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I am preparing to leave the industry now. Forever.


IMFT executed that order from HQ -- I was one of them.
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IMFT announced a 7% reduction in work force. Don't know if they've done it yet. This was announced in the Deseret news. I would post the link but it's ridiculously long. I'm convinced Micron has a 2nd and 3rd round planned and will carry it out if... read more
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I was in a customer facing role and was involuntarily laid off on Wednesday from the Meridian site. I'd only been hired for less than 2 years and we were already short staffed. A manager in my department was laid off so that's #3
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To the senior level operator: You're not alone!

Most, if not all of us here sacrificed a hell of a lot more in a few years than the champagne sipping, caviar and cracker eating, country club golf cart driving, snarky-assmid-level and executive-level management louts could put in an entire... read more

Micron cuts

I'm so sorry to hear about layoffs. It S---S!!! Hardest thing I ever went through at the time....and I was a STUPID dedicated employee and did everything asked of me. Best of luck to you!!!

The first round of ISP went down yesterday.

Disclaimer: I feel bad for what's happening and what is still going to happen so I'm going to share some information that was intended to be kept undisclosed. For obvious reasons I won't however provide any information as to whom I may be or how I... read more


We lost a small number of people from my group in Boise today. The took big paychecks but were weak contributors at best. I was surprised that other groups lost a whole bunch of very technical/competent engineers. None of the good o'l boys got cut... read more
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My guess is about 30% world wide reduction (based on these conversations) with likely 10 to 15% from Boise. I think Japan will be hardest hit though.
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Allen Layoffs

Allen got hit hard today. About 10% of R&D was laid off. Certainly greater than the 5% Durcan said. And yet they are still hiring in Shanghai.
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Longmont Layoffs

Around 70 people were cut from Longmont today. Pretty much complete purges in areas including ASIC design, verification, validation, and system architecture. First & second-level management were also part of it.
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Why the secrecy

Micron has always hired and fired, that is true. But after about two years of seeing our work being shipped overseas and coming in to work everyday to total uncertainty about if we will even have anything to do or wether we will be shipped to another... read more

Promotions / Boise Layoffs

What happened to promotions? The higher end employees go higher, but the lower end employees don't get a shot of moving up. Why? Also, do you expect to see any job cuts in 2016 here in Boise? Any major cuts?
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The lack of work for over a year now, has created a very disgruntled area in which to work in. It has gotten ridiculous! What does management not see?

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