Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Juniper is doing better than Cisco

Why? One simple observation, this website is pretty much active for Cisco, Juniper employees who used to be really active a while back, are quite now here. That means Juniper is doing somewhat better to hinder layoff talks.

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Layoff rumors

Maybe I'm too naive, but I don't think there will be layoffs anytime soon. Here again I see that some believe that there will be. Why do you think so? What made you conclude that layoffs are certain in the near future?

Juniper vs Cisco

I worked at Juniper. Left because of management change. The manager I had was inexperienced and a bully. Went to Cisco. Was good there for a while and then, guess what? Management change and the same narcissist behavior started. On top of that there... —  read more 

Introducing JDN

JDN => Juniper defined networking Heard group DEs and CTO are murmering about introducing IPv9 => 129 bits for address IPv4.1 => 33 bits More news will follow, trip chipset will be redesigned and forcing the industry to adapt to JDN.


Mediocre folks are promoted from vice president to group vice presidents. Good engineers are stuck at the sr staff level for years? What a company? People are working hard to promote others.

Managing recession

I started working here only after the last recession ended so for those who have been with this company a little longer, I would like to hear how Juniper managed through 2008? Everyone is already speculating that rough economic waters will be the... —  read more 

Where the cash being spent

Total cash, cash equivalents, and investments as of June 30, 2022 were $1,285.6 million, compared to $1,815.4 million as of June 30, 2021, and $1,668.9 million as of March 31, 2022. Why the decrease in cash? Stock is moving down

Layoffs are coming

The recession is just around the corner and when it hits full force, many of us will end up having to look for new jobs. I'm not trying to scare people. I'm just warning everybody that now's the time to start saving just in case. Even if nothing... —  read more 

Hyper Growth!!

I love seeing all the deluded press about hyper growth at Juniper. I clearly have a different understanding of the expression, as I thought it meant revenue growth. Juniper has shrunk by 20 percent in 10 years. Hardly hyper and definitely not growth... —  read more 

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Bonus this year

Can anyone update how much Juniper paid bonus. I was a sr staff at Juniper and left the company last year. Just curious as numbers looking good.

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Stressed out all the time

Am I the only one who's stressed out all the time at work? Between my manager who loves to yell more than he loves to eat, more and more extra work, and the constant threat of cuts, I have no idea how I'm even able to function. How is everybody else... —  read more 

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To those who call other nitwits

Look at Arista results, fabulous and they are going to reach $1B/quarter soon. Even stock price slightly declined, their future is optimistic and didn't have any supply chain issues. Who is the real nitwit, Nitwit.

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