Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Bonus this year

Can anyone update how much Juniper paid bonus. I was a sr staff at Juniper and left the company last year. Just curious as numbers looking good.

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Stressed out all the time

Am I the only one who's stressed out all the time at work? Between my manager who loves to yell more than he loves to eat, more and more extra work, and the constant threat of cuts, I have no idea how I'm even able to function. How is everybody else... —  read more 

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To those who call other nitwits

Look at Arista results, fabulous and they are going to reach $1B/quarter soon. Even stock price slightly declined, their future is optimistic and didn't have any supply chain issues. Who is the real nitwit, Nitwit.

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Toxic Managers....

For how long this organization will let these toxic managers run the show without any sense of accountability and letting them run their own fiefdom. More so when they have adversely impacted careers of engineers for decades and this organization... —  read more 


They are desperately trying not to tarnish Juniper's reputation. The layoffs are almost shrouded in mystery and little is heard of them in the media as Juniper makes sure they are minor (albeit frequent). And yet, despite that, I haven’t heard... —  read more 

"Do as I tell!"

"Do as I tell you!" approach frustrates me the most in this company. Okay, I’m not saying we should disobey the manager, but in no company I’ve worked for so far have I come across such a rigid attitude that employees shouldn’t have any opinion... —  read more 

I hope that's it

Given how unsuccessful Juniper has proven itself with backfilling positions, I hope none of my colleagues will leave any time soon. I don't know if the reason is that all those who were determined to leave have already left, but it seems to me that... —  read more 

The atmosphere is awful

Sometimes it seems to me that Juniper is full of people who do not want to be here, I feel like only 5 percent of them are happy to be part of Juniper. Perhaps not even that many???

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Citrix going private,its%20partner%20program%20in%202022. I belive juniper must be taken to private? Share value $50... —  read more 

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Network engineer pay

Does anybody mind sharing their pay? I received an offer and the starting pay is nearly 20 percent above what I get here. I'm now not sure if I was being underpaid or if Juniper in general offers pay that is below the industry average. I'm not asking... —  read more 

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Yes-man culture

To be fair, most companies have such a culture, but here it's been raised to a higher level. Yes-man and yes-woman everywhere! Now someone might ask why it bothers me so much? It bothers me because such an environment demotivates me to work. On... —  read more 

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