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I might be the next one out the door.

I can certainly understand HDS restructuring, but laying off employees stating that position is no longer required or company heading in a different direction then turnaround and carry out the same job functions using contractors/remote offshore... —  read more 

Profits OK, Yet, Layoffs...

This happened to me, just shy of my 12th year career at HDS. It saddens me to realize just how dispensable we can be to a company. My heart goes out to all those affected by the layoff's. The internal emails were stating they were making more money... —  read more 

HDS Layoffs 2017

HDS is a prefect example of a company who did not stay relevant --- they forgot to adopt and change - and HDS is now struggling to define itself. Layoffs are a monthly occurrence here at HDS - you can ask anyone they will tell you that they have no... —  read more 

More layoffs coming again at HDS!

Just saw this WARN from EDD after management shake down at HDS in Santa Clara: Over 100+ layoffs this month. HDS is bad- they keep laying people off in California... —  read more 

Big layoffs to hit next week

Big executive shakeup and massive layoffs expected next week across the company before fiscal new year and new CEO. Sales team hit very hard. Heard marketing hit badly as well as engineering.

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