Topics regarding layoffs at Inphi Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Inphi Corp.


Seems like some stuff is going down according to insiders. Maybe related to new VP from Marvell? I would guess a separation of the company and sale in parts maybe.

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H1B salaries at Inphi

Looks like they are using more H1B visas since 2013. Pretty wide range of salaries.

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This is happening all over

What a strange company Inphi is. They laid off perfectly good engineers in a booming economy. I literally know of no other company that is laying off engineering talent. Every single tech company is doing this. Replacing good and knowledgeable... — read more 

Are layoffs done?

Are we done with layoffs? I usually don't worry this much, but Inphi usually does these small, surgical cut types of layoffs instead of larger ones as was the last one, so I'm worried we might have not seen the end of it. Any info on whether we are... — read more 

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