Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Seagate Technology Inc.

Cronyism runs rampant

If you expect to be judged based on merit, think again. Promotions are given strictly based on who your friends are, at least in my department. It’s hard to watch as good, knowledgeable people who work hard get passed over for promotions over those... —  read more 


It's very likely just a misunderstanding, but someone told me that I shouldn't get my hopes up for the package, which is the main reason I'm still here after all. Can someone please tell me if there have been any changes in the severance plan... —  read more 

Hdd FW Trim /attrition

Hdd fw seen some changes with couple of directors and the technologist leaving. Interesting times. Looks like plenty of new hires recently. Wonder if we will make it to 2023 with the stock market tanking and EU zone entering recession. Demand Outlook... —  read more 

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Seagate is sinking fast

Morale is destroyed. I doubt that this company will ever be able to attract the kind of talent it had. Now the only question is how far is Seagate from rock bottom. What will this place look like after these layoffs? Even worse, what will... —  read more 

Laying off recent hires

I came here not long ago and now I'm already hearing rumors about cuts. Some advise me to start looking for something else. Is this another one of those companies that, due to its poor planning, are cutting the recently hired ones as well?


The sounds of dead wood will soon be heard in MN. Free, cheap money is no more and so is the ability to keep inefficient, overpaid fan boys of management. Need people who can actually do something productive and not just parrot their management's... —  read more 

The "legacy" company

Being called in many articles now the "legacy HDD" company hits home. Not only are many of our product lines "legacy" - means just build these drives developed in 2010ish until the orders run out with no BPs, no follow-ons in the pipeline..... but... —  read more 

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