Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

I see nothing has changed

It's been two years since I left and it looks like Cisco is still attempting to cut its way to profitability instead of actually trying to fix everything that's been broken for years now. And apparently after years of trying to do the same thing the... —  read more 

Email access

Why do some people who got LR still have access to their Cisco emails after their last day? People can still send emails to them and some can still access their emails.

Always be prepared

Companies are in business to make money, not to provide jobs. The sooner you realize that companies will let you go at any time, no reason legally required since it is an “at will” employment relationship, the better off you will be. Always be... —  read more 

CEO Comoensation

As we touched on above, Cisco Systems, Inc. is currently paying its CEO higher than the median pay for CEOs of companies belonging to the same industry and with similar market capitalizations. But the company lacks EPS growth, and returns to... —  read more 

I thought I was safe

I was such an id–t. I thought as long as I went above and beyond the company would see what a valuable asset I can be - then I was hit in the last round of layoffs. No one is safe here. I’ve seen people with more years of experience than I laid off... —  read more 

Mandatory vaccination?

I keep seeing multiple news organizations mentioning that employers can in fact require their employees to receive the Rona vaccine. I have seen a post previously mention that it is already being considered by Cisco HR. Cisco is a very progressive... —  read more 

Is Sales next?

Sales quotas have been lowered for some groups due to COVID, but is this a sign of what’s to come for the Sales org? News of layoffs in this org have been suspiciously quiet compared to the technical side, while other similar companies are letting go... —  read more 


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