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looks like the huawei monitor sensored by last post!

More layoffs coming to Huawei

Ren didn’t say how many employees will get the ax, but said the layoffs will be on “a small scale.” He also said Huawei’s overall human resource evaluation process should also be overhauled to better retain talented workers... read more

QDT survived

More than 50% of people move to Corp r & d working on server chips.
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Huawei layoffs April 2018

I think everybody and their grandmother knows by now that some people have been laid off last week by Huawei in the U.S., but does anybody have any more info on it? If not specifically who, then how many people were laid off total? Are we closing... read more

How Huawei US employees are treated?

Huawei being Chinese company I have my own doubts about your genuine chances to grow in the company if you are not Chinese. On top, I am sure Huawei work culture must be shocking for the folks who have worked for Western companies entire their... read more

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