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Put the blame where it belongs

Years back Cisco acquired 2 service provider video companies - Scientific-Atlanta and later NDS. Both were industry leaders in their own right, billions in combined revenue, though some products had their issues. That was years ago. Fast forward to... read more

$1 Billion Dollar Partnership Fail

The Ericsson + Cisco partnership that was supposed to generate $1b in incremental revenue is dead. Only thing left is some trite resale/IP agreement that will yield a 100m euros at best. The partnership leaders are fired. Left behind is a small... read more

How much is severance taxed?

I've heard that people usually get a third less than expected when they finally receive their severance payment. Is this true? I can just imagine the shock of first being laid off, then coming to terms with it because you are counting on certain... read more

Rule 70

This year I'm going to enter the dreaded rule 70 age/years-with-the-company bracket (50/20). How worried should I be?


When should we expect to hear the results of the raise/promo cycle?

So tired of having no job security

How many small layoffs did we have in the past twelve months? The ones that don't have to be reported for WARN nor attract media attention? Has there been a week without hearing about at least one or two people being shown the door by Cisco? So tired... read more

I want to be cut

Been here for 17 years and wish I could be LR'ed. Need the package. I can find another gig very easily. I started dragging my for the past 2 years but it seems my name and the LR list are like oil and water. If I ask my manager, is that a good idea... read more

Age Discrimination - Legal Advice?

I know that often times older employees translates to higher pay scales and bonus levels, but when it's a glaring pattern is it still that hard to prove it's discrimination? I'm curious if anyone has reached out for legal advice on the topic and can... read more

What’s next? When is the next round due?

I heard that this ‘initial’ round (3/1) isn’t the end of it. Sure there is the annual cull fest in aug, but I felt there may be another round before end of March. Anybody else get that?

Cisco Leadership in GESW is beyond terrible

When are they going to do something about the poor leadership that is in place and get back to producing double digit growth? Attrition is at an all time high in GESW and there is more coming! GES used to be a powerhouse - now it resembles nothing of... read more

Cisco to buy Ericsson

MWC was great show to demonstrate good partnership values. Cisco to announce we buy router 6k from E///. It's not s good product but we can fix and have profitable sales in 5G. Gluck man agrees as he is sponsoring strategy.

Just do a good job

If you work hard, dedicate yourself, and solve great challenges (you know, what you're SUPPOSED to do in a career) your only real reward at that place is the moment when they sneak up behind you with a bolt gun and put an end to the fear their... read more

Barracuda massive layoffs today

Been with Cisco for over 8 years now, survived many LRs. Wife works for Barracuda, b--ches about Cisco and constant LRs... At Barracuda, no layoffs... Then a hit comes out of nowhere and she gets the axe yesterday. F---! See their board @RZACyHy

Why is there never anything in the news?

I tried to find some info on yesterday's layoffs in the media, but there is absolutely nothing. Literally, not one news link pops up when you type in Cisco and layoffs and limit it to the past 24 hours. There are discussions from this site and some... read more

Lawrenceville rumored shutdown

Lots of hallway talk at the executive offices of shutting down the entire lawrenceville site. Looks like Cisco is seriously thinking of diversifying the video business .

Layoffs at Cisco mostly about age

Being laid off at Cisco after 20+ years in September 2016, they would not give details about the profiles of people being laid off, including ages of the layoffees until we signed the severance agreement in which we agreed that Cisco was being fair... read more


I work at Broadsoft and we just recently got acquired by Cisco. I was told I am marked as a transitional employee and will not have a job past July. Any idea how Cisco's severance package will look like for me?

Instant LR Solution

Easier solution….layoff all those sycophants who “reply all” to Emails. And if the original Email requested recipients to not “reply all” to an Email, as it was sent to a large distribution list, then they should be sacked for being incredibly stupid... read more

Bottom 5 percent myth

Regarding the mentioned "expected trim of the bottom 5 percent," that is not how layoffs at Cisco work nor have they ever. Every single round of layoffs has cut some of the best people who have been with the company long enough to earn a decent pay... read more

Capital repatriation is helping the rich not the workers

Cisco is the number one in volume of buybacks. It's all going to the shareholders not the workers. Tax cut scoreboard: Workers $6 billion; Shareholders $171 billion

March layoffs?

Been hearing some chatter at the office about possible March layoffs, but I can't figure out what started the rumor. Do we know if there really is another round coming next month or is this just the usual office crap that bored people come up with... read more

What %age of acquisitions fail

Cisco are pretty good at buying and acquiring tech and talent - I was wondering if anyone has any stats about the successes? It would be really helpful to have some proper ammunition to use on these idiots that use the tiny number of failures (SA... read more

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