Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Teradata Corp.

Always be prepared

Everyone knows that no one's job is safe. Then why are people waiting for rumors about layoffs to start preparing in case they are possibly targeted?

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Stop whining

I hope the posts on this site are not indicative of the attitudes of TD folks in general, because frankly you all come across as a bunch of brittle misfits. If you are not happy here, move on. I've worked for two huge IT companies before landing here... —  read more 

They're lying to you

Don't believe anybody who tells you you're safe. Your manager, HR, whoever else. Their only goal is to make sure you continue to give it your all (which means doing the work of two or three people) until the very last day. The moment they find... —  read more 

Happy New Year!

I hope each and every one of you finds a new job with a better company that appreciates its employees and knows how to reward good work! Hopefully, by the time 2023 comes around, TD will be nothing but a distant memory for all of those who are... —  read more 

Why hire managers from outside?

There are lots of things that don't make sense here, we can list them for days. Can anyone explain to me why Teradata prefers to hire managers from outside? Isn't it better for this company to promote managers from within?

Outdated skills

I have a friend who is currently facing this problem, he can't find a better job because his skills are outdated. Has it happened to anyone else that looking for a new job revealed how much your skills have actually atrophied here? Obviously most... —  read more 

What's wrong with them?

I am not a person who thinks too highly of himself, of course there are many better employees, but it is not normal to expect that something that is difficult to finish in a few days will be done in a few hours. What does Teradata want? People to... —  read more 

I gave notice out of spite

I was relatively comfortable here. Although there were stressful situations, I was never overwhelmed with so much work that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I was satisfied with how much I was paid, etc. What made me quit was the leadership... —  read more 

NC May Be Out…

Rumor is that SM will take him out by the end of the year. The Strategy team has zero respect and NC has poisoned many relationships. If not for woke concerns he would already be gone. Yet another disaster ELT fiasco.

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