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VMware vCloud Air

Some might say VMware recognized the threat levied against them by public cloud far too late; similar to Cisco, VMware's core business is not aligned with customers who want to move workloads to public cloud providers. More public cloud workloads =... read more
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Not a stable company to work

Welcome to the great Vmware Layoff carnival, celebrated every year in the month of January, where competent engineers and managers who have groomed and nurtured teams are unceremoniously given the boot. Vmware believes in indiscriminately and... read more

Here We Go!

Layoffs happening in Cambridge as we speak. No one is safe . So ugly.

VMware Layoffs 2017

When will my job be safe? Never - never never! Right, that's our modern capitalism - that's probably why there are rumors about layoffs in Palo Alto.

This site has gotten full of absolute crap...

This site used to be reliable. In uncertain times it provided true answers and accurate information. Unfortunately this has turned into a pissing ground for either disgruntled employees or competition. -VMware has had its tough times. However Q2 has... read more

Just got VMWare offer

I just got offer though the package is not attempting. It basically just same as what I have earned in my current company. The rank is Staff I. Is there Staff II, III and until what next to Principle? I was surprised how the small the team (6 in PA 6... read more

No appreciation for a sincere employee

Joined as a contract employe. Worked for 1 year At the end of the year asked my manager for feedback and when ill be made permanent. The response i got was dont worry it will happen. My metrics were all upto the mark There were 4 ppl who joined with... read more

rumors are out again.. who has heard what?

I recently overheard some senior directors for a list of under performers and overpaid employees. There are some closed doors meetings going on in Palo Alto. One reliable source said, "Engineering is going to be affected the most & talks of... read more



Layoffs and biased promotion

The layoffs are/ may be company requirements for now based on business M&A etc. and hence revised needs to survive. But playing corporate politics and shaming and sacking so many respectable directors with unjustified reasons with some gossip mongers... read more

Dell looking at higher debt mountain to buy EMC

Product overlap reduction cost-cutting possibility could be top-of-mind post-acquisition http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/04/22/dell_looking_at_higher_debt_mountain_to_buy_emc/
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Contract discrepancy between EMC & VMware

I heard there is a contract discrepancy between EMC 2004-2007 and VMware Canada Inc. 2007-2016. You may want to compare the 2 contracts...to see if the latter is valid.
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vCAir BU cuts Inside Sales in Cork,Ireland

vCAir made redundant their general business inside sales team. Not overly surprising considering the strategic plan released last quarter and the commitment to concentrate on Enterprise customers. 5 impacted.
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Inaccurate Information

This place used to be a good spot for true information. Lately its full of garbage. "My friend was laid off today and 20 more". Rubbish. People look on this site and what they read worries people, especially with families. Please make sure what you... read more

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