Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

I remember the old TD

I remember the place that cared about its employees and fostered healthy work culture and environment. It saddens me to see how much things have changed since then. I think it's harder for us who have been here for a while. New employees only know... —  read more 

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Failure to innovate

I wish the “leaders” could explain to me why this company cannot innovate. I am aware that every innovation is a risk, but that is no reason why a company should no longer innovate. I have no more hope and can't wait to get out of here, but it will... —  read more 

Ikea and being enamoured...

How many have seen you seen the social feeds regarding the exciting things others are doing in analytics? While all this goes on, we keep playing in the toddler's pool. We'd rather focus on diversity (which is important, but should be innate, not a... —  read more 

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Are they powerless

to stop all the customers leaving? It seems to me that never before have so many customers left TD. This negative trend just doesn't stop. On the other hand, I can’t believe they’re doing nothing to stop it? Or are they just powerless to do it after... —  read more 


I'm fed up with being here, I feel like a dinosaur. I joined a few years ago, out of university. Many of my peers went to work for Microsoft, Amazon and Google - I thought I was making a bold decision. OMG, I was so wrong, I loathe this place and... —  read more 

All those reorgs

Reorg after reorg after reorg... Constantly some tumultuous, painful processes that do not bring any significant results. Were all these reorganizations a great way to unlock the value? Unfortunately, it seems to me that they are not. Instead of... —  read more 

MC out - any special meaning?

Wondering if it's a retirement or departure without any special connotation or cause or is there something more behind? As in, welcome to the age of speculative capital, on the road to being sold for parts? Would love to be proven wrong...

A company for managers

Too many managers, too few leaders, less and less workers. It's Teradata. Too many bosses spoil the broth. I believe this would be a much better company if there were fewer of them. Do we have to have that many? What do you think, how many of those... —  read more 

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