Juniper Networks Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Next set of acquisitions

Juniper must acquire following companies. Innovium Arrcus Acquire innovium and enter into Network Processor business and introduce Trio chipset to the market. Compete with Broadcom and Cisco. Acquire arrcus and be in the open source... —  read more 

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Apple Vs Juniper

Apple's market cap is 1.6T where is JNPR is 7.5B. Around 13 years back, it used to 100B or so and JNPR is 10B. Now, all the big guys who are stuck ar Juniper for 20+ years must think why JNPR is doing so bad. My suggestion for Juniper is to close... —  read more 

Share buybacks

I am disappointed to see that Juniper didn't do any share buyback when the stock price dropped to $15. Rather execs, EVPs, SVPs, VPS and every one reward themselves with huge RSU compensation. Guys, please don't work hard for Juniper. Finally, you... —  read more 

All WFH jobs are in danger

People who are hoping WFH is here to stay might get their wish and then regret it immediately. What do you think Juniper's "let's cut as much costs as we can any way possible" management will do now that they know there are plenty of jobs that can be... —  read more 

Juniper just... s---s.

Ive been here for what feels like centuries. There are very few managers left that still have old quality leadership (ie: let their crew do their jobs and don't micromanage). It's always been about numbers but not like this. I just lost a manager... —  read more 

RR lies

Company meeting; "and guess what? I don't care what the street says, we're not cutting opex!" A month later: opex numbers cut anyway by leadership Juniper employees and investors are begging you to please gtfo. So please, gtfo.


Outsource k–led. You know it. Despicable! You would rather outsource than to hire American. You laid off American and turned around and outsourced to India. You products should be sanctioned! Buy American made. We have so many many talent in US yet... —  read more 

Made in China

Juniper Network is nothing more than a low budget business and they love China 🇨🇳 Juniper = Made in China bring jobs back to The United States of America 🇺🇸!

Match Made in heaven RR said Mist acquisition is a match made in heaven. So, it means other group file for dissolution with Juniper, rather stay there for 2% yearly... —  read more 

Need inside info

Can someone tell me the following numbers. Revenue generated from Contrail/ and CTO org. Security Revenue increment from SPC3 card and USF program on MX. Evo customer adaptation and success node split program and revenue from... —  read more 

BK and CTO office

Dear All, Can anyone let me know if BK is let go. Also, I heard BK kicked out RD, is this true? So, CEO kickedout CTO, and he kicked out SVP,, and so on. Great, can anyone confirm.

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