Topics regarding layoffs at Micron Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Micron Technology Inc.

Minor update

Vp level still figuring out which projects to cut. 100% 1s are out. A few departments got the 'all clear'. As in; they will not see layoffs this round. Those have been communicated already

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I regret not leaving earlier

With this kind of management, there is no doubt that nobody should have high hopes that things will get better here. The way the company treats its best employees is shameful. I only regret that I didn't leave earlier, when I could have found a... —  read more 

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Early retirement package.

I’m thinking they will look at the older workers and offer early retirement packages. Personally I feel Micron needs to cut out upper management. There is way more upper management positions than what is needed.

Not performance based

Just heard that the decision is about saving dollars, not a number of headcount reduced. So poor performers may survive if they do not make as much money. Also, those is higher cost geos are more likely to be selected, regardless of performance. —  read more 

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I hate the wait

I know there's no way around it but the wait is ki----g me. I'm starting to feel as if their goal is to get us to up and quit on our own because we can't take the pressure and stress of pending cuts. I'm ashamed to admit that it might be working... —  read more 

I've been laid off before

It's not as bad as you might think. It's scary for a few weeks, then you start lining up interviews, and sooner than you expect it you have an offer or two. The key thing is to be prepared with your resume updated and plenty of applications ready to... —  read more 

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