Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Are you burnt-out or bored-out?

Motivation has never been worse. I loved my profession roughly until I came to Juniper. Big mistake! Now I'm not sure if my job has become boring to me or if I'm so tired that I'd most rather give notice on Monday. I'm sick of this company.

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What offers do you get?

I only recently started looking for a new job more actively and got one offer which is pretty bad. I have heard from some former colleagues that they have accepted jobs that are generally lower paid. I haven’t heard from that many people that they... —  read more 

I’m not seeing it

I have been with the company for almost a year and, to be frank, I’m not seeing all the complaints that are being posted here. I enjoy my work and it’s challenging. I get on well with my team and our work environment is not as toxic as some claim... —  read more 

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Stupid strategy

Back in 2018, I questioned RR about the strategy. RR mentioned that Juniper is just $5B in $50B market that includes routing, switching and security. He doesn't want to focus on other areas rather try to increase the market share in this markets. I... —  read more 

Juniper growth

If Juniper CEO claims that is is the fastest growing company, then he is a big joker along with CDO Andy. I am from engineering who left 3 years back and I know many DEs/PEs/Sr Staff/Staff who left the company in a completer frustation. Along with... —  read more 

Joke of the year

I am listening to FM yesterday and Juniper sponsored the event. They mentioned that Juniper is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Bay area. With stupid old people as managers and so much of talent attrition, I think this is the biggest joke... —  read more 

Burned out

I’m not someone who complains about hard work, I’ve always worked hard. However, lately I’ve been totally burned out. Whomever I talk to of colleagues, everyone is overwhelmed with work to the point that it becomes unbearable. Juniper simply... —  read more 

It’s a shame, really.

I came to juniper networks because I love computer architecture and wanted to learn about routers. This company seemed to be kept alive by lots of old knowledge that’s leaving or has long left the organization. It’s really sad. If it can still... —  read more 

Paycheck is not enough

Doing a job just because of the paycheck in a company where you can't stomach most things is a sacrifice worth reconsidering. I may be wrong, but I think there are more and more people who don’t want to stay in this misery for the almighty... —  read more 

This is not sustainable

They keep expecting us to do more with less. To say I'm overworked would be an understatement of the decade. I don't know for how long do they plan to keep removing people while simultaneously increasing the workload for the rest of us, but... —  read more 

No one likes to work here

Conditions are bad. Motivation is zero. There is no hope that it will get better. It seems to me that there isn't anyone who likes working for this company. Or is there? I would like to know at least one person who likes to work at Juniper and... —  read more 

No Love For Americans

Literally just watched an unbelievably talented and extremely loyal American who has been screwed over more than her fair share get passed over for a promotion for the 5th time in 5 years. What the actual fu-k is it with this company and Americans?... —  read more 

Any new rumors?

Either I haven’t heard any new rumors, or there simply aren't any? That may be a good thing because they are always about something bad happening ahead. Admittedly, I don't know what could possibly happen to make things worse around here? We've... —  read more 

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I'm so tired of it all

I keep watching as good people who devoted decades of their lives to this company get used up, mistreated, and then discarded like they never mattered - despite being the ones who made this place into what it is. This company and its management have... —  read more 

Focus on learning new skills

A long-term career at Juniper is a thing of the past. While still here, you might as well use the time to learn as many new skills as you can. Use every resource available at the company and beyond (there are so many options these days - and many are... —  read more 

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You are all replaceable

People who believe they are safe make me laugh. This company is only about one thing: profit. They'll cut costs any way they can. And unless you are the lowest paid employee here, then they can find somebody who'll do your job for less. Whether that... —  read more 

Wrong people promoted

How long will it take until all the bad promotions at Juniper catch up with the company? You can't continue to promote based on nepotism and a-s-kissing and not expect to see it reflected in the company's results. It might take a bit longer than I... —  read more 

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