Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

This is not unique to TD

Things have doubtlessly changed for the worse in the last decade or so but the same is the case for 99 percent of other companies. Everything around you is changing - most often for the worse - so I don't understand why people act shocked that TD is... —  read more 

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old timers

looks like r&d brought back TW and DS says he is bringing others back from retirement. think he is getting a referral bonus?

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RIF timing

There is more and more talk about cuts. I need the job desperately, but I’m so outraged at this company that I won’t be much disappointed at all if they tell me they don’t need me anymore. It is RIF that sometimes helps people to work harder and find... —  read more 

Winter is coming….

With that, another round of significant layoffs (but low enough not to need a filing)… long serving employees are on top of lists (some are customer facing), all affected will be notified by mid December at the latest. Good luck to all. Spend your... —  read more 

Lost cause?

I am afraid that this company has long been a lost cause and that it is unrealistic to expect any improvements here? Their only focus is on how to make savings, cut expenses, and it seems that everything has become an expense for them. There is no... —  read more 


The RIF this year needs to be at the ELT level. Starting with KCC. The last all hands was a joke. Can we please talk about our business for a change? How many ELT members actually know our industry and business?

This is worrying to me

As an employee, this much attrition is worrying to me. Colleagues are leaving and this has started to affect my work more and more. On the other hand, I haven't noticed that a lot of new people are coming. It does not seem to me that the leadership... —  read more 

M.e. On The Way Out?

Rumor has it there is a confidential search for a new CMO. I guess it’s not confidential anymore. They will probably bring on a McKinsey pick. This will not help. Our problem is not Marketing, it’s lack of innovation. And our product reliability and... —  read more 

Unreasonable manager

I'm getting sick and tired of my manager expecting things from me that are not doable in the timeframe he expects them to be done. Not to mention, half the time those are the things that have very little to do with my actual job. I wish I could have... —  read more 

This survey is so d-mb

We’ve been in a transformation for what, at least 10 years now? I’m so sick of hearing that word. And now another d-mb survey on if we understand our transformation. I certainly don’t. Has something changed since our first transformation way... —  read more 

Leadership failure

There’s only three things that happen naturally in organizations, according to Peter Drucker: Friction Confusion Underperformance Those three themes come up repeatedly on this forum - there’s usually at least one in every post and some make it a... —  read more 

It really is that bad

I’m sure many view this board and wonder if things are really that bad here. Unfortunately, they are. The smoke and mirrors analogy is accurate. Nearly all customers are either leaving or moving to the cloud with heavy erosion. Of course Cloud ARR... —  read more 

This place is abusive

Sometimes it feels like Teradata is outright abusive towards us and nobody gives a damn. And they should. There can be serious consequences to employees' health - both mental and physical - of such behavior. I wish somebody would pay attention... —  read more 


Management’s focus is clearly on the share price and the analysts, rather than on customers and the company is definitely not geared up to look after and nurture the employees anymore. Clearly missing customer events like Partners, where feedback... —  read more 

More Restructuring Coming

We are forming a Cloud BU and moving it all under the CRO? How will a sales guy drive cloud innovation? He can’t even do his day job and drive revenue growth. I guess this means BR is moving on. He did not last long. Was this a McKinsey work stream?... —  read more 

Losing the locker room

Reading through the comments made here, it’s quite clear that current management have lost the locker room at Teradata, just as the previous regime(s) did. However, if the customer numbers and claims of voluntary departures are correct, then this... —  read more 

I'm completely burnt out

I took the Labor Day week off and now that I'm back at work I realized just how much I don't want to do this anymore. Never in my life did I feel like this after a vacation. Before, I'd have enjoyed my time off but when it was time to get back to... —  read more 

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