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New 16 TB HAMR Drives in media

Can anyone shed some light about the 16 TB HAMR drives shown in all media now? Isn’t that a real HAMR head?
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It is happening - just different

LCO, NRM and CUP have been hit over the last few weeks. They are not doing a big one day RIF to avoid negative press... instead, it is a few here and a few there. Big budget meeting on Monday Dec 10th - VPs from around world at CUP to decide the rest... read more

Lay off imminent in the next Q

Global slowdown leads to recession, we are clearly heading in that direction, home prices falling, job market looks weaker now. Good luck!

Mark Re is out of Seagate

Mark Re is out of Seagate, major layoff next year, declining in demand, no more new innovation for Seagate, Seagate will be the next 'Sears'.

Product Launch Capability

Seagate engineering at NRM and SHK has been so decimated through large and small layoffs alike, that this is the result: SEAGATE WILL NEVER LAUNCH ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM MINNESOTA. Goodbye HAMR, too bad I never got to know ya.


Can security robots get laid off? Will patrol for recharge. Willing to retrain machine intelligence for human extermination.

Major lay off next year

Lay off started from higher level will continue until next year then followed by huge lay off at working Bee levels.

Avoiding huge layoffs as much as possible

From past experience it is highly unlikely they will do a huge layoff before year’s end. Huge layoffs are usually either in the Q3 or Q1 of the fiscal year. Q3 so that they can make the financial look good for the fiscal year ending in June. Q1 if... read more

Any layoffs at Seagate before year's end?

I think we all know by now there'll be major layoffs sometime next year, but I'm more concerned about the current one. I keep hearing about people being laid off in small numbers nearly every week. Is that going to continue throughout this and next... read more


For all those of you that want a short but interesting read....

Employees are just numbers on the balance sheet

Ever since DM took over as CEO the culture in Seagate has been one of “just do what Dave wants”. The Executive Leadership team no longer cares about the issues and challenges that the lower ranks are facing. They care only about making the financial... read more

HAMR Status

Anyone working in HAMR can tell what’s going on in HAMR world. Have been hearing from management every year that next year it will be in the market with 20/40 TB drives.

SSD prices dropping drastically

SSD prices dropping drastically, Seagate won't have the chance to compete, soon will have a big retrenchment next year. The old days of HDDs finally ended.

Hiring freeze

You'll get word of the hiring freeze soon enough. Word is just starting to spread from the top down. My manager flat out told me that he has been told from the VP no hiring till Q3. As we usually see, this is step one before a layoff almost every... read more

Laid off

Are the people here concerned on getting laid off or not getting laid off? To be or not to be that’s the question?

Focus on People the Seagate Way

What does "Focus on People" actually mean? I'm in my mid 20s, got hired in MN about 6 months ago. Seagate is definitely NOT like I thought it would be. Things I was expecting: Seagate advertised that they were the "employer of choice", whateve that... read more

November layoffs at Seagate?

I've been hearing about significant layoffs sometime next month. Just a few rumors here and there, but there has been enough of them by now to have me worried. Do we have any idea if this is true or not? We all know more layoffs are coming, but I was... read more

STX stock bloodbath starts 10/26

WD just missed on revenue. STX will plummet. 30 handle will hit tomorrow like I told you. Management better pull a Musk style book cooking recipe out for next week. The slightest miss will be severely punished. For the rest of you, get ready to be... read more

The Motto is Real: Focus on People

Seagate has a long history of putting the focus on people. I don't think that point needs supporting. But HOW they focus on people is amazing. Imagine you were a cruel child and wished to torture ants. You'd get out the magnifier and FOCUS sun rays... read more

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