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Cisco Cloudcenter and Container Platform

I have offer for G11 from the teams and wondering if the products are doing good or not. Any inputs will be helpful. Cisco is known for layoffs but how are these teams? Are they growing or suffering layoffs too?

New Round of Layoffs - Brace Yourselves

I hear there will be phase2 of LRs coming - after the November '18. All under-performing BUs will be impacted. Cisco is feeling the pinch of trade wars and "CX transformation" is not convincing customers and partners that Cisco knows what Cisco is... read more

2 years after LR

Juat thought I would come back and share my experience. This is clearly one of the most active boards here, for obvioua reasons. I was with Cisco for over 10 years. I have patents. I always made a positive impact. I moved on every 3 years to a new... read more

Your time enjoying working at Cisco is done

About a decacde ago, I was unfairly placed on a PIP because of a grossly incompetent manager (who was ALSO placed on a PIP). I decided to prove that it was unfairly and beat it. (Which I did.) I assumed that was the end of things. However, the... read more

Not scared if LR

I see all these people b--ching about Cisco LRing older employees in favor of college grads. Only thing I can say is it's your own damn fault. I'm 56 years old and a grade 13. I'm not a manager. Never once have I ever been scared I'd be laid off... read more

Which position “safer” for 50+

If any, which positions below could be more sustainable against layoff at Cisco. Consider age 50, hardworking and motivated employee: 1)NCE 2)Sales Engineer 3)Software Engineer 4)Solutions Architect 5)Line Manager I imagine 1) and 3) are very... read more

Cisco PIPs and upcoming layoffs...

(Currently 2 Years on the job) I've read on here that PIPs are essentially the kiss of death and once you are placed on one, you are essentially toast. Recently with all of the layoffs and reorgs my manager has changed and his first order of business... read more

Strong performer approaching 50 strategy

This is not only related to any particular tech company. It seems it is a sad reality that all of a sudden I see fewer and fewer engineers older than 45 around me. Moving to management was not my plan, but I have been testing waters and I have seen... read more

Grade 9 SE

I would like to know do cisco offer SE grade 9, if so what is the difference between grade 9 and grade 10. quite confused ?

Only the Cisco way is deemed acceptable

I’m a new mid-career employee with extensive experience, and I would say I’m overly reliant on the folks who have been at Cisco longer, for a few reasons. Cisco has no discernible processes or procedures, but “leadership” insists that everything be... read more

Is this HR in action?

I was looking at Glassdoor's recently published 2019 Best Places to Work list for U.S. Large Employers and I was frankly shocked to find Cisco there. How? The only explanations that comes to mind is that HR is hard at work drowning out any negative... read more

Massive Layoffs March 1st

Cisco allocated ~375 million dollars for restructuring at end of q4fy18. They used 78 million at end of q1 and I don’t feel rest was all used up during nov restructuring. We will see it in q2 numbers that release mid feb. Historically we have always... read more

Nothing will make Cisco great again

nothing will make cisco great again. not even if you fired everyone and only took in the IOS-XE, XR and NXOS codebase is a fragmented mess of 100s of buggy components spread across dozens of teams and VP/director empires in 5 major locations (sjc... read more

The turbulent year at Cisco

This proved to be a year in which a lot has happened at Cisco, so I found this article that sums up the important things that happened in 2018. One objection though, there is no mention of layoffs in this article or any of the other connecting... read more
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Make Cisco great again

We need to drain the swamp a.k.a. ELT and all those crooks who hire and promote only folks from their village. We need to build a wall around Cisco to stop H1Bs and their cronies from flooding Cisco. Extreme vetting, travel ban is needed to cut the... read more

Who pays for Luxtera ?

Who else is worried that the $660 million paid in cash for Luxtera will be compensated for by even more layoffs? Not to mention that I'm sure they'll find a way to cut people both from Cisco and Luxtera in the name of "consolidation." Am I being... read more

Luxtera Layoffs

Cisco Layoff Board on TheLayoff welcomes Luxtera to the family. Please be ready for deep and wide cuts as we specialize in the technique. All the best.

Grade level salary ranges?

Can anyone please comment on what the approximate grade range salaries are for a grade 6,8,10,11,12 in RTP, North Carolina? It seems like everyone knows, but no one wants to disclose this info in person.

Final commissions payments after being laid off

I have been impacted and to be fair, Cisco has provided severance, PTO and ESPP payments/refund in a timely fashion. But I am having a difficult time getting information on final commission payments. Has anyone else experienced this? All they have is... read more

Layoffs at CHILL

In case somebody missed it... The Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs, known as "CHILL", and its employees are being consolidated and moved, Cisco confirmed to the Business Journal on Monday... read more

The criteria for employment has hit rock bottom

Looks like CIsco will take anybody these days. I'm starting to wonder if even knowing to read or write has become an optional. Okay, I exaggerate, but not by much. I have to spend half of my working hours showing new people how to do their jobs! And... read more

Cisco offer RMAP

Does anyone know how long the retiree can use the plan? Same length as COBRA? Any advantage to COBRA? Thanks in advance.

Cisco wants to buy Luxtera

The author of this article claims to have insider information that Cisco is in in talks to purchase the optical chip maker Luxtera. Although this intent to purchase has not been confirmed by the company and no info has been released this buy can be... read more

Cisco “a box with ports” company

Don’t believe all the hype from Cisco moving to a software company with annuity revenues. Cisco is still very much in the buisiness of selling iron boxes with ports.

Cisco Appdynamics VS Dynatrace?

I have a job offer from Appdynamics and also from Dynatrace? Which one would be a wise choice in terms of growth, stability, and stress-free life?

People Deal

I was LR'ed in 2016. Does Cisco still have that so called 'People Deal'? What a joke that was and Cisco tried to spin it like it was to the employees' advantage.

Why doesn't Cisco innovate anymore?

All we do is buy companies to stay relevant. Or should say try to stay relevant. But what's happened over the past few years to make innovation die within Cisco?

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