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Time to short STX?

They can’t increase dividend anymore, as profit continue to decline. Debt is alarming. Need to cut 15% employees

Let's have a micro survey here..

Just curious about the real micro survey result I feel belong here and valued as a person I trust the company's direction set by the executives I feel excited about my future in this company I'm supported in trying new ideas and... —  read more 

Stock price for real ?

Are we going to do better this earning or flunk? The stock has been trending up for quite some time!

Layoff in the works?

Hiring freeze in my team even though we desperately need more people. Is it a bad signal?

Any talented people stayed in Seagate?

Most of the talented people moved to other companies. People who stayed there useless people who can’t find another job, especially LCO. If they lose this job they are done. Lot of h1b slaves who graduated from level 2 universities have to go back.

HAMR status

What happened to our HAMR drives? Have we started mass production?

Quote from American Rhetoric (1991)

You know, at one time there must've been dozens of companies makin' buggy whips. And I'll bet the last company around was the one that made the best goddamn buggy whip you ever saw. Now how would you have liked to have been a stockholder in that... —  read more 

Wow - its quiet out there!

Everybody still recovering from Thanksgiving or has everyone with something to say waiting on their VEEP package clock to commence on December 20th?

T-Mobile Data Breach

Dear CIO thank you for saving Seagate millions of dollars moving my Verizon iPhone to T-Mobile. Your leadership and wisdom is amazing. Now my Seagate and personal data once again has been breached. Signed All of... —  read more 

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Returning is not a good idea

you're considering going back to a company that has already laid you off? if you're not happy w/ your current company, it's better to find another company. as an hiring manager, if i saw someone jump back and forth to the same company, it would... —  read more 

Should I go back to Seagate

I was laid off 1.5 years ago My current job is 40% more than Seagate But my happiness here is also 40% less Now one manager want me back coz one of his team is retiring. Should I go back? Should I ask for 20% more than what I was paid in... —  read more 

Lay off

Huge lay off in January/Feb time frame. No info on exact time. Longmont will be affected. Especially, dothill division.

CUP / FRC Consolidation

Not thought out, poorly planned, simmering pot of ego's about to all be jockeying for parking spots. Bye Seagate.

Reorg and layoffs

They haven't decided to totally cut off all funds to R&D yet and we still have a large Seagate Research group funding all kinds of pet projects and stuff. Once I see that cut I'll have to admit, they are going to cash flow it all the way down. I... —  read more 

FQ1 2020 Results

FQ1 2020 Results Non-GAAP Year-Over-Year Revenue DECREASE = 13.8% Year-Over-Year Net income DECREASE = 45.9 (ouch!) Year-Over-Year Earnings Per Share DECREASE = 41.4% Operating Expenses trending up. Look out below...

Voluntary Early Exit Program Who's jumping ship?

So what is your take on the VEEP offering to the U.S. based upper management tier? Will these positions be filled by non U.S. people? Will there be mass layoffs after MGNT get their golden parachutes?

Five year plan

This is my expectation over 5 years. It'll take time to unfold, so just start your preps. 2020: 35K employees. Exodus of best talent already underway will accelerate. Career growth opportunities shrink, disappear. Exit Systems business. Eliminate... —  read more 

Seagate Benefits

Used to work at Seagate last decade. Seagate used to be a great place for benefits. Can current employees tell me: Does NRM still have the on-site fitness center? Loved going there, so convenient. Free yoga and boot camp classes. It was... —  read more 

Time to oust CEO?

Noticed in the last day 3 CEO s have been ousted, wework, eBay, it time for new leadership for stx before it is too late? If in doubt watch the pathetic show at investor day last week. I say it is time.

Investor day embarassment

That was bad. The CEO showed a TAM of the year 2025, 27 to 30b in total revenue, that will be split between the 3 HDD companies, data from McKinsey. That is 10b each. Lower revenue than this year with costlier energy assisted products. And raise... —  read more 

How many of you are still happy at Seagate?

I see so much negativity here that it makes me wonder if there is anybody left at Seagate who is still happy with their job. I'm not talking about the constant possibility of layoffs - sadly that's a given in the majority of companies these days. I'm... —  read more 

CEO sells $5m in shares

Were you happy with your little bonus? Believe the CEO is as bullish as he says?

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