Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Ample capacity

TSMC will have ample capacity on 7nm, they are supporting Apple, Huawei, and many more on 7nm with volume exceeding Intel total starts. All those customers will migrate to 5nm leaving lots of opportunity to service Intel far cheaper than intel low... —  read more 


TSMC has huge fab scale, cheaper labor, well characterized IP and accurate Spice Models and methods to support everything from cheap IoT to full field server and GPU.

Will be better, no worries

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing R&D group is small but really good - I would say one of the best, the company used to do much better but hey you have to be realistic and some issues will be found in every company and nobody is complaining even... —  read more 

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