Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Is November layoff confirmed?

I have not been tagged for talent movement or any of the sort. I joined this May. I am already worried about LR.. Is it something that I should be concerned or nothing burger? Anyone who has experience with Cisco LR can shed some light on this?

Lay Off Packages

I hear there are layoffs coming the 1st thru 15th of November. If packages are given, how does it work? What is standard structure of package? Based on role, tenure etc

Good things at Cisco

Someone's post about Cisco still being a good company in many aspects made me laugh. Maybe I just don't see those good aspects very well. Perhaps someone can remind what are the good sides of Cisco? (before I give notice)

Quiet Firing

You may have heard of quiet quitting, but have you heard of quiet firing? The phenomenon is described as the act of intentionally treating workers badly so that they eventually leave their jobs. How can you spot the signs that you could potentially... —  read more 

Sound familiar?

Surviving a round of job cuts can be a tough experience, layoff survivers say. Employees who were kept on told Insider they felt anxious and overworked after cuts. "You are dispensable, and always remember that," one person... —  read more 

Another colleague left

Attrition has become a concern. I don't know what the overall situation is with attrition in the company, but our team is getting smaller. If someone else leaves soon, I really don't know how it will all work. Is it perhaps in Cisco's interest that... —  read more 

Security Town Hall

Poorly executed. Poorly scripted. Why were they not presenting together onsite, promoting back-to-office policies and drumming up some energy? Any energy.

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Looking for job

I want a job in Cisco, But I don't want to any work. I think Cisco must be simply proud that I am its employee. If any manager wants to hire me, let me know and I can share my details offline.

Cisco Layoff 2022- 2023

Cisco TOP Indian management have decide to move Software Engineering Jobs from USA to India. If your Director OR Sr.Director are in India and leading team in USA. Your jobs are in huge risk. They slowly going to move US jobs outside of USA. India... —  read more 

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