Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Riverbed Technology Inc.

The case of the missing IPO

Just as your IPO dreams disappeared here is the amazing Alluvio ‘lipstick-on-a-pig’!! How many times can people accept ‘stock options’ only to have them taken away? The leadership is busy making their name in the industry and promoting themselves... —  read more 


(...)Alluvio by Riverbed, which reflects the company’s heavy focus and investment in unified observability over the past year. (source: CRN) In my humble opinion, Alluvio is a failure. What is really going on with investments here? Does Riverbed... —  read more 

New Hire in EMEA

I am a new hire in EMEA and reading all this stuff after I had already resigned is really making me nervous. I come also from a dinasaur company with terrible pay but where I am located Riverbed still has potential customers and business is... —  read more 

Times Have Changed

I am writing this in as a reflection piece about my time at Riverbed. When I heard about Riverbed in 2012, I knew I had to get onboard there. I supported the product at another company and then did my best to learn the product and finally applied... —  read more 

Failing to get an offer

The only reason I’m still here is because I can’t get another offer and I'm starting to feel a bit miserable. I guess many are still here for the same reason? The companies I applied to rarely want experience, but fresh out of college students. —  read more 

I stayed here too long

I stayed for more than 10 years and now I wish I hadn’t. It is only now that I am looking for a new job that I realize that my skills have atrophied here. This is no longer a company where it is possible to grow a career. My advice to all newbies... —  read more 


I’m seeing a bunch of people leaving. I figure it has to do with the bankruptcy, lack of growth, bad management, etc., but is this there another only reason that I don’t know about? Like a RIF or something?

Way to go!

Diversity of leadership roles is a true strength and hallmark of Riverbed. Bravo! Keep it going! This place really needs more washed up white guys running it, otherwise it’ll never survive. And let’s blame the last administration for all the... —  read more 


I think we're at the point that - if you are not friends with the right people - the only way to advance your career is to change companies. If you are hoping to move up and don't relish the idea of kissing somebody's behind, then you're out of luck... —  read more 

How long until Chapter 13?

What is the way out? Riverbed has no relevant product line that will bring them back to profitability. They don’t have any strategic product line that would make them an acquisition target. What is the exit plan?

Tax write off questions

Former employee here stuck holding Class A and Class B shares. Given a total equity loss - will I be able to start tax write-offs with the 2021 tax year or does this Ch11 complete next year? Any documents forthcoming outlining my losses or is my... —  read more 

The Speech

The reinvention of Riverbed can be appreciated and wish it luck. Does anyone actually believe between Riverbed and Aternity that data collected is something special? DataDog was mentioned and they’re some stiff completion.

A small retrospective

I got a great offer and I will be in a completely different company in just a little while. I look forward to it but it feels odd at the same time. I guess it's a matter of habit. I have been working here for quite some time. However, when I... —  read more 

How did they do that?

I sometimes wonder how it is possible that a company which in my opinion was very solid got itself into this situation? On the other hand, regrets won't help anything, maybe it's best to leave as soon as possible and not think about Riverbed... —  read more 

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