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WPA2 flaws... f--- it now... This is probably one of the most important news stories of the moment. This makes all the... read more

Can you ask for you job back?

I was a top performer making $185k base. I was cut 4 months ago. I know my former team is hiring. If I reach out to the mgr to ask for my previous job, what are the chances that I will get it back? Is it a good idea, or the dumbest move?

Are we done yet in US? What groups were affected?

Please post here if you or somebody on your team was affected this round. Please mention what BU or group you're in, and as much of demographic info. and grade as you can. Also - does anyone know if US LR is now finished? Or is there more to come in... read more

Should we trust this? This would be good news, as higher share price usually means fewer layoffs.

Cisco Layoffs 2018

Whenever you think you are somewhat stable and safe think about it two times - you may be wrong. For example people, right now, are talking about job cuts here in San Jose.

the ultimate demotivator

When your manager and the rest of the management chain meet in San Jose to decide who to layoff. Same story, different quarter. AWS and Azure are beasts.

Get rid of non-technical dead weight

Eventually someone somewhere will figure out every BU and BE has their own training team, their own project management office, their own cheerleader and then a bunch of people to "interlock" those people with the same function inside other groups... read more

New markets

It is unbelievable how Microsoft was looking like a stagnant company and Nadela turned it around. Same would be needed to save Cisco. There is no innovation; routing and switching boxes are commodities. The Chinese learned how to do it. More and more... read more

7 Key Reasons For Cisco's Demise

Things will not get better, here is why: Virtual-networking software is literally killing demand for high-end hardware. Chinese are not kidding, they compete like nobody else The government and NSA do not help with all spying rumors, kills us... read more

Layoffs in SBG

Heard from a friend that two people were impacted in his team. Both about 40 years old white men.

Some sound advice

Spent a decade and a half as blue badge, Cisco did indeed change much over that time, as did the world. I wouldn't say Cisco is a bad place at all, it's just way, way different than the early 2000s. It's not Cisco's fault it is the way it is; the... read more

Did we reach the announced 1,100 job cuts?

I've been trying to figure out if the 1,100 job cuts that were announced by Cisco a few months ago already took place, or are these layoffs we keep hearing about still a part of that? Just wondering if we will be able to relax any time soon. If these... read more

Layoffs in Legal

Heard there will be layoffs in legal, including senior people. Still no word on if the most senior person in department has been laid off. He should be! Who monitors the compliance of the Chief Compliance Officer? What a joke.
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Package deets

30 day notice 30 day pay in loo 1 month cobra Sign waiver and get 3 months pay 4 months cobra Outplacement help.

This is beyond ridiculous

These constant LRs are like a band-aid on a major laceration to the jugular. I'm tired of this! The ELT and CEO are ruining the Cisco brand. They are focusing on removing anyone over 40 or at particular grade levels to save ST costs at the expense of... read more

Cisco Announces Job Cuts

The latest layoffs, which include senior engineers and numerous senior-level positions, follow five years of cost-cutting at Cisco and come amid a shift away from hardware to software and services. The layoffs were announced about a month after the... read more

2017 Cisco Deadwood Survey:

2017 Cisco Deadwood Survey, follow the format below: Total Team Members: 8 Deadwood Team Members: 3 Of the deadwood team members, how many are salvageable: 1 Of the deadwood team members, how many would you like to see receive a package tomorrow: 2... read more

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