Topics regarding layoffs at Splunk Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Splunk Inc.

Stepping stone

I barely somehow lasted two years here. I tried to learn as much as possible and ignore all the bad vibes. In the end, the only thing this company is good for is to serve as a stepping stone toward something better. I don't know anyone who didn't... —  read more 

end game is here

The CEO, CFO, and entire board of directors are sued for securities fraud and insider trading. This is because of lying aboutvthrir Q3 2020 earnings and related to company's failed cloud transition that customers don't want subscription service and... —  read more 

horrible feeling

It's terrible when the company has a failed cloud native strategy and doubles down on on-prem hosted services when it's a road to nowhere. Sales drop because they've gone through all their salesforce contacts top to bottom and can't close any major... —  read more 

This makes no sense to me

I don’t know about the rest of you, but our team lost their bet member in the latest round of layoffs. There are so many people who could have been laid off instead of him. People who can’t hold a candle to him in terms of knowledge or experience... —  read more 

more layoffs

Stock gains in the last year wiped out. Company is desperate to sell to dying legacy tech giants like oracle and cisco due to failed transition to cloud ad they only do on-prem hosting.

CEO getting let go

Word is Doug Merritt is going to get terminated as CEO along with the CTO Tim Tully and the SVP of Cloud who is the CPO Sendhur Sellakumar. These people have are greatly incompetent and no nothing about running a cloud business. Hallelujah.

splunk stock crashes more layoffs

Splunk stock crashed 25% today it was overpriced and they were expecting revenues for their on-premise hosting to take off but it hadn't. When revenues peak they have to cut costs more random and unplanned layoffs cumming. Cheerio.

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Where are you now?

I knew a few people who were let go in the middle of the year and I haven’t heard from them since. I do understand there might be resentment over that and them not wanting to keep in touch. But I would like to hear from those of you who would care to... —  read more 

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