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Great Job Ericsson - You're Beating the c-ap out of Nokia

Great Job Ericsson !!! You're Beating the c-ap out of Nokia - T-Mobile, Ericsson and Intel complete world’s first 5G call on 600 MHz "During... read more
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Ericsson to pay O2 damages for outage

Looks like the cost cutting at Ercsson has paid off in a spectacular way;

Nepotism and kickbacks?

In response to MOAI ANZA slave: You can get a pay rise or promotion in ANZA if you are friends with the right people. We have seen some staff moved into highly paid positions which are well outside of their competence and certification level because... read more

Modern slavery

If you work at this company Australia, you might feel like a slave. You are expected to work unpaid hours beyond your normal working day and will not get any pay rise each year. The company makes up the excuse that there is no money to increase pay... read more

New Jersey Layoffs

They have been steadily laying off in New Jersey but no updates to the NJ DOL WARN website. How are they circumventing this rule?

Automation to save the day

Thank goodness for all that automation! I never realized Ericsson was so into automation. Robots love to follow process.

40% workforce reduction?

Actually the internal rumor is that it's more likely going to be up to 40% of the workforce that wil be laid off. This sounds even more outthere than the 25k that's being reported by the media. Where did you hear this rumor? I'm not sure that... read more

Health of Ericsson Australia

Ericsson Australia is successfully powering ahead in leaps and bounds. We continue to be stronger each quarter!!! This is only due to the most powerful leadership ever and the support of our fantastic sales and account teams. These unique people know... read more


I dont want to trash Ericsson too much as they are a good company. After almost two years here I have not witnessed any layoffs, but I did hear about it - everyone talks about it all the time but it's not a big issue as this site would want you to... read more

Layoffs number up to 25,000

The number of people Ericsson is planning to lay off is not 20,000 but 25,000. This is outside of Sweden, not sure how this will affect the company's home country. No info on where outside the Sweden will be hit the most, either... read more

Fail Sales Strategies

Used to work at Ericsson. Left over 5 years ago and I now compete with my old buddies. Ericsson consistently acquire great companies and lose all corporate knowledge by losing the people. Sales strategy still seems arrogant and cut to tiny margins... read more

Constant Layoffs at Ericsson (2017 and before)

Every year Ericsson has a layoff where we cut about 10% of the total workforce - that tells you something about the state of the company. It was not always like this but last few years have been brutal as it relates to layoffs. 2017 will be even... read more

Layoffs bigger in Sweden this time

Not a good time to be in a BU. We just got word they are cutting deep in Networks but are increasing head count in RNAM??
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Ericsson Layoffs 2017

Oh, layoffs, layoffs… Every year I hear the same story but layoffs never happen here in Stockholm.

Some problems

I am with Ericsson for about 10 years now and I remember better days. On the modem side LTE is troublesome but we manage and we somehow make money which is a great thing - otherwise they would lay us off in no time and I hope that 2016 pans out to be... read more

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