Thread regarding Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) layoffs

HDS Layoffs 2017

HDS is a prefect example of a company who did not stay relevant --- they forgot to adopt and change -

and HDS is now struggling to define itself.

Layoffs are a monthly occurrence here at HDS - you can ask anyone they will tell you that they have no confidence that they will be around in a year...

The only people getting laid off are individual contributors - Hitachi protects others fairly well...

The company is over...

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Hitachi has been operating via layoffs for many years whilst the d boys network recycles itself. HR is very ineffective. HDS is no longer relevant. A Comoany in trouble

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I can certainly understand company restructuring, but laying off employees stating that position is no longer required or company heading in a different direction then turnaround and carry out the same job functions using contractors/remote offshore cheap labor resources?

I understand employment is "AT WILL" but replacing american employees in favor of cheap offshore resources. This is definitely a "Breach of Good Faith and Fair Dealing" according to the US labor law. In fact the contracting/offshore resource are inferior in skills than the impacted employees.

I am a current employee and can attest this is happening across the board . I can keep a blind eye, but very difficult to digest and accept. I might be the next one out the door.

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Looks like they have let go lot if impact players. The only peolple left are mediocre in the industry.

Now the competitors are going to hire lot of HDS prior employees and reap the benefits.

Looks the new management is keeping or bringing new people based on “Friends of Bob” strategy.

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I agree. The management is/has been doing what they need to do. I am one of the laid off after 16 years. I had a good run and now its over. That is the reality of this industry.

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I feel that the leadership at HDS is properly addressing their stance in the marketplace. They have developed new internal programs to advance individuals moving forward. I believe they will come through stronger and more customer focused. They will be around for years to come.

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