Cisco Systems Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

When are next layoffs?

Does anyone know when the next layoffs are going to hit? Is there an offer of early retirement? When should I expect a 15 minute call on my calendar? Is Cisco laying off in small? I don't think it's a big revenue generator but not sure.

TPS Reports

Anyone else noticed that Cisco has gone off the rails lately with useless reports. I'm in Sales, and its gotten to such an extreme level that is about all we do now is fill out spreadsheets, PPT decks, plans, etc. Only to be stored on a file share... —  read more 

You are in charge

I am over 50 and was LR'd going on three years ago... Biggest mistake I saw while at Cisco for 18 years was people living WAY beyond their means... Do you need a BMW? Even a new car? An upscale home? Spend your energy working, staying... —  read more 

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