Topics regarding layoffs at CommScope Holding Co. Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at CommScope Holding Co. Inc.

Layoffs / Closures

Up to 25 possible sites closing, big ones (Lowell, Bangalore). Stock is worth less than toilet paper. More layoffs (IT) this past week... Titanic...

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More info on layoffs at CommScope

San Diego and Horsham hit. Someone posted info on the CommScope thread that all Video CPE in Horsham was hit in addition to San Diego. Does anybody know if this is it for now or if we can expect more layoffs sometime soon? Something tells me we... —  read more 

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Corona Layoffs

It would be deceptive to believe that Corona would pass Commscope without a trace. Does anyone have information that layoffs are being planned based on the current situation? I've heard of lists.

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Bruce McClelland out

For those who are no longer with ARRIS/CommScope, you may have missed the announcement that the CommScope BoD and Eddie eliminated Bruce's position, so he's out.

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Any numbers on Horsham layoffs?

Any numbers on Horsham layoffs? Probably all engineers (very few left) while managers and VPs continue to keep cushy jobs! After all, the entire poor performance by the company is because of hapless engineers. Keep it going management, add promotions... —  read more 

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What is commscope severance like?

Arris had a good one, 1 week year 1-5, 2 weeks, years 5-10, 3 weeks over 10-- up to a year. Can't even find what the benefits are at PTO so Arris set-top folks probably won't get a good severance.

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