Topics regarding layoffs at SanDisk Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at SanDisk Corp.

Welcome to WD family!

First of all welcome to WD family! WD is a famous company to do things efficiently including cost down everything unnecessary. So in the future don't be surprise that your Legacy SaNDisk benefit will reduce along with layoff occurs every year. Avg... —  read more 

SanDisk Nand

Is this true about SanDisk Nand? SanDisk is even further behind all five of its competitors in the NAND market. The problem for SanDisk is that they and their fab partner, Toshiba, are behind all of their major competitors in this technology. The... —  read more 

Managers Beware

If you are a first-line manager you better start looking for alternate options. It is the Sandisk's engineering products and possibly the revenue and market share that WD is interested in - not Sandisk's managers. A management position is dispensable... —  read more 

2015 Layoffs at SanDisk

The stock is falling down rapidly, we are down 20% today, we'll see what happens. I've been around since late 90s, I've seen a lot but our culture has disintegrated and we are not the same company any more. Our innovation has slowed down and with... —  read more 

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