Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

The atmosphere is awful

Sometimes it seems to me that Juniper is full of people who do not want to be here, I feel like only 5 percent of them are happy to be part of Juniper. Perhaps not even that many???

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Citrix going private,its%20partner%20program%20in%202022. I belive juniper must be taken to private? Share value $50... —  read more 

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Network engineer pay

Does anybody mind sharing their pay? I received an offer and the starting pay is nearly 20 percent above what I get here. I'm now not sure if I was being underpaid or if Juniper in general offers pay that is below the industry average. I'm not asking... —  read more 

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Yes-man culture

To be fair, most companies have such a culture, but here it's been raised to a higher level. Yes-man and yes-woman everywhere! Now someone might ask why it bothers me so much? It bothers me because such an environment demotivates me to work. On... —  read more 

It should be enough

I can't speak for the entire company - although I suspect it might be the same everywhere - but attrition is worse than it ever was where I am. What I don't understand is, with so many people leaving on their own, how is it not enough? How is there... —  read more 

Record Orders !!

I keep seeing this all over LinkedIn, record quarter for orders. This is clearly untrue, 10 years ago Juniper revenue was 20% higher than today. Self delusion and hope, the usual strategy here

unmistfied JunOS people??

Juniper is bloating about Mist now and mistified all JunOS based products. Isn't an insult to JunOS people who couldn't take it next level without Mist. Juniper earlier used to boast a lot about Contrail and now the focussed moved Mist. Tomorrow... —  read more 

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Laceworks What is Juniper's story in security fo cloud workloads?

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Walgreen sales went up

I heard through a friend at Walgreen that thousands of Juniper employees are visiting Walgreen for Cond*Ms and birth control pills. The recent surge in JNPR Share value made juniper employees crazy and they are enjoying at least twice a day with... —  read more 

I finally get it

When Juniper hires people for managerial positions, experience is ignored, knowledge is optional, as are people skills. The main skill that's required is knowing to nod your head and keep a straight face no matter what kind of a stupid thing you're... —  read more 

I call it a layoff, anyway

The fact that my colleague who gave a lot to this company did not get an official layoff, but was under so much pressure in recent months that he could not stand it anymore and in the end quit on his own - is also a kind of very perfidious layoff... —  read more 

Vaccine mandate

Juniper has totally lost it's way. WTAF declaring all US employees as government contractors and forcing compliance with the ridiculous vaccine mandate, Juniper is gonna lose many good people.

Two decades and counting

There are fewer and fewer employees who can fit the category of being here that long. Juniper is making sure to get rid of as many of us as possible with every new layoff round. If I was smarter I'd take the hint and leave, but I'm still holding on... —  read more 

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Juniper split Any news on Juniper split demanded from an active investor. What is the internal news?

Are you burnt-out or bored-out?

Motivation has never been worse. I loved my profession roughly until I came to Juniper. Big mistake! Now I'm not sure if my job has become boring to me or if I'm so tired that I'd most rather give notice on Monday. I'm sick of this company.

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