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Akamai does not actually develop any technology

Remember, Akamai is really just a bunch of web caching proxies (Squids). They have a lot of contracts with a lot of companies, and that can sustain a company for a while. Akamai does not actually develop any technology. Instead, they buy smaller companies that have developed something and then lay off the expensive engineers (talented people). I worked for a DDOS mitigation company that was bought by Akamai because Akamai was completely incompetent when developing/deploying network filtering at scale. That was five years ago. They still have not incorporated any of the technology into their existing infrastructure. Akamai simply does not know how to make new tech. Honestly, they need to lay off a LOT more people because they obviously are not going to develop anything new with the engineers they already have. The odd thing is that corporate management really makes an effort to come off as progressive and "our employees are the most important resource we have" which may be true as they could easily lay off over three quarters of the company and not affect revenue any.

Good point by @Y5myqNN-Xnls.

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