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Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.


Any thoughts on how Q2 will end up, particularly with SKO at the end of it?


Are we being bought out or acquiring another company? Will we be let know at SKO?

Time to hit the road

We know whatever turns out to be our future - cuts will be brutal. While it's tempting to stay and wait for a possible severance, I think leaving now is a safer option - mainly because when there are too many employees with similar skills and... read more

Questions about Stock

Thinking about leaving. Anyone mind sharing the current price of class B ? and class A? How soon can I expect the check to be deposited to my bank account after leaving? Beginning of next quarter or within N days?

Goodbye, Xirrus

For those who stayed awake during last week CIBU All-hands, you noticed DM's not-so-subtle hint that xirrus is going away. It's not big secret that PM is not a fan of that acquisition and he is probably found a willing buyer at this point. All 8... read more

Missed opportunity

Riverbed should have fully supported their storage products—especially whitewater/steelstore. Instead they tolerated excuses from sales for not selling. Sales always holds tremendous power in a company, but are also short sighted since their job is... read more

Grass isn't always greener

I know several people who've had a knee-jerk reaction to everything that's been going on and left on their own, and now they're regretting their decisions and wanting to return if possible. It might feel like anything is better than this place right... read more

Rethink Possible Award

Hey PM, You can’t possibly imagine how twisted this award system is. No one can rethink possible with c-ap, rigid and sh--ty upper leadership. Clearly from past awards you can notice the trends but I guess as a hands off CEO, you don’t.l notice this... read more

Censoring Posts

Did they take down the post from that slightly crazy colleague of ours last night? While a bit far fetched, I’m surprised this site would selectively censor posts.

SlopNet taking over ?

I don’t know how SlopNet people somehow manage to screw up Riverbed. We knew it was a bad acquisition that caused the division among the riverbed originals. We know the old Opnet leaders were total sleeve balls that ran the company through fear... read more

Rob R out

Rob R out and they reinstated 100% of our BCR as opposed to 50%. Seems like there may be a little birdie watching these posts. I believe that TB is done with us, scary to think what changes are coming in the next few months. If RB does pull the... read more

Q1 numbers?

Sink or swim? Yuuge h1 prospects indicated late last year eh. Yea right.

US office closure

New York office to be closed by the end of the year Expect other 'non-key' offices to follow suit

Free advice to TB

Sell SF, NetIM, Modeler, Portal Hire witch doctor to fix SCON Raise UCX from the dead Keep AIX, AR, NP, SH and force PM to enforce scale, quality, documentation standards or boot them build a real data platform with ML extensions call McCanne and Day... read more

Old management is stuck on old management ways

The only hope for RVBD is to keep selling what brings in the money and market it as something new. Build something on top of a real product with real money behind it, then spin it in a new box. Make some cosmetic tweaks to NPM/APM/WANOp and call it... read more

Attrition is out of control

People who have been with the company the longest are leaving in droves - looks like nobody wants to be here anymore. Even worse, the people that are replacing them - when management even bothers to bring in new employees - have no idea what they are... read more

New Direction ...

I appreciate PM’s latest update on the new direction but when will TB and the rest of the leadership team realize they are not the ones that should leading this change. It’s literally like a 50 year old dude trying to pull off being a college student... read more

Some info on upcoming layoffs

Steelhead, steelfusion expect more migration to India. For connect, pray. But 10% is expected in July if the numbers don’t start going up. 2018 first half was ok, so we are being compared with relatively good quarters in 2018. Just hope the internet... read more

Austin Office Lease was not renewed

A few months ago my friend who works at the leasing office told me the office lease was not renewed. I thought nothing of it until my former VP at another company (outsourcing company’s sales team) text me today about outsourcing the Commercial... read more

Tomorrow is my last day

I just did it. Tomorrow is my last day. I would recommend trying new opportunities because the job market is pretty strong and I got a 20% pay raise switching to the new job. I just cannot stay in a company that has no future and pays little. Best of... read more

Jackpot! Eureka! Yahtzee’s!

Good news Riverbuddies about the company’s stock price. I have insider news from TB and a little birdie from Finance that our stocks that were purchased and/or valued at $0.09 have moved by 33%! The new price is now $0.0342. Guess I’ll have to... read more

Book abt Riverbed

I’d like to write a book mixing a personal story with my work at riverbed in the background. It won’t be about the company per se.

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