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Exec heads need to roll

There needs to be some exec changes sales did not see this down turn at all. Sales leads need to be changed at VP level investor relations has not messaged where the company is going and the stock has not moved much what is business excellence VP and... read more

Seagate's Layoff process

These upcoming layoffs will be my first experience of layoffs, (yes, this means I am new to Seagate). What is the usual process and how long does it take? Is it a long drawn out process that can happen to anyone at anytime over the next few months?... read more

Dont believe it until it actually happens!!

I've been a regular reader of "seagate layoffs" for quite a while and 99% of the stuff posted about layoffs is utter bullsh11t.There is not one contributer that knows what is going happen,its all lies and fantasies.People scaremongering just for the... read more

Watch insider selling

Here is a link to see who is buying and selling. Surprise - Valueact is the only one buying

Listen to earnings call?

$300 m revenue drop in Q2 to $2.7 b. Forecast is another $400m drop in Q3 to $2,3 b. I think we have to go back to before we bought samsung hdd to see such low revenue numbers for Q3. I do not know how we buy capital for hamr or pay dividend with... read more

Did you lie on your micro-survey? Vote up for yes.

Did you mark your micro-survey all positive just so you wouldn't have to listen and put up with the angst, discomfort, and worry about your boss fretting over the results and trying to find out who posted a negative response?

Top storage companies of 2018

We are number 4! With the worst year over year growth of the top companies listed except for IBM. Surprised?

Clueless engineering staff

Many replacements were hired but with only new grads. Now you have a double whammy of clueless engineering staff who need hand holding from the Sr staff. That only drags down productivity more. I agree with the cutting back on tools. In their... read more

<2TB is quickly going to Flash

From today's storage newsletter. Only 2.7X ratio and less for flash drives of up to 2TB, but much more beyond this capacity With 3D and QLC NAND coming the HDD... read more

Lost faith in management

There has been no communication to deal with all of the talk of the big RIFs coming up with the major downtrend that occurred last quarter and at least the next few quarters, and all the good people that are suddenly targeted and laid off. The people... read more

Seagate sales declining

Why Costco is selling seagate storage drives 1/3 of the price? New product coming or lay off coming? I saw some orders for pink color paper sheets last month. Still I did not see card board boxes. Not looking good though especially for LCO location.

Analyst Day

Seriously, when is that Analyst day? When does the cast of over aged, under experienced white male executives articulate the non existent strategy of how customers are stupid and investors don't get it. Oh, and don't forget the continued perjury on... read more

WD sounds in worse shape

"TrendFocus said Seagate was the quarter champion, pumping out 36.75 million drives, down 8 per cent annually. The research house said rival Western Digital had shipped 30.5 million, down 28 per cent on the year and an 11 per cent quarterly decline... read more

We are looking at a bloodbath

Dividend cut as revenue takes a "pause"? If they can't hold the dividend and still be cash positive, and/or severe guidance cut then it'll be a bloodbath. This hits the nail on the head. Judging by everything said so far, the only way for Seagate to... read more

The Privileged at Seagate

How many execs jammed the Seagate Luxury box at Levi Stadium last night. Im sure the upcoming Rif weighed heavy on all of them.

Dark future for 2.5 HDD

Western Digital shipped 21.2 million notebook drives in 2FQ15, a figure declining regularly to reach only 9.6 million in 4FQ18. For the same periods, enterprise devices were down from 8.0 million to 6.6 million and global units sold diminish from 61... read more

Here comes MAMR

WD is sampling 16 TB MAMR. Has Seagate started r and d on MAMR? Any talk?

Wrong priorities

The reality is that most VPs at Seagate do not drive the priorities necessary for the success of the company, instead the focus is on the shiny object of the moment while the storage industry moves forward. Billions of dollars in wasted money on the... read more

Choose Your Boss, Not Your Job

Quite possibly the best advice I’ve ever heard about selecting your next career is to pick your boss, not the job. This is challenging because the process we use to find meaningful work is designed to work the opposite way; the boss picks you. More... read more

Seagate future

Demand for the products declining rapidly on slowing economic growth. Half of the employees should be laid off to survive. That means 50% lay off. Dothill should be eliminated. I believe it will be March.


There is NO such thing as IT 4.0 Stock is trading below when new CEO was announced over a year ago Success is not chasing WDC to the bottom of valuation And folks are surprised that layoffs will continue on this terminal asset. Go figure.

Seagate you see now is totally unsustainable

The mid year bonus will probably be the last one we get for years I think. HDD TAM will drop 30%-50% in 3 years time. Seagate you see now is totally unsustainable in the future. Indiscriminate firings with no thought or plan are quick trigger pulls... read more

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