Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Two weeks notice

Does anybody know what happens when you submit your two weeks notice? Are you expected to work for the remaining two weeks or are you told not to come in from that point on? I'm about to change companies and I'm trying to figure out how to organize... —  read more 

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Who could be next?

VMware rarely lays off just 15 employees. Something tells me another much bigger round could be coming our way if not this week, then the next. Unless I'm wrong and small-scale layoffs have been happening for a while now without me noticing, which I... —  read more 

Would it be too late now?

If I fail to find a job within the next month, even though it’s not a good idea, I’m thinking of giving notice anyways. It has become really unbearable here. I'm wondering, if someone came who really knew how and wanted to fix this company so... —  read more 

SEBU SASE HR survey?

Anyone else received HR survey within SEBU about first line managers, promotions, due by Sept 17th? Just want to make sure it is not for selected people because no one mentioned it. If you say yes, please mention something that ensures you... —  read more 

Biggest problem with CX

This is the biggest problem with the customer experience that the execs can't seem to grasp (or they just don't care): Customer needs help on a timeframe of minutes or hours Support works on a timeframe of days or weeks Product Engineering works on... —  read more 

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Moments in Management History

To reduce fatigue, raise productivity, and add time for developer to quality softwaring, your best management team announce that all meetings schedule for Monday will be move to any other weekday. We enforce policy by switch from an unlimited... —  read more 

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