Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.

Downgraded by Moodys

interesting review with negative outlook. I believe the company will be restructured shortly to a healthy base, means layoffs are coming quickly. What are your thoughts on... —  read more 

More cuts are inevitable

More cuts are inevitable based on the 30% + drop in revenues and no consistent strategy or real focus. C Level leadership is dancing to whatever tune the TB folks tell them to dance to. There won't be many of us left when Broadcom buys us and lets... —  read more 

I am ready

If layoffs are going to happen, I'll be happy to volunteer. I've enjoyed my time here but it's time to move on. Things have been deteriorating for a year or two now and the downward trajectory doesn't seem to be changing. I don't want to get to a... —  read more 

Global Users Conference

To customers really care? Is it just an impression or does it seem like this user event is potentially a driver to help us with a refinancing package and being able to show that customers still have interest in the company? The timing is suspect... —  read more 

Should we be worried?

SVP of North America Sales resigns. He was a past coworker with and handpicked by the COO. He resigns in what should be the best commercial qtr of the year as 4th qtr always is year in and year out. His last day is November 16th and the reason given... —  read more 

Who would buy Riverbed?

Anyone have any idea who would buy Riverbed assets? Figured that the portfolio would be sold in pieces, just curious who would actually buy it. I figure companies like Juniper, HPE or CA may buy the portfolio but who knows.

Some Riverbed stats

Riverbed has 8 C-levels with certain C-levels taking over CEO reports. Under the C-levels, there are 35 VP/SVP’s. Under the SVP/VP there are around 50 Director/Senior Director roles. Just between these three levels, there’s a total of 93... —  read more 

Leaking ship

Smartest people are jumping off the riverboat at alarming speeds. My manager has been offered a retention bonus to stick around. Anyone else being offered $$ to not leave?

What is going on?

Company closed first week of Aug, equals vacation burn. Good people continue to exit the business. Marketing effort soft at best. Other TB companies forced furlows. SP gets bought at 6 to 7 x multiplier. Thoughts?


I don’t know what mailgun or mailjet is but laying off people is sometime necessary. Too many ineffective leaders tend to create an illusion of a weak workforce which tends to end in layoffs. The experience we are having is just this and already been... —  read more 

Jan 1st Rumors

Just wondering if anyone had any idea of what Jan 1 might look like? We know that Aternity, will be treated as a new TB Start Up. Does the final separation allow for the solution to be sold via "with" all other TB holdings. Sounds like SI growth is... —  read more 

Our New CEO

I have to admit, I am impressed with who we have chosen as our new CEO. This guy seems real genuine and knowledgeable. It wouldn't have taken much from our last one to raise that bar, but I think we hit it out of the park with this one. Nice... —  read more 

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