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swallowed up by cisco

Cloud strategy to dwindle cash flows and suppress stock price for another 5 years so they could be a cloud first company? Nope. Primary target to be acquired by Cisco 12 times the size of splunk by market cap. We know how cisco rolls don't we? By... —  read more 

why was no one fired?

There has been so much misconduct at Splunk documented in these forums and bad business decision making by executives that many of them should be fired why hasn't it happened? The answer is they're all covering up for one another to preserve... —  read more 

End Of Life

I heard through internal information that the Splunk Cloud Service will be shutdown Q2 of 2020. The execs are drafting a communication to be sent to customers that they will have 6 months once announced to bring up their own internal Syslog server... —  read more 

Splunk is not one of the "Best Places to Work"

There are nanyvfake reviews in Glassdoor and they illegally pay Glassdoor to take down bad reviews. With all the discrimination and harassment lawsuits by their former employees " I don't think so."

"I watched Splunk HR coverup harassment"

Based on Glassdoor review below by a current Splunk HR Generalist in San Francisco, CA. https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Employee-Review-Splunk-RVW27231492.htm "Company is literally corrupt at the HR and Executive level, I saw my leadership coverup... —  read more 

How bad will it be?

I'm guessing more layoffs at Splunk are a foregone conclusion by now, everybody should know this. I'm more worried about how bad it'll get - how many people will be affected. If anybody has any concrete info, any details on what's coming, please be... —  read more 

It's best to sell the company off

It seems like the management was and am asleep at the wheel and are unaccountable to their shareholders as a publicly traded company. The board of directors are not doing squat either perhaps it's best to sell the company off to an organization with... —  read more 

Splunk stock plunges 15% after earnings call

Market value sunk $3 billion from $20 to $17 billion after latest earnings call shows liquid cash flows are down due to increase in spending. Outcome is layoffs by reducing costs to free up liquid cash flow so to pump up the stock price. Likely to be... —  read more 

Is there a way to change course now?

I'm wondering, does anybody here see a way in which Splunk could correct course and start improving instead of continuing on the path we are on right now that is anything but successful? Or is it too late already? I'm personally leaning towards the... —  read more 

Splunk HR

HR in any company is to protect the company from lawsuits regarding employee and managerial misconduct. Since managerial staff are proxies of the company HR will sweep issues under the rug not because managers or other employees are angels but they... —  read more 

Splunk HR

The goal of any HR function is to protect the interests of a company from liability and lawsuits. Since managers are proxies for the company they protect them first not because they don't know they are doing misconduct but to protect the company from... —  read more 

This will not succeed

I think its imperative that companies that choose to migrate to the cloud understand how to build cloud-first applications and have extensive hosted services experience in a B2B model. @Splunk they don't have top notch talent so they can't be... —  read more 

Splunk Cloud Layoffs coming

Rumor is the splunk cloud service may be shutdown in the coming year due to lack of scalability and poor support for their single tenant cloud platform. After investing 6 years and tens of millions of dollars to get it up and wonky the outlook is not... —  read more 

solunk execs gorging on stocks

While the competition iiis eating their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Gluttons. https://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/insider-trading/SPLK.O?symbol=&name=&pn=1&sortDir=&sortBy —  read more 

Disaster and impossible to fix

The reason why Splunk doesn't do massive layoffs is that they do terminations and firings daily as practice as a business. They purposely do layoffs of individuals on a daily and weekly basis to prevent them from vesting their Restricted Stock Units... —  read more 

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