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Layoffs coming August 1

This has been brewing for a while. HR and senior Mgmt prepping for a huge layoff August 1. Internal target is 12-15% world wide reduction. Get those resumes out there. It’s coming. No group spared.

June layoffs

But layoffs are coming in June. Be prepared. Not sure which groups will be hit. Heard managers have been told to prepare names. Has anybody else heard anything more about June layoffs? People seem to know that something is coming next month, but... read more

Were there any layoffs this week?

Somebody mentioned there were layoffs earlier this week but couldn't provide any details. I've tried to find some info on what has happened since that was the first I heard of it, but there's nothing. Were there any layoffs? My coworker has no reason... read more

Juniper DOWNGRADED across the financial board

Credit Suisse Group Reiterates “$21.00” Price Target for Juniper Networks (JNPR). Barclays downgrades JNPR

Who's going to acquire Juniper?

Nokia was a possibility as they are known for buying scrap companies but they went away. One look at Juniper's culture will have Mussolini run for the hills. In EMEA the Management decided to promote people with 0 management experience from a... read more


Heard some happened this week and more coming. Which groups?

Juniper Routing going down

Juniper routing is down 20% yearly Clearly the flagship routing products of juniper are not competitive anymore . Expect layoffs in Routing group as this is one of the fat group which was hardly touched in the past

The nightmare called BEO

Has anyone had experience with this pathetic excuse for a group ? Folks with ivory tower positions using horrid unworkable processes as an excuse that makes a 2 month project into a 6 month one. Instead of empowering and guiding the groups to... read more

Gldman Sachs Downgrade

As soon as Juniper's quarterly call is announced, in came a Goldman Sachs downgrade. Stock is tanking 5%+ as I write this. Writing's on the wall. MJ in EMEA is sharpening his knives

Juniper will not survive 2019

Highly unlikely that Juniper will survive till 2019. Founder member and CTO PS quit over 1 year back to create Fungible. Consecutive quarterly hits are going on for at last 6 quarters if not more. In EMEA the new boss selected last July is clear... read more

We are looking at more layoffs

Not sure how many of you looked at the article somebody posted in another thread (,) but those numbers are really bad. If their predictions are true, we are... read more

Q1 earning call is coming

So whats it gonna be this time? I hope there is some good news to pump the stock price, if that is not too much to ask. SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 16, 2018-- Juniper... read more

Junipers Marketing s---s

The fundamental problem with Juniper is Marketing. There are a handful of idiots in Marketing who know just enough to impress an equally unimpressive group of mouthy directors and VPs. This group has repeatedly brought out a series of products and... read more

Contrail s---s everything out of Juniper

Contrail is s---ing all the money out of Juniper. A 10 year experienced guy with 0 manager experience has recently been made a senior manager from Staff role while we in other groups have to toil long and hard for a 50% bonus. Apart from this, these... read more

Partner with ISPs

Juniper really needs to find ways to partner with ISPs and offer a consumer modem (cable, dsl or vdsl etc) that has SRX firewall integrated. Their sales engineers should expand focus on different customer sectors besides government such as education... read more

Juniper March 2018 layoffs

Mid to late March this year or sooner. Remember last March’s layoffs? They need to get their numbers in order for Q1 2018. Pretty much this, for those wondering when next round of layoffs is coming. Not sure how bad it will get, but I'm positive we... read more

Who does Juniper sell their products to?

I was visiting a very ill relative at the hospital and while looking around I see Cisco wireless access points, cisco security IP cameras, nurses carrying cisco wireless voip phones, cisco ip phones, everything Cisco! Makes me wonder what are the... read more

Hiring vs. Firing

Cisco's last couple of quarters: results came out and the stock jumped +6% , hiring went up Juniper's last 6 quarters: results came out and the stock dropped -6%, firing went up. Now, rumoredly there is a #metoo issue there. Well , employees are... read more

How not to get Laid Off at Juniper? Get laid.

Recently I heard an ex-Marketing employee at Juniper survived several rounds of layoffs, even though she herself admitted she didn’t contribute in her role. In fact she even claimed she managed to get herself promoted twice before she was finally let... read more

Layoffs won’t solve the Problems at Juniper

There is no layoff big enough to solve the issues faced by Juniper... inside and outside the company. Internally, there is no cohesion between the business groups. They all act as through they are in a seperate company. Routing is arrogant. Switching... read more

Ericsson/Juniper tie up

Head count is being cut to make this future tie up more attractive to both sides. For Juniper engineering, it's a net good move, as Ericsson just killed their BNG division. There's a lot less overlap than with Cisco, so only a few Ericsson router and... read more


ANET is on fire! 251+ today! A wonderful underdog story. C'mon JNPR, get with it!

Engineering the [email protected]

All that could be said of engineering at Juniper, just showed up as a comment on a major news story: "I work with hundreds of these H1-B holders from India, they have vastly lied about their credentials and skills just to get into the U.S. market and... read more

Juniper February and/or March 2018 Layoffs

In EMEA rumours are circulating again about possible layoffs in Feb/March 2018. Channel/partner team may get impacted. Apparently its being run "mafia style" by a completely inexperienced person hand-picked and promoted inexplicably early 2017 by the... read more

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