Topics regarding layoffs at Black Box Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Black Box Corp.

No chatter

I've checked pages for other companies in our industry and most of them are quite active. How come there's no chatter on layoffs here? I know for a fact it's not because we don't have layoffs. That would be great if it were true, but it's not. Are... — read more 

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Black Box November 2018 layoffs

On Monday, November 12th, Joel Trammell had an all employee call where he indicated ACG Networks is looking to purchase Black Box and for now all our jobs are secure. On Wednesday I was laid off.

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As a BBOX employee 1997 to 2007 BBOX had not idea how to move with new technology. The CEO who started Tennmark was great UNTIL BBOX bought out Tennmark. Then they dump the original owner /CEO and it was down hill from there

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BBOX bankrupt in 12 months

Just a question of WHICH twelve months. Maybe not a bankruptcy but certainly a big sale of some chunk of BB is coming along with more layoffs. Their fabulous strategery got them into this mess in the first place and they aren't likely to pull off any... — read more 

BBOX in big trouble

BBOX stock closed at $1.95 yesterday and was in the $1.80 range before it 'rallied'. They are sitting on the porcelain rim dangling their toes in the water. I put in 30+ and got the RIF – and because I was in a union got a decent payout. This company... — read more 

Consultants cut

A number of consultants were released recently The company's HQ building has been in disrepair for quite some time: leaking roof, parking lot pavement in poor shape but temporary repairs are being made, maybe to tidy the place up to show to... — read more 

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