Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.


I’m seeing a bunch of people leaving. I figure it has to do with the bankruptcy, lack of growth, bad management, etc., but is this there another only reason that I don’t know about? Like a RIF or something?

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Way to go!

Diversity of leadership roles is a true strength and hallmark of Riverbed. Bravo! Keep it going! This place really needs more washed up white guys running it, otherwise it’ll never survive. And let’s blame the last administration for all the... —  read more 


I think we're at the point that - if you are not friends with the right people - the only way to advance your career is to change companies. If you are hoping to move up and don't relish the idea of kissing somebody's behind, then you're out of luck... —  read more 

How long until Chapter 13?

What is the way out? Riverbed has no relevant product line that will bring them back to profitability. They don’t have any strategic product line that would make them an acquisition target. What is the exit plan?

Tax write off questions

Former employee here stuck holding Class A and Class B shares. Given a total equity loss - will I be able to start tax write-offs with the 2021 tax year or does this Ch11 complete next year? Any documents forthcoming outlining my losses or is my... —  read more 

The Speech

The reinvention of Riverbed can be appreciated and wish it luck. Does anyone actually believe between Riverbed and Aternity that data collected is something special? DataDog was mentioned and they’re some stiff completion.

A small retrospective

I got a great offer and I will be in a completely different company in just a little while. I look forward to it but it feels odd at the same time. I guess it's a matter of habit. I have been working here for quite some time. However, when I... —  read more 

How did they do that?

I sometimes wonder how it is possible that a company which in my opinion was very solid got itself into this situation? On the other hand, regrets won't help anything, maybe it's best to leave as soon as possible and not think about Riverbed... —  read more 

It's time to move on

I have so many coworkers who keep telling me they're miserable every morning because they have to come into work, or that they're constantly stressed, or they no longer have work/life balance, or that their ideas are not being heard, etc., etc. I... —  read more 

It was worth a try

At one point I thought I would have to stay here for a long time because I was not able to pass the interview phase in other companies. And yet, it was still worth trying. In a few days, this company will be a thing of the past for me. It's not... —  read more 

Company reputation

Does this company think about its reputation at all or does the reputation no longer matter to the people at the top? I am sometimes ashamed of where I work. I think the reputation has never been worse.

A-s kissers

Thank God I left that sh---y company. It was my biggest mistake in my career to join that company. When I was hired, they had not told me there would be a pay cut. What a scam! Riverbed owes me money! I was blinded by all the talk about double digit... —  read more 

Riverbed COO sucks

Riverbed COO (Bob) straight out sucks! Least personable. He brought the whole morale down. Morale was 2 levels below sh-t when all hands started and it went 10 levels deeper after his disastrous meeting.

Company Stock

Is anyway to sue Rick or management? At the moment of persuading employee of invest in the company, they said the 9% interest, but never mention they could hold the your money even after you left company.

DM’s signature move

Last of the old guards are out and DM has rolled Aternity back into the fam. Pretty convenient solution to push them out because we all know Aternity has nothing to offer in terms of tech and neither does Riverbed for Aternity. This is clearly a... —  read more 

Is promotion always good?

I have a colleague who is promoted and who is not happy with the company now that he is promoted. Only now is he considering leaving. He has a lot more work to do and is only slightly more paid. I tried to get promoted but failed and now I wonder if... —  read more 

Who owns Riverbed?

As a Ex Riverbed employee, one of the issues I had was the lack of transparency of the financials when TB bought RB. To ask a simple question, who owns Riverbed? Does the Fed own part of RB in the form of junk bonds? Is that one of the only reason RB... —  read more 

Townhall disaster

It was not an upbeat townhall but at least they were transparent (somewhat) about the situation. End to end visibility? Security? Shoot me now. No way in He-l Riverbed can compete in that space. Aternity adds no value. Please give me a generous... —  read more 

Customer base

How fast is the customer base shrinking? Customers seem increasingly dissatisfied. It would not surprise me at all that by next year our customer base is alarmingly reduced. I wouldn’t like to be a bearer of bad news but I wonder what you think about... —  read more 

Will Riverbed survive?

That is, for how long will it stay afloat? I wish it was different, but I really don’t see any hope on the horizon that things could get better here. Moreover, I have a feeling that the more they are trying to 'fix' this company, the deeper it... —  read more 

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