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May-Cycle : Hike/promo - rumor ?

With Cisco stocks doing good, should we expect any Hike/Promo? or More LRs. ? some manager say the tool is not open and there is no info from upper mgt. and few say its not there this time around..!

The way Cisco layoffs are performed

The managers issuing layoffs aren't doing that of their own volition. There's (simply put) an xls spreadsheet with a bunch of employees. Somewhere they draw a line. If you're above the line, you get laid off, if you're below, you're fine (for now)... read more

Massive Restructure Coming to CX Delivery

Call will be held early next week to determine the fate of many engineers in the CX org. Multiple "overlapping" roles will be eliminated to meet the 286 million dollar "cost-saving commitment" Cisco promised in 2019.

Be careful what you tell your manager

After 10 years in sales and always overachieving I got laid off. The crazy politics and demands of daily glory stressed me out. I spoke to my manager and director regarding how this was affecting my mental health. A month later I’m on a PiP. Last day... read more

G8 Salary in Krakow

How much does a G8 NCE make in Krakow after taxes ?
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promo cycle

now that bonus letters came out, when will the spring promo cycle be? since they skipped last fall, lots of folks are chomping at the bit and being told they are "next in line"

Why buy Cisco stock?

Can someone please explain why employees buy Cisco stock? It makes zero sense to me. Yeah it's $50 and you get it for a discount but who cares. I have purchases two stocks only over the past 5 years since I've been with Cisco - Facebook and Amazon. I... read more

What to do with your $ while at Cisco...

Just making the rounds to those in it for the long these and your net worth will be north of $1M, easily, if you are going to ride it out...until your LR card is drawn: Max out your 401k. Max out your ESPP. Sell ESPP original cost (your... read more
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Web letters?

For those lucky enough to get them anyone know when web letters will be sent out this quarter for raises and promotions?

People quit instead of getting laid off

It’d be something if enough employees in a group decided to quit Cisco for another job because the environment became too toxic. The managers who issue layoffs would probably get laid off if that happened.

bonus + spring promo cycle

as opposed to always being negative, let's start a thread on the upside of being a cisco employee (that performs well at least) in the coming months recently there was confirmation of mid year bonus... any guesses / rumors on company performance... read more

Cisco new CIO with outsourcing experience

New CIO is very strategic and of totally 360 mindset, hope to bump up stock price and great for investors. Cisco mgmt is looking for ROI and cut down OPEX though pile of cash. No more old days that people hangout and salary deposited into their... read more

Grade 6 salary SJ?

What is the expected salary range for grade 6 in SJ? How does a grade 6 eventually grow into a higher grade role?

Layoff date for 2019?

New to Cisco. I have heard that there are going to be company wide layoffs sometime soon. Anyone has an idea of what that date might be? Early march? Early April?

Layoff list

My take on layoff predictions: note it has come true everytime. TAC - majorly AS Cloud Mgmt/center UCS & teration Routing Surprising no switching group.

Why did Bryan Palma leave Cisco?

For those who were in Advanced Services, why did Bryan Palma leave for Blackberry? Looking at his LinkedIn, it appears he leaves a place every 5 years, which is typical of execs. I heard he was generally disliked, and uses companies only as a... read more

Collaboration seeing high exit rate along with layoffs

November was a big lay-off and since then several,higher ups have exited causing a brain drain ?crisis? Wondering if this may be the start of Cisco’s end or perhaps collaborations end? Feb13 March or April will drain the rest. Thought?

Quarterly earnings

My BU’s quarterly earnings was revised recently (increased), now management folks project that we may miss the target for next two quarters. I don’t understand the logic, why revise to target beyond expectations and later suggest that situation is... read more

Winter is coming

I'm not saying no more. Save your money. Eat bread 'n water. It's gonna be a bloodbath.

Security Clearance Bonus

Does anyone know what the amount is and if it's a flat bonus or it depends on clearance level? I have a TS and a possible offer.

Covering their tracks when laying off

I was in a group (dealing with cloud computing - the area that Cisco management said they were concentrating on and therefore laying LR'ing people in other areas). Had been with Cisco 20+ years, age 50+ and I got laid off in September, 2016. Part of... read more

February 13 - chopping day

Q2 Financial results will be released on that day. At the end of the call, Chuck will mention that 4,500 people will laid off. If your mgr is acting strangely to you since mid Jan, that's a sign you're on the chopping list. . A few heads will be... read more

Is Cisco ACI doing good?

Is Cisco ACI doing good and earning revenue for Cisco? Is it safe to join the Cisco ACI team? Is the ACI team doing layoffs?

Cisco is not a place to be a free-thinker

I was at Cisco for 7+ years and was fired recently after speaking out on some serious unethical actions that took place under my organization. I've learned Cisco is not a place to be a free-thinker, even if your advice is purely constructive... read more

Bogus UK Awards

Anybody know what scam you have to pull to get a techwomen of the year award past your way??? What [email protected] if there ever where was. This innovation scam being run is in need of serious investigation and the people who are shelling corporate money... read more

HR fiasco

When I was working at Cisco, HR announced that a major company survey would be taking place and that it was important for everyone to be as honest and as frank as possible. We were told that the survey would be “100% Anonymous and 100% Confidential”... read more

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