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This will not end soon

We'll have to wait a couple more years before this farce is completely up I think. I'd love a layoff pack and then get a better job. I'd have to fight rampant age discrimination in hiring practices, but I bet I could get something comparable within 3... read more

My groups numbers have dropped over 50%

My groups numbers have dropped over 50% since the first big layoff. The latest verp set the age at 55 and decreased the kicker to 50k. We have one new guy. He’s great at what but we lost a lot of experience and knowledge to the layoff and people... read more

Seagate layoffs in August

Are we looking at more layoffs in August as several people here said or has that been debunked? I've heard some comments to that effect at the office as well, so I'm inclined to believe the rumors this time. However, with so little detail available... read more

Layoff at SRC penang?

I heard there is downsize the management in SRC penang ... look like a lost waste management over there...

VEEP offer

On Monday Seagate offered its older high level people a Voluntary Early Exit Program to consider.

This is self inflicted

When you lay off all the older workers who have knowledge and experience and replace them with wet behind the ears millennials who have no desire to stay at the same company once they have learned all they can, what do you expect will happen to the... read more

Seagate HAMR Up or Layoff?

Heard rumor that if we can not launch HAMR by end of this year. then the team will be affected by layoff. Any people heard similar rumor? Hope that's not true.

US China Trade War and Seagate

So far, it seems that no one is backing down on the US China trade war. If things continue on this path, is there any chance that parts and/or drive shipments in and out of China will be affected? Yeah, I know Seagate is an "Irish" company and... read more

Seagate missed its chance

I worked at Seagate 28 years and it had it's ups and downs as any industry does when it has such a rapid turnover of products due to their short production times. Overall, I think the quality of people I worked with was exceptional, the morale was... read more

Seagate ISO 3103 complainant

Curious if canteens are ISO 3103 complainant? Why not be proud of that? Big banner, put label on HDD drive. Seagate now ISO 3103 complainant! Sales increase here and in China greatly, UK as well. Not sure impact in US.

Seagate needs to cut its dividend

Seagate will pay 1.2B as part of the Bain consortium to acquire toshiba’s memory. This will reduce the cash balance to ~1.4B, back to where it was a year ago. Last year, seagate borrowed 1B debt and laid off employees/cut spending in order to... read more

OKC after 6/30/18

Since IT was let go, as well as OM/AM and now they will let go call center, the people left behind will be minimal.. my comom sense tells me they will shift these jobs to another location.. anyone has info on this?

Good Company, Poor Management

Time and time again I see a very good company with a very poor management strategy: Cut the bottom line. But how far to cut? .... Just keep cutting until something breaks. How smart is this? As a long time employee and technical contributor, I feel... read more

OKC location is closing by 6/39/2018

The OKC location is set for sell if it's not already sold and the whole call center will be outsourced to a 3rd party company located in Dallas. The management is still lying about it and telling people that the moving boxes they are distributing are... read more

Cut the dividend already!!!

Can we just cut the dividend already? Maybe just maybe we could get rid of some of our debt if the unrealistically high dividend was brought down to more realistic heights. As it stands, none of us will see a raise or a promotion for the next decade... read more


Most employees are very unhappy here. No raises or promotions for anyone ever is pretty demoralizing. I've been at the company 5+years and I don't know a single employee who has been promoted during that time. Seagate has become a very poor company... read more

All Jobs are taking over by SRC Penang?

Heard SRC Penang only will be there for sometime till the migration complete and the servers moving to AWS. Then after SRC will be eliminated following with Shugart? Anyone heard about this and by when management planning to execute this?

Glassdoor Ratings of Seagate: Frightful

If the Glassdoor ratings of Seagate are to be believed, workers do not like working there. I'm a younger (20 something) programmer looking for work. I used to think Seagate was a cool place to work. Now all I read is RIFs, layoffs, clueless... read more

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