Topics regarding layoffs at NXP

Topics regarding layoffs at NXP

Looking forward to more good news

I see that some people tend to worry, but I'm not one of them when there's no reason to be. And let me tell you, it's good not to be worried about layoffs when everybody else is. For as long as results stay as good as they have been, I think we can... —  read more 

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Too late for goodbyes

The replacement of experts is a short term measure though and the window for selling NXP may be closing. The lack of experts means that the k--ler products that would be worth real revenues are drying up. One example would be the i.mx6 versus the... —  read more 

No innovation at NXP

A comp which is continuously chopping off lowperf focuses on only upgrades of legacy products. There cannot be innovation in such a toxic env. It's a kind of wait time before a restructuring. xFSL and Q times were like this and still ongoing. Rumors... —  read more 

More layoffs at NXP

Layoffs are happening in Austin at NXP Oak Hill. I know a maintenance tech that worked there for over 20 years and they can laid off the other day. Has anybody else hear anything more about layoffs that have happened yesterday? Do we know if it was... —  read more 


50 laid off in Netherlands. Half Nijmegen and half Eindhoven. Identification in Eindhoven hit hard. Layoff also in Austin TX.


How is the RSU allotment in NXP? Does NXP provide RSUs to everyone in G4?. With NXP remaining independent do we expect a grant this time around? Previous company used to provide good number of RSUs that would vest annually.


The stock dropped to a multiyear low today after testing $84 several times this week. It was higher than this level in Feb of 2014. At what point do we have a SGM and start replacing board members and firing this management team? There have been a... —  read more 

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infineon to buy some IP from NXP

An Amercian manager of RF told me today that infineon is discussing with NXP to buy RF and DN IP from NXP, will this result in major layoff ? and can this be related to full SIP IPS ? Prepare your CVS guys

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Inside source tells me "YUGE" layoffs coming for former DN people. Timing is expected to be mid to late October. Auto and MC managers are being told to prepare a (short) list of who they think should be saved. They're still shopping the division, but... —  read more 

$5B Buyback

Anyone hearing anything about the $5B buyback or was that just a load of BS shoveled into the press to stop panic? It seems nothing is happening with this stock prices couple of months after Q payed NXP the breakup fee. Nothing is appearing in the... —  read more 

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