Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

More lay off needed.

As a Big share holder of stx I want my shares to go up. I have invested here not give jobs, but makes money. Make the company profitable by laying off people who are not performing, who work less than 12 hours a day, who rest on weekends. Employees... —  read more 

STX 10-k filing

Went through seagate's 10-k yesterday. It listed 18 pages of business risks! Wow none of this comes up during the all hands happy time meetings we have. every business has risks, but 18 pages! Exec compensation was not available. It will be... —  read more 

Why no Innovation ?

Seagate seems to be struck in drudgery. “Data is the new oil” and Seagate can’t seem to capitalise on anything beyond basic HDD since the 2000s. Revenue CAGR is way down, Units are massively down from 70M to 30M. Acquisitions have been poor -... —  read more 

WD beating STX

Former seagater here. Is stx product roadmap competitive with WD? Just read about WD ePMR and it seems like a good transition to mamr and later HAMR compared to stx going right to HAMR? What's the truth on products between the 2 companies?

Shakopee Closure

When will the next round happen? No commercial programs, HAMR's dead, SSD's dead, the test equipment is being surplused and the building is being sold. Seems like everyone at SHK, except for a few code nerds, could disappear tomorrow and no one... —  read more 


Does anyone know what criteria will be used to select who gets laid off? For example, is it based on tenure, performance, location, skills, productivity, amount of work, salary, if you are a whiner, pain to manage, etc?

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