Topics regarding layoffs at Corning Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Corning Inc.


Corning used to be a stable company but it is not anymore..Very unstable now...Corning hired excessive workforce during the peak 2021/2022 without having a concrete vision and the result is unfolding very slowly...I always wonder why the executives... —  read more 

Layoff in Optical Communications

My spouse was laid off from Optical Communications in Wilmington, NC on 6/27, after working nearly two decades for Corning. A 5% layoff had been previously announced (internally) but was not mentioned in the Q2 press release on 7/25.

Yes they are! Sept 14,2022

Corning is handing out letters at the diesel plant laying off tons of employees by seniority. They have pulled older employees from other plants to give them other people’s jobs. Never buy anything of value if you work for this company. You commit to... —  read more 

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