Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

No future for Seagate

The goal is to maximize the extraction of value out of an existing business to the board and the institutional shareholders and to milk it until its dry and they've offloaded its worthless corpse to new suckers. This here is sadly what's been going... —  read more 

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More Excellent Business Decisions

Headline reads “Seagate Technology Holdings Has Affirmed its Dividend $0.70 for July 5th”. We are selling buildings and incurring massive layoffs to raise cash to pay the Dividend? Floating a new much more expensive bond sale to cover the previous... —  read more 

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DNA Storage?!?!

They cut critical functions at NRM, leaving key groups tasked with the HAMR ramp scrambling to figure out how to mitigate disaster. Yet the group working on DNA storage were spared?! WTF!!!

I'm now a quiet quitter

I used to think quiet quitting was something lazy employees did. After the last round of layoffs and the way they were done, I realized that those who are quiet quitting are the smart ones. Some of the best and hardest workers lost their jobs. What... —  read more 

Ethical ?

Seagate ethics question 13: In this scenario Dave has a million HDDs in his basement. Should he: A. Sell them to whomever he wants, cause he-l, hes Dave. B. Sell them illegally as our guy is clearly above the law. Sell them to someone he... —  read more 

Unionised STST

We're nearly there.Seagate Springtown management have twenty days to appeal the court decision. Will STST waste their time and money appealing the decision,or will they hold their hands up and admit defeat.HR and management will now have to abide by... —  read more 

NRM actions today

As per normal Slider and HGA took a huge hit of 40+ on a guess. Main targets this time were hourly and frontline salary positions. A few people from miscellaneous and support groups have also been effected. After this NRM has become even more... —  read more 

I gots the deets…kinda

US teams are done except for managers. Asia will be done by US midnight. Every team is impacted by at least 1. The managers have their meetings this afternoon. Managers have been asked to be onsite for a United front. If you’re in a group meeting... —  read more 

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