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Layoffs in May?

Rumor is layoffs in May. Dedicoat has to cut 500M in opex. Anyone else heard that?

RSU Grants

A question regarding RSU Grants: Does anyone know if the RSU grant will happen this fall after the LR takes place? I am really not sure if this is the right place for asking, but I have nowhere else to go. Also, do we know if we get more now there be... read more
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Spark Board?

Anybody actually seen a customer use one or if WPR will be installing them in the buildings? Or are they just for show in the EBC or offices of SVP and higher?

No Strategies....

The two biggest markets in IT today, IoT and Cloud and we still don't have a clear strategy. Maybe we should hire some more overpaid and underqualified CTOs to not come up with ideas.

IoT....what happened?

Seems like a year ago, all we heard about was how Cisco would take the lead in IoT. I believe Ruba even made a catchy, over produced video about it. My question is what happened? Are the big ideas coming out of a specific product group or Security?... read more

Cisco's failings is simple psychology.

Cisco's current and future failings comes down to some basic psychology. When it comes to careers people aren't programmed to think beyond their retirement, for obvious reasons. If a persons job is expendable then their focus is shorter term. In most... read more

Cisco & IBM: Same future

This is what Cisco is turning into:

Cisco misses out on cloud

At last year's year-end financial call, the CEO said that Cisco would reinvest the cost savings from its restructuring plan into "key priority areas such as security, IoT, collaboration, next generation data center and cloud." It's been almost 9... read more

Deep Engineering Cuts in SP Coming

SJ Campus is buzzing on the direction of cuts. Big LR in engineering coming. Will hit route switch, wifi, shuttering NDS among other things. If you are in engineering it's like dodge ball these days. This is a horrible place to work. Innovation s---s... read more

LR Predictions

FY17 LR's will be announced to the press in July. What are people's predictions on numbers this year and what areas will be cut?

Golden handcuffs

Organization structure is insane. A typically strong performer is some 10-12 levels away from the CEO. This means, while the compensation is good at the beginning, there is simply no room for a tremendous growth. Company in doldrums: Listen plebe... read more

Leavers regrets

I left Cisco about a year ago due to the uncertainty of employment with constant redundancies and the beyond low moral. However I have come to regret my move for two reasons. Firstly outside of Cisco you have to work. There is none of this hiding... read more

Why is Cisco filled with career politicians?

Why is Cisco filled with career politicians? Cisco Politician Lifecycle Identify buzzword Obtain funding & create organizations to justify their salaries Waste shareholder money + self-promote + build strategic internal relationships Attempt to cover... read more

Cisco Intercloud

Cisco Intercloud - "Cisco pledges two year, billion dollar investment to build a global network of clouds" - that's from 2014. Fast-forward to 2016, and you can read yet another epitaph carved by The Big Three; "Cisco Kills its $1 billion cloud"... read more

Existential Threats

Cisco, a 32-year-old technology company (let that sink in), is facing massive existential threats. Chambers keeps selling his stock...

RSUs are coming!

Good news ladies and gentlemen. RSUs are coming next week. The guidance is to give to 80% of GL10, and to 95% GL11 and GL12. Lower grades only in very specific circumstances. No RSUs this time for G13 and above (on CORP plan), but they received... read more

Outcome of meeting in San Jose?

There was a meeting in San Jose last week. Jerusalem's Israel site manager was in San Jose for a meeting with Cisco high management. Probably this is related to SPVSS and its future. Does anyone know anything about this? meeting outcome?

Upcoming significant LR

Does anyone know when the front line "yearly" LR happens? Is it in august? Significant rumors indicate one is coming, wondering how long we have to wait.

Cisco stock going higher!

We'll be back to free cola and ending layoffs in no time!

The wheels are coming off in U.K. Enterprise!

Aside from its poor performance it seems like anyone half decent is looking to leave ASAP or has done so already. When I speak to people in that op, it sounds completely toxic at the moment. I have to say though I'm pleased that the person... read more

ASA critical bug - Indian genius on display

Seriously, how hard this could be to figure out that if you use 64bit counter to count picoseconds, it will overflow after about 213 days? And what does it say about engineering review process and quality assurance in general?

Please report any H1B abuse to USCIS

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