Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Can they hire and fire? When they LR you, does it have to be in sync with the general LR or you can be fired two months later than others?

They just hired people in our team in other regions of the country. Since we all work remote it is more a matter of salaries than geographical distribution. Can they pretend that they are still in LR mode after they hired just months ago? If it is... — read more 

Gary to become CEO

Gary Steele's appointment as the "go to market" leader following Cisco's acquisition of Splunk signals a strategic move that may indicate he is being groomed for the CEO position at Cisco. Here are several reasons why Gary Steele could be seen as the... — read more 


Starting to hear rumors that Liz is looking deep at non revenue impacting roles and seeing if headcount is necessary in those roles…shaping up to be an interesting time

May 2024 Beat

Should go something like this: Cringe Chuck intro with Gary Fran taking about woke Initiatives Scott explaining why Y/Y decline in revenue is actually good Random ELTs explaining why other ELT members are amazing 5 minutes for curated... — read more 

Nepotism at its best

I’m noticing more interns and new hires are the kids of Dir and Sr. Dirs. WTF. Though not in the direct chain of command, how is something this obvious allowed? These “leaders” are buddies with the hiring “Leaders” so that is a great workaround... — read more 

RTO possibility?

How possible is a RTO policy like AWS, Google, Zoom etc? I see that a lot of market knowledge and trend information is not transitioning within employees, resulting in negative impact particullary in the sales organization. On the other hand, a lot... — read more 

Dramatic change in ELT

Cisco has named Gary Steele as President of Go-to-Market, effective immediately. Steele is well known for his operational excellence, and in this new role, he will work closely with Robbins to set and execute against Cisco's strategic plans and... — read more 

Here we go

With Jeff Sharritts leaving (let go) what is the future of sales going to look like? Will there be a complete 180 in sales orgs, goals, etc? These next few months are going to be interesting to say the least

Strategy roles

It’s amazing that we are still filling strategy roles aligned to a VP whilst we create lists to lay people off. Can someone help me understand what that role does vs the VP, SR. directors and Directors that exist on the teams already? None of the... — read more 

Job hunting update

I want to give an update here and the other place since I last posted this 3 months ago. I am still looking after fifteen months. I haven’t found anything IT after fifteen months and starting to get depressed.. I hear the average time for finding... — read more 

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