Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Toxicity at its best

Anyone that worked or still works at Teradata knows it is toxicity at its best. Those of you that put the bs on here about how great it is at Teradata are just jealous that you have not found a way out. Everything posted about becoming stagnant at... —  read more 

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I'm free... the feeling of liberation and excitement is unbelievable. If you have not already, grasp the nettle and get out NOW. There are many jobs out there and the longer you stay with TD the more your skills are diluted and the harder... —  read more 

Is it really that bad?

I'm not an employee but someone looking to pick up a few shares of TDC stock and I came across this board. After reading a few dozen posts, it seems like Vantage is a poor product and the managers are all morons. Granted, this is coming from a... —  read more 

No shame in it…

I am able to retire in just a few short years. After being here for so long and seeing all the negative changes occur I’ve basically reached my limit and decided to look for other means of employment - actually any means of employment outside of... —  read more 

Your biggest complaint?

Even if there was no threat of possible dismissals, I would make every effort to get out of here because I just feel like I wasted time here. Developing and growing talent wasn’t even an afterthought and that’s one of my biggest complaints to this... —  read more 

Somehow, things are even worse

Everyone I talk too who is not retirement eligible or very close is looking. Those in the former category are praying they can keep their job until they can exit. The morale is only getting lower and the new account teams are worse than ever. I... —  read more 

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I'm curious

How many of you have contemplated quitting in the past several months? How many have been job shopping for longer than that? I think the number of people who fit into these two categories is at least half of the entire workforce - which should... —  read more 

So many resignations

Anyone else notice how many resignations have occurred since bonus payouts in mid-March? Particularly in the female population. Not unexpected by many of us, but seems to be coming as a surprise to people at the top as they scramble to uncover the... —  read more 

A race against time

I believe a lot of people had a strong feeling that their job was going to be cut, but they didn’t think it was going to happen as fast as it happened, as someone already mentioned. I have a colleague who kept saying that he had to find an... —  read more 

AIP issues

I've talked to several people who did not receive AIP payout because they left before the pay period in which it was paid out but worked all performance year. Nobody remembers signing an agreement stating that limitation, nor signing the policy. ... —  read more 

Should SM re-evaluate M.e?

As Teradata's CMO, M.e. doesn't talk to customers, doesn't know how our customers use our products, doesn't know what products we offer, doesn't understand the technology, ... and he's been here over 3 years and doesn't want any of the above. He... —  read more 

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Trying not to overreact

My boss and I have always had a good working relationship. But I’ve noticed in the last month or so he seems to be avoiding me like the plague. What little interaction we have there is no eye contact on his part and for some reason he seems to be... —  read more 

Feeling of stagnation

Teradata is my first work experience and I have been working here for a little over six years. Now I realized I had lingered around here for too long because I'm starting to feel stagnant. Maybe I should have changed jobs after two or three years. I... —  read more 

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