Topics regarding layoffs at Splunk Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Splunk Inc.

remember this?

It was a s-xual harassment lawsuit against Skunk filed in October 2023. That lawsuit was settled yesterday, on March 1, 2024 literally the next day, when they went into court on February 29, 2024. It meant that Cisco didn't want to inherit any... — read more 

Hatchet job

Layoffs started today. Everyone’s in the dark. Leadership has no idea what’s happening, many managers are on vacation. Not related to Cisco acquisition my a-s.

splunk will settle

There are at least 2 class action shareholder lawsuits related to securities fraud that skunk has to settle. I'm assuming cisco has calculated these costs into their offer. It's a headache to resolve because they inherit all lawsuits and liabilities. — read more 


I remember several years ago they had some stipend for employees to get 400-500 a quarter to get massages or therapy cause splunkers were so stressed out from “working” (partying, getting high); now I wonder how the shareholders of a publicly traded... — read more 

Splunk Pricing…

Shocker…. Splunk no longer publishes pricing information so prospective buyers should contact the company for a quote. Splunk offers legacy ingest pricing in addition to entity pricing and workload pricing. Workload pricing is being positioned as... — read more 

Splunk HR

Leaving Splunk this month. I tried to bring my issue up t to HR and I was made to feel like the problem and the person who caused the issues. Instead it was a manager who was the perp. All Splunk HR did was question me and ask me if I was sure this... — read more 


Recently on CNN they were doing a documentary about the Heaven's Gate tragedy. With all the black garb, mindless chatter, sheeple mentality, and overall weirdness....I swore I was back at Splunk or at .conf20. I was cracking up.

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