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Seagate is too reliant on other companies to provide it with the hardware it needs to manufacture SSD. It has no SSD capabilities itself. HDD will be around for some years to come but will only serve a smaller niche market for cheap surveylance and... read more

Suzhou to be shutdown

I thought a design center would be closed before a factory. I will miss working with the Suzhou teams.

Savage Pacer Article

The December 24th, 2016 Savage Pacer has a short article about the Shakopee layoff. According to the article, the total number laid off was 155.

Math Question

Who can solve the math quiz? It's loaded with dark humour. Here is the problem setup. Company is Seagate Company is not averse to laying off staffers, especially if they are high performing and do not kiss buttt Assume 30,000 total employees at end... read more

Many Seagate sites closing

Havant, UK. Guadalajara, MX. Seem ban, MY and some downsizing and closures in the US still to come. Much of it is because of recent acquisitions... you just don't need 6 manufacturing sites and 18 engineering design sites when you can produce at 3... read more

This would solve all problems.

Everyone is replaceable anywhere. That is fact, not fiction. What will happen when deep learning takes over? It will be much worse in many ways, but much better at the same time in many other ways. Any factory job including in the US is Slave Labor... read more

Open jobs at Seagate

There are a number of engineering jobs posted for both US drive center locations as of today. This is on the company external/public website. Most are all marked as Intern or - Entry Level. Several seem to be for engineering functions (mechanical... read more

WD Seagate Merger 2017

A Non-Affiliated Visitor Post: Magnetic storage is going by the wayside. Maybe it'll make a comeback like vinyl, not. I'm sure WD & Seagate are in talks to merge, since there will only be enough volume for one company. Probably trying to decide who... read more


Can HAMR turn things around? Thoughts?

Still Part of the Wreck

Wish I hadn't witnessed the sloppy presentations at Shakopee after the layoffs, but a mass funeral could have hardly been worse. Cold hearts from Longmont Colorado came in today and s---ed the life from the veterans of the industry that stole... read more

Utterly devastating

It is utterly devastating to see the heart and soul of a once proud MN engineering institution that was a purveyor of many great innovations gutted out yesterday. At SHK yesterday, It was like a death in the family with many gut wrenching good byes... read more

Possibility of negotiating severance terms

I would assume that all the terms are standard and non-negotiable for the severance... But I thought I'd go ahead and ask anyway. Anyhow, did anyone try to negotiate some different terms (For health care, or end date, or anything)?

Let's move on!

This starts the first day of my new work life. I have been making contacts lately and actually found a couple of things that I may be interested in. I may even switch career paths and industries but that's a long story... If I could give some advice... read more

Tell me, what keeps you going?

There's is a lot of anxiousness, fear, vile energy and company bashing on this forum right now, so to move in another direction, could you share with us what got you working here and what keeps you going, and still working here? For me, it was and... read more

If you get hit, stay strong and keep it classy...

Walk out with your head held high. You have skills - you will be okay. Leave on a good note and ask your manager if you can use them as a reference. Regardless of what we have to put up with from upper management, it has been an honor and a privilege... read more

remaining personnel transfers to LCO

The four beer post 12/6 rumor is more TCO RIFs in the am 12/7/2016. However, they are not engineering product delivery specific. I think they are SSD but hell they got gutted previously so I have a hard time believing this one. I personally think tco... read more
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TCO HDIG group lost 5 out of 20 people today.

TCO to be closed within 12 months

Watched as many coworker and friends, for over 15 years, were walked out the door. Made for a very tiring and long day. Nothing got done and most remaining employees expect TCO to be closed within 12 months.

TCO > 300

If the TCO RIF number is not greater than 300, I would be shocked. Many talented engineers and technicians were walked out the door today. I do not know what the future for TCO is but can say it is not delivering products. TCO product delivery no... read more


My dad works at Shakopee and was laid off - said aprox. 300 others at his location, too.

To those curious about RIF timing

The answer is quite obvious as to why it was pushed back despite being well-known since Sept. The impact on STX shares will be more impactful near the end of the year. Increased or flat demand has helped buoy the share price, and the release of news... read more

Sites impacted

So the rumors were true, unfortunately. God bless, and good luck to us all. From what I just read on other threads, MN and CO were hit the most. It started so silently, still trying to make sense out of this. Can anyone give more details? Sites... read more

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