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VSS UK Layoff

Big Day Imminent? From messages circulating it appears so and numbers look significant

This is not going forward

Cisco culture has evolved into middle school or high school style popularity contest. The team of mental giants which decided that a company could be ran without formal performance reviews should be awarded a medal for being able to actually enable... read more

Chopping Block

Anyone had a discussion with their manager about the chopping block (sometimes called the 9-block)? Had one here in the UK recently and was given a bit vague along the lines of needing to move to the top left. Does anyone know how these things are... read more


Anyone hear what the final casualty count from March was for SPVSS in Lawrenceville ? I'm hearing 150 or more. Is that accurate ?

The real issue

I read a lot of posts here blaming Flip or NDS or choose your failed acquisition for the woes of Cisco. I also read posts about outsourcing as another root cause. All of these are a sideshow. The real issue that has driven the decline of Cisco in its... read more

Oracle jumps, Cisco Dumps Oracle seems to be making money from it's cloud offers. Even if it's just moving people from OracleDB on prem to hosted DB, it's still... read more

It didn't always s---!

16 year Cisco vet (left a year ago for greener pastures nothing to do with an LR) but came across this article that reminded me what I love about the company that I just caught the tail end of in 99... read more

Why does Cisco move employees from India to US ?

I've never understood why Cisco has moved so many employees (management & non-management) from India to the US. What is the motivation to do so ? Is it cost savings ? How ? or are these exceptional managers & engineers that had to be retained ?

Performance Bonus by manager

If an employee is planning to quit cisco now, what are chances that manager will give bonus can he give 0 as employee is leaving Cisco ? or is it dependent upon relationship with manager ? this time we will get 75% of remaining amount right as we... read more

Project Andromeda Question - June 2017

Project Andromeda Question - June 2017: Does anybody know about new project called Andromeda, this is Cisco's cloud version of UCSM and they are projecting roadmap till 2020, I am still not convinced they can catch up in cloud market with so late... read more

The Good Ole Boy Network!

Cisco was booted out of a large MSO lab due to it's disaster of a Video Back Office that was three years late. And what did CC and his entourage do ? They LR'ed the system engineers who dedicated their last three years to the project, and not a... read more

Employee evaluation metrics in Cisco

New joinee here, I was reading another post here describing about Compensation ratio, how is it calculated? What the metrics used to evaluate employee value? Even experienced guys in my team are not sure how it is done after the removal of bell... read more

UCS Roadmap

I am dilemma, whether to stay or leave. Does this BU have roadmap? Cisco is in top of blade market nothing to gain there, Dell is choking everyone in Rack. Does Cisco have a strategy or new plans?

10% layoffs in August. Is that just a rumor?

I have seen in these posts that there is some expectation of another round of layoffs in August which may approach 10% of the workforce. My management team has been pretty transparent about upcoming layoffs in the past and they have given no signals... read more

No pay raise this time

Upon last year's mass layoff, most of us got significant pay raises. Not this time. What a pity. I just wonder what Cisco is doing with all the money it saves.

Cloud pivoting again?!?!

Project Harmony (aka InterCloud Part 3 or is it 4?), pivoting again. Customers don't want it, but the SVPs have convinced ELT that Enterprises do. All the employees that were acquired are "resting and vesting" or have left for greener pastures. It's... read more

Israel Updates

I heard two things by reliable sources. First, those being outsourced are also getting the full Cisco package. This is possibly a sign that this is a temporary arrangement and the transfer is a short term arrangement. Second, no one being outsourced... read more

Speculated Conrad's message to JRS employees

Tomorrow morning Jerusalem's site is planning an all-hands event with all local employees, Yael and Conrad. Conrad carries 3 messages: We are laser focused​ on our strategy It's the tactics that change git-rebase is strictly forbidden in SPVSS

SPVSS rumors

I don't know why people believe all the rumors on here about SPVSS (aka SPAPPS). Personally I prefer to think that our SVP and senior leadership are decent, competent people that are doing their best to lead us all to a good and successful future... read more


Hearing about Cisco buying HPE. Any one have details?

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