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just like the good old days. people working from home and being asked to do more. never been more stressed out working here. time to look for something else.

Lehi layoffs?

Well...Sanjay made an appearance in lehi today....One day before “close” and informs the site that tools will be leaving... and “technicians” too. Pretty broad statement not too many details coming from anyone on site yet. Anyone hear anything else?

Speaking from experience...

Being an equipment technician who left as a 5.0, the people who I worked with who are now in management are in panic.... The new blue brainwash slogan is keep the talent in Manassas... Too little too late for Manassas... You done goofed. Word of... —  read more 

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Performance rating season

Managers are finishing their performance rating and providing 60-90 day "improve or be laid off" plans. Ive heard about 8% will get that rating, but no severance this time if they dont make it. Apply elsewhere and believe things can get better... —  read more 

Rule of 75

Heard more RIF coming. Targeting people with years of service and age equal to 75 or over. So sad. Hire young people with PHD's and pay them more.

Layoffs this week

The inside track is that layoffs are scheduled to begin this week. Target audience -the senior crowd. If you are near retirement, micron will honor your retirement benefits early. This is their sneaky way of avoiding the wrath of their dirty play. If... —  read more 

Layoff would be a blessing

I'm at the point where I'm hoping and praying to be laid off. Working at Micron has turned from a pleasure years ago into dreading showing up at work each day. I'd quit on my own, but at my age...that's not an easy decision to make. At least being... —  read more 

There is no future at Micron

Everybody working here should know this by now. Nobody is safe. And nobody is guaranteed a severance - if that's what people are hoping to get by staying despite everything that's been going on. Start looking for a new job if you know what's best for... —  read more 

TOP time

Just to let all of the people know that took the severance package just be aware that your supervisor may be blowing smoke up your butt. My supervisor told me that I would be paid 100% of my top time, however, when I received my severance package it... —  read more 

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