Juniper Networks Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

I'm happy to have a job

I might hate this place, I might want out most of the time, but right now I'm just happy to have a job. A friend who worked for another company but a similar position as mine lost his job in May, and he is still looking for a replacement. And he is a... —  read more 

Juniper acquisitions

Now 128 technologies. I read it got revenue of $120M, how come it got acquired only $450M. This looks better acquisition compared to Mist and Contrail. Also, how come Versa networks is not considered? Also, from where Juniper is getting money... —  read more 

JNPR @$50

All, Can anyone throw some light regarding when JNPR share reach $50. I am having high expectation on this share due to my personal situation.

Impact of Mist Acquisition

It has been more than a year since Juniper acquired Mist. Juniper exec described this as Marriage made in heaven. Now, I want to know where are the children. What is Mist's contribution to Juniper's top line and bottle line? Juniper is $5B revenue in... —  read more 

Competing for "The Worst Of..."

Seems to me that's what Juniper is trying to achieve. I think we can be in the running for the titles of the worst company, worst management, worst promotion system, worst pretty much everything... It looks like they have made it their goal to get us... —  read more 

Junrista Netwroks

My investigation revealed that it will be a good idea for Juniper to Merge with Arista. Contrail, Mist, and Appformix features will be ported to Arista. Excellent features of EOS can be leveraged in JunOS. If not, QFX can be replaced with Arista... —  read more 

Juniper leadership

Juniper has thrown away Bob Mugalia, who created a $70B company called snowflake. Due to internal politics, PS and other leaders tried to safeguard their own kingdom causing Billions of dollars of loss to Juniper in next decade. Now Bob has proven... —  read more 

Juniper Bonuses

Most if not all of Juniper employees are nitwits, a–holes and cornholers. The statement can be extended further to describe that Juniper managers, directors and above up to CEO are baastards. I would ask Juniper board to stop paying bonuses to... —  read more 

Juniper acquistion

Everyone sick of Juniper acquiring small firms. Is Juniper looking forward to get acquired by someone else for a 50-100% premium price? HPE might be good merger target.

Attrition is getting worse

Considering the scarcity of available jobs I don't understand how but attrition is getting worse at Juniper. Can anybody shed some light on why that's happening? I know there are a lot of people who are not happy with their jobs but leaving at a time... —  read more 

Next set of acquisitions

Juniper must acquire following companies. Innovium Arrcus Acquire innovium and enter into Network Processor business and introduce Trio chipset to the market. Compete with Broadcom and Cisco. Acquire arrcus and be in the open source... —  read more 

Apple Vs Juniper

Apple's market cap is 1.6T where is JNPR is 7.5B. Around 13 years back, it used to 100B or so and JNPR is 10B. Now, all the big guys who are stuck ar Juniper for 20+ years must think why JNPR is doing so bad. My suggestion for Juniper is to close... —  read more 

Share buybacks

I am disappointed to see that Juniper didn't do any share buyback when the stock price dropped to $15. Rather execs, EVPs, SVPs, VPS and every one reward themselves with huge RSU compensation. Guys, please don't work hard for Juniper. Finally, you... —  read more 

All WFH jobs are in danger

People who are hoping WFH is here to stay might get their wish and then regret it immediately. What do you think Juniper's "let's cut as much costs as we can any way possible" management will do now that they know there are plenty of jobs that can be... —  read more 

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