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We need a new, strategic CEO

It might be too late but the board should fire the CEO immediate and install a strategic CEO who can point the company in a direction that is not a hard drive. Then, fire all of the direct staff of the CEO, maybe keep some of the new ones but all the... read more

NRM management dominated by a group ?

I’ve been working at NRM for more than a decade. What I am seeing is people in management from a certain ethnic group support their group to move them to next levels, to management and during layoffs. In the last 6-7 layoffs, I’ve not seen many or... read more

Everything seems to be back to NORMAL

well, its time to look forward for final quarter profit which make it a full year profit for Seagate. Amazing company with amazing people! Losers need not reply PLEASE!

Is Seagate Supplying Huawei?

Toshiba will stop shipping disk drives to Huawei to avoid US sanctions. What about Seagate? Is Huawei a big customer?

Genius quarter

Dropped revenue of 25 percent from 2 quarters ago, 700 million decrease. Resulted in 83 cents per share of earnings. Gave 63 cents per share to the investors, laid off a lot of great people to get there. Is the loyalty to this company worth it when... read more

DH lay off coming

I heard lay off coming in DH, LCO in a month or two. They are working lay off plan from this week. About 10 people are expected to go.

What's the tipping point? Way too top heavy.

We have cut so many worker bees over the years yet doubled the content they need to monitor and keep working (despite some of it not being manufacturable without planned rework) but we have just as many managers. Everything seems down to a pissing... read more

This leadership is useless

Does anybody else still working at Seagate trust our current leadership? Believes they can turn us around? If there is somebody who believes this, I'll be mildly put shocked. Hopefully, everybody has seen through them by now, and knows that the only... read more

If you lose job on H1B

You have to vacate the the cihntry within 45 days as if new rules or else DHS will send FBI to arrest you. Happened to one-off my friend at Cupertino.

Here is what I learned

I was laid off from Longmont last year and it took more than 6 months to find a job in what people call a great job market for job seekers. Here is what I learned: Seagate is considered old tech and not a great name on your resume unless looking for... read more

No good alternative

I've been sending out my resumes for the past several months, testing out the water, and what I'm finding is really not good. There don't seem to be that many available jobs - no matter what the economy numbers are saying. And even when I was able to... read more

More to come

EDS / Cloud brethren: Much more is to come. Stay tuned for repeated, small RIFs at workerbee level... All at and above Staff level - LCO and Pune - start preparing for life outside Seagate. 'Misalignment' with mgmt will hasten your journey - for... read more

EDS CTO out?!

Whats up with EDS guys? Anybody care to enlighten us??
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What happened?

What happened to all the supposed big layoffs? Why didn't they happen? Can't wait for more rumours and lies.

Firings in lieu of layoffs

I've noticed people are being fired lately much more often than it was the case before. I know of two guys who were shown the door in the past two weeks - and in both cases the reason given is mildly put ridiculous, something that usually would... read more

Severance is not a guarantee

Remember this, people. Severance is not something dictated by law. It's literally on the company to decide if it does or doesn't want to give a package to laid off employees. Don't wait for something that might not be coming just to find yourself in... read more

Cupertino office closure

I overheard a discussion about the Cupertino office closing and moving people to Fremont building. The discussion sounded as it would be a transition and not just an overnight switch. Any truth to this? Anyone know more of these details?

This wait is unbearable

I really wish we were told what's going on - just waiting, guessing and worrying is mentally exhausting. I think I'd handle it better if we new layoffs were tomorrow - at least I'd know it'd be all over after that, one way or another. Having to wait... read more

What March layoffs?

Why are people talking about layoffs at Seagate in March as if they were a sure thing? All I saw so far were a few rumors here and there, nothing concrete. Did I miss something? An announcement or even a hint from an official source that something is... read more

Any regrets?

With more layoffs looming sometime next month, I've become more tempted than ever to just leave on my own. Wait for layoffs, if I'm not on the list, leave anyhow. I'm so tired of having no semblance of job security. I was wondering, those who have... read more

Seagate Springtown Focal Survey

Seagate Springtown got absolutely trashed in the most recent focal survey,it wasnt the first time this has happened and wont be the last.Management have been scratching their heads wondering why the results were so bad.The geniuses that are the... read more

Always be prepared if you are working in Seagate

I was with seagate for a couple of months before i was shown to the door due to "re-structuring" I had packed all my stuff even before the hearsay lay-off rounds got in, on the day itself just awaiting managers' name calling and went in smiling to... read more

$30 for 240gb SSD

Lots of pressure on HDD prices.

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