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Hearing some chatter that PG may be leaving soon.

January 9 layoffs?

Typically on Jan9th every year - as clockwork; management decides to cull areas of business I'm somewhat new at VMware, so I can't tell if this is true or not? It'd be nice to be prepared if it is, because I'm assuming that it'll be "last in first... read more

vSphere was designed for data center.

Now people want to masquerade it as cloud and force feed customers. Customers ain't buying. People keep clinging to this delusion about "private" or "hybrid" cloud: cloud is cloud, private cloud ain't cloud, it's enterprise datacenter that has been... read more

insidea sales moved to Barcelona

All inside Sales and support and related functions moving to new Barcelona site.Biggest impact is Cork Ireland and Milton Keynes in Uk.Option to relocate for some ppl buy not all anx a lot can’t for family reasons.Best of luck to all those affected... read more

Work went to BNG

PSO in MK (UK) is seriously depleted and managers all gone. Much work PSO already gone to BNG.

The deal is closed -VMware buys CloudHealth

What was announced at the end of August, now is official. VMware acquires CloudHealth Technologies( if someone didn’t know, a cloud computing startup company based in Boston). An official statement from VMware confirmed the purchase, but the value of... read more

Cuts in UK?

Anyone heard any rumours about cuts in the UK yet? My manager was suggesting it might be a possibility in the next 6 months.

Next Layoffs?

Saw manager-only meetings happening quite frequently in the last week of April. Does anyone know if the lists are being prepared?

Job migration to jump

Recent org changes will lead to more rapid job migrations from Palo Alto, Seattle, Cambridge, Atlanta and Beijing to Bengaluru

Heard about cuts in Ireland

Infra/Sysops/NASA teams cut to half. Other teams frozen. Bulgaria site to double workforce and Cairo support center coming up. Most job openings coming masked from Dell.

May 2018 layoffs

Next big round of layoffs middle of May if vSphere and other products are delivered as per schedule. Palo Alto, Atlanta, Boston, London, Beijing teams are thus forewarned. Prepare your CV now.

Dell merger = disaster

Anybody else hoping that the whole Dell wanting to buy VMware thing falls through and falls through quickly? Dell is in so much trouble right now, just visit their page on this site and you'll see how many layoffs they've been having lately. Being... read more

Lay Off in Europe?

Does anyone know the European situation? Are there plans to cut jobs as well and if so which BUs are affected? Thanks

More coming

So much for Trump tax breaks. All Horizon dev and QE will be in Bangalore by end of 2018. Fast, cheap and sloppy is the mind set. Retaining customers is not a priority.

It was only a matter of time... Tick/Tock

While working at VMware I scratched my head every time I would read the reviews on glassdoor.com. I didn't understand why the employees gave this company so much praise and loyalty! I only noticed one review that seemed accurate to me (IT SWEATSHOP)... read more

Is this round done?

Now that it has been a few days, can we say for sure that this round of layoffs is done? Frankly, I can't figure out why we had these in the first place considering how well VMware is doing, so more would not really come as as big of surprise. I... read more

I wasn't cut, but I was affected...

This was quite upsetting to me, partly because I knew several of the people that were cut, but mostly because the affected people that I knew had worked so hard and were extremely well liked by their customers, colleagues and managers. What does this... read more

EUC Horizon Cloud impacted

My team is getting impacted in PA and AW team in ATL. Anyone has total number? EUC only has directors and VPs. It is very political environment

EPIC mantra is hypocritical!!!

The executive staff are completely untrustworthy. Their EPIC mantra is hypocritical. I seriously doubt vmw will continue to be rated as one of the best companies to work for. Too often they are letting hard working people go while rewarding... read more

Are we safe?

Everybody was on edge here from this morning, but now it looks like the storm has passed. Is it just my wishful thinking, or are we safe for now? If it's true that 150 people were hit globally, then I doubt there is anybody left who has not been... read more

What kind of severance is VMware giving?

Does anybody know yet what kind of severance is VMware offering to those laid off? This does not look like it is nearly done, so it'd be nice to prepare in advance, know what to expect. Also, good luck to those who were laid off today, I'm truly... read more

January 9 layoffs at VMware

So far we know that Broomfield, Co, IT Ops, Cambridge, MA and EUC are affected by today's layoffs. Can people add here if there are any more locations or departments that are being hit today? Also, if anybody knows if anything is planned for Atlanta... read more

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