Topics regarding layoffs at Nokia Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nokia Corp.

NOKIA USA 5G (arch/design/dev/test) jobs moved to CHINA and POLAND - LAYOFFS in BELL LABS MURRAY HILL NEW JERSEY July 23, 2020

This is my opinion only : Any jobs at Samsung, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Apple? There are 250+ experienced engineers ready to support Verizon/ATT/Tmobile - all based in New Jersey. All experience - in 5G eNodeB, RRH, RF, Testing, Customer Support... —  read more 

Link needed

There was a link going around to report to the US goverment if your job is being moved overseas, does anyone have that available to share.

The Altman Z-Score According to, Nokia’s current Altman Z-Score is 1.15, which suggests it is in financial distress. By comparison, Nokia’s best Z-score over the past 10... —  read more 

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