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US sales organization turnover

Seems like attrition is impacting US VP Sales level, US Director Sales level and US RM Sales level. Did executive RSU levels change? Or were they just tired of laying people off all the time? Why are people leaving now?

Bonus a lot lower?

My bonus was a lot lower than last year. Even accounting for the 25% part, it was lower. Anyone else know what the deal is?

Ad-blocker not working on this site

Damn, I hate seeing the ads on this site. If I enable ad-blocker on my browser, I get that error message: "We noticed that you are using an ad blocker...". Can't view anything. Tried Chrome/Firefox/Opera browsers. Any workaround to defeat these junk... —  read more 

How is AppD

Lots of open reqs in AppD. Have they embraced distributed? Was there a bloodbath in there recently?

A 15 year Cisco Perspective

I see a lot of Cisco bashing here. And I agree with some of it. But companies are often trapped in their DNA. And sometimes, as they fight for mid term survival, the worst in the company's DNA comes out, the reptilian instincts take over and it... —  read more 

Amy Chang take leave of absence?!

she must be out the door...what is happening with Cisco Collab? More folks to layoff.

Cisco announcing layoffs due to Coronavirus

I just heard that Cisco will shortly be announcing a number of layoffs in response to the Coronvirus situation and the prospect of declining revenues. Anyone know which areas will be targeted ? I am hearing that it will be a lot of people in... —  read more 

Cisco an Activist Investor

Cisco needs an activist investor that can see through the BS of our crooked exec team. That is the only chance at a true return to innovation.

Cisco is basically shutting in cycles

Watch the trend. A cycle of constantly lowered expectations. The executives that brought point success leave in frustration. Numbers-only Chuck presides over a culture of constant layoffs since he took over. Keeps numbers only culture people... —  read more 

Down the Memory Hole

What LR? I don't know what you're talking about. Cisco is GREAT! Everything is GREAT! Would you like some Kool Aid?


We get 25% and Dell gets 126% ? Time to spruce the resume

The layoffs are ONLY about hitting a number!

The layoffs are ONLY about hitting a number and nothing more - not this realignment of resources BS. I was hit in late 2014 as part of an 8% company wide LR, I was a top ranked Sr Manager. Prior to that I laid off staff every year to hit the number... —  read more 

Details on Severance Package

Several have posted about the current severance package, thank you. Am looking for some additional details from anyone who has been–very sadly!!-impacted thus far: 30 days to look for new position within Cisco? What is the payout length? Is it take... —  read more 


What is the best and worst organization in Cisco?


December’s ESPP looks very expensive now. Even the CFO sold a lot of stock last week. What’s your view? What happens if 10% of the company’s payroll stops buying stock?

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How bad is IT?

started here a few months ago and managment seems pretty clueless. worth it to switch to another org or just leave all together?

Management without vision.

As the layoff wave hit multiple teams this quarter and a confirmed round next quarter (correct, now we have transparency over this subject, we will fire your a— in 2-3 months) have a moment and think about how sh–ty the situation is… Our... —  read more 

Routine layoffs are harmful to retaining top talent

Who wants to risk being laid off? Who wants to live with constant uncertainty and the stress that comes with that? Those with top skills are going to go elsewhere. Expect key people to leave in the following months. Why wait until the hammer falls... —  read more 

Oddly the layoffs hot key business areas...

which indicates Cisco is failing in strategic industry transformation. The hits in enterprise were yet again deep and shocking for those of us who remain. Key people left. As mentioned elsewhere, SD-WAN is not living up. But what's far worse... —  read more 

Culture rot

How Cisco culture is changing... One of the GM had her all-hands meeting yesterday and no mention of layoff that took place previous day. God save Cisco from these fake leaders!

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