Topics regarding layoffs at F5 Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at F5 Networks Inc.

Hiring Corruption

Have you noticed the corruption in hiring process? Like some engineer asks you a question and you realize the guy doesn't know the basics/ not able to move without you at all. Sometimes these people have really high definition like principal or... — read more 

Good reason for layoffs

At least everyone should be happy that F5 used some of the money saved from trimming the fat to buy WIB. It's a bold step forward. I also appreciate that FLD came as close to saying 'yes' about April layoffs as he could.

How To Spot An Id--t

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What happened to F5?

Frequent layoffs, low morale, clueless leaders, heartless decisions, blatant conflicts of interest (just learned about this one, oh boy is it a might know what I'm referring to) that goes unchecked by leadership and HR....what does the... — read more 

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