Topics regarding layoffs at Microsemi Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Microsemi Corp.

Irvine Layoffs @ Microsemi

Not sure why we have no posts here - other companies do have many posts. Other companies in Irvine (e.g., Verizon and WD and Qualcomm and Broadcom) all have layoff pages here and many messages... Hmmm

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What next?

Microchip will ask Microsemi to trim down head count before transition. Microsemi will initiate performance based layoffs. Microchip will have 2-3 rounds of layoffs over a period of 6-9 months.

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Lowell, MA Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Microsemi layoffs in Lowell, MA? We should give some credit to Management for developing a MMIC catalog to backfill revenue downfall from legacy products. Please let us know if you have any insight.

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messy situation

Lack of vision at the highest level is more than rampant. Our business units don't identify markets and approach them in a structured way... Instead, it is "what can we do to make a quick buck?" - everything is short term oriented. What are you gonna... — read more 

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