Topics regarding layoffs at Splunk Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Splunk Inc.

Splunk Pricing…

Shocker…. Splunk no longer publishes pricing information so prospective buyers should contact the company for a quote. Splunk offers legacy ingest pricing in addition to entity pricing and workload pricing. Workload pricing is being positioned as... —  read more 

Splunk HR

Leaving Splunk this month. I tried to bring my issue up t to HR and I was made to feel like the problem and the person who caused the issues. Instead it was a manager who was the perp. All Splunk HR did was question me and ask me if I was sure this... —  read more 


Recently on CNN they were doing a documentary about the Heaven's Gate tragedy. With all the black garb, mindless chatter, sheeple mentality, and overall weirdness....I swore I was back at Splunk or at .conf20. I was cracking up.

Avoid at all cost

PLEASE READ BEFORE JUMPING INTO THIS MESS!!! // Avoid at all cost Spain and France. Worst management EVER. Authoritarian, abusive and disrespectful style that makes look MAD MEN a paradise. Trust me there is no $$$$$ that compensates going... —  read more 

Please for the love of….

Please please please stop with the meetings that don’t achieve anything and are like 75% socializing about the weather, kids activities, the cool splunk shirt you’re wearing, conf cr-p, or anything that is so far off the runway of work. I don’t care... —  read more 

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Is this a cult?

joined splunk this year after being with my prior employer for a decade. splunk lured me away for about 40% more money. i get here and i get this sense with the tees on zooms, this horse being shoved everywhere, and well, what i have come to feel is... —  read more 

My experience at Splunk.

My experience at splunk was a terrible one. So as I leave soon, I figured I would put pen to paper. I’ve worked at 5-6 big techs and the US govt. Splunk is by far the lowest and most messed up of all I’ve experienced in 25 years. And there is no... —  read more 


Finally one of the most corrupted leader of Splunk leaves the company. Bill Hustad was given the partner organization two years ago and has not driven anything except promoting and supporting a channel team manipulating partner deals resulting in one... —  read more 

Shut it down already

The stock was suppose to have gone up with the new CEO but it just crashed on last Friday. The company is over due to mismanagement and incompetence by both leadership and individual contributors. The government and shareholders should investigate as... —  read more 

Change is coming-for the better

It really feels like the tide is shifting. Grateful that TC is GONE. Sad about how Doug was handled but he let in terrible leadership. Gary seems like the real deal and I am hopeful. Leaning in to be a part of the change and hoping it pays off.

it's over

The former head of cloud at splunk Sendur Sellakumar who had no cloud experience and assisted the company in running it into the grounds flees along with Teresa Carlson President of sales growth who came from AWS last year. So many people had a hand... —  read more 

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