Intel leaders but this move is truly surprising to even me... Why would Intel want to partner with TEPCO of all the... read more

Why Aicha is going to be the next CEO

That's because Aicha leading the 5G. Intel's future is built around the 5G - Technology that connect everything to the cloud. Only three companies will be able to deliver this technology: Qualcomm, Intel and Mediatek. That's why Intel must acquire... read more

We are about to enter the competence gap

The competence gap manifests itself between short term blunders and long term promises. At Intel this is recognized through a list of execution errors in mobile, pc, iot and process matched with the future promise of 5G, autonomous vehicles, VR and... read more
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What do analysts think about Intel?

By Paige Tanner, Market Realist Canaccord Genuity analyst Matthew Ramsay is disappointed with Intel’s guidance and diversification strategy. He said the operating margin for Intel’s data center is likely to fall since revenue growth depends largely... read more

A strategic case why Intel will lose to AMD

Let's assume Intel makes all is money $60bn from cpu chips. Let's assume this can be quartered with the following equal $15bn categories: R&D, fab plant capital, unit cost and profit. To keep things simple the first two are fixed costs that do not... read more

Scenario planning

Let's assume AMD captures just 10% of the client market from Intel. Intel generates $36bn in revenue here so 10% is 3.6bn. Intel has gross margin of 60% so this equates to approx $2.1bn of lost operating profit. ACT last year "saved" $2.3bbq. QED! If... read more

Intel Investor Relations page

Maybe this is the Bob Swan influence, but the Intel Investor Relations page got infinitely better and easily navigable over the last few months. Kudos to whoever drove the update... read more
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they have removed peoples access from this tool internally. must be time for ACT 3 and they have no one around any more that knows how to hide the people getting the ax

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