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Looking for Shipping and Receiving clerk ????

Lets hope that the person that is still there gets rid of her "BAD A–" attitude that HR decided not to do anything about or more people won't put with it. Seems to me that could be considered HARRASSMENT.

Hiring Craze

Just looked at the entire Lattice employee list. Unreal...Now they are hiring all over the world. Wonder how long Lattice sees they've over hired and start laying off?

More Employees Leaving

Considerable pressure and managers that cant treat their people right. More employees will be leaving soon.

A new Director of Quality ??????

Heaven forbid should they take away Mr. Lawlers time from reading his newspaper and playing solitaire on his notebook on company time!!!

More court evidence

Found an old email forwarded to home email from upper management stating to "Be Productive for at least 2 years" Lattice knew these layoffs were coming ahead of time...they knew..Going to be even more interesting now.

EE Times

I was advised that EE Times wants an interview with ex-Lattice employees on this issue. This could get interesting.

Lattice Hiring HR Person ??

I wonder what they will tell this person to do unethically wrong and before they leave...This should be interesting with all the other HR people that have left already

Lattice Being Sued

There are a few ex Lattice employees that have combined heads, have found an attorney who will handle their case pro bono. After explaining everything in great detail on how they were "coaxed" to Oregon and offering to pay for everything, including... —  read more 

More on July Layoffs

When Trump wouldn't allow the Chinese investment company to buy Lattice, that's when people started leaving. Even though we were told we would be ok by CEO Darin Billerbeck, he supposedly "retired" not long after the deal was "trumped". Once Darin... —  read more 

Trouble Ahead

Why so desperate? Why ask for help from the government here? Why!!! —  read more 

Bangalore is Closing

Nothing more to add here, Bangalore was going to save us, now it's completely closing - so much for 'strategic insight' and 'leveraging global synergies'

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