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PS Reorg

All of PS is being reorganized, anyone here anything about job losses? With ThinkBig losing some team members in their reorg, thinking PS may be a target as well.

June 2017 - More Layoff s

Tuesday - June 27 ~25 associates were laid of from the new ThinkBig Analytics organization of Teradata, There was suppose to be a place for everyone in thew new organization....guess not

Thread missing

There was a thread about some layoffs in Pune here, and now it's gone. Is this site administrated?

Teradata Layoffs 2017

How about a bit of healthy growth for a change - I do hear that we may have layoffs in Dayton.
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Who the $(#! is Cranton?

He posted some documents a while back on the 2015 thread that I hadn't seen before, and he's said some other things that make him look like an insider. Does anyone know who this person is? Some of those documents never made it to rank and file... read more

He hadn't even read my resume

I interviewed at TD in San Diego about a year ago and it was the most chaotic, unprofessional event I've experienced in the last decade. I was to meet with 4 separate hiring managers. The first guy didn't understand why he had to be dragged into the... read more

The business continues to decline

Most infrastructure layoffs are complete, but expect additional layoffs once TMA is sold. The business continues to decline, so don't be surprised if more RIF's occur (unfortunately not at the leadership level)

AIP Payout?

Does anyone know if there will be a AIP payout in March? If so, any idea of the percentage?

Something i cannot publish internally

I can't publish this internally, no one would listen and if someone did i would probably get fired. With multiple mortgages and an alimony i can't afford that. So i am putting this here hopefully for people to read and discuss/comment. Question: What... read more


I was a planner at TD and it was March of 2014 that I said "if they start cutting into headcount, we aren't coming back from it." By August of 2015, they had laid off over 100 people in CS and the salesforce. I constantly got inquiries from upper... read more

Think Big Consulting Approach

Re-Post taken from the main Thread. Breaking down the barriers between the traditional data warehouse and big data What does this mean in real terms? Does it mean rationalizing the current portfolio as someone suggested? Does it mean removing the... read more

Teradata Severance Pay 2016

I was laid off from Teradata right before Christmas and I received a week severance for every year of service. However, I also received a copy of the 2016 severance package and Teradata seems to be switching from a week for every year of service to a... read more

Acquisition of Teradata

This is a repost, it was on one of the theads, listed as a reply: Here is a theory on selling TD. The CEO to be has left, perhaps he didn't want to sell the business, perhaps he was too aggressive, we will probably never know and is replaced by an... read more

Finance / Dayton Layoffs

RIFs started yesterday in Dayton, not just for admin people. I'm in Finance and was given a termination date in January 2016

Potential Q2 Teradata Sale....WHY WAIT????

Seriously....if anyone of any importance happens to click through to this site (no offense to the rest of us rank and file that have been lighting up this forum), why in the world would you wait until Q2 to sell the remainder of Teradata (assuming... read more

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