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We should merge with Avago

Skyworks and RFMD, then we can lay off even more people, not 2014 but we'd probably have an interesting 2015. Downsizing at all levels, cutting deep. Management is stupid, and I would not be stunned if they were to do something like this.

Layoffs took place Feb 26

at Apopka, 4 were let go and were walked out as if they were criminals. No notice was given and was poorly handled. The director, Bert had a expressionless face. These people have worked and the least company could have done was let them go with... read more
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Merger and Layoffs

I'd rather call it an acquisition as RF Micro Devices have an upper hand in this. Here is what's going to happen. They will cut HR, Finance and IT first and after that they'll go after everyone else. Triquint stands no chance here, so you better... read more
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I am surprised that we have nobody posting today - we all know what's going on
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Triquint downsizing

Triquint is a very good company, good management but tough industry. I hear that we very challenging times are ahead of us and that includes downsizing.
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TriQuint is going down

It's very simple, the whole industry is changing and TriQuint's management is incompetent in my opinion, things will get worse.
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Semiconductor business is tricky

Semiconductor business is tricky and very cyclical - we do have layoffs occasional, but noting better or worse if compared to our competitors.
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