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New board member

Being from Northrop - how in the hell is his experience relevant?
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Early retirement

I'm confused. Is the early retirement package mentioned below only offered to certain people, in certain locations, at certain levels? I asked my manager about it and she said it definitely is an option, but then when she went to HR, they denied it... read more


Sound off on how many RSUs you’re getting this cycle.

Any layoffs seen lately?

I'm not talking about standard layoffs that never stop at Cisco, but rather about soe bigger and more organized form of layoffs that are potentially occurring at some part of the company that we don’t know about. So, any layoffs seen lately that are... read more

Get out.

If you're a Network/Software Engineer in RTP or Richardson with 5+ years experience and not breaking 95K (base salary) leave Cisco. Cisco is notorious for paying 10-30% below market rate. And if you're red badge looking to be converted to blue, under... read more

SP down 13%

There will be a huge wacking in Eng/Sales/Service for teams who deal with SP products. This is the worst performance ever in SP. Not sure who is eating our lunch in SP. All 4 red badges in my team were given layoff notices on Monday.


This place will be a beehive of activity in less than 24 hours.


I didn’t have time to snap a pic or the guts to take it but I just saw a huge stack of papers printing out in building 10 with the title “Limited Restructuring - Impacted Employees”!!!!!

Sales LR?

Any updates on this one? I’m hearing some plans are moving forward this month.

Resons for leaving?

What are your reasons for leaving Cisco? I see more and more people leaving each day and I'm honestly interested to know what was it that pushed you to make that final decision. My biggest issue is lack of job security, but I'm well aware that no... read more

Got laid off, best thing ever!!!

I was laid off and got a job in 3 days paying double Cisco’s salary AND I have Cisco severance of 3mo!!! I’m going to Disney World!!!!! Quit now the market is booming.

No, you are not safe

No one at Cisco is ever safe unless they are experts at politics. The not-so-hidden goal is to eliminate older expensive engineers... However, they cannot do this directly without suffering from discrimination lawsuits - so they have to balance the... read more


I wonder how long the Collaboration BU will survive. Buggy software bundled with expensive hardware.

Hey, Chuck!

Stop talking about your trips to Davos. It’s stunningly tone deaf. Learn to read the room.

Am I safe?

Been worried about rumored layoffs for a few weeks now, but I'm not sure if I should be. I've been with Cisco for just under two years. Does that mean I am safe, considering that most of the cuts are of people with much higher pay and benefits than... read more

Focal Point FY19 and Beyond

Focal points will be conducted for all employees that qualify during the start of Q1, effective immediately. Webletters will be sent out by 31 May. Starting FY20, bonuses will be decided during the start of Q1 as well. Rumors are circulating that the... read more

Cisco system is not the norm

Life in Cisco: complex evaluation schemes designed to identify the top 20% s----ups and justify the annual mandatory layoffs. Performance has little, if anything to do with evaluations. Life after Cisco can be summed up like this: Your boss knows... read more

CX/CMS Degradation

Nothing but bad news since the new management takeover in the CX and CMS orgs. In the past three months, the following has happened: Management stopped approving on call pay entirely Salary freezes for all employees below G12 (even with a strong Q1... read more

Sales layoff

Why would you do a major layoff in sales at the end of q3? Stupid timing.

How secure are our jobs right now?

I got a really good offer from a startup, but I'm hesitant to accept it due to all the uncertainties when it comes to job security in new companies. But then again, job security hasn't been a thing at Cisco either for a while now. What do you guys... read more

May Cycle = LRs and Promos

Sales & engineering = majority of budget allocated for promos due to mid-year numbers exceeding expectations IT = Senior VP requesting managers to trim 3-6% headcount depending on many factors CX = Senior VP will announce phase 2 of CX restructuring... read more

Need more of this
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Some good news

Word of caution

I am a engineering manager and was recently hiring to fill an open position. A former Cisco software engineer, with the skills needed, applied for the position and was interviewed by my team. One member of the team is a former wipro who worked at... read more

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