Topics regarding layoffs at NXP

Topics regarding layoffs at NXP

NXP Sensors up for the take

NXP Sensors is up to sale for any company willing to pay for a high quality group of engineers. Well, just a few of them are left since 50% was laid off by the high management, they were only choosing names without knowing how much each person was... —  read more 

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Any updates?

Anyone have info on how many people and where were already laid off? Which profiles? I’ve been hearing a lot of engineers are being let go. Do we know how long this will last?

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NXP Europe

Hi Does anyone knows if Europe will also be affected by layoff? Netherlands and Austria had layoffs but any news about France and Germany?

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More cuts in the tech sector

I've been hearing about many more cuts in the tech sector, including most recently at Dell and Qualcomm. I'm surprised that it's been this long since we've had a major round. I don't want to jinx it, but I'm starting to worry that this is the calm... —  read more 

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Looking forward to more good news

I see that some people tend to worry, but I'm not one of them when there's no reason to be. And let me tell you, it's good not to be worried about layoffs when everybody else is. For as long as results stay as good as they have been, I think we can... —  read more 

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Attrition is getting worse and worse

I'm not sure if this is happening all over the company or just here, but the attrition is truly getting out of hand. I'm not sure why so many people are leaving. Yes, the situation is not ideal but it's not that bad either. I honestly feel like I'm... —  read more 

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Too late for goodbyes

The replacement of experts is a short term measure though and the window for selling NXP may be closing. The lack of experts means that the k--ler products that would be worth real revenues are drying up. One example would be the i.mx6 versus the... —  read more 

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Wrong people are being laid off

They are cutting costs where it is going to hit them more. Instead of getting rid of non productive managers, they are laying off remaining core engineering experts which always bail them out of technical problem situations. And this is the main... —  read more 

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No innovation at NXP

A comp which is continuously chopping off lowperf focuses on only upgrades of legacy products. There cannot be innovation in such a toxic env. It's a kind of wait time before a restructuring. xFSL and Q times were like this and still ongoing. Rumors... —  read more 

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More layoffs at NXP

Layoffs are happening in Austin at NXP Oak Hill. I know a maintenance tech that worked there for over 20 years and they can laid off the other day. Has anybody else hear anything more about layoffs that have happened yesterday? Do we know if it was... —  read more 

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Nxp layoffs this week Feb 16 2019

Layoffs yesterday and today, to continue into front half shift tomorrow morning. All fab workers including maintenance and operators and process techs so far. On Monday who knows there may be engineers or office people involved. SADLY none of the... —  read more 

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Why is Clemmer still there?

Just wondering why Clemmer is still in charge of this company? Performance appears ordinary since the failed merger. What's the holdup on putting a new CEO and team in place?

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50 laid off in Netherlands. Half Nijmegen and half Eindhoven. Identification in Eindhoven hit hard. Layoff also in Austin TX.

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