Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.

People leaving

and more have quit and more will quit. People are tired of being screwed. Too many announcements and nothing comes. Nothing! The company is done. Shut Riverbed down and sell the best parts to Cisco, Microsoft or somewhere else and do no keep the... —  read more 

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We need innovation NOW!

We need innovations now and not in 3 years. Our customers are leaving us in droves because we have nothing more to offer. The company has been sleeping on the job for years, ignoring important trends. They are now trying to gain more control over... —  read more 

Fear of change?

I think that’s the biggest reason most people are still here. I have a younger colleague who is super talented and is here only because of his character, that is, he does not like change and would not like to change anything. I understand why... —  read more 

Why do people come back?

So apparently there are some people actually returning to Riverbed. I personally know of two people who have returned and since we are not particularly close I am embarrassed to ask them why the hell did they come back? Aside from that, I am more... —  read more 

Very hard to find value

It's become very difficult to find any value and reason to stay in this company. Not that long ago, there used to be many. Now it’s just paycheck, and that’s not so satisfying anymore because some of my colleagues earn a lot more after they leave... —  read more 

2021 will be disastrous

The company is absolutely not interested in innovation, it is only interested in cash. Why is there such an emphasis on making renewals? It is pure cash flow. A tech refresh is absolutely secondary. That is one reason why do not get any innovation... —  read more 

Why no innovation?

Who is to blame for Riverbed having zero innovations? No wonder there isn't any innovation, all those innovative and talented people are either driven out of here or have left on their own. I believe there are still those who have good ideas, but no... —  read more 

stimulating atmosphere

When I came here, I knew that this was no longer a place where a career could be built. I am just grateful that I got the job without any great previous experience. However, my progress is very slow. I try to learn as much as I can, but I just... —  read more 

Moody's Downgrade

January 2021 Downgrade following the approved company restructuring and debt refinance.

I feel stuck here

I feel stuck in this company, too young to retire, but too old to easily find another job. I don’t see any future here, it can only get worse than it is now and I would leave immediately if I could. However, I've tried to find similar job in other... —  read more 

Exodus of talent

Riverbed has a huge problem right now in the ongoing exodus of its top employees. People are moving on without even waiting for severance. And instead of trying to keep them, the management is happy to see them leave because they don't have to lay... —  read more 

What will happen in 2021?

IT trends for 2021 showing that everything is around WFH/ WFA. Companies need to break down their silo structures, need to look on costs, budgets are more tight because of the pandemic. There will be a big push into the cloud, companies need to build... —  read more 

Downgraded by Moodys

interesting review with negative outlook. I believe the company will be restructured shortly to a healthy base, means layoffs are coming quickly. What are your thoughts on... —  read more 

More cuts are inevitable

More cuts are inevitable based on the 30% + drop in revenues and no consistent strategy or real focus. C Level leadership is dancing to whatever tune the TB folks tell them to dance to. There won't be many of us left when Broadcom buys us and lets... —  read more 

I am ready

If layoffs are going to happen, I'll be happy to volunteer. I've enjoyed my time here but it's time to move on. Things have been deteriorating for a year or two now and the downward trajectory doesn't seem to be changing. I don't want to get to a... —  read more 

Global Users Conference

To customers really care? Is it just an impression or does it seem like this user event is potentially a driver to help us with a refinancing package and being able to show that customers still have interest in the company? The timing is suspect... —  read more 

Should we be worried?

SVP of North America Sales resigns. He was a past coworker with and handpicked by the COO. He resigns in what should be the best commercial qtr of the year as 4th qtr always is year in and year out. His last day is November 16th and the reason given... —  read more 

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