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Five9 Aquisition by CCBU

Is it true that Cisco is laying off current CCBU staff to acquire Five9 which is a contact center company floated by Rowan Trollope, ex SVP of Collaboration ?


Somebody mentioned in another thread that even startups are better than Cisco right now, which got me wondering if they might be on to something. There are two drawbacks I can think of right now - the pay is probably lower (however, I doubt by much)... read more

Looks like BGL18 will not be csco?

The giant new BGL18 connected by skybridge to bgl17 is nearing completion. Word was ccbu, tac or someone big would take it over But today i see a huge green CARGILL sign stuck on it. Cargill is a global seeds agri company! Has the inevitable... read more


It's rather sad I'm already wondering when the next round of layoffs will hit, but I guess that's Cisco reality. From what I understand so far, we are safe until at least February, and from then on it's anybody's guess. Have there been any... read more

Layoffs in MITG

There is firing happening in Feb/Mar 2019 in mobility group. Budget is reduced by 10% and director in blr already leaving. Was there any cuts in Nov 2018 ?

Disco at cisco

Looks like CR and ELT ladies organized a Disc party. 100K was paid for party. The invitees include some political tuffees as well.


I'm curious, can people who've been laid off also get unemployment? Somebody said accepting severance is considered quitting, so most likely not, but I still thought to check. Not asking for myself. As I said, I'm just curious at what options are... read more

All in the name of customer experience

So, let me see if I can figure out our CEO's logic: he said the layoffs were done not to cut costs but to improve customer experience. Majority of layoffs were done at CX, which is in charge of customer experience. So he cut customer experience folks... read more

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope this round of layoffs open eyes of the people and they stop working for this employer. It has become Worthless of knowledge, ruthless to employees, trustless to customers and tootless to competition. Be with your loved ones and help others in... read more

Only 462 LO in san jose.

Total of 462 in SJ/milpitas...

No layoffs so far?

Is it just me, or has this week been really quiet when it comes to layoffs? Should we take it as a good sign that we might be done for now?

Engineer Gr 9 vs Gr 10

I was wondering what is a Grade 9 minimum to maximum range and how long does it take for someone to bump up a grade? Location in SJC. The numbers I've seen are not really solid. I guess no one knows...

Scrum master hiring in CCBU Bangalore

I can see RR open for scrum master role in CCBU Bangalore. Is it true there is replacement hiring going on here for BXB replacements? Two of my friends have been invited for interview.

Nobody wants constant uncertainty

Say what you want about these constant layoffs, for or against but the reality is it is starting to impact CISCO's ability to hire. Nobody wants to come to a company where there is a yearly 'Hunger Games'. Unless you are an exec getting FU $alary and... read more

This week and layoffs

Are we expecting any more layoffs this week? Looks like the bulk of it was done last week, but if the final number is really 6000 as several people have mentioned, then I think there are still a few people who are to receive their notifications... read more

sjc overpromotes

DE and PE is given out like candy in cisco home campus better engineers can’t get promoted at other campuses


I get the transformation, and I get the need for new skills. However, shouldn't the strategic "people deal" have a plan for the company to have the skills for it to succeed in the future? I also get that personal development is an individual... read more

Shares to Cross $60

The reduction of 10000 will help in making share value $60 and more value to the executive. The effective reduction is in old and redundant Technologies such as : -On Premise Contact Center -SIP based Servers -Pre-Gen Switching Solutions -Email... read more

Force an Answer from the ELT

How do those of us who still work for Cisco find a way to legally put the ELT on blast and get them to respond to why so many layoffs? Just how Google did the walkout. Obviously the situation is different. Still it would be nice to get the ELT to... read more

Anybody Getting Legal advice post LR???

Has anyone contacted an attorney to review the package, and gotten a recommendation one way or the other regarding class action for age discrimination? Can someone recommend an employment attorney in San Jose?

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