Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

I'm doing something wrong

I'm in sales and marketing. I sent out 50+ applications in the past month and I only managed to land one interview. I've been at VMware for two years but my previous position was nine years, so it's not as if my resume makes it seem like I'm a job... —  read more 

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VMware is not a bad employer

I'm an old-school enterprise tech guy. VMware has been the most positive working experience of my multi-decade career. Does VMware have its issues? Sure it does. But compared to some of the other places I have worked where the corporate culture was... —  read more 

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Hiring is still happening

New positions open up on a daily basis which makes no sense if the ultimate goal is to trim the company's workforce as much as possible. What's going to happen to people who decide to leave their current jobs to join? Are they going to be cut as soon... —  read more 

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Exec RSU Grants

How convenient for Exec Officers to line their pockets right before the deal was announced. INSIDER RELATION LAST DATE TRANSACTION OWNER TYPE SHARES TRADED PRICE SHARES HELD ROWE ZANE Officer 04/21/2022 Acquisition (Non Open... —  read more 

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VMware Funded Head

I'm a VMware funded resource at a Partner. The Broadcom news makes me very nervous. Do you think Broadcom will continue to fund my position or do you think they will axe it? I'm in a technical pre-sales role currently.

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God Forbid!

If this takes a year I am going to lose it! Broadcom (AVGO) is in preliminary talks with EU officials on the combination, which some worry could lead to increase prices, according to an FT report, which cited people familiar. The deal will like get... —  read more 

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Should I pack my bags?

I work in a part of the company that is not near the top in earnings. They say Broadcom will eliminate or heavily restructure these organizations and we can expect the cuts to be deep. Is our fate already sealed as Hock is all about the bottom... —  read more 

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Progress in so-called "integration"

I suspect there has been meeting or communication on how many people to let go. BC wants to hit the ground running on Day 1. The official AMA slack channel is less than useless as it's misleading employees, giving us the illusion it's BAU.

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Edge computing and Broadcom

With VMware acquisition, Broadcom will get the early entry into the nascent market of Edge Computing stack and also as an added bonus Broadcom can proliferate their chips in the edge/IoT markets. Broadcom will be really stupid to cut that business/BU... —  read more 

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Serious Question

Hello, This is a serious question. I heard from someone that used to work at Broadcom that they installed "tracking" software on the phones of all employees to monitor where people are. Not sure if this is a rumor. He seemed to believe it was... —  read more 

Busy sending applications

It was nice while it lasted and now is the time to move on. Why are so many still worried with what will happen to the company in the future when most of them know they will not be a part of it? My biggest concern now is how many applications I'll... —  read more 

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