Topics regarding layoffs at Corning Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Corning Inc.

HaKY Layoffs

Any news surrounding HaKY or potential salary layoffs? Management posted furlough list for union workforce today. Can we expect a hit? Anyone know anything about other facilities?


Well, under WW Corning’s stock continues to hover around $32 during the hottest market in history as other tech companies are tripling their value. Sullivan Park hasn’t had a new product in over a decade. The Board keeps WW around only because... — read more 

New rumors

Erwin to become a mostly storage facilty to save money from using STL . Tdso giving optionals daily that will be shutting down next year . Dn to shutter extrusion line 1

Earnings Call

So there was the Earnings Call. Maybe not all is doom and gloom, but I also may be reading it all wrong. Sales apparently met expectations, and they expect a rebound with sales increase by $3 billion. Emphasis is on Optical Communications for future... — read more 

So annoying!!!!!

What a bunch of whine as--s! If you think you don’t like your job and think you can go somewhere else and make what we make for the type of work we do, GOODBYE!!!! Obviously most haven’t had a sh-t job before coming to corning bc this is very nice... — read more 


Corning Inc. is planning to shutter every single segment located in the Valley as possible, and move it to NC. Not everything can be moved, but if it can - it will.


There have been so many statements of great proportion made in the last few days. Things like HQ moving to North Carolina, Museum being sold, entire plants shuttered or moved out of NY. Does anybody this have any basis in reality? I'm a local... — read more 

This is not over

Please don't let yourself get lulled into a false sense of security. This is far from over. This round is maybe done - and that's a big maybe - but I'll bet you we'll be seeing many more in the coming months. The fact is we have lousy leadership and... — read more 

Civil Commentary Please!

This forum as I interpret it is to bring information surrounding layoffs to the groups attention. I agree that future work, R&D & IP should not be discussed. And please be civil, we all know someone or could be that someone who will be affected.

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