Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Proxy vote!

I hope everyone is using the Proxy vote to say NO to Charles Robbins and the other worthless ELT. Not that it will make a difference other than sending a message!

WebEx sales

Can anyone speak to how sales for WebEx are REALLY doing? Besides just saying that Zoom has eaten its lunch... surely there is an advantage to Cisco in being able to sell to existing customers? Just tired of reading all the negativity about Zoom v... —  read more 

When is the next LR?

I survived this LR & ER, been here at Cisco for 17+ years, over 50 white male. I don't know what to do next. They didn't offer me ER even though I qualified for it. I even gave hints to my director, but nope, nothing.

Who'll tell them?

Who'll let the ELT know that laying-off your way to profitability is not a way to run a company like Cisco? A company where growth is more important than anything? Instead of a brain drain facilitated by those on top, we should be doing the opposite... —  read more 


A reply to a post stating I don't have evidence about Cisco HR lying or discriminating. Some but not all of the evidence is with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission in the UK, the case has merit, if I read the findings correctly. The next... —  read more 

Why are HR immune ?

I have read of Cisco employees being fired on the grounds of discrimination. Yet when execs in HR have a case of discrimination against them why do the ethics committee ignore it. Does it not say that there is zero tolerance to any form of... —  read more 

Miss you already!

To all those who elected to take the early retirement package or received notifications your jobs are at risk... We already miss you! There is a tremendous void left where you used to so effectively do your jobs and keep the business running... —  read more 

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