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Laid-off in the past year (2018)?

In previous posts, someone mentioned creating a Facebook Group in order gather and communicate information. I was a part of the March 2018 Layoff and have taken the initiative to setup a private group communication as an initial step. I have created... read more

2018 H1B Visas Hired By Teradata

Employer: Teradata | Job Title: Solution Architect | Base Salary: 143000 | Location:Atlanta, GA | Submit Date: 2018/02/27 | Start Date: 2018/03/05 Employer: Teradata | Job Title: Senior Software Engineer | Base Salary: 121160 | Location:Austin, TX |... read more

Layoffs in Dayton?

I heard the Vic is coming to Dayton for a big all hands meeting for all employees. Is this the beginning of the end for Dayton???

Heads up

The motives behind these firings look a bit fishy. Employees fired here are being replaced by cheaper h1b candidates brought from India. That indicates a potential abuse and manipulation. Bringing candidates for replacement is not legal. Some of us... read more

Should I join TeraData?

I will work as Software Test Engineer at TeraData on Viewpoint product. I am not sure about overall outlook for this group/product and I heard many test engineers were laid off at TeraData in past. Can someone advise, please?

One more reorganization at Teradata

I've been hearing lately that we are gearing for another reorganization later this year. Does anybody here have more info on that? We all know that reorganization is just a fancy name for layoffs, so I'd like to be prepared if they are about to hit... read more

Severance Payouts ?

Has anyone from the 3/23/18 Layoff actually received their payout? Most companies will payout their Severance agreements within 24 hours of signatures... however TD has yet to provide payout on the signed Severance agreements. Since Severance... read more

Bases for ageism suit?

One of the affected employees told me the number was 300. All of them older well comprensated highly experienced people. From what I saw, this seems like exactly what happened. Considering that it looks like older employees were specifically targeted... read more

Think Big Toast

Looks like the roasting process just got started. This won’t be the last.
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What's the final number?

Do we finally know what's the final number of people who were laid off last week? And while on the subject, do we know for sure it is done, or should we be worried more layoffs will be incoming sometime this week? This whole never knowing if layoffs... read more

More info on layoffs

Layoffs were the heaviest in PS, lots of consultants and Client Directors.... Severance was ironically based on "Job Level" (considering the new leveling transformation). Very poor package provided, especially now that no vacation time is paid out... read more
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Teradata died when Mike left

Teradata used to be an excellent company to work for, but somewhere down the line, they sold their soul (around 2013/2014, I think). I know because I was there from the start (when they were a division of NCR). Mike Koehler was the absolute best... read more

Job leveling?

anyone know about this job leveling project that's underway? How will this impact employees? Good or bad? Seems like an opportunity for them to pay their people less money.

How does this help us?

Over the years I’ve experienced Teradata’s struggle with maintaining any type of long-term focus or steering us into any type of strategic direction. We seem to be going through an identity crisis. I understand change is difficult, but how can that... read more

Petty management

I work at Teradata full-time. It’s a great job if you enjoy traveling or want to get your feet wet. That aside, Management leaves a lot to be desired. There is an undeniable shortage of training in their position, coupled with their lack of people... read more

Why are people here so resistant to change?

Seriously, why is change such a bad word here? Why is it still acceptable in this day and age to continue doing things that can be improved so easily the same old way just because those near the top who've been with Teradata for several decades... read more

Hearing more layoffs are coming before year end

After several "re-orgs" that included recently terminating multiple highly successful individuals in Sales (something most companies would never do), the word is that there is yet another round of layoffs coming in the next 45 days ahead of the New... read more

New Unlimited Vacation Policy

No more accrued vacation time starting on January 2018. The new business strategy is to keep the teams perpetually understaffed and so it will be difficult to take vacation.


Is virtual CS area going to see some reductions as well?
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Teradata Layoffs 2018

It's hard to see things getting better - are we going to have job reductions in corporate in Dayton.

Severance Package Violations?

Disclaimer: Per severance package agreement, this post is not focused on either disparaging or negative remarks regarding Teradata, nor is it intended as legal advice or expert comment. HEADS UP: The most recent, personnally received payment,s per... read more

Incoming CA layoffs at Teradata

Get ready, rumor is there are more reorganizations (aka layoffs) coming. Teradata has a big footprint in California. In CA, if a company lays off more than 30 (more or less, not sure of the exact number) in a month, the company has to pre-report the... read more

PS management can't sell even the best

PS management is lead by a guy who is opportunistic.. he stabbed his own boss to get this previous job.. then he threw few more guys under the bus and then he got his current job.. his track record is so bad that the only reason he has a job is... read more

Teradata severance package

The package given by Teradata is a joke... Hope few of the laid off employees get together and go after them... When you look carefully at the list they have gone after people who are older and have been with them longer.. I wish VL had gone after... read more

Rampant employee abuse at Teradata

This company is a sinking ship. When I started with the company I was told I was doing a good job. But I still got abused, every time they need someone to travel I was told I needed to go. I missed out on birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. So... read more

Sick and tired of reorganizations

Anybody else noticed how they no longer use terms like layoffs, instead they just announce reorganizations and start letting people go. I guess it has a better ring to it, and it keeps employees from getting too worked up about it. I will not even go... read more

Fire all the VP

Teradata should fire all the VP's who haven't produced anything for the past 20 quarters. For a company that has less than 2.5B in revenue we have too many VP's.

What do you expect?

The company is run by management who have no clue on how to change with the changing times. Never came up with strategies to be in Cloud or to acquire good company. We bought Claraview which was a disaster.. then the "think Big" which was over priced... read more

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