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Open a location in New Jersey

I see many job opening on the Marvell website. Has any of it's executives thought about opening a location in Northern New Jersey. There are many ex-Alcatel-Lucent, ex-Nokia, ex-AT&T, ex-Verizon, ex-Qualcomm, ex-Broadcom, ex-Cisco, etc. employees... read more

Layoff news?

Hearing news of layoffs in March. Any news?
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Insider buying?

What's with the few insiders exercising stock options without selling them? Any news on this? JHu bought 200k worth...

Major layoff today

Heard there were major layoff done in US and India today. What’s happening? Why so many layoff?

Marvell layoffs September 2018

Headquarters are getting hit once again, more than 40 people will be gone on September 10. Our latest acquisition is not faring any better, about the same number of people will be laid of from Cavium's headquarters as well. People in other locations... read more

Focal results

How are the RSUs, comp increase and bonus numbers this year?
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Deal with Cavium

now that the deal with cavium is official, which side the heads will roll ? i think there is enough distinction of expertise in both companies but somewhere someone has to let go to improve the financial status for years ahead, right ?

Cavium ??

Is there not a lot of overlap with Cavium? How would it compliment Marvel's business?

My team

There's a lot of animosity towards the old Marvell CEO and while some welcome the more business-oriented direction the new management is taking, not all new people feel welcomed. Although new management is trying to hire talent and people who are... read more

WARN Report has Marvell info
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We had it coming

Marvell had the opportunity to turn this around when those two egomaniacs stepped down in April, but choosing those who lack an experience in this field, and who are based only on short-term results couldn't end up differently. I wish I could say... read more

Still in shock

Still in shock, this is more than 15 percent of workforce. That means none of us is safe. Does anyone know how many in US, and know how badly Santa Clara is going to be hit?

900 jobs to be cut (2016)

We all hoped we'll somehow avoid this, but Marvell has just announced - they are laying off 900 people. Guess all the rumors were true. They gave no details when, nor which sites just that they are planning huge cost-cut by the October next year. And... read more

I hear many rumors floating about Marvell

But nothing here - I wander why people are so quiet - there are many thriving boards here but for some reason Marevell folks keep quiet - not sure why this is - I hope that at some point people speak up and that we start to communicate here like... read more

When does mobile get cut?

They let the entire mobile design team go. How much longer before validation follows?
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Severance Pay

What are the rules for our Severance pay, I can ask HR or my manager but do not want to


I left in 2007, this used to be a great company
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