Topics regarding layoffs at Texas Instruments Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Texas Instruments Inc.


Texas Instruments is requiring vaccines for employers AND contractors, but only in the US. The US is only 1/3 of its workforce...

More today?

Will more people receive their layoff notifications today or is yesterday's 200 it? There is so little transparency from the management when it comes to layoffs and closings that most of us have no idea what's really going on. Any info anybody could... —  read more 

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New CEO B. Crutcher Fired!!!

07/17/18 - Texas Instruments CEO Brian Crutcher resigns for violating code of conduct. Less than 2 months in the role and now fired? Apparently it’s not related to the mismanagement of the company or financial misreporting. So, WTF happened?

get rid of the leaches

maybe we wouldn't need layoffs if anybody here actually got penalized for some of their unprofessional behavior that's costing ti money. we have a bunch of people who like to go on long (and i mean several hours long) breaks, coming in late and... —  read more 

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Lack of vision

All the layoffs we've been having lately can be attributed to two things: bad senior management and lack of vision. People who are holding the top positions at Texas Instruments have no idea how to run a company like this. They focus exclusively on... —  read more 

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Layoffs coming end of March?

I have heard a round of layoffs are coming the end of this month. Rumor is 10% are going to be let go. HR has booked a lot of conference rooms for the end of March, is this for exit interviews? Anyone else know anything?

Improve Communication...

"I think one thing that may have caused lower scores is the lack of information at two Directors leaving. I have heard questions like ""Is this a trend"", and ""why are people leaving all at once""; I think the employees need to be reassured that... —  read more 

Mediocre heaven

TI used to be innovative and open door company, but in last four years everything changed. Now, it's heaven for mediocre and Kool-Aid drinkers. I've seen so many "yes" people promoted, and so many hard workers and ones with new ideas just squashed. I... —  read more 

Ageism in TI

I remember when TI was a fun place to work in, but now your days are numbered here if you are over 45. They discriminate you systematically on so many different levels, most of all through secretive ranking system designed to punish you just for your... —  read more 

TI is also following same path as 'Mercury' in India, Firing people giving performance excuse that is the simplest excuse in the world

TI is also following same path as 'Mercury' in India, Firing people giving performance excuse that is the simplest excuse in the world. They are saving all severance money. TI has definitely hired great HR who knows how to save money. "Legal and... —  read more 

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