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Be Human

In a recent post, someone referenced needing to cut to stay competitive, etc. While this may be true, look around. If you're fortunate to NOT be affected, please be human, kind and reach out to those who are. Help those impacted by giving LinkedIn... read more

Did layoffs get confirmed?

I was just wondering if I missed something. I keep reading this board, and people are referring to the incoming layoffs as certain, and I was just wondering if I missed some kind of an announcement or confirmation? This is an honest question, do we... read more

Incoming layoffs info

Rumours are heavy in EMEA about the impending layoffs. BUt we have not heard anything concrete. The brickheaded new EMEA boss, since he started in July, has told us multiple times that he is "about numbers only" and knows only one way to meet them... read more

If you are planning to leave Juniper

Here is my suggestion, to those who are planning to leave Juniper now... find a job, with a start date in November (11th, 20th) if Juniper decides to include you in the layoff, “take the package” with severance pay if not, quit a few days after the... read more

Info on WARN vs layoff date

Here is my updated understanding. Again, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. According to this FAQ There is a defination of "layoff date": "A worker’s last day of employment is considered the... read more


Last week. Manager came back and asked if there is anything Juniper can do to reverse the decision. Flattered but can't work here anymore. Too much uncertainty. Not sure if manager himself will keep his job. Go to start up time. Juniper was a great... read more

Layoffs on October 11

Rumored it’s 7% world wide. 700 people. Biggest hit will be Engineering ASIC, hardware groups. Other groups will be 5-8%. Hearing that CAO is pushing to move work to Bangalore by eliminating US positions. Pressure on gross margins.

Management has no incentive to change

Have you ever heard of a corrupt leader (politician, businessman), ask for reform? No. If at all, it would be pretty rare. That is because if they are skimming from the top, or benefiting in some way, it is easy to throw their hands up in the air and... read more

Juniper is overflowing with bad managers

People don’t leave companies, they leave their (bad) managers. Period! Look around you and observe the worst managers. They are most likely... 1) managing people for the first time, with no (people management) training whatsoever 2) got promoted... read more

Productivity is down, morale is down

None of our teammates are doing any work, every body has heard the rumors about layoffs. Its so hard to focus and work, also look for jobs. I have been interviewing, I hope I can an offer soon and leave the company. The morale is really bad at work... read more

Any chance of voluntary layoffs?

Anybody knows if Juniper ever offered voluntary layoffs to people? With all the job insecurity, low morale, and barely any benefits anymore, I'd jump at the opportunity. I am looking for a new job as it is, but I will admit to being too afraid to... read more

We can't attract or retain talent

Needless to say, there are many fundamental HR issues engraved in Juniper's culture, which has led to difficulty in attracting good talent. Most joining Juniper in recent times are not the cream of the crop, and retaining top talent has been... read more

Resigned from this toxic work culture

Finally, handed in my papers last Friday. So relieved. To be honest, I am not a legacy, career Juniper guy, been here just over couple of years. Some worthless managers and directors here have worked for 8+ years, kissed the unmentionables of anyone... read more

Short Term Focus

The biggest waste of money at Juniper is in Marketing. We continuously do (A.D.D. like) aimless promotions and meaningless campaigns - reacting to the successes of the competition. JDI (PLM, and Engineering), is often over-reactive to noisy... read more

Quick buck = Knowledge Loss

In an effort to save money moving jobs to lower cost regions, Juniper has lost an enormous amount of inherent knowledge from their employees who were nothing but loyal to them. Sad.

Stop chasing other companies' successes!

The biggest waste of money at Juniper is in Marketing. We continuously do (A.D.D. like) aimless promotions and meaningless campaigns - reacting to the successes of the competition. JDI (PLM, and Engineering), is often over-reactive to noisy... read more
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I will be leaving Juniper soon!!!

To fix things we need to start INNOVATING!!! People are paying politics and looking at ways to advance their careers instead of focusing on product innovation and serving the customer. Juniper's management need to encourage ideas from younger... read more

Rigid Layers of Dead-Weight Management

There are 100s of senior managers and directors at Juniper and many of them are just simple bean counters. Rami wants to do the right thing, it's not going to be easy with all the pushback and entrenched interests in every single silo. Fiefdoms... read more

Toxic work environment at Juniper

Toxic work environments don't get built overnight. It is the result of bad hiring practices, bad leadership and ineffective HR management. In essence, poor leadership. The result is poor workforce morale and reduced productivity, which eventually... read more

Juniper October layoffs

12 % layoff in October Juniper preping to go private in 2018 I've seen this posted in another thread, I was wondering if anybody else has heard anything about this? Is it just a rumor, or is there some credence to it? Over a thousand slated to be let... read more

Huge lay off coming in sept?

I see lots of products being cancelled and routing, switching consolidation being happening. That gives sign that huge layoff is going to happen. Also during engineering all hands Kevin clearly said there is going to be re-org soon.

Q2 Earnings were good - Future looks positive

Q2 earnings were good. CEO and CFO fielded tough questions by analysts. Future outlook is positive. Stated Cloud focus, and if the new CTO is a strategic move, Google's interest in Juniper should send the stock price sky rocketing.

Sneaky layoffs

Leading up to the financial announcement this past week, there were sporadic unexplained terminations throughout the company. Maybe, due to the chatter on this and other websites, which are closely monitored by Juniper's legal, HR and leadership... read more

Did we dodge the bullet for Q2?

Have there been any layoffs at Juniper in the past several weeks? I have seen a lot of talk about the possibility, but I have not heard anything about them going through with any. Q3 will bring its own trepidation, I am sure, but it'd be nice to know... read more

Juniper Q3 will bring more layoffs

The numbers were balanced thanks to the cuts from March through to June. However, that will not save the numbers in Q3. Watch out for more bloodbath. This is what's its all about. Cuts are just a short term solution, and that will be clear once Q3... read more

We are losing money on this

I am hearing about IoT hype inside of Juniper forever. Where is our IoT product/solution? We do not even have a wi-fi solution. How much does it cost to get a custom wi-fi module and plug it into a chassis? But I know first hand that this bit of... read more

Twenty laid off at Juniper in past month

Apparently around 20 odd have already been laid off in EMEA quietly including a very well-liked upper mgmt figure in the less than one month that we have a new boss here. The boss is ex-Brocade and doing what he did to Brocade: running the company to... read more

JNPR - A Very Poor Quarter Ahead

What leads to layoffs is not just anticipating a bad quarter, but actually having one. Contributing to a bad quarter at JNPR comes in many forms including... crappy/half baked products, gambling on the wrong technologies that are too expensive to... read more

June 2017 layoff rumours true?

Any credibility to the June 2017 layoff rumours? Some a$$hole managers are telling their team that if they do not do as they are told, their names will be on the "list". And I thought the Third Reich died with Adolf!

March 2017 layoffs

Layoff number was below 5%, so that they don't have to report. Some very good employees including long timers were let go. My group including me, were impacted and the severance package was just average. They even stiffed us out of our entitled... read more

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