Topics regarding layoffs at Owens Corning

Topics regarding layoffs at Owens Corning

More layoffs in May

5/1/2020 Corning CMG Goleta had another big layoff roughly 50% of what was left from the one in Jan. This time taking out senior management! The business just can't figure out how to make there cell phone lens product. This is the final chapter for... —  read more 

Layoffs at Owens

In Kansas City K5 Line in being shut down. 90% workforce shown the door. What we got told was since 2006 the housing industry has never recovered. That they have 500,000,000 lbs of insulation sitting in warehouses. That it wasn't our performance... —  read more 

No need to even ask

Yes there will be layoffs.. Yes they will occur at all locations at all levels, every year. Yes, they will ruthlessly pit you against your peers and degrade you rather than letting you go with dignity. And yes, it is to help boost the books and... —  read more 

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Selling Parts

They are making cuts across the board in 2017 - more to come in 2018 - that is for sure - all of us are expecting layoffs and cost cutting which seems to be our core competency. Not sure if there is anything nice to say about Owens Corning now. They... —  read more 

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2017 layoffs are coming

Be prepared. Look at the job postings, especially for those that look similar to your own. Postings that happen to get filled are being laid off in a year or less, or are getting filled by contractors. OC is not meeting its goals and is trying to... —  read more 

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