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Bonus number sharing here!

Please share your bonus number for 2nd half, just wanted to sync am i getting justified bonus or not They told its at 80%, MTS4 Test Engineering, 7500, whats yours?

Nothing to see here...

Juniper is perfect. No issues whatsoever. And no we don’t eagle eye this site and threaten to sue if posts are not removed.

March layoffs

Anyone heard about the March layoffs coming? What groups are affected?

BK and CTO office

Dear All, Can anyone let me know if BK is let go. Also, I heard BK kicked out RD, is this true? So, CEO kickedout CTO, and he kicked out SVP,, and so on. Great, can anyone confirm.

Changing team

All, I work in engineering. There is a burden of going through interviews even for changing teams. If one team doesn't work out for some one, why other teams are doing interviews just for chanigng teams. Juniper must support auto rotation to keep... —  read more 


Why aren’t we pulling out of Mobile World Congress?!? I don’t want to go. Not worth my health or the health of my family when I return!! Come on juniper

Penny pinching

Finance was requiring VP approval for a mobile phone. Now, even with VP approval, all new mobile phones and lines of service are frozen. But sure, let’s hire more c-staff.

Vote of no Confidence RR & KM

When is enough enough? YoY revenue decline – no innovation – continuous c-suit changes – sales leadership changes – continues layoffs – no clear sales or technology strategy – no growth – stock declining – top talent have left – some... —  read more 

What is wrong with recipe Juniper has “made mistakes” because its recipe – not its strategy – wasn’t right, Marcus Jewell, Juniper's chief sales officer and... —  read more 

RR Out

Word on the street from some very credible people is RR is out early in the new year. Should take KM with him as he walks out the door. This will hopefully bring some new blood into the company and renewed vision. MJGA


DE1 -> DE2 ====happening Sr Mgr -> Director == happening Sr Director -> VP ==== happening De2->VP ====== happening Why not Sr staff -> Principal? They say it is rare. It is just another way to get rid off people

SPC3 card revenue

Can anyone tell me what is the SRX market share increase after SPC3 card? Also, where is the USF program, MX revenue increae?

BKs last message

After an amazing two and half years at Juniper Networks, I am going back to Google as the VP and Head of Global Networking. I am really proud of what team Juniper has achieved in the last few years: Gartner leadership quadrant for datacenter... —  read more 

The writing is on the wall

Here is the fundamental problem of all the legacy networking companies. The workload is moving out of the enterprise and into the cloud. The cloud titans are building their own whitebox hardware. They aren't interested to pay Cisco, Juniper, Arista... —  read more 

Juniper in 2020 ?

Started off my career at Juniper a year back as a fresh grad. Not sure if I made a seriously wrong choice. Just concerned to know the state of Juniper in 2020 ? Is there a chance for total shut down ? Will any other bigger company acquire Juniper ?... —  read more 

One bad hire after another for Juniper

What is the board thinking letting the RR loser choose the CEO Staff loser parade?? Three sales leaders in last year or so, CTO, his next to last HR pick, his former boss...nothing is actually helping.

Mental Paralysis

the “do nothing” juniper executives will have to continue to pretend to work for a few more years before their retirement, since they want to cash in their RSUs


Glad he’s out. He was the wrong guy for the job. Knew nothing about hardware, thought the whole world was google and had as much charisma as a pile of wet laundry. RR can sure pick the hires. The best people!

NXTWORKS is a joke

Lame, uninteresting, waste of time, let’s go drink. Direct feedback from major customer. Hang it up.

any layoffs

No news in Q3, any layoffs are attrition itself is sufficient.


Any news about SKO next year? was cancelled again??

How many people were affected last week?

I would appreciate if people that have info on this would share it. Any indication how many people were affected by layoffs in the last week and in what parts of the company were the employees affected the most?

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