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April 26th another profitable quarter

Seagate shares cross $50, we are CONFIRMed in a good shape. Company still hiring, who said we gonna lay off in May/September. Those waiting for RIF need to wait long long till your neck broke!

10TB Helium - Production Issues

Hearing that Seagate's having real issues ramping 10TB Helium. I guess shouldn't be surprising given massive layoffs of experienced engineers. And now Toshiba finally has a 8TB nearline in the market. Luczo is going to get what's coming.


Why is it taking so long to appoint a new CIO? Will it be internal or external?

More layoff's in IT?

I heard there are more layoffs coming in IT. Any confirmed news on this? Life is getting worse day by day. Continuous lay offs. And continuous movement in moving jobs to offshore. Hope this will done someday and environment will be stable.

Current status of W2 class action lawsuit?

Anyone have a status update on the W2 class action lawsuit filed last year? I filed my tax return (correction: TRIED to file), only to have it immediately rejected because someone had already filed using my SSN this year. Thanks again Seagate. Any... read more


been a while since I've had a $20k bonus

Has anyone SOLD his/her ESPP?

After so many round of chopping, STX finally stay at $46.xx.... You guys still hoping the share will go up some more or already SOLD the ESPP?

Disk Failure Rates

FYI - Backblaze's stats - ST4000DX000 the worst drive ever - so much for all that hoopla Jim...

NVM Chips at NRM (2008?)

Somebody wrote: Back in 2005-2008, Seagate made a major investment in solid state memory (SSM). Why was that effort canceled? NRM was developing it. Where would Seagate be now 8 years later if that project went forward?

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