Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

An Old-Timer Weighs In

Me: worked at NRM > 20 yrs. You: who the fukc knows. So listen up, cuz I know stuff. Hammer: bad idea. Way overdue. It won't work. Think about it... you can't put a hammer in a disc drive. It's too big and won't fit. Hammer s are like a... —  read more 

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Company of paradoxes?

I’m starting to hate this company. Those at the top just don’t care about us, and it seems to me that there’s no interest at all to stop the sinking of this ship. Seagate has long since become a paradox company. For example, someone has made a good... —  read more 

Health is priceless...

I’m well paid here and there aren’t many places where I would be paid that much for the same job as here, but honestly, I would gladly give up part of the salary just to make the atmosphere a little better. It's become unbearable for me to work... —  read more 

What many better things?

I think those defending HAMR here, are probably the big reason why it’s been such a disaster for years and continues to be. (...) It will work at some point in the future, it will be horribly late though and prevented the company from doing many... —  read more 

Seagate Springtown OFT

Seagate Springtown and the underwhelming "Our Future Together" initiative. This bright idea came to the fore because of the behaviours of the Management and the HR department.Seagate Springtown spent a lot of money on this initiative, OFT has been in... —  read more 

Less and less benefit?

Yeah, they have no idea what people do / need. They think software engineers are “typists”. This continues the trend that’s obvious. We are to be more like contractors and mercenaries for hire. That means you provide your own tools, office, and... —  read more 

Who’s safe? NO ONE!

For the life of me I can't understand how there're still colleagues of mine who think they're safe from layoffs. Come on, rally? Nobody is safe here, unless you’re part of the executive leadership. Last year I saw coworkers with valuable experience... —  read more 

Last days of generosity?

Here’s my thought: Seagate has been a lay-off machine at any ill wind. They can do what they want when offering severance. But if they make it too low, people will say “Stuff this, I’ll find a better place that values employees better.” In some... —  read more 


Someone mentioned something about diversity in one of the posts (Does the Business Excellence dept make STX better?). It's a joke. You realize there is a huge lack of diversity at that company. There are less that 4% Latino and 4% black employees and... —  read more 

Corporate Narcissism

Just read this and it resonated with me and some of the managers I had at stx. According to Alan Downs, corporate narcissism occurs when a narcissist becomes the chief executive officer (CEO) or other leadership roles within the senior management... —  read more 

Dividend is the issue

Seagate is strangled by their incessant need to maintain the dividend. There cannot be any investing with this strategy. Exactly! When the company is focused on the wrong thing it's no wonder we are lagging behind. This affects everything -... —  read more 

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