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Victor Lund

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Please lay me off!

I want out of this mess. Out of what Teradata turned into. Give us a chance to volunteer - I'll take it in a second!

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Cuts are coming from high in the sky

Cuts are coming from high in the sky (i.e. directly HR) so that there is no space for internal discussions and escalations that could slow down the headcount reduction process. Customers find out that the person supporting them for years is not going... read more

We can't afford more layoffs

Not sure about other teams, but between layoffs and people quitting and nobody replacing them we are barely able to do our job as it is. All of us are already forced to do work of at least two people (for same pay, mind you.) If any more people are... read more

Layoffs after Q1 results

Let's be realistic, when results for first quarter are announced, there will be very little if any good news in it for us. Which, I'm betting, will lead to even more layoffs - considering that that seems to be the only thing Teradata upper management... read more

A once great company

TD used to be a pretty nice place to work. Whilst the tech always lagged, mostly due to their arrogant ways of thinking, it has since just lost all thrust. Like a plane full of people (employees) helplessly stalling out of the sky. Teradata...more... read more

did you know?

Did you know that if you are rehired you aren't eligible to receive severance again at least in the US?This means there is no risk to rehiring you, it will cost the company nothing to let you go, again Did you know that in most cases it is illegal or... read more
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Nobody wants us

All this talk about Buy Out and Take Over. Who the Hell wants it? They have had this lousy company on the market for the past 2 years, no takers. 35 year old tech gets you no pay day these days. I'm not disgruntled because I was laid off or canned. I... read more

So many people walking out

Looks like a lot of people have figured out there is no future (at least nothing long term) at Teradata. More and more people are walking out and never looking back. Sadly, most of them are our best people, which is only dooming this company further... read more

Good News

Rumors from LT are confirming that a buyer for Services signed a preliminary agreement. GDC is not part of the agreement. please reply to this message if you got this info too

Teradata will be losing market share and shrinking

Teradata will be losing market share and shrinking. The bulk of revenue traditionally was/is coming from on-prem hardware refreshes and there is limited future with this business model. Core database technology is good, but it’s complex and there are... read more

Why Do You Stay?

I worked for Teradata for 6 months, gave them a chance, and then ran as fast as I could out of there once I experienced first hand what goes on in the Teradata compound. The restructuring, the 'strategy', the pivots, the fact that cloud is soooo far... read more

ALERT..... another big layoff coming q2

If you feel safe, don’t, they will be shredding another huge group in Q2. Good luck to those they remain, cause you will need it. Talk about destroying a company from the inside out , holy sh-- it’s bad. A big sale is coming by the closure of 2019.

Fired Today

Td lay-off continue. I m fired today after 3 years. I was fully billable in a telco customer and they have fired me. I’ll bring TD in the court

Departure Lounge

There must be several smart people planning to leave once they have finally been paid for last year’s efforts, especially when the company can’t calculate what is due for Q1. Whilst the return to customer focus and core business is a welcome change... read more

Partners and Channels

If Teradata is going to lay people off and abandon many of its small-to-medium sized customers, why can't it: 1) refer laid-off people to small boutique firms that WANT to serve the customers and would benefit from the expertise of departed staff and... read more

COBRA for January layoffs

FYI - after receiving several bills for COBRA even though I never registered, I emailed HR and was told because they screwed up last year's layoffs, everyone that was fired in Jan was automatically enrolled in COBRA and that if I don't want it, don't... read more

Wrong C-suite

Ever since Eric Tom was appointed the C-suite has collected people with simply the wrong set of values. They do not care about the customers and they do not care about the people. They're only about cutting cost and increasing prices: gee, if it's... read more

TD Next Lay-off is coming

As the company shifts its consulting focus to provide higher margin / higher value consulting services to its target market of “megadata” customers, 2019 consulting revenue is expected to decline approximately 15 percent to 20 percent versus 2018... read more

Growth is necessary

Growth is necessary. If no growth, no talent. If there is growth, opportunities open up, new departments, more headcount, more maneuvering space, new projects, new product, careers flourish. If there is no growth, all land and property is taken... read more

Stay or Go Poll

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TDC is not growing

Successful technology companies grow revenue. Today there is very little focus on winning new logos versus prior management team who drove stock to $80. In addition, there will be significant revenue leakage from accounts below top 500 who will be... read more


TD is doomed because the CEO vision was excellent 20 Years ago. Trasformation require intelligence people not only a famous consulting firm. The best TD R&D is gone ... only the traveler Steve repeat story that are good for students not for CIO.

Every place is teh same in regards to layoffs

Teradata is no different than any legacy software company. It isn’t someone’s fault - they live qtr to qtr without regard to the innovation surrounding them. New co’s have a distinct advantage! Old co’s trying to become New co’s are rarely... read more
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SAP to cut more than 4K jobs in restructuring

Is this the first step for SAP and teradata to a unified transformation front to go in together in a huge M&A transaction that will disrupt the industry. Consulting needs to go first then it’s all business.

The Office is like a desert

The result of this lay-off if that office are now oversized. In Germany I believe that some locations will be closed and in Prague all will move in one floor . People will end in Feb but are already gone. How is the situation in other place?

Training our replacements

I look at the hirings of young employees as a part of a bigger plan to make the company look more attractive if it becomes the object of acquisition. I think they are going to demand from the older long-time employees to train the new ones and once... read more

Everybody is disposable

Nobody is safe here anymore. Literally nobody (well, except for those on top, of course.) No matter your experience, no matter your knowledge - you can be replaced (or at least Teradata thinks so.) Anybody who has been here for a few years knows by... read more

Creating a competition with new hirings

The hirings at TD are made to create an atmosphere on competition between the newcomers and the long-time employes and my take on the situation is that after a while layoffs will be coming and the “older workers” are much closer to being cut... read more

Even if TD gets acquired, they will still need HQ buildings

Even if TD gets acquired, they will still need HQ buildings. Any acquiring company wouldn't shut down, or even move the necessary development/support functions. Services business would have to be sold first, or at the same time. Tech companies are... read more
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Who else is worried about earnings report?

If the results are bad - and let's be realistic, chances are they will be - then I wouldn't be surprised if major layoffs are immediately announced as a damage control measure. And I mean major, nothing small or even medium would be able to properly... read more

Are we getting acquired?

Seems pretty clear they are cutting payroll expenses to make the company more attractive for an acquisition. Highest paid, most successful folks go first - biggest impact on payroll. Then sell the services business to Cognizant. Then sell the... read more

THE CEO teaching DATA Model

I remember when OR was teaching LDM. I was never bet that Good modeler cold be a good CEO. TD is very innovative company, selecting a CEO with Tech skill and investing in SQL as innovative language to run AI. Vantage or Vintage ????
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Driving top performers out

I imagine that Teradata is the only company in the world that doesn’t take pride, much less reward the employees that perform the best work, but rather considers the top performers a liability. I don’t know if the management is threatened by their... read more

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