Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Upgrade cycle lifts all

Cisco stock is going up and being raised. Unsure any of this is due to action by Cisco or just pent up COVID demand and boatloads of cash printed by the Feds... I expect back slapping and smile for 12 months.

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Is WARN a must?

Do all layoffs need a WARN? I've heard now twice that a few people have been laid off in the past three or four weeks with no warning. No WARN, no announcement, no publicity (since it's only two or three people in both cases...) Is that legal? If it... —  read more 

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Not very picky?

There is a lot of hiring going on and I’m glad everyone has a job opportunity, however, does it seem to you that Cisco is almost no longer selective at all when hiring new people? I had a friend who applied for a job here at the same time as me and... —  read more 

Get woke, go broke?

This has become a popular phrase. But think about it, what role does Cisco's social justice messaging have in creating networking equipment and software? How does creating diversity of skin color among employees enhance a company's ability to... —  read more 

Eager for change?

I came here without much experience and tried to learn as much as I could, but at one point I got too bored. I don't know if boredom is the right word but after 5 years I've had enough of Cisco and I would like to leave. Is there anyone else who has... —  read more 

Stunning and Brave, Chuckie.

From the WSJ: Yet so much of this CEO pos­turing cites no facts—or even fails to men­tion the word “Geor­gia.” Amer­i­can Ex­press stands “against any ef­forts to sup­press vot­ing,” said CEO Steve Squeri. “Black­Rock is con­cerned about ef­forts... —  read more 

A lot of what Cisco does

Could be replaced with a $60 Raspberry Pi? Think about it. I bought ten Raspberry Pi's and put Arch, Ubuntu, Raspberrian, Wheezy, XBMC, and tried out several other Distros. (Note I didn't install CentOS because of what's going on now. Maybe... —  read more 

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