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Is TCO Closing?

Will the TCO site close in the next 6 to 12 months? Based on the various personnel cuts, mission realignment, and jockeying of responsibilities; this scenario looks unavoidable.

Impact on India?

Just heard - ~ 5 in Pune and 45 in Blr getting boot, mainly from Xyratech group. Can someone confirm?

Dothill saved? Just wait few more weeks.

BCG is working restructuring. Planning for big lay off Last week of November or 2nd week of January as per as their current schedule. 50% cut expected. Remaining team will be moved to Bay Area.

Tree full of Monkeys

You all really need to look at the Tree full of Monkeys scenario, the Monkeys on the top of the tree look down and see Smiling Monkeys, the Monkeys on the bottom look up and see a very different view of things.

Bonus rates are out

After the reduction comes the bonus rate announcement. For all our fallen comrades we would like to thank you for your sacrifices. We will march on with you in our hearts. Thanks for your sacrifices

Be gracious

Look, they're going to lay people off, that's simply not going to change. But what the managers can control is what they say in the layoff meeting. What words they use. What their body language says. The message should be, "we really value your... read more

Different Approach

I wish that the leadership would have done more to address the impact this week would have on productivity and emotional status of every single worker here at Seagate. Look around, work is not getting done, and any meetings, nobody speaks about any... read more

Ten Things to Do After a Layoff

Clean up your life, in every sense Do the basics. Update Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, if you are not on it, get on it Get a project, any project Network your a-- off, online/offline Fish where the money is, check out crowdfunding sites, you’ll see... read more

Sour times

I wanted to give my best wishes to folks who underwent the layoffs. Remember, its not the end of the world and specially if you are on the West coast, jobs are a plenty... I don't think that the folks who are not impacted by the layoffs are feeling... read more

Management IS THE PROBLEM!

My manager has spoken to me not more than 5 times over the last 3 years. How can this clown be writing my reviews? The only people in my department that get raises are the managers and engineers. I have NEVER seen so much animosity and hatred towards... read more

Too much Negativity here - not fair

Okay, I have been reading some of these posts, and I'm thinking that the other side needs some representation. So I did some digging to see what Seagate is actually one of the best companies out there. Consider these facts, which can be found at the... read more

Layoffs in NRM

Engineer I 18 months out of school and was given the boot. Director told me it was due to the "position being eliminated". Looks like I'll be on the pay roll through September and then given a severance after that. Blessing in disguise perhaps... read more

Entire SSG \ Cloud System purged.

Entire SSG division is purged. All sites are affected. Horrible heartless management did not think twice before laying off hundreds of engineers just to prop up stock price. Management had no vision, had arrogance , had no technical depth to create a... read more

Nothing happening in Longmont.

I heard it coming to Longmont in September. Couple of guys 15 -20 yrs of experience left this morning but that is planned long time ago, not part of this lay off

Details of Announcement?

Shouldn't there be an announcement happening around this time? The layoff is too quiet around this time. Updates, anyone?

You get what you paid for Seagate

The younger engineers have largely already bailed out from what I can see after we spent a huge investment of time and effort training them. That's exactly right. They saw how Seagate was treating long time employees. Seagate wanted a dynamic fresh... read more

Colossal strategic mistakes have consequences

Through many failed acquisitions by management, now employees pay for the exec colossal errors. Such a sad world. Not 1 exec head rolled. LSI purchase was a complete fart. Dot Hill was a sh--ter. Phil Brace ran development to the toilet then paid to... read more

Today's SEC filing - math

600 person reduction yields $90M annual savings - that's $150k per reduction. Severence pay $83k per person Clearly some experienced folks leaving. Here's the filing dated today ( their words!). : Item 2.05 Costs Associated with Exit or Disposal... read more

Miss the earnings, you get rid of people.

This is a heartless company which has no respect or regard for the people and their families who have LIVED SEAGATE for year after year. Why didn't mgmt see the market shift before it was too late? Why is so much we needed too late? It is shameful... read more

Driving Operating Costs Down

The writing is on the wall for all of us at Seagate - if you live in a high cost location you will at some point be eliminated. It's so obvious that they want to aggressively reduce costs and folks in China, Malaysia and India are so much cheaper... read more

Pay freeze!

Just 1 quarter of missing profit forecast and they freeze the pay increment. Still paying healthy dividends. Again showing shareholders are more important than employees. I'm still around, but I hope I won't be soon.

Any rumors for NRM?

Currently a younger-ish engineer at NRM. I really do like my job, but wow this is getting ridiculous. Seems like Every 6 months we have more layoffs. Any rumors going around about potential cuts at NRM?

No Doom or Gloom ...

We can start look forward for our most exciting D&D at MBS. Those being laid off previously, stop being childish & move on

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