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Yet another VP quit

So another VP quit this week, why are all the VP's that have been here less than three years quitting?

Glassdoor games

Anyone else notice that OR's glass door rating doubled in the last two days. Clearly marketing is filing all of it's reviews. How about we return the favor.


With supposed no products to support, what is state of GSC? Shouldn't reductions be seen in this area as well? Plus 40/day would be 200/week? Seems quite a bit...HR would surely be busy...
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49.28 on 3/1 to 34 + today

Nice Job Mark, Oliver, and Vic Let's include the Board of Directors for their outstanding performance as well. Mark and Oliver sounded like junior executives on the quarterly earnings call. Mark and Oliver should lose their jobs as they have zero... read more

Rolling layoffs

Yes, and the reason for the constant doom and gloom is because of rolling layoffs -- meaning they never really end. There might be 15 laid off here and 25 laid off there virtually anywhere at any time. This. Layoffs are taking place at Teradata every... read more

SAS will buy TERADATA -great merge

The discussion between the 2 company started months ago. SAS commitment is to buy 80% of TD by Q2. This rumors is coming from SAS board Do you think is good for us?

Has anybody actually been laid off yet?

I see so many "this one is waiting for a call," and "these are marked for it," and "HR is making phone rounds here and there" - but it's all still just rumors. I can't see that one person was told to leave as of yet. I'm not saying it's not going to... read more

Q2 LAY-OFF IS Started

After the Disaster of Q2 numbers HR is starting a second round of lay-off. This is hidden steps , some people have received a call from HR. Who knows how many are planned? Worried too loose my jobs now

No, this is not good

No matter how you try to spin it, these results are not good for Teradata. And we're all about to feel it when they announce more layoffs. I think it's better for people to put their energy into finding a new job than trying to convince themselves... read more

Consulting Spin-Off urgent

Result are very good ARR is double digit grow. Total recurring and save business is 1.4 M$ After selling services TD will be a company With 5000 employees, 1.5M$ Rev and 40% GM They need to accelerate the spin-off of consulting ASAP.

STOP to invest in ......... TD

Great MKT Message Stop to invest in .........Analytics Invest in Oracle Stock As investor I have lost a lot with TD
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Conversation among stakeholders

TD: Invest in answers! Customer: Umm...What kind of answer did you get in yourself after Q1? TD: No growth, never-ending transformation (not investing but just reduction) and the stock plunged -10% overnight. Customer: ........ Market: Who will buy... read more

Q1 results are very Good but. No Consulting

Consulting revenue gross margin was negative 2.8% as compared to negative 3% in Q1 2018. As previously mentioned as we realign our consulting business to our strategy, the near-term profitability will be impacted. This is = 1000/1200 Lay-off

We'll still have layoffs

No matter the results, we'll see more layoffs and soon. If we beat expectations, it'll send a message to management that current strategy is working - strategy that includes cost cuts through layoffs. If we don't meet expectations, they'll see it as... read more

I really don't want to be laid off

I'm seeing so many people hoping to be laid off, especially from my generation - but I'm definitely not among them. It's been so long since I filled out a job application or did a job interview (we are talking decades here) - I'm not sure what to... read more

Snowflake = Teradata++?

Someone fron Snowflake, most likely ex Teradata employee,posted here “Join Snowflake” someone responded: Snowflake is a big fat joke. Agreed. Please someone honestly Tell me what is the market presense of SF in the IT enterprises of the Fortune 100s?... read more

Victor Lund

Vote up if you think Victor “Lund” did a good job turning the company around. Vote down otherwise.

Please lay me off!

I want out of this mess. Out of what Teradata turned into. Give us a chance to volunteer - I'll take it in a second!

Cuts are coming from high in the sky

Cuts are coming from high in the sky (i.e. directly HR) so that there is no space for internal discussions and escalations that could slow down the headcount reduction process. Customers find out that the person supporting them for years is not going... read more

We can't afford more layoffs

Not sure about other teams, but between layoffs and people quitting and nobody replacing them we are barely able to do our job as it is. All of us are already forced to do work of at least two people (for same pay, mind you.) If any more people are... read more

Layoffs after Q1 results

Let's be realistic, when results for first quarter are announced, there will be very little if any good news in it for us. Which, I'm betting, will lead to even more layoffs - considering that that seems to be the only thing Teradata upper management... read more

A once great company

TD used to be a pretty nice place to work. Whilst the tech always lagged, mostly due to their arrogant ways of thinking, it has since just lost all thrust. Like a plane full of people (employees) helplessly stalling out of the sky. Teradata...more... read more

did you know?

Did you know that if you are rehired you aren't eligible to receive severance again at least in the US?This means there is no risk to rehiring you, it will cost the company nothing to let you go, again Did you know that in most cases it is illegal or... read more
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Nobody wants us

All this talk about Buy Out and Take Over. Who the Hell wants it? They have had this lousy company on the market for the past 2 years, no takers. 35 year old tech gets you no pay day these days. I'm not disgruntled because I was laid off or canned. I... read more

So many people walking out

Looks like a lot of people have figured out there is no future (at least nothing long term) at Teradata. More and more people are walking out and never looking back. Sadly, most of them are our best people, which is only dooming this company further... read more

Good News

Rumors from LT are confirming that a buyer for Services signed a preliminary agreement. GDC is not part of the agreement. please reply to this message if you got this info too

Teradata will be losing market share and shrinking

Teradata will be losing market share and shrinking. The bulk of revenue traditionally was/is coming from on-prem hardware refreshes and there is limited future with this business model. Core database technology is good, but it’s complex and there are... read more

Why Do You Stay?

I worked for Teradata for 6 months, gave them a chance, and then ran as fast as I could out of there once I experienced first hand what goes on in the Teradata compound. The restructuring, the 'strategy', the pivots, the fact that cloud is soooo far... read more

ALERT..... another big layoff coming q2

If you feel safe, don’t, they will be shredding another huge group in Q2. Good luck to those they remain, cause you will need it. Talk about destroying a company from the inside out , holy sh-- it’s bad. A big sale is coming by the closure of 2019.

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