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50 laid off in Netherlands. Half Nijmegen and half Eindhoven. Identification in Eindhoven hit hard. Layoff also in Austin TX.


How is the RSU allotment in NXP? Does NXP provide RSUs to everyone in G4?. With NXP remaining independent do we expect a grant this time around? Previous company used to provide good number of RSUs that would vest annually.


The stock dropped to a multiyear low today after testing $84 several times this week. It was higher than this level in Feb of 2014. At what point do we have a SGM and start replacing board members and firing this management team? There have been a... read more

Deutsche Bank technology call on 13th September

CFO also mentioned at the Deutsche Bank technology call on 13th Sep that "they probably have to sell some non-strategic low margin business" to achieve 57% margin. BTW the 1B$ these guys have received from investors quite recently, is a "bridge... read more

NXP presents the newest NFC tag solutions

“As the number of connected objects is expected to reach 40 billion by 2022, there is a growing trend of organizations seeking more secure and feature-rich connectivity solutions,” said Phil Sealy, Principal Analyst at ABI Research. “Solutions such... read more

To be sold

Folks, Any news about depart to be sold ? except Mcu and Auto nothing garanteed

No layoffs

NXP just borrowed 1B. The "party" will continue, music is still on.

infineon to buy some IP from NXP

An Amercian manager of RF told me today that infineon is discussing with NXP to buy RF and DN IP from NXP, will this result in major layoff ? and can this be related to full SIP IPS ? Prepare your CVS guys
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Inside source tells me "YUGE" layoffs coming for former DN people. Timing is expected to be mid to late October. Auto and MC managers are being told to prepare a (short) list of who they think should be saved. They're still shopping the division, but... read more

$5B Buyback

Anyone hearing anything about the $5B buyback or was that just a load of BS shoveled into the press to stop panic? It seems nothing is happening with this stock prices couple of months after Q payed NXP the breakup fee. Nothing is appearing in the... read more

No DN layoffs.. what's your next project?

There was no mass layoff in DN as promised. It's cheaper to lay off in bits and pieces. If you don't find something in a couple of months to justify your salary, then good luck. No clarity was provided on what DN folks should focus on beyond end of... read more

DN vaporized

Let's see how many heads will be chopped off. The next guy is RF. Ricks bar is busy to make progress until 11th of September to kiss many Ilsa's in Casablanca ;-) After such long silence an avalanche should come. Prepare the CVs :-)

What if there are no layoffs?

Call me an eternal (and maybe even unrealistic) optimist, but what if there are no huge layoffs as a result of the failed merger with Qualcomm? They had to pay us $2 billion when they gave up on the acquisition, wouldn't that be enough to soften some... read more

Little tiny hope for another merger

Someone has been buying millions of Jan 19 options at 120 and 125 strike prices. It’s a very very long shot but hopefully they know something we don’t. Management has kept their mouth shut, either because they have no clue what to do or they are... read more

NXP is not transparent

One thing everyone should know by now is that NXP is not transparent. There is no regular company news other than what you can read in the press. Nobody gets emails explaining new technology or an expanding section in the company. People get fired in... read more

Dog and Pony Show

I have no idea about strategy but Clemmer and Underlings are having a dog and pony show in New York City on September 11 to reassure their backers (brilliant planning as usual to pick that date in that city). All those investors will just love their... read more

Do they have any real strategy

NXP mgmt has failed to articulate what is their vision now that Q is not happening. Looks like they are clueless headless chickens just running around. Many of the executives talk in the air with no real solid roadmap.

DN is done

Heard from one of the bosses that DN is almost done. Large layoffs planned. Workforce Merge with other departments may be.

Share repurchase? When?

Anybody hearing when the repurchase is to take place? is it the full 5 billion? Clemmer mentioned on bloomberg that he may do some small acquisitions as well so this makes me a bit nervous about how big the repurchase will be. Anywhere near 110 and I... read more

Deal to be approved today at 08:00 AM Beijing time

Deal to be approved today at 08:00 AM Beijing time The beijing time new papers mentioned that Q/AND decision will be today approved , CHINA played the same game with Toshiba to approve deal at last minute of last day. Just wait 3 more hours

Still no news...

...and yet our shares keep dropping in price. Either way you look at this we are screwed.

Anyone heard about Monday 23 ?

From Qualcomm boad. "" Monday July 23 is the real date Some chinese forums stated that on next Monday july 23 SAMR(state admin for market regulation) will meetup for final Q/N deal decision, most probably deal will be approved accordingly as CHINA s... read more

Buckle up, this will be a bumpy ride

It looks like Qualcomm deal will truly be dead in the water next week. I honestly don't know how I feel about this. We are looking at layoffs either way, so hopefully this option ends up bringing fewer of them... read more

Put Options

Lots of put option trading on this stock at the close each day. Everyone is making a bet how far it will drop.
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Big layoffs coming soon

When this merger doesn't happen by the 25th, both nxp and qualcomm will walk away and nxp stock will fall to the high 80s from the not so surprising event just from investor fatigue. Clemmer will be forced to act, even coerced, and expect a high... read more

Waiting on Qualcomm decision

Real reorg hasn't occurred yet because NXP is waiting for the takeover of QCOM. FSL acquisition was part of this plan. If takeover is approved the real planned slaughter will start after this. If not that will happen anyway. Everywhere in the company... read more

Deal Over? Only 4.8% shares tendered

It seems to me this deal is probably dead - investors are not on board. Q have extended the tender offer again (27th time?) and now the number of tendered shares is down to 4.8%. Not exactly a vote of confidence in either Q or our board/exec team.

Qualcomm due to drop double digits

https://www.investopedia.com/news/qualcomm-stock-may-fall-15-amid-slashed-estimates/ Post out showing Qualcomm is heading for a double digit fall Q3. NXP is currently overvalued at a 30+ multiple. None of this looks good. I wonder what NXP with... read more

What do people here think?

Are you hoping we get acquired by Qualcomm or that sale does not happen? I'm personally torn. i'm not sure we can survive in the long run without Qualcomm, but I know the acquisition will come with major layoffs and that very few people will be safe... read more

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