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Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

CEO excellence awards

Are these awards still given, Only people in limelight used to get it masking hidden heroes.

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Reverse migration

Heard some people are coming back from Arista to Juniper. Any reason regarding why Arista is bad?

Donate 1M but cant spend on employees

I'm all for supporting the virus but after digging into this - Juniper donated 1M to a single organization in CA. Employees could also donate and they'd match but only to this one organization. Right now, employees are getting told about spending... —  read more 

No news, got bored

Any news on layoffs, bonus, RSUS and pay rises. Please share. Really got bored as no activity in this site.

Juniper just... s---s.

Ive been here for what feels like centuries. There are very few managers left that still have old quality leadership (ie: let their crew do their jobs and don't micromanage). It's always been about numbers but not like this. I just lost a manager... —  read more 

Thoughts on recent reorg

Any thoughts on the reasons behind the recent reorg in PLM, CTO and CDO organizations? Just hoping that this will not back fire.

RR lies

Company meeting; "and guess what? I don't care what the street says, we're not cutting opex!" A month later: opex numbers cut anyway by leadership Juniper employees and investors are begging you to please gtfo. So please, gtfo.

Worth joining back in EMEA?

Left a couple of years ago, saw a job advert for PS EMEA with 70% travel in the area of Cloud / Automation. What do you think?


Average hike numbers and RSUs granted? Any layoffs? If so, which group.

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Outsource k–led. You know it. Despicable! You would rather outsource than to hire American. You laid off American and turned around and outsourced to India. You products should be sanctioned! Buy American made. We have so many many talent in US yet... —  read more 

Made in China

Juniper Network is nothing more than a low budget business and they love China 🇨🇳 Juniper = Made in China bring jobs back to The United States of America 🇺🇸!

Match Made in heaven RR said Mist acquisition is a match made in heaven. So, it means other group file for dissolution with Juniper, rather stay there for 2% yearly... —  read more 

Juniper Acquisitions status

Can someone tell me the revenue generated of the following acquisitions? BTI systems Aurrion HTBase Are they meaningful? Are those people still around? Please comment.

Juniper stake in SDWAN

I read the SDWAN report and Juniper is nowhere in the market. What is Juniper story? Will they buy Versa??

Need inside info

Can someone tell me the following numbers. Revenue generated from Contrail/ and CTO org. Security Revenue increment from SPC3 card and USF program on MX. Evo customer adaptation and success node split program and revenue from... —  read more 

Bonus number sharing here!

Please share your bonus number for 2nd half, just wanted to sync am i getting justified bonus or not They told its at 80%, MTS4 Test Engineering, 7500, whats yours?

Nothing to see here...

Juniper is perfect. No issues whatsoever. And no we don’t eagle eye this site and threaten to sue if posts are not removed.

March layoffs

Anyone heard about the March layoffs coming? What groups are affected?

BK and CTO office

Dear All, Can anyone let me know if BK is let go. Also, I heard BK kicked out RD, is this true? So, CEO kickedout CTO, and he kicked out SVP,, and so on. Great, can anyone confirm.

Changing team

All, I work in engineering. There is a burden of going through interviews even for changing teams. If one team doesn't work out for some one, why other teams are doing interviews just for chanigng teams. Juniper must support auto rotation to keep... —  read more 


Why aren’t we pulling out of Mobile World Congress?!? I don’t want to go. Not worth my health or the health of my family when I return!! Come on juniper

Penny pinching

Finance was requiring VP approval for a mobile phone. Now, even with VP approval, all new mobile phones and lines of service are frozen. But sure, let’s hire more c-staff.

Vote of no Confidence RR & KM

When is enough enough? YoY revenue decline – no innovation – continuous c-suit changes – sales leadership changes – continues layoffs – no clear sales or technology strategy – no growth – stock declining – top talent have left – some... —  read more 

What is wrong with recipe Juniper has “made mistakes” because its recipe – not its strategy – wasn’t right, Marcus Jewell, Juniper's chief sales officer and... —  read more 

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