Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

The old pattern continues

We have layoffs and then soon after we have mass hirings. They might as well come out and say it - we're getting rid of employees we believe are paid too much. It doesn't matter that each of those employees earned their high pay, it doesn't matter... —  read more 

Is Hyperflex still around?

I never hear about this anymore. Did Cisco ki-l it or lay most of them off or something? Or maybe with AWS/Azure it is rendered irrelevant? Seems like this was a darling 3 years ago, and almost no emphasis now.

Two years is quite enough

It takes about a month for a person to figure out what kind of company they got the job at. If after that he or she decides to stay here to gain some experience in order to get something better, I do not recommend staying longer than two years... —  read more 

Fodder for layoffs

I wish more new hires who seem so happy to join Cisco knew they were only being brought on to be used as fodder for layoffs a year or so down the line. Cisco has to even out the numbers somehow to avoid being accused of age discrimination during... —  read more 

Big day at Qwilt

I have colleagues who have a negative opinion about Cisco’s investment in Qwilt and also those who think that investing $70 million in Qwilt is a wise thing to do. What do you think?

SA Layoffs Coming

Things are not looking good. SAs will not be backfilled when they leave and if not enough SAs leave, then layoffs for SAs coming. Then the remaining SAs will be going Agile TSA. This is all due to the initiative of driving down the cost of... —  read more 

C2E / Agile TSA - SAs

It is official that SAs are going to C2E and Agile TSA. I heard today my AVP say that we have to deal with it as AMs and that is the direction Cisco Engineering is going whether we like it or not. It is time for AMs to push back or leave. This is... —  read more 

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