Topics regarding layoffs at Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Target groups

Don't take my word for it because I don't have any confirmed information, but there are rumors circulating about the layoffs around the corner. Perhaps someone has an idea of ​​what the target groups could be if the layoffs actually do happen... —  read more 

Marvell has no need for layoffs

We are all so overworked and burnt out that so many are ready to quit even if they're still searching for something new. This wasn't a problem before but in the past few years, it's somehow become the norm. We're constantly expected to do more for... —  read more 

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It’s an artform

I have no respect for my manager and I’m not sure how he got into his position. Most of his time is spent making his rounds to gossip and socialize. He’ll take breaks whenever the mood hits him and the few times we interact with him are when he is... —  read more 


Word on the street is that the ThunderX3 team has been laid-off and that the product line has been cancelled. Can anyone confirm?

Big mergers announced around election time

President Trump stopped Broadcoms takeover of Qualcom. Now NVIDIA-ARM, AMD-Xilinx, Marvell-Inphi are all annpunced surrounding election time, when noone in the political circles have the time or bandwidth to stop these. TIming is curious.

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Stay ahead of the game people

With the Inphi acquisition expected to be completed by the second half of 2021 that gives us ample time to work on our resumes, refresh our skills, build upon existing networks and most of all SAVE SAVE SAVE. We all know “layoffs” usually follow an... —  read more 

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Is SmartNIC still around

Its an obsolete product carried over from an mediocre acquisition. Technology is decade old at best. Even MS doesn't use Windows based solutions anymore in azure infra. Where is big $$ coming from to feed fat-cat Directors VPs Managers and other... —  read more 

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SPBU layoffs...

In the next three months, they will identify redundancies with IPBU and layoff quite a few. Already decision hasb been made to go with standard core... waiting for confirmation from MSFT...

Any more layoffs?

Marvell has laid off 10 people since August. The latest 5 were effective on 10/15, according to the most recent WARN report. Any chance you or somebody else knows if there will be more? Anything bigger? Or maybe more small rounds that fly under... —  read more 

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