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More layoffs?

Rumor says layoffs will or are about to occur in SP networking. The group of folks who “deveoped” NCS5500 has run the business to the ground. They seem to be able to always find execuses and blame marketing, sales, support and everyone else for their... read more

Age discrimination

I was laid off in September, 2016 and was I was well over the age of 50 as were just about everybody else knew that was laid off. To get our severance package we had to sign an agreement essentially giving up all rights to sue Cisco, etc. Cisco would... read more

Massive Hiring in Collaboration

There is massive hiring going on in Collaboration and CCBU in Bangalore. More than 50 positions are advertised and most are in Grade-10 and above.

Stop complaining about being laid off!

I see a lot people complaining about being laid off. Most blame the people deal and b--ch that Cisco doesn't care about it's employees. No sh--. It's not their job to make employees the top priority. That is and will always be to make money. After... read more

We Are Cisco - Our People Deal

Cisco Recognized as No.1 for Employee Experience We are extremely proud that Cisco has been recognized around the world as a leader in employee experience. We make a meaningful difference for our people, our customers and the world around us. These... read more

RSU recommendation letter VS grant

I got a webletter recently about an RSU reward. In contrary to previous grants where it simply said I got the RSU, this one said my boss only recommended to give me RSU and there is a committee that will decide at the end of the month whether to... read more

35 % Up today !!!!

Cool stuff. UOIP is almost 35% up today. Losers look and research into stock ticker UOIP !!!!! Cisco and Arris are related and the price is skyrocketing during last 30 days.

No more layoffs? We are good now?

After SPVSS rumors frenzy, thanks god the deal is announced officially, Cisco seems to be a safe and fun place once again with no more layoffs. Everybody seems to be excited to go to work; have got raise and RSUs already; waiting for annual bonus... read more

Permira is the problem

I'm an xNDS and xCisco employee. I think Abe is a great technologist, businessman and manager, who would indeed like to bring some cool stuff to the market. And he's far better than the raft of incompetents who have managed the xNDS business so... read more

America's best employers...really?!?!

How in the world did we rank among top 100 employers for 2018 on Forbes' list? Seriously, how are we, out of tens of thousand companies in the country, among top 100 as best employer? I guess PR is earning their pay after all... read more

Employee survey sent to xNDS/xCisco

They've got to be joking On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate your understanding of Chuck's strategic pillars... WTF? What would you tell ... and his SLT about what it's like to work at Cisco in EMEAR? Not for long baby.

More layoffs?

Just wondering if the latest acquisition of Accompany will bring even more layoffs with it? I'm sure the incoming company will see major cuts, after all that's what Cisco always does when it buys something, but what about us? Is anybody at Cisco in... read more

Cisco IPRs against Chanbond / UOIP

It seems Cisco lost on 7 out of 8 IPRs that it filed against Chanbond / UOIP. Uoip has sued 13 major cable companies for infringement of it patents. RPX also lost IPR and then appeal against Chanbond / UOIP. The trial is expected to start at the end... read more

How many to be laid off?

So, now that we know the sale is official, how many will be laid off as part of the acquisition? I've seen numbers ranging from 15 percent to 50 percent, all claiming some official knowledge. Does anybody actually knows for sure what's going to... read more

Normal company, again?

All the negativity here is centered around SPVSS. They make up, say %1 of our workforce. Barely anyone from the remaining 99% spreads negativity. Are we now a normal company, again?

Calcalist publish Permira deal

So Calcalist published this morning. Sorry it's in Hebrew. If you can't 4ead the anguage I am sure Google Translate will oblige. Calcalist normally know about what's happening here a few hours ahead... read more

A sorry saga

Back in the day we were all getting geared up fro another IPO/ The SEC filings had been made, there was a great valuation and the future looked bright. Selling our share options was the golden ticket to happiness. we all eagerly awaited the day it... read more

Well well my lovely friends

Well my lovely friends it is like this. The "sale" is being overseen by the senior executives in SPVSS and the ones that the leader seems to think have a business head on them. God know why because they are pretty much responsible for the absurd... read more

Resignation after Webletter

Hello, I've got the webletter effective from 28th April. If I resign on 29th April, will I get the increased salary on last day and gratuity as per increased salary? Policy docs don't mention anything on it.

LR next week?

Managers and Directors seem very busy since last week. Rumors flying about LR before end of April to balance the books.

Quick Poll - Most USELESS job profile in Cisco

I vote for CAP Managers. Most CAP Managers are Non-Technical, technologically challenged, Arrogant, think of themselves as GOD, self-righteous, ignorant, too busy saving their a**/job or any combination of these qualities.....

Thread missing

I’ve just read a good thread and was preparing to reply to it, but it’s gone. Who’s doing this and why?

NDS and Cisco was not a good fit

At the time of acquisition, NDS was profitable, had happy customers and happy employees. Cisco didn't consciously destroy all that, it was just a really poor fit, both organisationally and culturally. The sooner it's divested, the sooner people can... read more

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