Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Talk about your pay

I know several people who were significantly underpaid at Cisco and only realized that after they transferred to other companies, so it's good to see that people are more willing to talk about their pay openly these days. The only one who benefits... —  read more 

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Virtual sales (GVS) salaries?

With all this talk of sales being eliminated or going more virtual- curious what do GVS salaries look like? What range do GVS sales managers, regional managers, etc. make compared to field sales? How secure are those positions?

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An Honest SVP Perspective

What everyone fails to realize is only certain people possess the necessary levels of advanced educational and leadership skills to manage a large company. Upper executive management and government leadership is an exclusive part of society only... —  read more 

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just get me to 2023 please!

Got about a year and a half left til retirement. This company is so a-s backwards with all the "woke" and "SJW" initiatives. They have simply lost their way and forgotten how a business should be run. If I get hit by an LR sooner than 2023 then all... —  read more 

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ISE Ownership

Yes, ISE has been long under EN BU, but been always led by GSSO team. rumoured that, the EN TSA would have to start to lead some ISE use case moving forward. Any thoughts?

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Tiny hints that you will be cut?

I refer to the thread about possible cuts in August. I wouldn’t want to spread any rumors but my manager’s behavior towards me has also changed significantly. He is more critical and moody, which I understood as a red flag that I should look for a... —  read more 

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August Layoffs Coming

Looks like a lot of BU's have prepared a list and are ready to go. My manager behavior totally changed suddenly cancelled all my 1 on 1's , humiliating me in team meetings for smallest of things. I have resigned to my fate and started looking... —  read more 

Did Chuck lie again

Chuck told us hiring pause for 30 days and now Fran tells us it will be 1st or 2nd week of new FY before reqs will open. This is just like Chuck said we would not let people go at the beginning of the pandemic. What is going on

Cisco cloud plan

As oracle is able to build a cloud, not sure why cisco couldn't build a cloud with all the network infra it has and UCS. Did cisco make a strategic mistake here?

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