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Applied for a SW Engineer last month.Their recruiter contacted this week, hiring has slowed because of Covid.Is their product still competitive with New Relic and Datadog? Is this still an exciting place to work? Do they pay market rate? There have... —  read more 

Deleting posts

Posted a question yesterday about thoughts on the anti-capitalistic viewpoints given during the call yesterday, but it was removed. Wtf?

Day of Reflection

Did anyone ask Chuck whether we can get another day off in order to reflect on our racism? Serious question. Other CEO’s are doing it.

Job Grade 11

anyone know what is Cisco salary range for Grande 11 (MRR1/2) in GERMANY??

Day off

Mid year Bonus (Q2 FY20) eligibility and pay out

Is there any chance, I can get my mid-year bonus since I left Cisco just 3 days before the Q2 FY20 earning date which is Feb 14th 2020? HR says my eligibility to get mid-year bonus is only if I am employed on the day of earning not just employed... —  read more 


What is the inside scoop on promotions below G12? How does one get promoted?

CX Red Badges

Our group in CX is 22 Red Badges and 4 Blue badges. All the red badges were called onto a Webex about 3 weeks back and told the groups numbers are down 60%. If on conclusion of your current project there is no new project to start, you have to either... —  read more 

This ends up costing us more in the long run

IT has another metric and that's how long it takes to deliver projects. As they continue to reduce headcount, it takes longer & longer to get work done. While contractors can be smart people with good skills, it takes time to learn how to get things... —  read more 

IT workforce transformation

the new IT leaders are all about cost cutting and morale in IT is at an all time low. these 'leaders' have now released their formal cost cutting plans called pathways. one pathway is special, its called workforce transformation. this pathway is... —  read more 


I understand that promotions are hard at Cisco. I understand that the current situation is not the best time either. But, in the interest of career development, how do I get promoted from NCE level to Tech - lead position? I am here in the midwest... —  read more 


If anyone is interested, we have remote positions available for those with PMP CISSP or CISM. Must be cleared or clearable. [email protected]

Real estate sell off

I guess it was predictable that they couldn’t pass up this opportunity to shift more to WFH and cut real estate.

April 23rd 2020 Removal of Red Badges

Is it true that Cisco is preparing its LOB even the coveted old accounts for a MASSiVE RIF, especially targeting the Red Badge contractors - not necessarily employees who are Blue Badges? When?

Solutions architect

Can someone provide the salary range for solutions architect grade 12 at cisco bay area. Thanks


Daily Roundup: Cisco Vows No Job Cuts -

DX80 donation

I’ve seen on LinkedIn that they are donating DX80s to hospitals. It appears to me as if they are just taking used equipment from the offices, disinfecting them, and sending them off. Most other companies are donating money, and DX80s are pretty long... —  read more 

Cisco Executive Salaries

CR - $26 million/year MM - $15 million/year KK - $14 million/year GE - $13 million/year That is $68 million for four completely incompetent employees, while engineers are struggling to receive a 2% raise.


Are we at risk for furlough in continental us area?

Reducing executive salaries to prevent LRs

I'm seeing an increase in companies reducing the pay of vp and up level employees to help keep employees from getting LRd. Disney was the last I saw. Reduction in pay ranges from 20-30% depending on position. What are the chances Cisco does this? I... —  read more 

Obtain W2 as ex-employee

I left Cisco last year – I'm trying to obtain my last paystub and W2 but don't have access to the internal GTRC / HR Support numbers. Can any other ex-employee point me in the right direction for who I can contact to get these tax... —  read more 

Annual Layoffs and Mental Health

Who wants to risk being laid off? Who wants to live with constant uncertainty and the stress that comes with that? Those with top skills are going to go elsewhere. Expect key people to leave in the following months. Why wait until the hammer falls... —  read more 

US sales organization turnover

Seems like attrition is impacting US VP Sales level, US Director Sales level and US RM Sales level. Did executive RSU levels change? Or were they just tired of laying people off all the time? Why are people leaving now?

Bonus a lot lower?

My bonus was a lot lower than last year. Even accounting for the 25% part, it was lower. Anyone else know what the deal is?

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