Topics regarding layoffs at F5 Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at F5 Networks Inc.

Volterra acquisition

Any idea how this volterra will augment f5? Half a billion is a lot of money! 30% of my team has left in the last one year because of low TC. Management should look at taking care of existing employees before spending big bucks on dreamy... —  read more 

More pressure...

Under pressure from investor, F5 Networks walks a tightrope after spending $1.6B on acquisitions In April, amid the initial uncertainty of the pandemic, Locoh-Donou committed to not make any layoffs during the 2020 fiscal year, joining other... —  read more 

Not good

It’s never good when Elliott Management is involved. History has shown that when they are involved, restructuring ALWAYS occurs followed with sizable layoffs. I hope I am wrong, but history doesn’t... —  read more 

Stealth layoffs?

FFIV has let go of a number of people this week. Looks like a stealth layoff. Not surprising. They are a hardware networking company in a world going rapidly to the cloud. They've failed to build much of a security business and in their core market -... —  read more 

F5 names India managing director

As the article reports, the company stated that it has appointed Edgar Dias as the new Managing Director of India. The new director will effectively start work on November 12th. The link provides additional information on this appointment if someone... —  read more 

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Simplicity is the key

Read this article, and I have to recommend it as a really good read. I always said that if our services lacked anything, that’s simplicity, and if JF was brought in primarily to tackle this problem, then the management scored a good point for... —  read more 

Tel Aviv joke

Instead of hiring developers, qa people were told to write code. Bravo! Want to have a car instead of a bike? Just write "toyota" on it and hurry up to success!

This is the goal

Third round in under 12 months. Most of these people don't fit in with the plan though. Traditional network model is dead and cloud fail fast is the future. Axing some dead wood will allow F5 to get into the developer lease model where you have... —  read more 

Layoffs good ?

Layoffs are good for health of a company but like as with anything else, it is grossly misused and taken advantage of by targeting selectively as being biased. India and Guadalajara growth is good cost cutting measure, the more the merrier. Welcome... —  read more 

Are layoffs done?

Are we done with the layoffs for Q3? Will there be more in Q4? Not sure if the layoff was to remove deadwood as I see many good people and entire business units being removed.

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