Topics regarding layoffs at Extreme Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Extreme Networks Inc.

Hire and fire

I have never worked in a company where it is as easy to be fired as here. This place is hire and fire. Do you agree? I know people who got fired for the smallest things.

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What would raise the morale?

The morale is zero. In the last two months, more of my colleagues have left than in the last two years, either to Cisco or to Juniper,,, anywhere, except that they are no longer here. That won't end well.

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Long-term strategy

Is there such a thing at Extreme Networks? I think it's becoming rather obvious that this leadership has no idea what that means. All they are capable of doing is "fix" ongoing problems with temporary solutions (such as RIFs) and let the underlying... —  read more 

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Are there jobs out there?

I see people who used to work here visit this forum so I figured I might ask. If you were laid off, how hard was it to find a new job? Especially if it happened this year. I'm really worried considering the current economic situation. I don't think... —  read more 

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I think Extreme strategy is simple

Get rid of all old leadership positions with new younger innovative leaders. Old leadership seems to have a strangle hold on the remainder of the company. From what I’ve heard is that they want to dissolve employees who have long tenure because they... —  read more 

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Ed Meyercord has missed quarter after quarter. By company standards, he should have been hit in the last reduction. CEO, Chief Excuse Officer.

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A sinking ship 4/15/2020

4/15/20 Quarterly results are missed quarter after quarter, so regardless of the virus, Extreme was going to miss targets/expectations anyway. There’s always an excuse. Tariffs, supply chain, mergers, growing pains etc. (4/15 11:30am- day... —  read more 

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Big Layoffs Today

Just heard about big layoffs today, affecting at least the Salem, NH office. XMC and ExtremeControl NAC teams essentially eliminated.

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Extreme Networks Leadership

Extreme Networks Leadership Has no clue how to operate a business appropriately. With all the acquisitions they still do not understand how to conduct effective business strategies. They like to hype themselves up but their R&D is horrid. They are... —  read more 

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The layoffs were apparently to free up money to buy Aerohive. Hard to believe any company would leverage employees like that

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This is not the way to move forward

I honestly can’t understand how management thinks that we can move forward by constantly acquiring other companies but leaving everything else stuck in the past. We are working on old technologies that have been outdated for who knows how long. Also... —  read more 

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Not sure what you mean by sketchy practices, but I agree that it's a flimsy base and they keep mortgaging future quarter]s business to meet current revenue targets. It's like kiting checks or operating a ponzi scheme. Eventually, the whole thing... —  read more 

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House of Cards

Extreme is built on a house of cards that will soon come tumbling down. Sketchy practices designed to inflate revenues will soon expose a fundamentally weak financial picture of stagnant growth and poor sales execution. The recent, sudden departure... —  read more 

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Watching this trainwreck from outside. I was so disappointed when Extreme didn't bring me over with the Avaya acquisition, but from what I hear from friends that did make the transition, I'm grateful. By all accounts, this place is in "Extreme"... —  read more 

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Can someone explain to me the near singular focus on margins? Because I think it's a losing strategy in the near term. It's completely putting the cart before the horse. As the number #3 player, we should be focused on growing MARKET SHARE! Grow... —  read more 

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Up to 100 laid off

Found this while trying to determine just how big the layoffs were. It's far from precise, but I guess it's the best we'll get for now. "Extreme Networks is laying off between 25 and 99 employees at its Salem location at 9 Northeastern Blvd."... —  read more 

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How many?

Do we have any idea just how big this round of layoffs was? And are we sure it is done or can we expect more sometime next week?

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