Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

It's not about health

I just read that we can have a chance to win $50 if we participate in the HR health stuff. $50... are you kidding me? Not too long ago we could earn like $600 if we did the health program throughout the year. Remember "give them the pickle"? These... —  read more 

Is quitting contagious?

It's become very difficult to finish work. The reason: a huge number of people leaving! I don't know how attrition affects your work (?), but for me it's pretty chaotic. After two close colleagues abruptly left, another important team member gave... —  read more 

I got an offer in a month

I’ve never found a new job this fast before. I really didn't expect the offer to arrive this quickly. Admittedly, I also tried harder with searching than ever. Looks like now is the best time to get out of here? Anyone who wants a change, maybe... —  read more 

Attrition is a problem

I'm not sure why nothing is being done about attrition. We are losing some (more like most) of our best to our competitors and nobody is doing anything to reverse this trend. This can keep happening only for so long before the effects are felt in the... —  read more 

Incompetent but polite

When I tried to give my best, I was overwhelmed with work and daily on the verge of burnout. Suddenly everything is better ever since I stopped being one of those who try to know as much as possible. If you don't want to be overwhelmed with work... —  read more 

Seagate Is The Best

Everyone is looking forward for the severance package (SP) and this is the main mentality across from boss, peers and colleagues working in Seagate. No one talks about work just focused on money. Of course, money always win!!!! If no SP, carry on... —  read more 

Have all chances been missed?

There were a few chances in the past to branch out but those ships have sailed long ago and Seagate is now a tanker loaded up with debt. The chances I'm speaking of were to merge with a NAND chip maker, and/ or become a mass storage warehouse... —  read more 

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