Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.


I just read a post on LinkedIn that AWS is partnering with BMW to 'to Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation' Teradata have... —  read more 

Do the Factory

I challenge KCC and the rest of the politically frenzied, self centered ELT to attend the Factory training and pass a certification fair and square. Sweat the brow. Understand what makes us great. Touch and feel engineering, respect it. Don't act... —  read more 

How will it end?

Teradata’s realistic prospects are dim. So how will it end? I doubt any rational company would buy us. We’re losing market share and the technology race. We’re laying off the qualified and experienced people and leaving the buttkissing clueless... —  read more 

ELT Salary Research

The latest RIF was preceded by yet another cycle of old leadership out, new leadership in. I started looking for offer letters on SEC and found some info, put it up on this etherpad, maybe other folks can add in details for more people they can... —  read more 

Marketing Investment

Any investment in marketing needs to be reviewed in terms of measurable metrics . Ultimately it has to show results . Results in terms of number of new logos acquired, amount of new / incremental revenue it brought, etc. Repeating the mantra... —  read more 

The Management Layers

Does anyone have any historical data on the hierarchy depth? Or the ratio of individual contributors to managers? I'm fairly new to TD and don't have the historical perspective, but in the latest all hands and roadmaps I get bamboozled by the sheer... —  read more 

Cisco connection?

*What has amazed me over the last 6 years is the erosion of culture and knowledge that was Teradata. How many Cisco employees can they bring in, that have failed one after another. SY, TB, BD and others. They thought we were selling commodity... —  read more 

The ideological echo chamber

The ideological replacement of reason and the quashing of the debate is spilling over from aspects which are annoying but relatively marginal, such as the diversity craze, into core strategic aspects, such as the direction of travel. There is a... —  read more 

Classic gems from M.e

“As a CMO, you cannot have fear, you have to be fearless. You can’t blink otherwise the team senses that, other functions will sense that, and you’re dead in the water,” the recently appointed chief marketing officer tells CMO. “You have to have... —  read more 


In its heyday, Teradata was always listed as one of the (if not the) top databases / data warehouse products in every relevant article. Now, there are barely any "mentions". Being listed as a (slipping) Gartner leader is not the same as relevance... —  read more 

TD Altman Z score is terrible

Just take a look at the Z score for Teradata which is around 1 and has been for many years. The final result is they will fail, either being sold or complete liquidation. The only thing the Z score cannot predict is when. Bye bye

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