Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Weird Situation

Sometime back , my manager literally kicked one guy out citing performance. My manager is delighted that non performing people left. After that, slowly top performed are leaving. What a joke, my manager is thinking that this is not end of world.

Complete burnout

It's not that I didn't have too much to do before, but now it has literally become impossible to meet the expectations. Is there anyone who is not on the verge of burnout? I no longer know how to deal with it, except to quit.


Can't believe yet another virtual SKO. I have friends who work at other tech companies and they are all having real sales meetings. Is there other companies our size still staying with virtual SKO's?

Open question

For the last 18 months I have been recruited by a leader at Juniper to make the jump. He had came to Juniper through acquisition (he started recruiting me before they were acquired) and I really respected him, as did others I interacted with who... —  read more 

Getting bored

No news from Juniper, stock is hanging at $26, Comapny neither getting acquired not making any major anouncement, really boring. What you guys are excited about jnpr?

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Layoff rumors

Maybe I'm too naive, but I don't think there will be layoffs anytime soon. Here again I see that some believe that there will be. Why do you think so? What made you conclude that layoffs are certain in the near future?

Juniper vs Cisco

I worked at Juniper. Left because of management change. The manager I had was inexperienced and a bully. Went to Cisco. Was good there for a while and then, guess what? Management change and the same narcissist behavior started. On top of that there... —  read more 

Introducing JDN

JDN => Juniper defined networking Heard group DEs and CTO are murmering about introducing IPv9 => 129 bits for address IPv4.1 => 33 bits More news will follow, trip chipset will be redesigned and forcing the industry to adapt to JDN.


Mediocre folks are promoted from vice president to group vice presidents. Good engineers are stuck at the sr staff level for years? What a company? People are working hard to promote others.

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