Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

So, what now?

Pterodactyl has surrendered 2022. So, what will happen? I doubt any company would buy this tu-d. I left and the smart people have already left. I just wonder what the five-year forecast looks like.

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The blame game

This is not just the case at TD, but it is quite frustrating when no one wants to accept responsibility. Neither the company nor employees benefit much from the blame game. Instead of blaming the prior mgt, why don't the new people in... —  read more 

New Director on Board

Another member (of the board)…with a nice batch of shares (10,000+) just for turning up to a few meetings every year.

Our technology

Since none of us can change anything here, I am aware that all my frustrations are in vain. For example, our technology. Does anyone think our technology is relevant enough today? I don't think so.

When did you stop working hard?

I have been working the bare minimum for a long time but in the meantime I am diligently looking for new opportunities. I worked hard until TD decided to lay off colleagues who were employees that any decent company could only wish for.

Positive vibes

What are the good things that makes people stay here, in spite of all the negativity on this site and at work…. Great technology in the core database Great architects with vast knowledge and history Great Customer/Engineering... —  read more 

Do we need PMO ?

After a ton of agile coaches who thought they can teach us SAFe safely and a bunch of wannabes who blindly implemented these ceremonies without knowing the value of the same, it is time to ta-ta the Project Management Office. They do nothing but... —  read more 

Do as I say or else

How many of you have been told in the past several years "do as I say or you can kiss your job goodbye" when trying to fix something that's obviously broken? I keep trying because it would make my job significantly easier if we implemented some... —  read more 

No replacements

I guess if the company after three months hasn’t hired anyone new to replace the colleague who left, it doesn’t even intend to do so? Any thoughts? A colleague who left did a huge amount of work and now, of course, those of us who are still here... —  read more 

I just quit

I work in the cloud engineering team and just put down my papers. Can’t work any more. So much negativity and turf building with no idea of where the vantage product should be in the next few quarters. SAFe is not quite safe any more. Line managers... —  read more 

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