Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

Days are Numbered in 2024

Seagate Technology has a total debt of $5.67 billion, 52x its EBITDA of $110.0 million, a return on assets of -9.39% and an Altman Z-Score of 0.25. You wouldn’t know that its financials were less than stellar, given its stock is up nearly 63% year... —  read more 

C-levels selling their shares

Dave, BS & CFO all have sold millions worth of their shares this month. Saw the public notifications when I looked up my stock accounts. Dave = ~$17M (what the heck?!), BS = $1-2M & CFO = $4-5M. What’s going on?


Anyone else's department feel like a lost puppy? VP is all over the place and feels like we have gone back in time to no one talking and everyone fighting to shows whose is bigger instead working together.

I think I messed up

I've been looking for a new job for a while and I think somehow my manager caught wind of it. I assume one of my current coworkers might have told him (by the way, never tell anybody at the office your plans - I learned that the hard way). I denied... —  read more 

Pre-thanksgiving chop?

“Tough decisions”, “budget reductions” were just a couple phrases that popped up today from management with rumours of a pre-holiday cut….anyone else hearing the festive news?

Mosley Apologize!

Someone else brought this up in their thread and it hit me - big D never apologized for his call on Huawei. Not a word. Instead - he just said this is dealt with, good news, we paid the fine, move on. Bullsh-t. You don’t get to cram Integrity as your... —  read more 

It's getting to be too much

I'm feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty, frustration, and stress that are now a mainstay of working at Seagate. I'm seriously contemplating trading it all for a simpler, more peaceful life. I am even considering tossing in the towel and working a... —  read more 

Morale of LCO

Can’t seem to understand why even after so many layoffs and paycuts, people seem to boast about Seagate like wandering with id cards in schools and grocery shops. Trying to understand what makes them feel this special abt their company

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