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Why CSCO lift as rocket yet JNPR like a snail

Since RR joined, CSCO was around $30 JNPR like $25, now after 3-4 years CSCO is about to hit $60 while JNPR is sitting around $24 - $30 for f---ing years, what is RR contribution actually. And I am not sure what is your team looks like but people in... read more

What is the role of Scott Kriens

As a BoD and major share holder, he is doing nothing but sh$t @Juniper. Also, why he is getting paid USD 1million for doing nothing to turn around Juniper.

For Those Who Have RSUs (or Not)...

When one stays at a company for many, many years, certain things start to happen gradually. And that gradual becomes the "norm", when it shouldn't be the norm. Weekly stealth layoffs and a stock that doesn't go anywhere are some things that have... read more

Promotion does not mean you are safe

In case anybody was wondering - being promoted provides absolutely no protection from being laid off. I was laid off just a few months after being promoted and getting a raise. I didn't even get to celebrate properly, I was on my way out. So yeah... read more

Juniper Bangalore?

How is it like working at Juniper Bangalore? From this forum I see some negative comments. If you work at Juniper Bangalore can you share some comments? I got an offer from Juniper. Should I work there?

Is RR trying to drive JNPR stock price down?

How else can you explain his (and his staff's) decision making over the past 6-12 months. Maybe E (nordic telecom giant) or others will only buy JNPR if the stock is cheaper. For someone who speaks about "culture" and the "Juniper Way" all the time... read more

Hardly any mention of layoffs

In the ER meeting, there was hardly any mention of layoffs, except a brief blurp "efficiencies" in sales teams. They kept repeating "laser focus" on progress. Every category was reported down/soft, including forward guidance for the next quarters... read more

I made a mistake

A co worker just told me about this site. I started a new job here at Juniper a few weeks ago. Left a stable and good position at my old company thinking I was making a right move for me and my family. I’ve not been here long but this place is such a... read more

From the all hands meeting.....'d never guess we s--- so much. Seems like Mist should have bought us instead of the other way around. The only reason Gap was in the room was because of Mist, not juniper.


For all those RSU holders, today's is dump JNPR stock day. Will be interesting to see the volume and number of shares sold today.

SE layoff

Rami mentioned that Juniper will hire more SEs in the latest quarterly results day to boost sales. Otherside, they are laying off SEs. What is happening?

laid off from services today

I got the boot today, 3 mos package, shown the door immediately. Mgr said a bunch of services eng were axed today. Two colleagues i know of also hit today. I had been working with big telco accounts for high touch support. Apparently business is... read more

Is Contrail gonna be next big thing?

I know people are complaint a lot, but if you name a company that have the gene to be the potential next "Apple" in networking industry, its Juniper, not Cisco, not Arista, you know I am not kidding. I just don't understand why Contrail not yet... read more

Is BCG Running JNPR?

JNPR has invited millions upon millions of dollars over the years, and BCG has added zero value. The last reorg planned, managed and rolled out by BCG was a s$it show and completely mismanaged. JNPR should spend that money on hiring sales people.

Do we even have a company culture right now?

Morale is at an all-time low, people are afraid, not being to give their 100% work, constantly insecure, and yet the leadership is acting like nothing is happening, business as usual. Is it possible that they are so ignorant, or do they simply don’t... read more

I want to leave

I'm tired of never ending layoffs and constant worry over having a job. I want to leave on my own, I really do, but I'd lie if I said I was not scared of the unknown. You know what they say, better the devil you know than the devil you don't. How did... read more

SE lay-off today

A bunch of SE’s let go today. At least a dozen from Web and some from cable and telco. Business is WAY down. Falling as fast as morale. I am safe but it’s time to stop wasting time and find a new gig on my own terms. RIP JNPR

What should Juniper's strategy be?

In order to stay competitive and survive or even thrive (assuming the executive team has a big shakeup), what should be Juniper's strategy for the next few years? How can Juniper instill loyalty in its employees after the regular and stealth layoffs?

Nu-Kappa left?

Just heard the news. What is the outcome of his Augmented Freaking Trick? That was supposed to resurrect J, right?


I’ve already spotted 10 pics on that mural of folks who were laid off in the last year. It’s a Where’s Waldo or corporate failure.

why good leaders make you feel safe...

Simon Sinek has a TED talk titled "why good leaders make you feel safe. He says "in the military they give medals to the people who sacrifice themselves so others may gain. In business we give bonuses to people who are willing to sacrifice others so... read more

EX2300/EX3400 Product Line

What are we going to do about our EX2300/EX3400 product line? The number of customer complaints on them are through the roof. This is hurting our company's reputation and we are losing customers. If we don't have any customers than it is obvious we... read more

The layoffs are a self fulfilling prophecy

The layoffs are a self fulfilling prophecy. You do this every 3 months and people will scramble to grab any lifeline elsewhere. 3rd tier know-nothing contractors come in to fill the void and you get expectant results. Clients are very keen on quality... read more

Juniper needs people that are all in

You's not perfect at Juniper, but every place has it's problems. All depends upon what you're looking for. I will say the constant quarterly layoffs are worrisome, but if you are a high performer in a needed area, then you should be fine... read more

This site is biased

I think this website has some links with Juniper leadership. My posts about the juniper leadership got deleted and I am blocked. Though, I have many other important things to do in life rather worrying about this site blocking me, my suggestion to... read more

Everybody is leaving

I don't think there is anybody left at Juniper who is here because they want to be. I think the only employees working here are those who haven't been able to find a replacement job yet. At least I haven't run into anybody who is not looking in a... read more

Quitting from juniper contrail

I have put down my papers. For me there is no looking back. Feel sad looking at the state of affairs there. Upper management has no clue what's going on at the ground level. Complete cut off. No one to address concerns, all HR practices are twisted... read more

How is Current Morale at Juniper?...

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest morale), how would you gauge yours and other people's morale in your group and your inter-groups radar? Is there a lot of active talk of job hunting and have you observed productivity fall as a result of the... read more

I got out 18 months ago

And it was the best move I ever made. There IS growth and a career path and happiness in tech. Just not at Juniper. Anyone still there is either milking RSU’s or not attractive to other employers. That’s the word in the valley and hiring managers are... read more

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