Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

VMware is the Bo-b!!!

Hiroshima. & GSS are the poor shadows attempting to deal with the racist, ignorant do-nothing sysadmins who feel like the method to troubleshoot an issue is open a ticket.

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Time to move on

It's not easy for me to quit but I finally realized it is the right time. If I'm to stay here, I'll never get to be the kind of engineer I've always wanted to be. VMware put a break on my career progression and it's been like that for a few years. I... —  read more 

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VMware is the worst

The only positive thing I can say about working at VMware is that it beats being unemployed with no health insurance. That's it. That's the only thing I could think of that is worse than working here. Sometimes I think that flipping burgers at... —  read more 

Fix it!

This is the company with the most toxic atmosphere I have worked in. The manager is only there to spread the bad vibes. That is not what we need and nor does the company. What can be fixed is the atmosphere. However, they don't seem to care enough to... —  read more 

It is easy to make cuts

However, what happens when this company needs talented people? How will it attract them then? I know a lot of people who turn their heads at the very mention of the name of this company. Perhaps the leadership needed to think things through... —  read more 

Could it get any worse?

I thought this year would be much better than the previous one but I was wrong. Chances are that this will be a completely different company next year. Unfortunately, not some better company but worse in every sense. I have no intention of wasting... —  read more 

Executive Departures

At a time when VMware is trying to transform itself with new products and is being spun off from Dell the list of executives who have left this year is growing. There is no better way to signal your confidence in the future than voting with your... —  read more 

Vax mandate

And so it begins. Will be interesting to see how many employees comply with the December 8 deadline, and how many will simply leave. I'm not anti-tax, but am anti-mandate, and would like to see enough take a stand that it rattles Palo Alto to the... —  read more 

Two weeks notice

Does anybody know what happens when you submit your two weeks notice? Are you expected to work for the remaining two weeks or are you told not to come in from that point on? I'm about to change companies and I'm trying to figure out how to organize... —  read more 

Who could be next?

VMware rarely lays off just 15 employees. Something tells me another much bigger round could be coming our way if not this week, then the next. Unless I'm wrong and small-scale layoffs have been happening for a while now without me noticing, which I... —  read more 

Would it be too late now?

If I fail to find a job within the next month, even though it’s not a good idea, I’m thinking of giving notice anyways. It has become really unbearable here. I'm wondering, if someone came who really knew how and wanted to fix this company so... —  read more 

Biggest problem with CX

This is the biggest problem with the customer experience that the execs can't seem to grasp (or they just don't care): Customer needs help on a timeframe of minutes or hours Support works on a timeframe of days or weeks Product Engineering works on... —  read more 

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