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SSL VPN Client for SRX

When is Juniper going to get its own SSL VPN client? Other than general platform stability this is the number one thing holding Juniper back. Cisco has its own SSL VPN. Fortinet has its own. Juniper is just asleep at the wheel here. Without a SSL VPN... read more

Question for those who quit

Been thinking about quitting, and was wondering how are those who already left Juniper on their own doing? Any regrets? I hope some are still checking this forum occasionally and will be able to give me an answer. I think I'm looking for that final... read more

Company meeting to discuss layoffs

Has anyone received an invite to a meeting to address the recent layoff ? Usually the VP of the affected groups will do an all hands to address the elephant in the room and take questions.

I didn't see news about layoffs any where

No published news in or externally. Is there any internal update regarding layoffs. Not sure if Juniper announced number of layoffs, or the routine layoffs every year to give pay hike/bonus to rest.

Time to smartsize

Time for Juniper to stop trying to be another Cisco-like mammoth. Shrink & prosper instead. Luckily, there is plenty od fat to be trimmed in order to make this company even more profitable. We may be witnessing moves in positive direction these days... read more

BEWARE : The India IT VP is coming

The India VP is coming on Friday to Sunnyvale and the IT folks are literally shatting bricks. He is a harbinger of doom and gloom. Doesn't bode well for anyone.

It started happening

I am from security team based in sunnyvale and today some folks were let go. I also heard about support/TAC folks are affected

IBM anouces a $325 million agreement with Juniper

Today, IBM Services (NYSE: IBM) announced a $325 million agreement with Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) in which IBM will assist the network technology giant in managing its existing infrastructure, applications and IT services to help reduce costs and... read more

Layoffs today?

Why are people mentioning layoffs today in other threads? Have I missed something?

Invoke the Motion of no-confidence - RR

I would like to initiate a motion of no-confidence for RR as JNPRs CEO. He is no longer deemed fit to hold the important position of CEO of Juniper. He has demonstrated that he is inadequate and not an effective leader and he is way in over his head... read more

suggestion to juniper

Contrail got acquired in 2012 and didn't nothing to the success of Juniper. Juniper really paid greay salary and stock compensation to contrail employees. All the original employees left realizing that they didn't do any thing great. Why can't... read more

Nice article in LinkedIn All 11 points in this article which correspond to bad managers are exactly how Juniper managers are... read more

The Real Fundimenta Problems with Juniper

The basic problems with juniper are as follows; 1) greed 2) c level are clueless 3) RR hires the very worst WW sales leader that was sued by Avaya and then had legal issues at Checkpoint...even his buddy that follows him everywhere GB also had legal... read more
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Why do you stay at Juniper? It's been a while since I've talked to somebody who actually likes working here (besides myself,) and yet I don't see anybody trying actively to leave. So what is it? What is keeping you here despite hating it? I'm... read more

It's starting

Just got off a conf call with our new sales VP for SP. Guys the layoff stuff is real. Axes will be falling later this week, and through January in bursts. Any quota carrying group that didn't make plan is going to be severely affected. One group in... read more

Take Note

Be Aware: "3.0 Juniper Summary Profession Services Security Engineer (Former Employee) – San Jose – June 18, 2018 Juniper - terminated me after 11 years , 2 days after I had come back from medical leave. I enjoyed the people . The salary was good ... read more

A grand cover up...

Don't bother with writing any more posts here or even with the voting system that has been put in place recently... as this site is being manipulated by the Juniper monitor and his team. All the posts that are critical of life at Juniper and the... read more

juniper is a $hit show of a circus

to say things are bad would be an absolute understatement. moral is at an all time low in every part of the company. incompetence is front and center. what can be said that has not already been said on this message board. after being at juniper for... read more

Westford is closing

To be announced in January. Westford and Bridgewater are closing, jobs eliminated or moved to Bangalore.

Is it ignorance, arrogance or incompetence?

From the looks of it, most companies in Silicon Valley are run better than Juniper. More employees are content with their employer, at other companies, than at Juniper. So, why doesn't the leadership team recognize this and do something about it. Is... read more

What is going in Westford?

I used to work in WFD in BRAS and when I left, the software was pretty much in maintenance mode. My guess at that point was that all work would move to Bangalore and slowly they would eliminate resources from WFD. I am hearing in this thread about... read more

Rami Rahim owns accountability

Rami Rahim owns accountability for false promotions over all and killing other people's hardwork. I clearly observed that due to some ego politics, the internal positions and promotions are considered for new hires rather for the people who are... read more

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