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2016 Layoff at Microchip Technology

Microchip used to be a good company to work for. Within the last few years there appears to have been a change in philosophy . As of this week, there have been four individuals laid off between the Chandler and Tempe Arizona sites. All individuals... read more

Texas Instruments and Fairchild Layoffs

Two of our comeptitors recently had layoffs, not sure but we might be next. Nobody knows, for sure, so please treat this a a layoff rumor and not layoff news or insider information.
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2015 Layoffs at Microchip Technology

If you are with Microchip Technology you know what I am talking about, a lot of people are concerned that our business is soft and that we may have cuts as our peers. Many companies in our industry keep reducing work, and shipping work overseas... read more

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