Topics regarding layoffs at F5 Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at F5 Networks Inc.

More layoffs - yes or no

Do you think there will be more layoffs? Signs there will be = no merit increase, high profile names are leaving, RTO policy (possibly an attempt to weed out people for the next round) ... anything else? Signs there won't be = F5 is opening more... —  read more 

I Seek Help.....

That day 3 months ago when each of us found out that we are selected to be RIFd, I was at home working. I learned over the following weeks that I needed and sought out my wife's help and council on navigating the whole event as I could not do it... —  read more 


smaller layoff of 100-175 people - remote folk??? Compensation changes: RSU grants and merit increases rare MBO annual Connectivity stipend reduced Maybe health insurance changes?

RIF is in CEO control

RIF is not in CEO control. Businesses are impacted by current economy, CEO has to make adjustment according to current and near term future economy environment. None of us want our team mates to lose his/her job but payroll is the biggest costs. Do... —  read more 

Human Second Approach

Lots of threads on the topic of F5 layoffs that has put 620 talented individuals now searching for opportunities. For those impacted, I wish you all the best in your search. First, I can tell you that F5 treats its employees with full respect and... —  read more 

Management is awful

Employees don't leave companies, employees mostly leave bad bosses. Almost all of my colleagues who left and whom any good company would try to retain, left precisely because of the manager. Why do all the good managers leave here quickly, while... —  read more 

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