Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cisco Systems Inc.

The Game

Target over 40 workers and non Indians in LR. Throw about 20-30% under 40's in there to hide the discrimination. Then, most internal opportunities are given to under 40 and Indian. You end up with a real layoff in 90% of over 40. We know. They... —  read more 

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Dying company

It's quite surreal. Never a word about tech trends, competition, new products, nothing. Exactly. It's a sign of a dying company. Unfortunately, I do not believe that Cisco will ever get back on track and focus on new products or trends again... —  read more 

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tired of seeing all the trolls and everything regarding RTP. a lot of people read this site not knowing if things are trolls or not. With that being said, is RTP really closing and if so where was this announced and is it on Cisco's sites anywhere?

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Cisco has lost its mind

Joined TAC in right before the pandemic really kicked off. In the years since there is an increase focus on “metrics” in tac, and management uses them to paint a sh---y picture of whoever they don’t like. I have watched initiatives to literally... —  read more 

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Why is HR so rude

After over 40 mins in the hold queue, the HR rep was incredibly rude as soon as he found out I was impacted by the layoffs and needed to ask about the separation plan. And he gave incorrect information. It’s traumatizing enough to be laid off without... —  read more 

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Tech company with more frequent layoffs?

Cisco is certainly not a company for those who cannot bear the pressure of never being able to relax knowing that cuts are a constant threat here. Is there any other tech company with a higher layoff frequency than Cisco? I doubt it.

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leader call

Anyone else on it? Did they use the opportunity to provide clarity on the restructuring and provide empathy? Or did they show pictures of the exec leaders travelling and enjoying themselves at Davos? Place your bets ... Honestly, you couldn't... —  read more 

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RTP is closing

RTP's demise announced today along with the elimination of Americas sales. All products to be fulfilled by Amazon. RTP offices to become warehouses.

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Cisco UK Layoffs

Anyone receive consultation emails for LR this morning? Or am I the only "lucky" one? Although, there has to be at least 99 people affected for these emails to come out. Bang after end of H2.

AppD is dying

Fake opps in the pipeline Low morale Increased workload to cover those that got laid off AppD Cloud is a joke - even open source is better The leaders have hardware but no software sales experience

Fear management

It's not that the management in the companies where I previously worked was especially dedicated to encouraging employees to give their best, but nowhere was this kind of fear management present as in Cisco. I sometimes get the impression that... —  read more 

Remote work

How important is remote work to you? I like working from home, but it's not something that's a must for me. I live alone, though, so I'm guessing people who have families and like spending time with them might feel differently. But my main question... —  read more 

Webex Layoffs EMEA?

When are the webex sales and marketing layoffs? I keep hearing it is coming? Timing? Can we get rid of AR to save jobs for employees who are actually working and not taking vacations on company?

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