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Teradata HR

I heard that in the past, Teradata pay isn't competitive and HR plays hardball. Are they still trying to lowball new candidates and lose talented people that may help the company from the death spiral or are they actually trying to be more... —  read more 


Recent town hall was filled with positive news and accolades as each executive talked about wins, winbacks, renewals and new logos. Is this even real or a big lie?

Tired of this place

Is there anybody left who actually enjoys working at Teradata? I'm just curious, because all of the people in my department are fed up and are looking for ways to leave (myself included.) I think as soon as more jobs become available once again... —  read more 

Social Media Activity

Increased activity by all Teradata big guns on LinkedIn and beyond promoting free trails, fighting legacy perception etc. Is this the new normal or simply desperation at its essence? When will they release the numbers for Q2? Comments or... —  read more 

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Nyquist, Harrington, Brobst

3 execs who are milking TDC with little return provided. Go look at the money year after year that they make versus the results delivered as leaders and in their specific functions. For example, Harrington leads services for a long time and services... —  read more 

Teradata M&A speculation

Teradata (NYSE:TDC) shares gain 4.7% after Reorg M&A says the company could attract PE interest. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3581970-teradataplus-4_7-on-m-speculation?utm_source=markets.businessinsider.com&utm_medium=referral

Layoffs today

6 of my team members were ejected today. I spoke to all of them and to summarize... They each had a short call, and told me to beware of short 15 to 30 minute meeting invites that come in the inbox a day prior or the morning on the day of. They all... —  read more 

We are too good to you

So "rewarding top talent" will now become "no merit raise for you". We have studied it and you make too much compared to what other companies pay for your description. Therefore we have determined that we are too good to you already and not... —  read more 

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