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Cisco's issues with quality.

Had a customer meeting today and he said he won't buy another Cisco product again until the software quality is proven again. Apparently tons of bugs are causing issues all over the place. Anyone else hearing this?

The bright future is waiting

The future of engineers in TAC is the same as the future of engineers in any other group: Begrudgingly get promoted up to GL 10 - 11 with multiple years in between. Do the best they can to keep you pigeon holed into a specific technology hoping you... read more

401k match and healthcare benefits slashed?

Heard from a buddy, that they're now working on slashing the rate at which Cisco matches 401k and (more importantly) greatly changing health plans offered in US towards lower coverage and lower Cisco payments. Of course it'll be still at least few... read more

Letter buildings

Are the letter buildings going away anytime soon? Word in the streets is that some buildings were sold just no information on which lettered buildings.

Run Forest, Run

Run like the wind. Don't consider this place for employment. You will lose your sanity and self worth all do to the psychobabble from ELT, HR people deal and having no clue about where you stand with your manager. One day he tells you how great... read more

Latest UK Organisation News

The axe is swinging. New org changes and leaders put in place are laughable, no vision or communication. What does this tell you about the state of things?

Its about the $$

Seems like there is an inverse relationship between the CSCO stock price and the frothiness of the discussions here. As an example......current CSCO price is > USD $32/share. Banter here........almost none. Takeaway: Values, 'outrage' and... read more

Anyone else listen to the earnings?

I wonder how long they'll be able to continue fooling the analysts about reoccurring revenues? KK was asked the question about where they were coming from and after fumbling around she said about 2/3 were from Meraki and Collaboration and the rest... read more

Sad State of Affairs

Having recently left Cisco I can say it is a company in decline. I joined very recently at the tail end of the John Chambers era. He was a fantastic leader with great vision and ability to inspire. He knew how to sell and how to appreciate technology... read more

Cisco earnings thoughts

I want to get buy some cisco options before earnings. I'm thinking they will beat like always but then guide low... What do you guys think, calls or puts? right now, I'm thinking march 17, 31 puts...

H1/L1 help cisco grow

US have admitted 12 million illegal immigrants and they are adding extra burden on resources and Tax payers are supporting these illegals. Why you folks hate H1/L1's or Legal immigrants from India or China. How many Indians and chinese have committed... read more

Leaving Cisco

I think Cisco has lost the plot. In the past 6 months I know 7 or 8 people (myself included) who have resigned - some of whom had been there over 18 years. Not one of them received an exit interview, phone call from HR or anything. No attempt at all... read more

Will SparkBoard take off?

Will it take off or just become another failure like the DX80? Great product but the fact you need Spark to run it makes me question if it'll take off.

Cisco February layoffs?

Anyone hearing what orgs will be hit with February layoffs? Also, #'s assosicated with it? Or is it looking like a large August LR again?

Redundancy packages being reconsidered

I've heard from a reliable source in HR that there is talk about reconsidering the above what's legally required redundancy packages. The reason behind it is that they've realised too many people have now given up and are just waiting for the... read more

Massive layoffs coming

Massive layoffs coming as we are looming at Q2 results. Tough to predict how many people but initial count of 14k which was originally leaked to media will be completed with this round of layoffs. We can easily expect lot of heads to rollon

Spark who? Funny how when Slack and its competitors are discussed, Spark never comes up. Good night sweet Prince.
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New job blues

I started working at Cisco last June. At first it was a great opportunity but last November my team moved under a new director and things are not going as they were when I first started. My coworker moved to another BU and he has been here for 9... read more

Too much fake news on this site!

There are too many posts on here stating there ars LR's all over the place. If it's not over 1000 people it's not an LR it's just human capital management. Q2 results will be poor, but there won't be a big LR then there is no point. There will be a... read more

Glamour and show sells more here

Found that being a part of this organization people with glamour and show sells more than real work . 1) Most VPs and directors spend hours together in parlors and gyms then in the office. 2) Run some projects for visibility with pomp and show and... read more

Turned down.

Anyone else being turned down at the first gate when looking for a new job? I've got a solid CV and 10 years at Cisco in sales. I've been snubbed by 3 large SaaS and cloud companies following the first screening calls. One seemed very concerned that... read more

IT Carnage next two quarters?

Rumors are swirling that a 10% staffing cut is coming to IT over the next two quarters. Anyone else hear this? Not sure how much work we can take on from all the previous LRs not being backfilled. Workload getting insane.

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