Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Moments in Management History

To reduce fatigue, raise productivity, and add time for developer to quality softwaring, your best management team announce that all meetings schedule for Monday will be move to any other weekday. We enforce policy by switch from an unlimited... —  read more 

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Truth or fiction?

2018 execs: We remodel old buildings to open floor plan. empls: Do not want. execs: All teams sit together. execs: This increase productivity. execs: At least 25% more chattel per building. execs: This for you, not... —  read more 

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Made to feel small

Anyone have a manager who loves to bully you and make you feel small? Sometimes I think it’s just me. Then I realize that my manager has been in his role for less than a year and perhaps he feels insecure. I’m trying not to take this personally... —  read more 

Etica at Vmware

Did anyone ever tried to complain using Etica? My manager is pure racist and from I see on this forum he is not alone and I am not alone. I am thinking of using Etica to send evidences and how promotions and hires are based of ethnicity. But... —  read more 

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