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We can sponsor a NASCAR car but only donate $20,000 to the people impacted by the CA wildfires. What’s wrong with this picture???

T O X I C & T U R M O I L

It’s so difficult to remain positive and focused at Juniper when the house is on fire. Change is desperately needed, drain the swamp, purge the greed and ignorance at the c-suite. Get rid of the toxic waste that is causing so much havoc.

We are still doing NASCAR??!!

Explain this to me again. Top talent is quitting or being laid off, morale is in the c-apper, entire product lines are slipping or being canceled and yet the company is putting money into a nascar car??? Who exactly is at a nascar race that juniper... read more

SE's looking for jobs

At the Juniper SE Tech Summit this week in Arizona -- morale is bad, folks are all looking for jobs. If you know of any opportunities please reach out to folks and help. You know it's bad when the SE's start to bail out.

Evo : Whats going with Evo, did we kill it?

The company bet on Evo with best engineers but yet the management doesn't believe in it. All sh--ty fake deadlines which no customer uses it. The OS is more diluted with ULC having Junos and Evo on the same hardware. What kind of management decides... read more

Westford is (slowly) closing

Not all at once, but look for continued reduction in the coming year. WF headcount is already down by 50% and this trend will continue. JNPR has quietly been shopping the property. The recent remodeling is to make the building more salable. My... read more

We need new direction

It's a wonder Juniper isn't in worse shape than it is, considering the complete lack of leadership and proper direction for the past several years. No matter how many times it becomes obvious that some kind of change is required, those on top just... read more

HR is helpless...

HR continues to erode and all the good HR talent has left Juniper for better opportunities...and now we are left with incompetence folks. Sure, there are some still of value, the "worker bees" but the leadership is a joke and only looking after... read more


Juniper will be eliminating 15 to 18 percent of the world-wide workforce in January. Leadership is starting to put names on lists. Confirmed

JNPR Outsourcing PS to India

Is an outsourcing process underway moving PS resources to India. Looking at the number of PS vacancies in India and the layoffs happening elsewhere, EMEA being one of them.

No innovation is our biggest issue

Last major products from JNPR were PTX and QFabric. 8 years ago. Risky and innovative for their times, and proven right in the long run to be correct, even if QFabric died a slow death (execution problems not an architecture one). JNPR hasn't had an... read more
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Any news on November?

Are we looking at more layoffs in November? I'm hoping October layoffs were the last we had this year, but with Juniper you never know.

No long-term vision at Juniper

I see that the general consensus among the Juniper workers on this board and from what I see in the workplace is that anybody who means well for themselves should update their CV and try to find another job due to the deteriorating working conditions... read more

Solving yesterdays problems

The current CTO is trying to solve problems he experienced as a network operator at Google. He is solving yesterday's problems, and not innovating for the future. His focus is on automation and DevOps. Not that these are areas that need solutions... read more

Time’s up Mr. CEO

RR has to go if Juniper has to survive Another bad quarter , another bad year , last 3 years have been worst for juniper under his leadership


PPA is a disaster, an absolute bad hire and will without a doubt take down what little is left of JNPR. He's been brining in all his Canadian cronies to run the show with shady backgrounds and questionable ethics. Change is needed in go-to-market but... read more


GSBT getting entirely dismantled. GSBT was a huge failure. It’s taken 9 months to whittle the remnants of it down. And will be a few more months I would guess. A lot of good people in there so you can’t easily fire them all at once. Remember, still... read more

Get out now

As an ex-Juniper employee, I would advise that unless you have made enough money to retire, study hard and get out of Juniper ASAP. Even though the job market is at its best right now, it is extremely hard for techies from Juniper to get a job. I had... read more

Juniper Product Quality

I am not an employee, but a customer of Juniper. In the last year the quality of Juniper's products have gone down the tube, both hardware and software. And the people at Juniper almost seem to not care about this. Why is this? Why has Juniper gone... read more

How do I get out?

Ugh, how do I get out? That is the question. Forget about that "to be or not to be" c-ap. I have a nice salary (not as nice as it used to be now that bonuses and raises are down, but still. . .). And I have a sizeable number of RSUs vesting over the... read more

Talking with people at nxtwork

I chatted with some Juniper folks at nxtwork today. They ALL are scared and morale is in the toilet. All the layoffs and attrition and lack of information has the people I talked with very depressed. They are all looking to jump or just waiting for a... read more

A reporter just called me

No idea how she got my number but a reporter for WSJ called me. A story about stealth layoffs and ethics. Asked lots of questions. Seemed to know a lot about Juniper already! I was happy to talk to her!

Where did all the good people go...Sinking Ship

Every week brings more news of strong talented people leaving Juniper! They know it is a sinking ship and barely is surviving revenue quarter over quarter. Arista and Cisco etc are kicking Juniper all over the playground. Even the good HR people have... read more

Investment companies are bailing out on JNPR...

Paloma Partners Management Co Cuts Stake in Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE:JNPR) – Fairfield Current

Laid off today

Just found this site. Half the SE’s on my team let go today including me. Really hurts. I have a new baby. Never thought this would happen. Wish I had seen this site earlier. Would have taken other external offers earlier. Do yourself a favor... read more

Losing money was the plan

When I read this it sounded crazy to me, I admit, but giving the state that we’re in, nothing else to do but to hope that this really was a part of the plan and if it was that the plan works.Either way, profits are dropping, that’s a fact, and if you... read more

Q3 Financial results conference call scheduled

I know this was announced a couple of days ago but i don’t see anyone posting it here, so for those who missed this the Q3 preliminary financial results conference call will take place on Tuesday, October 23, at 2:00 pm PT. Think it will shed some... read more

Reduction in the Americas??

My SED heard from our SVP that the numbers are so bad in the Americas that unless something big comes in, another big round of SE and AM reductions is inevitable. If it happens will be at the end of Q3. 200+ in sales and sales engineering across all... read more

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