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layoff plans of beijing wireless OAM team?

The team is not hit by layoff after merging with ex-ALU wireless employees. Are there plans/heresays to layoff some(or all) beijing wirless OAM employees? We should prepare for the worst.
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Is it true more layoffs are coming?

I've heard Nokia is planning more layoffs and that California will be hit hard sometime next month. The guy who told me this has been wrong before, so I'm hoping somebody here knows more about this (or can hopefully tell me outright this is not... read more

Nobody cares about quality of product

Being there had first hand experience with those Nokia stuffs. It would be hardly to believe that Nokia won’t go down like it’s mobile division in the past. Management are arrogant and only care about numbers (who knows where and how it comes from)... read more

When Nokia will say no to own SoC b---s--- ?

It has been years since Nokia decided to go with own SoC designs instead of relying on TI. What we have except no modern 4G/5G SoC, plethora of HW bugs and new products that cannot match old products performance ? Everything that SoC touches, turns... read more

Big layoff wave at Nokia in NJ, 7/29/2018

Many talented Nokia engineers in highly skilled customer-facing positions for LTE customers in the U.S. were let go, at the New Jersey site in particular, on 7/19/2018. Any further details about what’s going on?? In January this year the System... read more

nokia shall cut many wireless oam staff

There are so so many employees works on wireless OAM product. They even invent internal features just to keep headcount. The management teams even recruit to keep their positions in case of future cuts.

How is Nuage doing ?

I'm likely to be offered a job with the Nuage team ? Is it doing good ? How is the team compared to the rest of Nokia ?

Layoffs at Nokia in April 2018

More and more people have started talking about imminent layoffs in US region as soon as next month, so I was wondering if anybody here had any more news on that? It's really hard to get any kind of real info on this outside the usual "it's coming... read more

Nokia Layoffs in NJ and IL

Employees in NJ and IL will be cut layoff laid-off in Systems Architecture. Those engineers working on 5G Architecture. (No, you didn't read it wrong - it's "5G".) I guess Nokia has enough people working on 5G product outside of USA (in China... read more
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Nokia 5G - USA market, what's going on?

Verizon has picked Samsung and Ericsson for 5G Trials. Why isn't Nokia in these trials? Is it because Nokia's 5G equipment doesn't meet Verizon's standard? If the development of 5G was done by former ALU folks in MH NJ (who have build a top notch... read more

January 25 Nokia layoffs

Nokia Layoffs - Murray Hill, NJ USA on Jan 25 - not sure exactly which departments but in wireless Any chance somebody has heard something more about this? It's a bit too specific to be just wild guessing, or at least I think so. Any additional info... read more

Nokia will eliminate 187 jobs in Dublin, Ohio USA

Nokia said it will eliminate 187 jobs in Dublin “Nokia will be exiting the Dublin, Ohio, facility by the end of 2018, a decision that is consistent with the company’s global... read more
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Dear IT management, get a clue!

Nokia's IT management is completely clueless, which is disaster for a company of this size and reach. Their experience and knowledge in both technology and people management leaves a lot to be desired. They are letting the software engineering group... read more

Layoffs are the new normal

Layoffs have pretty much become the new normal for Nokia. Constant corporate restructurings always come with downsizing, the only uncertainties are where and how many people will be affected. This is really sad, because the lack of job security is... read more

Nokia Layoffs 2018

Do you really think that our fine and modest executives are that stupid to leak info about layoffs in Espoo.

Nokia Layoffs 2017

I spent last 5years with our company and it'd be a real shame if they were to decide to lay people off from our offices in Espoo.
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