Topics regarding layoffs at Equinix Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Equinix Inc.

collation missing

they have hired a racist combative sales guy to build the new cloud. Sales people dont know how to build technical cloud, talk will not substitute for technical information. His team is equally combative and technically zero. Waiting with popcorn... — read more 

Just in case

Let me emphasize right away that I haven't heard anything about layoffs, so I'm asking this just in case. What is the structure of Equinix layoffs package? Is anything provided in addition to severance compensation? Something like extended medical... — read more 

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Possible layoffs

I'm kind of used to mostly having job security - that's the best thing about Equinix - so hearing rumors of possible layoffs have really upset me. Is this true or are people just panicking because everybody else is laying off so they assume we will... — read more 

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