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HR is tired of this rank and yank too

HR is tired of this rank and yank too... They do not support it, they just have to. The technical jobs in Boise really do not exist. These supervisors who are handing out the low levels playing the puppet games are the ones who will get hurt the... read more
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Reporter looking to talk to people about Micron

My name is Margaret Carmel and I am a reporter with the Idaho Press. I've heard a lot about the ongoing layoffs at Micron and am trying to write a story about it and the upheaval at the company. If you would like to talk with me anonymously or on the... read more

Layoff would be a blessing

I'm at the point where I'm hoping and praying to be laid off. Working at Micron has turned from a pleasure years ago into dreading showing up at work each day. I'd quit on my own, but at my age...that's not an easy decision to make. At least being... read more


Does anyone have any regrets leaving this place? Has life been better?

There is no future at Micron

Everybody working here should know this by now. Nobody is safe. And nobody is guaranteed a severance - if that's what people are hoping to get by staying despite everything that's been going on. Start looking for a new job if you know what's best for... read more

AGE Group of the people that were let go?

I was one of them that was over 45 and was given the option to do the PSP or take the severance package. Just wondering if anyone younger had a low rating or did it just applied to the older generation?

TOP time

Just to let all of the people know that took the severance package just be aware that your supervisor may be blowing smoke up your butt. My supervisor told me that I would be paid 100% of my top time, however, when I received my severance package it... read more

Glad I am gone!

Life has never been better since I left this place... I did not get no severance package as I just left because I was being treated like a slave... Worked 18 hours at times and there was never no give. You are lied to and treated like trash. Micron... read more

Why leave on Microns terms instead of your own?

When the company is doing everything to tell you your job is being eliminated or you will be eliminated why on earth would you not find another job and leave? You are going to be gone at some time in the near future. Why leave on Microns terms... read more

Severance will keep dropping

There are layoffs at Micron every year this round is bigger than average with employees having already left and most of the rest leaving by August of this year. There is also everything in between, Severence pay out is less than has been in the past... read more

Job security in Micron is Low

Ever since this new CEO took place, Micron has change tremendous. Life is turning upside down. Former Sandisk staff came in and replace important role which the Micron old Guards were force to leave Micron. Memory commodity price was at all time high... read more

New Vacation Time?

Can someone tell me what cuts were made to the vacation time vs what it was five years ago? Do you have to use it or lose it now? Did Micron reduce the amount you could earn monthly? Are there really requirements for every supervisor to rate someone... read more

Rank and yank

At least when GE used the rank and yank, you had to be rated low 2 consecutive times to be fired. And you were given a year for improvement. Micron's rank and yank is much more harsh. The 90 day option is bogus. They just want the employee to take... read more

Age distribution of 2018 perf-review/layoff?

Has anybody heard anything about the ages of the 1's and 2's who got laid off in the 2018 "bell curve performance review"? I received the severance packet this week via fedex. It does not contain any disclosure about ages of people let go. When I got... read more

Dear Mr. Sanjay Mehrotra

Nice reviews and major decline in your approval rating as CEO: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Micron-Technology-Reviews-E1648.htm?sort.sortType=RD&sort.ascending=false Click on "Rating Trends". In 2016 the CEO approval was around 90%. Now in 2018... read more

Mistreated by Micron

I have been with Micron almost twenty years. I am darn good at the different jobs I have had here over the years. I have always done my best in all assignments I have had. My evaluations have always been in the "4" range sometimes even a "5" Several... read more

Don’t expect any honesty from the company

There are things coming down here at Micron that years ago you never thought would happen. I would encourage everyone who has been given a delayed notice of layoff to find a way asap to leave this place. They will not be true to what they have told... read more

Here we go.

Steve Appleton must be rolling in his grave. We used to lay off only during the most severe downturns, and only after the CEO took no pay, and then after we trimmed a few % off our own paychecks so that others could continue to receive one. Not... read more

This should not be a surprise to anybody

The start to this begun about two years ago and it is now just gaining traction. Hopefully anyone who is forced to leave is ready for it as we have been getting warned for about ten years now that this is not a place people will be retiring from. To... read more
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The next round is here.

Reviews are happening now but they are just the usual micron smoke and mirrors to hide lay offs. Poor reviews are given then the person is given a choice to take a severance package or go on 90 day probationary period to meet their un attainable... read more

Check it out

If you think you have it bad, come over to Crucial. It is like being in bootcamp. Leadership takes themselves very seriously. They all feel like they are very important. The rest of us that are there just to work find that attitude laughable. They... read more

Paycheck to Paycheck

As we all who live it daily know, it is a hell with dysfunctional leaders and unqualified lower level managers. Many have been fired and then replaced with foreign nationals such as from the Phillipines who are more willing to accept the treatment... read more

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