Topics regarding layoffs at Nokia Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nokia Corp.

New Brunswick - article link below

Long commute Congestion Train noise Pollution Parking problem Crime (not safe) Traffic And if the hybrid policy changes from 2 days in the office to 4 or 5 days in the office, this would be a problem. Besides, with the low wage salary Nokia pays... —  read more 

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AT&T RU business goes to Fujitsu

Not only did Nokia lose the OpenRAN business to Ericsson, but they also lost the Radio Unit (RU) business to Fujitsu. A double whammy! How and why AT&T selected Fujitsu radios for 5G AT&T plans to buy 5G radios from Fujitsu as part of its bigger... —  read more 

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This will result in layoffs

AT&T drops Nokia, selects Ericsson for Open RAN telecom network project in the US

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So sad and depressing

I am current nokia employee and this could be terrible for me, but other we have our Executives having big salaries as the CEO 1,300,000 euros per year really?

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Nokia Layoffs 2024

Nokia Layoffs 2024 - share your thoughts - share any information - share watercooler talks - share your concerns - share your experience - share tips on getting another job after layoff - share your job interview experience —  read more 

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I thought Nokia was a good employer

I was wrong. Yes, the work atmosphere is good but the pay isn't. It's well below the industry standard. To say I'm disappointed after I was so excited when I first got a job here would be an understatement. I need to add, growth opportunities are... —  read more 

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Nokia - Verizon and T-mobile

Did Nokia lose Verizon, it's biggest customer, in USA to 5G as well as 4G, or just 5G? How about T-mobile? Is Nokia ramping up it's business with T-mobile or losing out to Samsung?

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Satisfied with the severance?

I have not received any notification, but I have a feeling that the dismissal will come very soon. Question for those better informed - is there a possibility of negotiating severance pay? A solid job came up for me, it pays less than here so I’m... —  read more 

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How worried are you?

It is normal to be worried, but I try to control stress and anxiety because there is life after Nokia. Moreover, I can't really say I enjoyed working here but I procrastinated looking for a new job because I didn’t think it was a priority so the... —  read more 

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10k less I think it was expected ;(((

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Layoffs in FInland

Looks like Nokia will be cutting around 200 positions in Finland. This definitely doesn't bode well for the rest of us. I know there's an attempt to avoid layoffs right now but I'm less than confident it will be a success. Hopefully I'm worrying over... —  read more 

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