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Tough Times Ahead

Huawei might be copping the biggest punches when it comes to security sceptics, but no-one is benefitting in this current state of purgatory.

Joining Nuage?

Would you recommend joining Nuage? Currently working for a struggling company in the same tech space, are things better in Nuage? GL reviews seem good aside of lower than average pay and benefits.

Nokia USA's current severance package?

Anyone know what Nokia USA's current layoff severance package is? I heard someone say there was some recent change by Nokia where one would get an extra year of severance by taking some course ??

What happened to Nokia brand from 2000-2018 ? (watch what happens to Nokia brand) Copied from this post... read more

Cleaning up the management mess

This is my opinion only - Management screws up time and time again. And we are left to clean up their mess by giving up our weekends and late evening with family while the higher ups get their big fat bonus check and a salary increase. I couldn't... read more

Merry Christmas

May your job search be short and your severance package be long!
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Small Cell and mmWave...

Nokia will totally F--K up any 5G projects they get. Small Cell and now all mmWave is under the control of a Sales VP and a Marketing Director. Everything must be done fast with a minimum amount of people and money. Any resources in China are totally... read more

H1B Abuse

Reminder: if you know or suspect that your employer is abusing H1B visas, you can drop a tip to ReportH1BAbuse @

who is next ?

Rouanne is out, Tervonen is out - who is next ? There is still a pile of dic---ads with no f---ing clue about R&D, busy playing their political games.

Nokia - Intel - 10nm "It will also be interesting to see if Intel discusses Cannon Lake. Intel's transition to 10nm has been challenging to say the least, with numerous delays pushing back volume... read more

Layoffs at Nokia January 2019

Don't you just love it when the official story is that major cuts in annual operating expenses will come from a variety of areas, when we all know they are simply looking to reduce the headcount as much as they can? Variety of areas my behind... read more

A very possible scenario of reorgs in the US

Let's face it, at the end of the day, only the new Dallas location and the new California location will survive with about 2000 employees in Dallas and 1000 employees in CA. You don't have to go far to figure out Nokia's plan, just look at what they... read more

Shall layoff hit beijing wireless oam team?

These wireless oam modules would be transfer to other sites soon. They are campaigning to get some 5G related jobs inside the company. No idea of the progress of 5G development process. Is it possible that they can find some 5G job internally?

More Nokia layoffs, Naperville hit hard

250 employees cut already, another 250 set to go. The consolidation related to Alcatel acquisition continues. Who knows how many more we'll hear about before it's finally done. One would think that two years would be enough, but I guess Nokia will... read more

How many layoffs can we expect?

Does anybody know how many layoffs can we expect as part of the sale of Nokia's IP video business? I know it was said that majority of employees will move to the new company, but does anybody really believe that?... read more

layoff plans of beijing wireless OAM team?

The team is not hit by layoff after merging with ex-ALU wireless employees. Are there plans/heresays to layoff some(or all) beijing wirless OAM employees? We should prepare for the worst.

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