Topics regarding layoffs at Splunk Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Splunk Inc.


Finally one of the most corrupted leader of Splunk leaves the company. Bill Hustad was given the partner organization two years ago and has not driven anything except promoting and supporting a channel team manipulating partner deals resulting in one... —  read more 

Shut it down already

The stock was suppose to have gone up with the new CEO but it just crashed on last Friday. The company is over due to mismanagement and incompetence by both leadership and individual contributors. The government and shareholders should investigate as... —  read more 

Change is coming-for the better

It really feels like the tide is shifting. Grateful that TC is GONE. Sad about how Doug was handled but he let in terrible leadership. Gary seems like the real deal and I am hopeful. Leaning in to be a part of the change and hoping it pays off.

it's over

The former head of cloud at splunk Sendur Sellakumar who had no cloud experience and assisted the company in running it into the grounds flees along with Teresa Carlson President of sales growth who came from AWS last year. So many people had a hand... —  read more 

Anxious about the buyout

My personal opinion is that neither Splunk nor Cisco will be better off if a buyout happens. Moreover, it is not at all clear to me why Cisco's leadership thought that a takeover of Splunk was a good idea. Any thoughts?

Stepping stone

I barely somehow lasted two years here. I tried to learn as much as possible and ignore all the bad vibes. In the end, the only thing this company is good for is to serve as a stepping stone toward something better. I don't know anyone who didn't... —  read more 

Will it get better now?

I'm interested in what you think: is there any hope that the new CEO will make things better or is it that for things to improve in this company the toxicity levels need to be reduced?

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