Topics regarding layoffs at Micron Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Micron Technology Inc.

Guilty pleasure

I survived many layoffs at Micron, left before the last big one. So I did not collect the package. I am so much better off out of Micron professionally and personally. Out of Boise trap as well :) But seems like I am so traumatized by working there... — read more 

We shouldn't be worried

Considering that first quarter financial results were significantly better than anticipated and we are likely to see that trend continue, none of us should be worried about layoffs, right? Yet here I am, knowing that this leadership doesn't care... — read more 

semiconductor propaganda A classic case of peeing on my leg and telling me that it is raining. This is not even clever propaganda by this particular media outlet. We should sell them to China... — read more 


DOJ link You won’t see it shared among those shiny linkedin posts from Micron

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