Seagate Technology Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

Why no Innovation ?

Seagate seems to be struck in drudgery. “Data is the new oil” and Seagate can’t seem to capitalise on anything beyond basic HDD since the 2000s. Revenue CAGR is way down, Units are massively down from 70M to 30M. Acquisitions have been poor -... —  read more 

Quarterly earnings question

With cloud companies booming during Covid, why did see Seagate miss on revenue and earnings? Should we be selling more to support data growth in 5he cloud? I thought cloud products have the highest margin but we were at 27 percent. Anyone know?... —  read more 

WD beating STX

Former seagater here. Is stx product roadmap competitive with WD? Just read about WD ePMR and it seems like a good transition to mamr and later HAMR compared to stx going right to HAMR? What's the truth on products between the 2 companies?

Shakopee Closure

When will the next round happen? No commercial programs, HAMR's dead, SSD's dead, the test equipment is being surplused and the building is being sold. Seems like everyone at SHK, except for a few code nerds, could disappear tomorrow and no one... —  read more 


Does anyone know what criteria will be used to select who gets laid off? For example, is it based on tenure, performance, location, skills, productivity, amount of work, salary, if you are a whiner, pain to manage, etc?

Seagate is a good company

Stx is a good place to work. However, working for STX is only a matter of when will you be laid off, not if. Market for its business does not grow. Products pricing pressure increases daily. Thus stx will need to adjust cost accordingly. The only... —  read more 


What's everybody's take on the current communication on bonus.... Anybody else feel that they should dumb it down a bit and cut the bulls**t, in the current climate, an additional thank you payment should be made for the fact manufacturing levels... —  read more 

Is CIO really clueless?

Read the article in CIO mag. Attended the all hands mtg. Know what is actually in production and what is not. Does the CIO really now what's happening? Or is his staff just YES men? Or is his plan just keep changing environments? On prem to... —  read more 

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