Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Market RIF

There was a layoff in VMware marketing today. About 7% (23 out of 350). Across the board cuts in field and corporate marketing. Given 2 months to find a new job internally.

EPIC2 fail

I've been listening to their company values for years and it is nothing more than marketing BS. Do not trust any executive. I'm looking forward to VCPPs reaction when they discover they are about to get screwed. I miss the days when engineering was... —  read more 

Media coverage

I have to admit I'm a bit surprised to see some media coverage of these layoffs, both on national and local level. There have been so many layoffs in every single industry over the past several months that I did not expect to see something like this... —  read more 

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I heard 60 days (during which, stock vesting continues, so if you have a cliff during then, you are good) plus one week for each year of service, cash to pay for COBRA.


Facing some harassment from manager. Get loud and harsh feedback and very demotivating. Thing is none of this is documented. Joined the company after hearing good things about the culture but turns out it’s not all that great. Can’t name the org... —  read more 

Which teams impacted?

There we go again. Bad numbers means layoffs. I heated NSX will merge to all other products within NSBU for sales org. This is one major layoffs for sales org for other products within NSBU.

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An opportunity is ahead

An opportunity for all the racist directors, VPs, and the little first line managers is coming. Many already realigned the teams in preparation for layoffs. They are waiting for the right opportunity which seems to be coming soon. Today’s quarter... —  read more 

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