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IT to be hit again

I am hearing the rumors of layoffs as well. Especially in IT and operations. As always the rumor is the layoff will be big but who knows. Ive heard that rumor before and it doesnt materialize. Regardless if you are one of the people who gets let go... read more

cisco aci and multisite

I have heard lot of buzz from within cisco about cisco aci and cisco aci multisite from insieme BU. Do both these products make good money? How is the multisite team? I have an offer from them
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Laying off in US, hiring in Ireland?

Can somebody explain to me how is this OK? While people are being laid off or forced to leave on their own practically on daily bases here, Cisco is adding more jobs in Ireland. It looks like everybody is prioritized over American employees. I'm... read more

Quality issues

There has been an alarming decline in the overall Quality of features in ios xr and no amt of sanity , testing and or precommit gates is helping because the bones are weak now. I do not see sanity catching real issues, sanity scripts themselves break... read more

The Poison

Counting the days until I can get that Cisco poison off my resume. When Cisco takes over your company then the logo and company name against your career stages becomes Cisco. That is career poison.... Roll on NDS 2.0 so I can change it back again and... read more

I have an offer from a start-up

Hello Guys, 5+ years at Cisco. Have seen lots of ups and downs. Great pay and benefits but zero job growth and stability. An offer from an awesome growing start up; will need me taking a pay cut though. Confused.

Cisco Live - something missing?

One thing absent from Live. No new products to speak of. Google cloud handshake (while Cisco deploys their stuff on AWS), multicloud (whatever that means), Spark renamed to Teams, new bezel on 3850 switches called Catalyst 9k, DNA - a product named... read more

July chopping

List is ready. This will be a major one and CSCO will make a public announcement this time about the layoff, however, they will provide a lower layoff figure than the actual one.

Cisco recycles exec for another try

After failing to turn Juniper into a software company but getting rich in the process GE is at Cisco for another try at converting an over the hill hardware vendor... read more
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Runners and Riders for Senior Post @NDS

So who would like to speculate on who will be coming back to NDS once it is free of the Cisco stranglehold? And as an aside let’s give odds on how long various members of the legacy CISCO team wil survive in a proper video business.

Can those laid off be rehired at Cisco?

Just wondering what the situation is at Cisco right now in regards to hiring older employees who were laid off in one of the previous layoffs rounds? Is it even provided as an option to them? Or are people simply blacklisted by the company once they... read more

What Goes Around, Comes Around? I doubt that Cisco will be found to be in violation of antitrust laws- but you never know. Perhaps Cisco kicked a hornets nest with... read more

Green card for sale

More layoffs?

Rumor says layoffs will or are about to occur in SP networking. The group of folks who “deveoped” NCS5500 has run the business to the ground. They seem to be able to always find execuses and blame marketing, sales, support and everyone else for their... read more

Age discrimination

I was laid off in September, 2016 and was I was well over the age of 50 as were just about everybody else knew that was laid off. To get our severance package we had to sign an agreement essentially giving up all rights to sue Cisco, etc. Cisco would... read more

Massive Hiring in Collaboration

There is massive hiring going on in Collaboration and CCBU in Bangalore. More than 50 positions are advertised and most are in Grade-10 and above.

Stop complaining about being laid off!

I see a lot people complaining about being laid off. Most blame the people deal and b--ch that Cisco doesn't care about it's employees. No sh--. It's not their job to make employees the top priority. That is and will always be to make money. After... read more

We Are Cisco - Our People Deal

Cisco Recognized as No.1 for Employee Experience We are extremely proud that Cisco has been recognized around the world as a leader in employee experience. We make a meaningful difference for our people, our customers and the world around us. These... read more

RSU recommendation letter VS grant

I got a webletter recently about an RSU reward. In contrary to previous grants where it simply said I got the RSU, this one said my boss only recommended to give me RSU and there is a committee that will decide at the end of the month whether to... read more

35 % Up today !!!!

Cool stuff. UOIP is almost 35% up today. Losers look and research into stock ticker UOIP !!!!! Cisco and Arris are related and the price is skyrocketing during last 30 days.

No more layoffs? We are good now?

After SPVSS rumors frenzy, thanks god the deal is announced officially, Cisco seems to be a safe and fun place once again with no more layoffs. Everybody seems to be excited to go to work; have got raise and RSUs already; waiting for annual bonus... read more

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