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Going down?

I'm just going to leave this here...

Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

This sorry earnings report was the latest manifestation of an ongoing saga of woe for Cisco. Previously, the Q3 earnings announcement contained poor forward guidance and prompted a drop in share price of 10.2%. There have been years of layoffs, cost... read more

Chambers Update


Own It...... Just not the stock ;) So far pretty standard. Same old picking out the stats that hide the reality and overhyping solutions and partnerships like they are revolutionary, when they're more evolutionary. Still clearly trying to buy our way... read more

October layoffs at Cisco

The latest layoff rumor. Major Layoffs are planned for October. The rumor is 10% of the work force mostly from US. With 7 consecutive quarters of declining revenue it's the only way to make Wall Street expectations. Plus Cisco knows that Wall Street... read more

Board Should Replace Chuck with a Tech Savvy CEO

Board should replace Chuck before he drains Cisco's cash with mindless M&A and other bogus initiatives. Cisco is a great company and sad to see how toothless leadership it has at the top at a time when the world is going through technology transition... read more

What is this referring to?

Reuters brief on Q4 Cisco results has this line: Cisco - expect previously announced restructuring plan‍​ to be substantially completed by the end of the first quarter of fiscal 2018. I'm trying to figure out if this is referring to restructuring... read more

Layoffs will only hurt Cisco

Seriously, I don't understand how layoffs became such standard practice to bump quarterly results, when it was proven over and over that in the long run, it ends up costing the company. It's not just Cisco, everybody seems to be doing it, and the... read more

Stock down 4.1% on opening.

Time to sell guys. This time next year you'll be lucky if it's worth $25 a share after 11 quarters of decline. Unless you reckon they will turn it around. Haha

Collab business down again.

Collaboration fell another 3%. How much longer can this last before? I can understand why routers and switching are falling but Collab appears to be a leadership issue and backing the wrong products. Spark board anybody?


I'm one of the Viptela members acquired by CSCO. It does not look good here at CSCO. Looking to jump ship as soon as my bonus from Viptela is paid at the end of September.

Cisco's Security Business Did Not Deliver

Cisco's quarterly revenue in its closely-watched security business missed analysts' estimates, raising concerns about the world's largest networking gear maker's efforts to transform into a software-focused company. The company's shares fell about... read more

7 Quarters of decline

That's 7! One more and it will amount to 2 years of continual decline. Switching and routing fell by 9%! Next quarter that figure will hit double digits! Let's face the facts guys, Cisco is going through a slow and painful death. The only way profits... read more

No LR = no package

Welcome to the new world. The Teamspace world. Everyone checked-in yet on TS? You better be. We started new era - era of no big and loud LRs, but small, silent, package-less terminations, justified by the meaningless statements like "doesn't fit the... read more

Interesting footnote . . .

A footnote to the table "GAAP TO NON-GAAP BUSINESS OUTLOOK FOR Q1 FY 2018": "In August 2016, we began taking action under a restructuring plan in order to reinvest in our key priority areas in which up to 6,600 employees would be impacted, with... read more

12 Fundamental Observations About Cisco Today

There is no long term strategy. Sometimes there is some vague long-term vision. e.g., we're going to be a SW company. But changing that to a strategy is anathema. Leaders are afraid to lead. Even most first line managers are afraid to make a... read more

EoY Bonus Canceled

My manager told me that she isn't giving out a bonus and she couldn't talk about it. Has anyone heard otherwise?

Questions for Analyst

If any analysts are reading this and will be submitting questions for today's call, here are some insider questions to ask. Software annuity. Q. What percentage of your customers that have bought you're software model, realise this is what they've... read more

Two sides

I work for an unsexy BU. We have slightly declining revenues, but on a high level. Development is in full swing and I feel save. The longer I stay the more obsolete my resume will look. Anyone interested in a C coder? On the opposite, there are a lot... read more


IVP is not a good product... My opinion: IVP is a bloated lift and shift mess. It could still become a good product, but it would require architects that actually understand cloud component development, a complete change in culture, and a lot less... read more

How will Cisco do?

Here's hoping that 16th brings good news. With all the layoffs rumors, it would be nice to get some good news and be able to relax at least a little bit. Not that I thing good results will mean no layoffs, I am just hoping they will either reduce or... read more

Silent layoffs have started

It's just sad. Can confirm silent layoffs are going on in SJC from my viewpoint. Red badges are now almost entirely gone from the group and there's only a little over a handful of blue badges remaining. We were overflowing our floor a little over a... read more

Snitching H1B fraud

I hate to snitch. I see too much fraud among these H1B monkeys going on. They are taking our jobs and livelihoods. I will snitch just on these H1B fraudsters else I will end up on the unemployment benefits. Some managers/directors/VPs get a kickback... read more

Don't cry

A massive cut is planned starting after the Earnings Release call on 8/16/2017. According to multiple anonymous sources, all departments and functions will be impacted. Upper and middle management will be whacked as is the individual foot soldiers... read more

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