Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

The promises were all Hock-wash?

During the interview with VMW in the initial stages of the merger (in May 2022) I recall Hock said those who would be laid off would be well taken care of. That a bunch of BS. So now they are going to just give the required WARN notice pay and 1... —  read more 

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Does anyone know what’s going on with VMC BU? Seems like all BUs know what’s going to happen except VMC. Are we getting laid off?

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If you're unable to post here

Although I have been able to view the posts here, everytime I tried to create a post I'd get this error: "There was an error while posting your comment.. Or, you may want to slow down a bit... try again in a minute or so". I'm not based in the US... —  read more 

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They flat out told us the majority of our team would be on transition. Anyone been told something that strong? Granted I don't trust anyone until I have the offer letter in front of me but curious if anyone else has been communicated something... —  read more 

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I've been contemplating whether to share this, but I recently participated in a confidential meeting that involved Broadcom. Several changes are on the horizon, such as alterations to the sales compensation plan, reductions in accounts and their... —  read more 

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Anyone heard anything about the Aria Suite? Seems like Aria Operations for logs will no longer be a standalone product, and the Aria products they announced last year moved to Tanzu. What happens to the rest of the suite like Aria Ops, Aria Ops for... —  read more 

Services Axed?

Heard from a well-placed source at a large VMware partner (doesn’t mean that person is in the know, just that they are in a higher-level position there) that “all services are getting the axe”. Now, we know that Hock has said that Broadcom will be... —  read more 

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What happens? Why are we no t hearing more from our esteemed leaders. Do we have the option of a severance vs joining a private equity butcher?

Thank you

To the Visionaries and Innovators at VMware, As I sit down to pen this note, words seem scarcely adequate to express my immense gratitude for the role VMware has played in shaping my professional journey over the last two decades and more. Though my... —  read more 

This is not complicated

Once the merger is completed, get rid of people who work less than half their official hours. VMware has plenty of those, and most of them are in some level of management. You know who I'm talking about. Every single one of us knows a few of them... —  read more 

Hello there

You know what every company needs for an improved bottom line? A super diverse labor pool, obviously! Because nothing boosts profits like having people from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, right? 🙄 Who needs the simplicity of a... —  read more 

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