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Layoffs criteria?

Does anybody know what kind of criteria is used by Seagate when determining who will be laid off? I am assuming performance assessment is one, but what about last in first out system? I am relatively new to the company, so this is something that can... read more

How many ?

Just how many employees have seagate got worldwide? How many would need to be RIFed to keep seagate running so its a viable company.As a company it seems Seagate is behind other similar companies in new technology.

Focal increase for selected few?

Heard that there is a promotion plus focal increase for a selected few, and no increment for the others. Nada, not even a meagre few dollars. How is this fair to all? Management dont know what they are doing any more.

Seagate is imploding

Done: Xyratex Suzhou Korean D.C. To Do: Dot Hill eVault LaCie... read more

Future of DotHill in question

The ClusterStor sale signifies the probable end of Seagate's upwards vertical integration ideas. The future of the Dot Hill business must now have question marks around it. They likely close this business as early as March 2018.

Everything all right next year!

Everything go well after another 20% cut in January and Closing Of DotHill. Start looking fir a job! Especially if you are in visa! You have 45 days to leave the country.

3-gate no more

Forced ranking eliminated after 20 years of visceral executive defense of a system that most tech companies abandoned 5-10 ago as a failure. Maybe the majority of employees are also right about a lot of other f---ed up Seagate policies that destroy... read more

So many negative comments BUT

We still have plenty of overtimes & hiring. The best part D&D is just round the corner @ MBS. To those haters, hate yourself after you got your a-- out, grown up guys.

September layoffs

I would expect the axe to fall end of September for general rif. You saw the slide saying our op ex is 17% and they want it down to 13 to 15%. Any organizational shifts like CSsG/Dot Hill or facilities closing will be later if needed. I believe this... read more


Mosely told us that employees will always be sacrificed first to appease the Wall Street gods. Why no focal increase? We told Wall street we wouldn't. Why more layoffs? Our op ex isn't whete we want it to be. Instead of growing revenue positively... read more

Wish I could tell this room we are done

These were the words of new CEO today, "I wish I could tell this room we are done, but we are not there yet", "we will see what happens in the next 6 months". This seems to match rumors of layoffs at the end of January '18. What is your take?

Executives are doing what is necessary

Actually, the executives are doing what is necessary. HDD technology is mature and hitting natural physical limits, while facing slow replacement by SSD technology. It won't immediately replace HDD in every instance, but the trend is inescapable... read more

HDD finished

Samsung announced at flash summit '17 that fifth generation will include Samsung's first QLC NAND flash (four bits per cell), with a capacity of 1Tb (128GB) per die.

Seagate severance?

Search is failing me, or I am still too sleepy to function efficiently, but I can't find any concrete info on what severance is like at Seagate in case of layoffs... Anybody knows what to expect in case I find myself being shown the door? I am... read more

Tension at workplace is unbearable

There's so much tension in our department it's not worth engaging anyone. People are snapping at each other all the time. Seagate will soon start moving people to other shifts to get work done wether they like it or not. Employees are not people. So... read more


Lots of blaming this and that. As employees of Seagate, current and former, what would you do to fix this company from collapsing? Only two rules and three goals, unless you can think of more goals. Rules: a) Remember your boss is the 292 million... read more

The end is 6 months away.

In 6 months the weekend workers will be gone, hammer will be be history and seagate will gut R&D. We will be a production only company as we die off.

So long, Seagate Cold Storage

330TB per cartridge.

Condolences to my friends at Seagate

From an ex-Seagate employee, so sorry to hear of yet another layoff. Wishing you and yours well wishes and a speedy recovery. For those still at Seagate, I encourage you to look elsewhere. Seagate management has you in it's sights. You will be... read more

Seagate is finished

Ok. Let me tell you what is going on since your executives will not. SSD has taken out 15K & 10K enterprise HDD as well as PC HDD. When SSD's are deployed in all flash arrays in combination with de-duplication technology, the SSD capacity need is 1/3... read more

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