Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Better days are here..

I see no doom and gloom posts. Less chatty. TINO spammer took a sabbatical. Stock looking up. I think the quarterly results will hit the stock price out of the park.

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New Logos?

This is an honest question from long term TD employee who left about a year and a half ago (voluntarily I might add, and with absolutely zero regret). Is Teradata landing any new logos at all? My experience talking with customers in my new role is... —  read more 

Survivors beware

If you have survived the Jan RIFs, congratulations, you are automatically selected as a candidate for the next round. If you belong to LT/ELT, don’t worry you’ll be able to milk the cow and keep going on your foreign jaunts and consume the travel... —  read more 


Got laid off yesterday.. it's my first time and I am wondering about unemployment. Will Teradata contest it if I apply? Since I got a severance package am I ineligible? Also it sounds like even though I'm no longer actively working, I will stay on... —  read more 

More to come?

This is a complete mess. Some think that the impact this time was quite significant, but of course, no one has a clear idea about it because this company is totally non-transparent. Does anyone have any insight as to whether more is to come or is... —  read more 

more RiFs yesterday

Just when you think there is no one else to RIF anymore, ELT comes up with another list of mostly great folks in customer support, sales, engineering. Very hard to see these smart guys go, and instill fear in the remaining. The surviving... —  read more 

Stop TINO spammer

I bet the posts about TINO in every sentence is from a single guy. We are now into a TINO fatigue. I think I came across more TINO in this forum than hear Transformation word at work. Stop spamming unless you can say something without using TINO... —  read more 

Lack of clear direction

Maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem like Teradata has any clear direction anymore. What are the long-term and specific plans for this company? It is completely unclear where this company is going. This used to be an excellent workplace but the... —  read more 

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