Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Xmas party charades

Are any of you having Xmas parties? I don't think they are so much parties anymore, but rather a wake as we mourn those who were removed from their roles over the past 12 months. Ours was a very sad event with the sales director degrading everyone... —  read more 

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Next ELT to go?

Which grifter ELT should follow NC and SB out the door next? Each one have caused so much damage to the morale, culture, productivity, innovation, layoffs, and resource drain of this place. We'll take anyone of them next but just go sooner than... —  read more 

2 k !

2K employees being RiF’d ? Lot of emotion we all understand, but few precise numbers to analyse. Across Geos and Orgs, it’s time to come with numbers to rate the amplitude of the horrible and unprecedented massacre that has taken place.? We heared... —  read more 

Go woke, go broke

How many times have we seen the ELT over the past 2 years drone on and on about DEI? Now compare that to how many times they've actually commented on business challenges and how they are going to fix it? Yep, you got it right. DEI conversations... —  read more 

A miracle or nothing

Teradata : from leading proudly the analytics database race to struggling painfully to catch up. The bell has rung; one more lap to go and race is over. Game’s over…unless a divine miracle. Who knows ? SMc raising the dead, HA walking on the sea... —  read more 

A message from the ceo

Confirms worldwide lay-offs in email to all staff. He couldn't explain why employees with more knowledge in the industry with more expertise than his ELT team were let go. This is a CEO managing a once great company into oblivion. His inexperience... —  read more 

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