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The date?

Someone in this forum claimed the layoff date was announced as next Monday. I haven’t heard any announcement like that, but maybe other regions have some sort of requirement for them to say? Can anyone else confirm that date or have different... —  read more 

cloud cloud cloud

this is getting exciting! the all hands meeting is full of positive plans for the company! Forgo the ongoing RIFs/Retirement/Grudges/all negative topics.. let's focus forward... I know there will be a lot of 'trolls' here, so just wanted to let... —  read more 

We need a new ELT

Fire the entire top management in Teradata first. Once you have done that may be we can hire some good people who know what they are doing to help Teradata. I couldn't agree more! This leadership has proven to be completely incapable of running... —  read more 

Are you prepared ?

This place is a wreck and we all know it. It's a close to assurance that you will be laid off in any event once in the course of your life. Knowing this, what actions are you taking to plan for the day when you're notified that your position has been... —  read more 

Sept. come and gone

I spent the whole month trying not to worry about layoffs while focusing on projects, and it didn't work. I worried. And then worried some more. There's little we can do but worry when we know it’s coming, but we just don’t know the exact dates... —  read more 

Partners User Conference

Maybe this year the customers will out number TD employees. Well if there are any customers willing to travel to SD. Doubt any international customers will make it. I am sure it will be a great success as always.

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It's not going to be enough

However many people accept to leave voluntarily, you can expect regular layoffs to follow. Expecting anything else is intentionally choosing to live in denial. Teradata needs to cut costs drastically. The easiest way to do that is through layoffs... —  read more 

I want to “make sure”

For senior and mid level managers this should have been undertaken by a neutral third party. Like a blind taste test. They should call every single manager and evaluate if they add value to this company vs. just attending meetings, hearing themselves... —  read more 

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