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Seagates inaction to the Coronavirus.

How is your plants management handling the issue of the coronavirus? Is it like Seagate Londonderry? Management putting some employees lives at risk.Product more important than the health and safety of some employees and their families.People who... —  read more 

F Outlook

F— Outlook. Just my two cents. I hope the CIO gets fired for this b—s— just like he got demoted from corporate strategy for his b—s—. You may have saved money moving us to office but the productivity is going to be lost in the millions... —  read more 

Seagate to cut workforce 1,100 jobs, or 2.5%

From 2009, but stx playbook during times of crisis like coronavirus. Seems reasonable. unexpected? Hard-drive maker Seagate Technology said Wednesday it plans to cut... —  read more 

Lay offs

Keep looking for HR lady in front of you sometime Thursday next month. Good luck finding another job as lot of companies started lay off.

IP addresses blacklisted

Why are the mods/people who operate the layoff board blacklisting some seagate employees IP addresses.Have seagate requested it?

And the Oscar goes to...

Dave Mosley and the Seagate leadership team for best adaptation of a functioning, successful company.

How about those earnings?

Where are all the HR people or execs pretending things have gotten better and there will be growth? The numbers speak for themselves. Without low interest rates, employee voluntary attrition, and threat of layoffs this company would be in bankruptcy... —  read more 

What is life after seagate lay off

Having so many layoffs in the past, what happened to employees when they get laid off? Do they usually get a better job, a worse job or just retire? Considering also that the average age of seagaters are late 40’s to early 50’s.

Time to short STX?

They can’t increase dividend anymore, as profit continue to decline. Debt is alarming. Need to cut 15% employees

Let's have a micro survey here..

Just curious about the real micro survey result I feel belong here and valued as a person I trust the company's direction set by the executives I feel excited about my future in this company I'm supported in trying new ideas and... —  read more 

Stock price for real ?

Are we going to do better this earning or flunk? The stock has been trending up for quite some time!

Layoff in the works?

Hiring freeze in my team even though we desperately need more people. Is it a bad signal?

Any talented people stayed in Seagate?

Most of the talented people moved to other companies. People who stayed there useless people who can’t find another job, especially LCO. If they lose this job they are done. Lot of h1b slaves who graduated from level 2 universities have to go back.

HAMR status

What happened to our HAMR drives? Have we started mass production?

Quote from American Rhetoric (1991)

You know, at one time there must've been dozens of companies makin' buggy whips. And I'll bet the last company around was the one that made the best goddamn buggy whip you ever saw. Now how would you have liked to have been a stockholder in that... —  read more 

Wow - its quiet out there!

Everybody still recovering from Thanksgiving or has everyone with something to say waiting on their VEEP package clock to commence on December 20th?

T-Mobile Data Breach

Dear CIO thank you for saving Seagate millions of dollars moving my Verizon iPhone to T-Mobile. Your leadership and wisdom is amazing. Now my Seagate and personal data once again has been breached. Signed All of... —  read more 

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