Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.

Why are we still here?

I came here to find out if there are layoffs coming. Instead I found this short and sad gist of the state of affairs. Maybe I shouldn’t fear the layoffs after all? Riverbed is a shadow of its former self with ZERO chance of profitability or... — read more 

What is the end game?

I can only see bankruptcy and liquidation is the only end game I can think of. The other options would be IPO or acquisition. There is no way they can IPO until they become reasonably profitable, which I see no path towards. Acquisition would be... — read more 

F your package

F Riverbed's HR/Legal cronies. The default package handed out is a complete insult to those who gave it their all. I hope you did right by you by not accepting their original cr-p offer. Shame on you.

Expiring annual revenue

Yep… RVBD is living on renewals. Renewals pulled their a$$ out of the fire for every quarter so far….ARR : annual recurring revenue. But it’s not recurring forever. Especially if there are no new innovations. And there aren’t. Also note... — read more 

Work/life balance

My work/life balance has completely disappeared. I'm getting more and more work which I'm expected to finish by a certain date, while nobody asks if it's even possible or not. I have a feeling this is intentional. Riverbed wants to force us to leave... — read more 

Layoffs today

I heard of yet more layoffs at RVBD today. I left a few years ago, but it is sad to see a company run aground so badly. There once was potential, but terrible leadership ki-led the company Good luck to those left

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I've been very happy at Riverbed - my team is growing. The company is very upfront with information through town halls and AMA meetings from Leadership. We are growing and in sync. It's easy to complain or find things to bring the team down. It's... — read more 

Phishing test seriously?!

At a time when their employees might be terrified about paying heating bills, soaring mortgage costs or even feeding their families. Trying to tempt you with a gift card that might go some way towards reducing the burden of the holidays. Argument... — read more 

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