Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

GSSO VW See JS Email

GSSO Americas VW should see the email sent out on Friday by JS. That is how executive leaders act. Own it quickly, take responsibility, and make it right. Not VW with Gold Rush. The only thing VW has done these last several months is LEAN IN to... —  read more 

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The strategy is clear: G12 out

The recent unveiling of the bonus remix pretty clearly lays out the people strategy. Trust senior tech talent (G89/90), trust more junior staff up to G11 and encourage G12 to take a hike. It kind of makes sense because G12 is a pivotal grade. It's... —  read more 

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Can somebody confirm?

Layoffs happen every August at Cisco. About 5-6k people. Has happened that way every year for at least the last 7 years. They just rotate which teams. I haven't been here long enough to know if this is true or not. Are there really major layoffs... —  read more 


This is the official V2MOM thread: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures! How is that V2MOM working out for us, huh?

It's Coming?

We're being told to watch expenses very carefully. Train rides to customers, hotel expenses etc are being closely scrutinised. I think there are going to be big layoffs soon, perhaps after FY end, because Cisco will start to see a cash flow problem... —  read more 

GSSO House Cleaning

The GSSO House Cleaning has started. Next up needs to be the Americas Sales VP and his Engineering Director. These two have no idea what they are doing and are directly responsible for the poor performance in the Americas. Their ineptness is... —  read more 

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