Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Juniper Networks Inc.

This must stop

Well, I think Juniper must stop following. 1) No RSUs for Sr Management only options 2) No dividends 3) no bonus for any employee. They can save $500M per year and in 4 years, they can buy back half of their outstanding shares and return to the... —  read more 

Update your skills!

I was one of the long-term tenured employees. Got negligible refreshers, negligible salary bump, low bonuses. Why did I stick around for so long? Because I was incapable of getting a job outside of Juniper. If you are in software engineering, you... —  read more 

What is the goal?

I want to know what is the goal that Juniper Execs/BoD set for the Firm and themselves? The typical goals include as follows. 1) Take the company valuation to $20B 2) Be a market leader in routing/switching/security, one of them 3) Make money... —  read more 

VERP risks?

Does anyone know anything about the risks of taking VERP? At first it seems to me that I would accept it if they would eventually give me that opportunity, but I am considering the possible risks. I’m sure it’s more in favor of Juniper than it would... —  read more 

A mixed up company

This place is insane, its actually almost laughable. You hear constantly about the culture of the place. But it is deluded. The gap between execs and employee reality has never been greater. Example 1 we hear that we don't tolerate bullying or bad... —  read more 

the truth about Juniper

Do any of the people writing negative reports about Juniper actually work there or have any real insight? The reason I ask is that I actually work at Juniper. Business is really good, I have lots of interesting projects and I work with amazing... —  read more 

I really hate this place

I'm sick and tired of the stress and worry that are now part of every single workday at Juniper. Hell, even weekends are not free of it because I can't relax properly. That is not healthy and I want to leave but with the economy the way it is right... —  read more 

Prepare for a major round

It's been too long since we've had a round of layoffs. In Juniper terms, a whole eternity. Don't get me wrong, I'm not cheering for layoffs but I'm a realist. We are due to see some cuts before the end of the quarter and once they hit, it'll not be... —  read more 

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The latest news from Fungible is a "storage cluster" with NVMe. Are they ditching DPU, what happened to the DPU market. Are they becoming a storage company? Does the storage cluster includes DPU? Then what about their server market as PS publicly... —  read more 

Arista results

Look at how the stock is soaring. If not, Arista has comfortably beaten the top line and bottom line. Something, Juniper leaders must think about their failures.

Juniper valuation

The company which makes $4.3B per year is valued $6.54 market capital. If I were a hedge fund manager, I would buy the whole company stock now. If Juniper stops paying dividends and bonuses for one year, it will save $1B in two years. Then hedge... —  read more 

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