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A great example of how companies fail

Looking at Digital Transformation, led by Sandy Hogan, an organization of 400 employees and still trying to hire more, bringing absolutely a rounding error of value to the compnay. Same like S+CC, and others, all were also bringing insignificant... read more

H1B Visas


Cowards and Bullies

I wonder if all the animals posting negatively on this site and making personal comments realise they are no more than terrible bullies. For many of you, you are either complete cowards and hypocrits who still work at Cisco and take money from it... read more

$4B of acquisitions and still no cloud story So Oracle continues to invest in and reap the benefits of their cloud pursuit. Meanwhile, we still struggle to figure out what we want to do. Sorry, MPLS... read more

How big March layoffs are? Does anyone know?

It seems it was a big one. Definitelly larger then what at the end of 2016 (calendar). Pretty much all my friends in different groups are saying that they have teammates LRed either last week or today. We lost two people what is about 10%. Someone... read more

It was my turn this time

LR'd and what an emotional roller-coaster now finally my turn this time. One minute optimistic, next hour deeply saddened. Guess it's early stage withdrawals. Keep thinking what could have I done differently to reach this outcome. Hearing from others... read more

Working for a start up?

Has anyone worked at a start up before and what was your experience? I'm thinking of ditching the butt kissing corporate life at a declining Cisco in favour for a high growth start up. I saw a few friends leave Cisco for Nutanix and AppDynamics. One... read more

Digital transformation organization

I wonder how the organization see the impact of this team, it's a heavy organization of almost 300 people, that was reorganized being of this FY, but looks like it is highly visible and with a quite sound vision, any comments or thoughs on that?

If you were ever in doubt !

Cisco Australia

The previous Cisco ANZ country manager just stated at Citrix Australia as the country VP after being kicked to the kerb along with the hundreds of Cisco ANZ staff every year since 2013. The strategy is to replace what Cisco considers highly paid... read more

Cisco's failings are down to it's engineers.

People are complaining that they are getting the boot because they are old. Age has little to do with it, but energy, freedom of thought, creativity and the ability to take risks are what Cisco needs. Unfortunately when your 40, have a mortgage and 2... read more

Cisco is far more unethical than Uber

With the recent uproar against Uber, I can't believe we have not read about Cisco in the news yet. Has anyone else contemplated writing about their experience at Cisco?

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