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Topics regarding layoffs at Akamai Technologies Inc.

Layoffs acknowledged in earnings call

And here it is ... from https://www.fool.com/earnings/call-transcripts/2020/02/11/akamai-technologies-inc-akam-q4-2019-earnings-call.aspx Moving on to earnings. It is worth noting that our Q4 GAAP results include a $10 million restructuring... —  read more 

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Akamai does not actually develop any technology

Remember, Akamai is really just a bunch of web caching proxies (Squids). They have a lot of contracts with a lot of companies, and that can sustain a company for a while. Akamai does not actually develop any technology. Instead, they buy smaller... —  read more 

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Akamai lay off in US Mar 2019

In the name of focussing investment in new areas of business, Akamai eliminated 120 positions primarily in US. The real motive of the layoff was to move the jobs to low cost countries like India, Costa Rica and Poland. Akamai is still hiring and... —  read more 

Absolutely appalling leadership at Akamai

They laid off people who actually did any work at Akamai, while the Vice Presidents, Directors and all their ancillary staff who contributed so little and were the fundamental reason for cost overruns have been spared. Not to mention frivolous... —  read more 

400 Laid off

Layoffs happen, but they don't have to happen like this. Confusion, rumors, chaos, fear. Zero communication whatsoever. Just guards roaming the halls, people sobbing with boxes, access revoked like criminals, managers telling you to keep quiet. 7... —  read more 

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