Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Emperors new clothes?

Juniper Networks are too top heavy, relying heavily on revenue from over inflated support contracts, emperors new clothes smoke and mirrors around MIST, a lethargic DEI C suite and all wrapped up in products that are so old they have whiskers! At... — read more 

Hypocrites as leaders

"Our strategy is working" CEO and other executives are nothing but dishonest excuse for human beings. These are the jokers and shareholders who decide to sell the company and their stocks and then show up at work without an ounce of shame. The... — read more 


Bursting at the seams with unvested RSUs so I can’t leave. Sleepwalking through each day collecting a paycheck. Desperately hoping for some type of improvement when HPE buys us. Endless downward spiral with most co-workers profoundly unhappy with... — read more 

What’s happening!?

What the heck is secretly going on? I’ve seen some pretty high profile people get laid off this week. Is this thing apart of the whole “the majority of the layoffs will be complete by Q1 2024” verbiage from the Oct layoff?

Marketing Culture

The Marketing culture is now officially wretched. JE is cringeworthy. No surprise about some of the people she’s bringing in - vacuous self-promoters who refuse to work with anyone below Director level.

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