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Cisco stocks

I don't understand why Cisco stocks are skyrocketing. Are we the new Google?

bonus time

It's bonus time. I was very happy with mine. How about you?

Director position in Webex

I have been recently got selected as Director in Webex at Bangalore. What is the salary range for the Director position ?

Aspiring Directors

Climbing up over the carcasses of failed projects and products is a skill that all aspiring director+ types in cisco have mastery on Rest of time they spend spying on and punishing people via dashboards, rewarding cronies and playing with bugs in... read more

CCBU Restructuring

There are couple of Directors and a Sr. Manager who has been given a task by MM to do restructuring in CCBU. Is anyone aware if there are any impacts so far on this plan ?

Cisco Canada

Anyone have insights on the Canadian theatre? Last I heard, it was a political land mine and LRs were being handed out like candy.

Services layoff in November

There will be a CX layoff in November as functional consolidations that were announced last month now get rolled out to people. Good lucks.

Number 1 IT Company in The World

I've been on here quietly reading the posts and I have to say there is a lot of negativity openly expressed. I suspect most of it is from people who got LR'd and are bummed to be out of the easiest place to make money one can think of. Cisco is... read more

The US-China tariff war might cause us a lot of trouble

Reading this got me really angry. Just when we needed a stroke of luck something like this hits us from the outside. Was the administration thinking about the consequences of imposing these tariffs at all? It was just a matter of time before this... read more
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Sabotage from the competition

Did anyone reading rumors here ever consider the possibility that competitors may be posting here to sabotage the morale of current employees? Take what you read here with a grain of salt

Multi Cloud Is Coming (together with 5G)

Crew - we are doing just fine, just fine:

Any truth to this?

During my 1-to-1 with a Sr. Manager, I came to know, that some business of Collaboration where there is a flat, but consistent revenue, is to be outsourced. The employees of these products will be transferred to the outsourced company. Is this true?... read more

Sweeping changes detailed in mail from Chuck Robbins Has anyone still at Cisco seen this mail and able to share details? Biz Journal won’t show detail without the purchase of a subscription

CCBU India Product Management Hiring

There is a huge hiring going on in Product Management in CCBU in India, under the carpet. This is to release a few Product Manager staff left in BXB. The new building in Bangalore where CCBU is to be shifted will host these employees.

SP R&S layoffs

Any insights from SPBU folks on the impending layoffs would be appreciated. What teams/ groups are likely to be impacted in the BU. When the impacted people will be informed?

This is interesting

Found this on another board here. We are among top five companies with oldest employee base, with thirty-five year average. It would be nice to get a better overview (how many in their twenties, thirties, etc.) instead of just an average, though... read more

Llike rats fleeing a sinking ship

Anybody surprised by this? Didn't think so. Cisco Systems executive Hilton Romanski is leaving the company to help private equity firm Siris Capital Group establish a team in Silicon Valley... read more

Synamedia Layoff Rumor

Rumor is that Synamedia is planning a large layoff 1 quarter after taking ownership. Conservative estimates place the SPVSS deadwood level at 39% across the board and 62% at G12+ levels.

H1Bs visa abuse at all time high
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Why engineers come back?

Cisco is an amazingly poorly run company at every level. What I don't understand is why engineers come back... Yes for the amount of work required the pay is good - but time is short and there are only a finite number of projects you can work on in... read more

Coasters at Cisco

Everyone I meet at Cisco who has worked here for more than 10 years is mentally checked out. They basically do no work and collect paychecks, seems like 90% of the staff fall into this category. I haven't worked at a large company, is this really... read more

What's this all about?

I know a guy who was laid off around a year ago, if that long, and now he is back at Cisco. Not only is he back here, he is back at the same team he was laid off from. How in the world does that make any sense? I mean good for him, but how does... read more

How SPVSS operates within each country

Israel: Fork another teams repo, make a demo, get praise from TG. LWR: Constantly refresh followed by taking a nap in the parking lot. India: Implement feature based on a Rally story description that reads "TBD", get blamed for anything... read more

Voluntary LR, is it possible?

Got a quick question. Can you ask to be laid off at Cisco? Is this something that’s possible? Anyone with this experience? Do you ask for a package?

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