Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

EUC to get spun off?

Large EUC town hall yesterday prioritizing autonomy and EUC running EUC only deals. EUC account segmentation will be different than the Core. Core is prioritizing top 2000+ VMW spend accounts, EUC is prioritizing top 2000+ EUC spend accounts. So... —  read more 

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Dell Layoff 6650 employees!

Thank God for Hoc. Otherwise, VMware would be having one too. Atleast we've kicked the can down the road with Hoc.

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Where is Raghu?

For someone that is 'steering' the ship to destination Broadcom, the captain has gone very quiet. Has he jumped overboard? Seems strange that given the situation we find ourselves in he has gone underground. But hang on, its a new FY so wait for... —  read more 

Future of remote work

Reposting from latest Citrix thread. Tom Krause using the same BC playbook: “TK goes on unhinged rant about remote work At the GEM. Likened it to kids skipping school, or some guy who ran a business, moved to Hawaii, and let the business fail... —  read more 

I wouldn't get too carried away though

I wish I was one of those who think that our jobs are safer than the rest of the industry, at least for a while. However, I have no arguments for that. What are your arguments why you think we are safer than the rest in this industry?

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Hoo hee

Today we learned that the VC PE had not written code since 2008, and it's doubtful they even wrote code at that time. At this company, there is no evidence that they can write code at all since there have been no commits to any shipping... —  read more 

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EU deadline suspended?

Looks like there has been an update. Not sure what it means but it states that the deadline has been suspended?

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Do not presume.

These next couple of months will be stressful for folks, I am sorry. That being said, saying everyone left VMware just because of the acquisition is just d-mb! Everyone has their own personal goals of what they want out of their job. Sure some... —  read more 

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Skill up and network

Only now that I've seriously started looking for a new job do I realize how much time I actually wasted here. In the meantime my skills have significantly atrophied and that makes it even more difficult to find a new job in an already bad job... —  read more 

Layoffs in February?

I heard that since the 25th anniversary is on 2/10 and we’re getting an EPIC day, that they’re postponing mass layoffs until after that. Has anyone heard of something similar? If it’s going to be in February, would they still have to dole out... —  read more 

Still hiring

Shouldn't there be a hiring freeze until the acquisition is finalized? What's the point of bringing new people on when they could all be fired/laid off within a few months? Not to mention, bringing new people on while current employees are being laid... —  read more 

How to avoid lay offs

VMware 25to 30 lay off expected in a month. Here what I did in my previous company. The day of layoff I hid in the rest room until HR return to their office. It worked for me. Next day nobody showed up at my office.

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