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Laid off today

Just found this site. Half the SE’s on my team let go today including me. Really hurts. I have a new baby. Never thought this would happen. Wish I had seen this site earlier. Would have taken other external offers earlier. Do yourself a favor... read more

Losing money was the plan

When I read this it sounded crazy to me, I admit, but giving the state that we’re in, nothing else to do but to hope that this really was a part of the plan and if it was that the plan works.Either way, profits are dropping, that’s a fact, and if you... read more

Q3 Financial results conference call scheduled

I know this was announced a couple of days ago but i don’t see anyone posting it here, so for those who missed this the Q3 preliminary financial results conference call will take place on Tuesday, October 23, at 2:00 pm PT. Think it will shed some... read more

Reduction in the Americas??

My SED heard from our SVP that the numbers are so bad in the Americas that unless something big comes in, another big round of SE and AM reductions is inevitable. If it happens will be at the end of Q3. 200+ in sales and sales engineering across all... read more


To whomever keeps claiming news of Juniper layoffs is “fake news”: shame on you. Layoffs affect real people with real families and real mouths to feed. To dismiss affected professionals in such Trumpian fashion is disgusting. It wouldn’t surprise me... read more

Will layoffs ever stop?

It seems like I hear every week that either a whole team or just a few people have been laid off. There is no break, every week same thing. What's going on here? Are we ever going to see the end of this? Or do we have to now accept weekly (or even... read more

Has Juniper become a total sewer?

What is the truth about the morale there? Is the truth that it just feels like a funeral every day you come to work? Why are you still doing custom silicon? Can't you learn a lesson from Arista? It's merchant silicon. They are out routering you with... read more

Team fired

I just got laid off. Whole consulting team in service provider fired. Maybe 13 of us total. Anyone else today? Hearing more on Sept 1.

Grass is really greener when it comes to Juniper

Often times it feels as if grass is greener on the other side of the fence, most times it is not true. I left Juniper a year ago and say with 100% confidence that in case of Juniper grass is definitely greener on the other side of the fence. I was... read more

Rare positive perspective

Juniper is a great place to work in some ways. Don’t get me wrong, it’s poorly managed but it’s always been a poorly managed place. Growing internet traffic is always going to be a strong headwind for our business despite our intense focus on product... read more

Is Juniper still a good company to work for?

Have received an offer from the test team in Sunnyvale. All this talk about layoffs is making me paranoid though. Would it be stupid to join Juniper at this time? Would I be hitching my wagon to a dead horse?

People are leaving Juniper on their own

And not just any people, some of our best. Those with the best knowledge and most years of experience. I can understand why they are choosing to leave on their own, considering how many have been laid off in the past several years, but this is really... read more

Do we know how bad this week was?

We very rarely if ever have layoffs on Friday, so I'm thinking we are done for the week. But it'd be good to know how bad this week was. Do we have a number for how many were laid off in the past several days? I know they were layoffs internationally... read more

Entire team fired

Bloodbath in EMEA. whole teams let go. Every SE on our account sacked. Half the Acct Mgr’s fired. Hearing it’s eveb worse in other grps

Is anything happening today?

Anybody knows if there will be layoffs today after all? Everything seems quiet where I'm at, so I'm hoping it's going to stay that way.

The Juniper Way

The company has been in a death spiral since the leadership team that built the company moved on. They were replaced by an executive leadership team that had one thing in mind, stay with the company long enough to collect their stock options and then... read more

Laid off

Half my group in Westford including me was let go today. People were told this morning. Some were crying as they were escorted to the door. People here 10 and 15 years. And forget about 30 days to find something internal - company kicks us all to the... read more

Who else is nervous about this week?

I'm worried that the rumored August 1 massive layoffs will come true. Might be a fool for believing rumors, but I can't help it. Spent the weekend stressing out and figuring out what to do if my name is on the list (which in hindsight was not a bad... read more

Looks like nothing has changed

Got laid off last Oct 24, best thing ever happened to me after years at JNPR, came back here and check and looks like nothing has changed at JNPR. There's great life after JNPR. God bless the hardworking engineering folks.

JNPR stock DOWN 10.88% 8 min after market open

Bada-bing! Downgrades after downgrades have gotten this lump flattened out. Poor execution, sluggish management and colossal mismanagement is driving this one time tech pioneer to ground. Following paths of Nortel and Brocade

Leaving on my own

I finally decided to leave Juniper behind and I'm so glad I did. This company has turned into a joke. Not sure how we dropped from where we were to so low in relatively short period, but I'm not willing to stay and watch as we sink even further. I... read more

Layoffs coming August 1

This has been brewing for a while. HR and senior Mgmt prepping for a huge layoff August 1. Internal target is 12-15% world wide reduction. Get those resumes out there. It’s coming. No group spared.

June layoffs

But layoffs are coming in June. Be prepared. Not sure which groups will be hit. Heard managers have been told to prepare names. Has anybody else heard anything more about June layoffs? People seem to know that something is coming next month, but... read more

Were there any layoffs this week?

Somebody mentioned there were layoffs earlier this week but couldn't provide any details. I've tried to find some info on what has happened since that was the first I heard of it, but there's nothing. Were there any layoffs? My coworker has no reason... read more

Juniper DOWNGRADED across the financial board

Credit Suisse Group Reiterates “$21.00” Price Target for Juniper Networks (JNPR). Barclays downgrades JNPR

Who's going to acquire Juniper?

Nokia was a possibility as they are known for buying scrap companies but they went away. One look at Juniper's culture will have Mussolini run for the hills. In EMEA the Management decided to promote people with 0 management experience from a... read more


Heard some happened this week and more coming. Which groups?

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