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Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Q2 Should Be Fun!

They are already blaming the virus and the effects hadn’t kicked in yet in Q1. Like they said in Jurassic Park, hang onto your butts in Q2.

Layoffs today

6 of my team members were ejected today. I spoke to all of them and to summarize... They each had a short call, and told me to beware of short 15 to 30 minute meeting invites that come in the inbox a day prior or the morning on the day of. They all... —  read more 

Q1 Results - anyone have projections

I'd be very surprised if there is any good news (coronavirus discounted and not an alibi) in the quarterly earnings for Q1. After the last earnings call, the management group and Board should be summarily dismissed and I'll bet they have a hard time... —  read more 

We are too good to you

So "rewarding top talent" will now become "no merit raise for you". We have studied it and you make too much compared to what other companies pay for your description. Therefore we have determined that we are too good to you already and not... —  read more 

Colombia sc office closed

GSO office closed and all support personnel let go and replaced with workers in Tijuana.. I have a feeling more groups to follow...

TDC Stock falls irrespective of market

When the market is doing well, tdc stock falls. When the market in general is bad, tdc falls with them. Future prediction: when stocks bounce back, tdc remains where it is.

Execs and "Top Performers" off to Hawaii

Cant believe the gall and ieptitude of this company. Stock is at if not very near an all time low and TD is sending their underperforming lackeys to Hawaii for a week on the shareholders dollar. Need to sell my stock before it's totally upside... —  read more 

Forbes Says "Don't Buy TDC's BS"

This story captures many of the concerns raised on this board. https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2020/02/18/dont-buy-teradatas-turnaround-story/

Hysterical, how

Best economic environment in decades with candidates in short supply...expertise in such hi demand in tech and all you get here is falsehoods, vagaries, and pontifications....the competition is weak and can only bloviate on forums like this with... —  read more 

HR is hopeless

CHRO is totally out of touch or doesn't care. The culture problem that she was to fix has gotten far worse. Maybe if she can get off the high pedestal and spend time with people it might help.

A clown show

The stock is down 50% in the last 12 months. CEO fired. No COO. Current CEO is a lame duck, No Chief Product Officer, CFO is clueless, someone the street does not trust. CTO is a relic. We all know what people think of the CMO. This is... —  read more 

The clock is ticking.....

The share price is now approaching a 5 year low. Don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what comes next. Especially when you look at the cash line on the financial report over the last few years.

Cash burn

Check the cash burn trend at the bottom and cash balances. https://s23.q4cdn.com/501457330/files/doc_financials/2019/q4/TDC-Q419-Consolidated-Statements-of-Cash-Flows.pdf Next ::: fast forward a year or two...borrow money to buy back more... —  read more 

What will a new CEO bring to Teradata?

New strategy? We don't need a new strategy. That will get is nothing Better execution? Execution of what? Sales? Product development? Just another person who will make a bunch of $ as the decline continues?

Teradara Strategy is working

We hear all the times that the strategy is solid and is working. I can"t help but wonder, what this management would call a failed strategy. The bar is set really high: financials going down, sacking ppl, demotivated employees, fake, poor quality... —  read more 

Delusional management - says Bernstein

MC is a clown. Clueless as a CFO. First one to get booted once new CEO comes in Sadly VL, OR, MC and others have looted this company financially. Shame on the board

Acc.Execs will work for food

With ARR model Acc.Execs will work for food. I wonder if sales feel motivated with ARR model that pays big bonuses only to clueless management.

WHAT!!!??? Back to Cloud story again.

Just less than a year I clearly heard VL stating that Cloud is dead horse for TD and now again board wants to convince investors that Cloud is TD future. Boy I am happy that sold TDC stock at peak.

VL stepping away?

But he gets his accelerated vesting (several Million $), Also before he leave puts his buddy in as Chairman and is therefore rewarded with a Directors seat. More $. Wonderful

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