Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

We have come full circle

We are at the point where attrition is so bad that even some of the worst people I've ever had the displeasure of working with are leaving for what they consider to be better positions. Imagine how bad things must be if somebody who works at most 2-3... —  read more 

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TDC on Life Support

The feeding tube is migrating existing Teradata on-prem systems to Teradata bolted onto AWS. This why revenue is flat to declining. It's also why there is no mention of new customers. Interesting with all hype on Vantage CloudLake there was no... —  read more 

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As Teradata Corporation's (NYSE:TDC)) market cap dropped by US$146m, insiders who sold US$2.6m worth of stock were able to offset their losses Insiders at Teradata Corporation (NYSE:TDC) sold US$2.6m worth of stock at an average price of US$48.21 a share over the... —  read more 

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Let's start a new narrative...

I can assure you what I am about to say is not a form of euphoria. Nor am I an HR troll trying to inject falsehoods hear to prop our company up. I have a difficult role with many tight deadlines and many missing pieces that would be considered... —  read more 

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Adopting new technologies

I think the fact that TD is having a hard time adopting new technology is a huge problem. What are the reasons for that? Colleagues who left this place tell me that the hardest part of their transition in new companies was getting used to much more... —  read more 

Strategy Report card

JC’s report card: A-F? I don’t see anything different about our strategy after hiring JC. We continue to falter. Oh, I do see a bunch of McKinsey branded training programs that we are paying arm+leg and drafting employees to take. Other than... —  read more 

It's hard to explain

TD was actually a great workplace in the past. It is not easy to explain how in a relatively short period it became the exact opposite. What do you think are the critical points that brought this company down?

Close to retirement

I am totally disappointed. This is a sinking ship. I hope that I will be able to make it until retirement, although lately I have been increasingly thinking about taking the risk and leaving. How close to retirement would you still consider job... —  read more 

Summer Fridays

Great way to miss the worst results since 2010 and pretend they never happened….well, they never happened as far as Instagram is concerned so they can’t be true.

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Is the rumor true?

Some here are already starting to talk about layoffs, but I don't know how much truth there is in that. I have friends at Oracle and it wouldn't surprise me if after the layoffs there, we also experience layoffs here. However, I am interested in... —  read more 

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