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Mistreated by Micron

I have been with Micron almost twenty years. I am darn good at the different jobs I have had here over the years. I have always done my best in all assignments I have had. My evaluations have always been in the "4" range sometimes even a "5" Several... read more

Don’t expect any honesty from the company

There are things coming down here at Micron that years ago you never thought would happen. I would encourage everyone who has been given a delayed notice of layoff to find a way asap to leave this place. They will not be true to what they have told... read more

Here we go.

Steve Appleton must be rolling in his grave. We used to lay off only during the most severe downturns, and only after the CEO took no pay, and then after we trimmed a few % off our own paychecks so that others could continue to receive one. Not... read more

This should not be a surprise to anybody

The start to this begun about two years ago and it is now just gaining traction. Hopefully anyone who is forced to leave is ready for it as we have been getting warned for about ten years now that this is not a place people will be retiring from. To... read more
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The next round is here.

Reviews are happening now but they are just the usual micron smoke and mirrors to hide lay offs. Poor reviews are given then the person is given a choice to take a severance package or go on 90 day probationary period to meet their un attainable... read more

Check it out

If you think you have it bad, come over to Crucial. It is like being in bootcamp. Leadership takes themselves very seriously. They all feel like they are very important. The rest of us that are there just to work find that attitude laughable. They... read more

Paycheck to Paycheck

As we all who live it daily know, it is a hell with dysfunctional leaders and unqualified lower level managers. Many have been fired and then replaced with foreign nationals such as from the Phillipines who are more willing to accept the treatment... read more

Here we go again

Gross margin is shrinking, stock is tumbling down, and Zinsner goes public and says we are going to have a few rough quarters. We are working to gradually mitigate most of the impact from these tariffs over the next three to four quarters Brace... read more


How come there are all of these reports of layoffs in July and August but nothing happens? This has been going on for a long time now. It appears micron is causing a panic so people will leave and they don't have to lay them off. Layoff a few hundred... read more

More Micron layoffs at the end of July?

Micron layoffs rumors have started circulating once again at our office. I've been hearing that something big might be happening at the end of the month. I'm not sure if this is based on anything concrete or just speculation, so I'm hoping somebody... read more

Disturbing conditions

Micron Boise, if you want me to continue my employment with you will you please clean up the bathrooms? Blood on the walls and p--p all over the seats are very unhealthy. I work in BLD26. Please fix this this NOW!

Higher pay employees should worry

The lower pay employees need not to worry as there are operator and planner type manufacturing jobs everywhere. It is the higher pay supervisor and technician up jobs that are hard to come by. Exactly what @TodlCSc-6qfm said. If you are not willing... read more
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Sooner than Later

There seems to be a lot of anxiety about the newest addition of bi-yearly layoffs. I think it is as simple as this; If this August is your departure date, you are gone and probably need to be looking for another job now. If your departure date is a... read more

Micron builds backstabbers

Plan on moving because there is no work here for high tech. If you want to stay be prepared to take a 50 percent cut in pay. Someone from California will buy your house with a smile if you are willing to leave. Your life is going to change, them... read more

Why Wait

No matter how many years you have worked at Micron if you are not at retirement age everyone will need to get another job. Why wait? There are probably many working years still ahead of you. Why wait?

Oh wow!

I just sold some of my stock that I purchased over 25 years ago... Looks like I will get a leave date now!

Jobs in Boise?

Where are some of the places people are getting jobs at? Seems last September there were lots of technical jobs out there. Now there does not seem to be many. Once laid off can we go back to school since we lost our jobs to overseas?


When we get let go, what do we do about health care?

Looking Now

We all got the notice, now who is going to find another job first. I know i'm not waiting until I'm a year older to look for a job

Leave while you can

I have been gone for several years now. Family says they are glad I finally got my life back. New employer is in shock that I am not used to working 40 hour weeks. I go home in the evenings and now have time to do things. My weekends are also not... read more
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Dark clouds on the horizon. I hope everything goes well.

Test management

Are them losers still running that department into the ground? I have been gone two years now and happy as ever! Yee-haw coleslaw!

Good Info

If Management wants to know what is really going on in their company they need to read the comments on this site. A lot of worried disgruntled employees
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Micron in a nutshell

This is becoming a miserable place to work. People being sent to work in other areas weekly for a couple of days. I don't know when I will be working in my area or across town on a daily basis. People that I have worked with for years sneaking and... read more


Once you leave Micron and are working somewhere else you will look back and shake your head wondering why you stayed so long before leaving. When you are able to stand back and look at things more objectively it is easy to realize how much better off... read more


Other than congressional Democrats, I think we are the only employees that can come to work and get paid to do absolutely nothing, accomplish nothing and come back the next day to do the same thing.

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