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Are the layoffs confirmed

Can anyone (preferably Juniper star monitoring this site) let me know whether the layoffs are confirmed on April 1st. Actually, I left Juniper long time back due to office politics. But I worked with my heart and soul during my stay there. My only... read more

How is Current Morale at Juniper?...

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest morale), how would you gauge yours and other people's morale in your group and your inter-groups radar? Is there a lot of active talk of job hunting and have you observed productivity fall as a result of the... read more

I got out 18 months ago

And it was the best move I ever made. There IS growth and a career path and happiness in tech. Just not at Juniper. Anyone still there is either milking RSU’s or not attractive to other employers. That’s the word in the valley and hiring managers are... read more

April 1 layoffs at Juniper

Is it true layoffs have been confirmed for April 1 or was somebody just joking due to the date? (And in all honestly, I really think this is not something people should be joking about, considering that we are constantly in fear of layoffs and are... read more

JNPR HR practices

I used to work at JNPR in the field and can tell you that their HR practices are seriously suspect. They talk a lot about fair practices but have experienced anything but. Just one of many examples is that there is a policy that grade 8 SEs do not... read more

Outsourcing to IBM

Juniper signed a fat outsourcing agreement with IBM so IT is definitely going to have more and more layoffs. Pay attention to reqs that are vanishing. That's a bad sign too.

Don't stay at Juniper more than 2 or 3 years

Instead of promoting from within and training senior engineers with new skills, Juniper is instead laying off senior engineers and hiring freshers just because they know how to code better and the cost of a fresher is 1/3 that of a senior engineer... read more

Finally launched Evo

Juniper finally launched Evo with Switching

May 15th

It’s the date very bad things are going to happen be warned...

Mist will go down... like the rest

$405M for Mist. One more company about to go down Juniper's acquisitions p--p shute!

Which groups are getting terminated?

Which groups at Juniper have been terminated? One is the Openlab group where entire teams were let go. I heard this was done after VM was pushed out. Any other groups getting silently killed?

MWC lol

I’m here in Barcelona. Never seen these JNPR guys so desperate. It’s clear that the usual suspects (Nokia, Cisco, Huawei) are dominating us. They have a real strategy with meat behind it. We keep hawking the same old BS — ZH linecards totally useless... read more

compensation plan

after what can only be described as an internal revolt the comp plan has been adjusted still not as good as in the past but should be workable question in my mind is why you would EVER want to mess with the folks that bring in the revenue - just... read more

what does RR say about this Does CEO confess that Juniper leaders are incompetent or something seriously wrong with Juniper strategy and marketing.


Why so many DEs/PEs in PFE/Contrail team. No PEs in many other teams. Is it not discrimination? or AA->NK->promotioms/hike affinity which is not there with other team?

Juniper Engineering Woes

Thread about past present and future layoffs in Engineering. Let’s keep this thread event based so it doesn’t get deleted Pls share your story/event related to Juniper Engineering

Does RR prove himself wrong?

RR stated most recently that MX->PTX migration didn't help and they are not behind this any more. Earlier, RR told the MX->PTX migration is highly strategic for cloud. He said that he is disrupting juniper for better and disruption of juniper... read more

Enterprise Sales

Who is running this the enterprise sales team now? Wow things look different since I left..... why?

Sales meeting is a joke

Anyone else here in Vegas? The atmosphere at this meeting is as if there’s one big huge fart in the air and no one can get away from it. People are drinking (a LOT) and doing the Vegas stuff... but there’s definitely a major undercurrent or... read more

What is bonus percent in March

I recently left Juniper and curious to know how much Bonus Juniper announced for March. Looks like last quarter is great even though forecast is bad.

JNPR Exec Goes to CSCO!

Interesting if this is true.

Fake PIP’s

I was in a group that had a ton of bogus PIPs. What they do is not an official PIP through HR that's filed with the company, but still give you some bogus c-ap that your performance is bad and you have been officially warned (again, but not an... read more

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