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The Motto is Real: Focus on People

Seagate has a long history of putting the focus on people. I don't think that point needs supporting. But HOW they focus on people is amazing. Imagine you were a cruel child and wished to torture ants. You'd get out the magnifier and FOCUS sun rays... read more

Seagate's Debt

If you own this stock, what you own is a share of 5 billion in debt. If ALL post dividend income is diverted to pay debt assuming last years peak income will continue forever, your talking 15-20 years to pay it off. How much will HDD income grow?... read more

Share price to hit 25?

As our innovation is lowest ever and demand for our product declining, our stock price may hit 25 by end of this year.

Tottering EDS!

Wise words from a grand old timer (XyrateX, of course): pay heed and scoot out of this sinking ship, fellow rat mates. The Rat King of EDS is planning a major rat slaughter come next quarter, and his bandicoot army is already lining up a**es for a... read more

It's official!

EDS on the long term roadmap to divest human assets in 2 quarters. Pune stripped to single digit for sustenance. LCO team hinging on a gasping Pods and will be let go once it transpires to be a massive failure. EDS management, take a bow! Getting rid... read more

BCG audit

Going on at Bay Area, next stop long mont, after audit expect huge lay offs. They are infamous for recommending huge lay offs

Survived yet another layoff

Either the company is stupid or they are very smart. Who in their right mind runs a business this way? Whenever they need to show profit they just layoff hundreds of people! So, people have become their greatest commodity? Focus on people, remember?

RIF Poor EDS Mgmt

Few things you could see coming in future The focal hike for EDS team reduced by 50% Bangalore site to be shutdown (mostly RSS & OSS teams here) Few guys from Pune could be part of this (Aug-Sept-Oct) RIF Shuffling of teams likely in Pune/US... read more


Big RIF being planned; aimed to hit the worker bees in a few days. SSDC, Shk and LCO all impacted. This one will leave a big crater on the NASDAQ for sure, mates.

People making almost double in same role

Is this common? I know we aren't supposed to know our coworkers pay, but almost double??? Really? Been here almost 10 yrs and thinking it's time to quit just to get a raise... Performance isn't the issue... Consistently receive 4s and 5s on reviews... read more

Layoffs coming up in Seagate US and Bangalore

Did not believe earlier, we are working day and night to deliver releases to customers…but heard it is true.It is going to be massive…many numbers in US and shutting shop in Bangalore.Seagate will go down in history as the first company to fail in... read more

This will not end soon

We'll have to wait a couple more years before this farce is completely up I think. I'd love a layoff pack and then get a better job. I'd have to fight rampant age discrimination in hiring practices, but I bet I could get something comparable within 3... read more

My groups numbers have dropped over 50%

My groups numbers have dropped over 50% since the first big layoff. The latest verp set the age at 55 and decreased the kicker to 50k. We have one new guy. He’s great at what but we lost a lot of experience and knowledge to the layoff and people... read more

Seagate layoffs in August

Are we looking at more layoffs in August as several people here said or has that been debunked? I've heard some comments to that effect at the office as well, so I'm inclined to believe the rumors this time. However, with so little detail available... read more

Layoff at SRC penang?

I heard there is downsize the management in SRC penang ... look like a lost waste management over there...

VEEP offer

On Monday Seagate offered its older high level people a Voluntary Early Exit Program to consider.

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