Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

PANW results today

After quarterly results Juniper always goes down, it shares some bad news panw/anet always goes up, they never had any concern like juniper (macro economic, supply chain..etc). You guys should tell me what goes wrong with jnpr all the time. —  read more 

Small layoff coming

In a couple of weeks. Mostly culling the herd, getting rid of a few low performers. There will be a handful of decent performers who are unluckily in wrong place at wrong time. Feels like we’re finally getting back to the bad ol’ days pre-pandemic. —  read more 

Weird Situation

Sometime back , my manager literally kicked one guy out citing performance. My manager is delighted that non performing people left. After that, slowly top performed are leaving. What a joke, my manager is thinking that this is not end of world.

Complete burnout

It's not that I didn't have too much to do before, but now it has literally become impossible to meet the expectations. Is there anyone who is not on the verge of burnout? I no longer know how to deal with it, except to quit.


Can't believe yet another virtual SKO. I have friends who work at other tech companies and they are all having real sales meetings. Is there other companies our size still staying with virtual SKO's?

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