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D-Day in UK is 24th Jan.

Not sure of H-Hour. Be prepared - Bangalore torpedoes armed, webbing tight and all pouches closed. Collect your money and move on.

Thanks Cysco

I was hit in Sept, 2017, I believe this is due to age that I was 40 last year,but I think this is a very suitable time to leave that I can still find a job to extend my career instead of 45 years later. I got a very very good package that is totally... read more

Let the World Know What Happening.

I know for a fact there is a directive from the highest levels to lower the average age of Cisco and so does anyone effected by it. The trade press will never write anything to publicise this as they could be sued and secondly they rely on... read more

Cisco Reflections

I was laid off in Sep 2016. There was on reason given. I was told that is was not a performance issue. I was told, by my manager, that he was handed a note (from his manager) that essentially had my name on it and he was told to read the specific... read more

State of U.K. Theatre

Today's news has left me and at others in shock. To promote this type of person to arch leader is just bad logic. Not surprised business is so bad. Anyone got inside track?

L/R Underway

Uuugh...just got hit. I was notified yesterday..sounds like another big one.

Failure after failure

Cisco seems to be a sinking ship. Nothing the ELT does seems to make things better. In the mid-to-late 2000's, the (then) Global Government Solutions Group produced a customized version of standard Cisco gear that included US non-export encryption... read more

More layoffs in the U.K.

Heard from a reliable management source that there will be more layoffs in the UK after the Q2 results are announced. Apparently Enterprise have had a shocking H1 and people above are viewing this as an indicator the rest of the uk will follow in the... read more

New Cloud Strategy?

If this is Cisco's Cloud strategy to combat Amazon/Google/Azure, I think it's time to call your broker and sell.

How Congress might crack down on H-1B abuse

Under his legislation, any company paying H-1B workers less than $100,000 would have to show they couldn't hire Americans for the same jobs. Existing law has a similar requirement but sets the threshold at $60,000, a level established in 1998, and... read more

Anatomy of a Layoff-repost

REPOST ... but all the signs are here for the end of Q2 Let me give you a peek into the workings of an LR (Source: @IGXXwSC-1gdx ). About a 3 months in advance you start to see the warning signs. Backfills don't get approved, OpEx gets slashed... read more

Dog of the Dow

Happy new year

I wish Cisco a great success, be #1 cloud company and no more layoffs ... ... Yes, I still believe in Santa :D

Trump Tech Summit...Chuck who?

President Elect Trump had a Tech Summit a few weeks ago at his tower in NYC so all the "heavyweights" of Silicon Valley could come and kiss his ring; Tim Cook (Apple), Cheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Larry Page (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Elon Musk... read more

Cisco is the No.1 IT company in the world.

I've been on here quietly reading the posts and I have to say there is a lot of negativity. I suspect most of it is from people who got LR'd and are bummed to be out of the easiest place to make money I can think of. Cisco is without doubt the best... read more

How much notice required before resign ?

Say i am off to a competitor, how many days should be the notice period ? I could not find a link to resign online from HR page in CEC although there is a one according to my colleagues who took the same route before, any idea where it is buried in... read more

How's INSBU doing?

How are folks in Insieme doing under David G.? Anything interesting happening in last few months?

Thank you Cisco for LRing me in Sept

I want to thank Cisco for laying me off and the nice parting gift. Of course I was bitter. But, As many have noted, only until you are away from the dysfunction do you clearly see what a joke the company is. All of you that are fresh out of college... read more

What's next?

It's been a pretty turbulent year so far and we're not even half way. Revenue is down, employee moral is down, over 7k people were sacked and more are choosing to leave daily, Arista wins legal decision, Intercloud is dropped, pulling out of... read more

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