Topics regarding layoffs at Dow Chemical Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dow Chemical Co.

Dow layoffs 2023

I just thought I’d talk about DOW and its current layoff situation. As big as a corporation as DOW is I really thought they would have a more tasteful manner of laying people off, as I got my notice yesterday. Your leader schedules a 1 on 1 meeting... —  read more 

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A word of caution

Don't rely on what you are told will be your job during your interview. I went in expecting one thing and I was greeted with something completely different. I could deal with being given additional responsibilities, but I was expected to do things I... —  read more 

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Laid Off 2020

I was exposed to a chemical while on the job and then after it was apparent that I was having some medical issues due to the exposure I was let go. All of my attempts to get in contact with Dow HR services have been silenced and ignored. I've already... —  read more 

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Layoffs since the 2019 split

Now that Dow Chemical has shuffled the deck (merge, split again) in order to avoid a host of legal and profit problems, the layoffs are predicted to start. The following is posted from Morninstar with permission: "Seth Goldstein is an analyst with... —  read more 

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Running the company through fear

Management at Dow is among the worst I've ever had the (dis)pleasure of working for. They think that the best approach to running a company is through fear. Instead of encouraging people to do their best work they rely on threats and what pretty much... —  read more 

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Constant layoffs

I understand the company is simply doing all it can to survive, but the constant mergers and divestitures have removed even a semblance of job security. There's no need to wonder if there will be new layoffs when we know next consolidation is right... —  read more 

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Hypocrisy is blinding

the company is so big and bloated with upper management it stinks. at the medium/lower levels we are very understaffed in research you can't even walk down the steps without seeing posters that we might all fall and die at any moment if we don't pay... —  read more 

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Workload keeps increasing

I have to admit I used to enjoy working here. I still do to a point. Pay is decent, we get good benefits, and I work with bright and motivated people who are far from backstabbers I used to work with before I joined Dow. But man oh man are they... —  read more 

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Tossed under the bus

I was given my notice, was told they didn’t want to hold me back, are you kidding! It finally came out that my “leader” was on the chopping block so he tossed us aside to save himself, maybe next time will actually get a leader instead of a weakling... —  read more 

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Merger related layoffs

Anybody else entering panic mode with the DuPont merger approaching? Especially now that both Dow and DuPont are shifting some operations to appease the investors? I know no layoffs have been announced as of yet, but I am pretty sure it is only a... —  read more 

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Dow Corning

Layoffs are coming soon. Look at Dow and DuPont stock, they can't do nothing! I work at Dow Corning and can see the writing on the wall.

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Back in late 2008 Dow announced that we'll be laying off an estimated fifty employees after the Seadrift site's Nordel MG hydrocarbon rubber...

Back in late 2008 Dow announced that we'll be laying off an estimated fifty employees after the Seadrift site's Nordel MG hydrocarbon rubber unit closes. At the same time, the exact number of closures has not been announced, but plans were finalized... —  read more 

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