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Sunnyvale office to be vacated in Q3 CY 2019?

Buddy sent me - http://www.cushwakebayarea.com/blasts/burlingame/shannon_chircop/riverbed/Riverbed_package.pdf Seems like hunting for smaller space and sublease 2 years to Alibaba (make some profit in the process)?

New cuts?

200 person RIF across the company coming in the next month. It’s being prepared right now. Sales will be hit hardest, but it’s cust across all departments.


My dearest fellow Riverbedders- I don’t know about all of you but I feel like I have a little Winston Churchill in me tonight. I write this to you as I fight back the tears streaming down my face while wearing my cozy riverbed thermal and favorite... read more

Bye Bye P O'F

So now that he's almost gone and we a new GM, how'd you think things are going to change? Pushed out or jumped ship? Is there anyone left upstairs? C'mon PM, we need you to mumble something here to cover the tracks.

Beware The Ides Of March! (Or April actually)

Anyone else find it interesting that the annual Riverbed Sales Kick Off got moved from January until June? I’m not sure that “interesting” is the word the Sales dudes and dudettes would use.. unless it’s like the Chinese curse of “may you live in... read more

How we hire leaders

It’s quite amazing when I see groups struggle because of how Riverbed hires. It seems that we hire “leaders” based on their past experience HOWEVER, is their success is predicated on “easy” then these leaders will end up clueless when times become... read more

Preferred Stock

Does the company buyback preferred stock after you leave the company? do they pay compound interest year over year or the original purchase price? anyone knows? preferred stock is the one with annual interest rate not the one worth 9 cents.

Support reorg

Just announced a Support reorganization that will change everything that has been setup since the beginning. Basically they will be adding to the bottom and removing from the top. This is coming from the board, demanding to cut costs and the b--ch... read more

Order Hell

Trying to get anything done with Riverbed is like pulling teeth. Orders take forever to turn around and getting anything from them is difficult. TAKE MY MONEY!!! This should not be an issue. The reps basicly have no sense of urgency

Layoffs done very quietly

Layoffs done very quietly, no internal announcement, just 1:1 calls with manager on webex with HR and no clear reason given as to why? If RVBD wants to really address the stagnant sales, upper management of Sales should be RIF'd and new blood brought... read more
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I got laid off today!

From what I can tell about 7.5% of the sales force got RIFd. 75% of those let go in sales were technical sales engineers. I am not sure about the RIF percentage in other areas of the company. Decent severance package. Looks like 1 month severence for... read more

Layoffs this week

Some cuts planned in sales and/or sales engineering and some departures have happened in sales too. I think the company's bet on SD-WAN didn't pan out, and shifting from capex revenue to opex/SaaS revenue incoming is causing short term issues with... read more

Engineering Title

Does this company not have any title other than member of technical staff? How do i know if someone is more senior technical person without counting his grey hairs?

Watch your back

If you are contemplating a position at Riverbed my advice would be to keep on walking. I’ve been with the company for a little over 2 years and am currently looking elsewhere. My department has coworkers that seem to be undermining each other as much... read more

No strategy

We've been stuck in one place for nearly a decade, and we don't seem to be able to move one step forward. We have leadership that doesn't know how to grow this company, they simply let things happen without proper strategy in place. How do they think... read more

Campus in Bangalore

So lately there's been a huge number of new employments in the Bangalore campus for the Engineering side. Looks like TAC/support centers around the world will see layoffs sooner than expected. Your thoughts?

PS and Support and Sales

Its not as bad as it was in 2015. Not as many pink slips in PS and Support apparently. More in Sales (surprise surprise), a few in engineering too
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Does Thoma Bravo Lay Off People?

What's their track record as it relates to companies that Thoma Bravo acquires? Do they cut payroll swiftly? How's your experience? Disclosure: I am not with Riverbed, I am with another company that recently got acquired by Thoma Bravo and now we... read more

Riverbed Class Action Suit

Just received a Riverbed Class Action Suit here - anyone else got the same outside of US? Does it mean Jerry & Co. gets sued and we get some money? I did quite read and/or follow the several pages of legal stuff.

How will this layoff impact customers?

Curious to know people's opinions (employees and non-employees) regarding if this layoff will have a major negative impact to current/new customers of Riverbed's technology (legacy opnet products included). I realize it will affect support and... read more

Has to be top 10 worst places to be in sales now.

Too many mid level managers that don't do anything, nobody has the balls to fire anyone, and NOBODY is making any real money. There are 100's of scorching hot companies out there. No reason to work at Riverbed anymore. I left 2 years ago. It was like... read more
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