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Next week

Yearly small layoff (1-2%) is coming next week. I've been told HR is mobilized.

Layoffs 2020

Expect a meeting invite with your manager on January 21st. Good luck...

Acquire to layoff

This is a strategy and well established history for vmware. Acquire small startups, then lay-off the good minds. Another acquisition is in the baking (in a few weeks). Little they know, they will be crushed. Welcome to Vmware.

Epic2 survey of Q4 again

I feel that the leadership really is out of touch. They don’t see racism that we suffer from. Instead, the empower Indian directors to control minorities and promote Indians. Oh well, we received another survey. Nothing is taken into... —  read more 

January lay-off starts this week

New WWBO VP hired in 2019 streamline and complete the automation of bookings business to help reach the 20billion.Had a full review completed and major re-org changes to be announced in WWBO grouping this week.Expected lay-offs,but who knows with... —  read more 

BUs hit by budget freeze until layoffs in January

After doing a full round of interviews I had a recruiter tell a candidate they have had an offer. After discussing the details of the offer over the phone, the next day, due to the layoffs in January, several BUs have had their recruitment budgets... —  read more 

VMware Layoffs 2020

Is this going to be an interesting year as it relates to VMware Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Jan 2019 layoffs are being prepared

Managers were asked to specify heads to cut off for this January 2019. You know the drill, managers will want to get rid off anyone who threat their own job. Get your resume updated if you are too good for this toxic racist place.

Oct layoffs?

Heard layoff is scheduled for next month. Good luck

Back to the fake EPIC2 survey

Another manipulation from the HR to deceive staff into talking about the toxic culture at the various business units. Then retaliation will be the basis for next layoffs. Managers get access to the individual feedback and that becomes the basis of... —  read more 

Data breach at NSBU may trigger layoffs

The data breach that was discovered at NSBU might trigger layoffs. I heard a few directors and senior directors jobs are on the line. It depends if customers are worried about private data exposed.

What happened to May layoffs?

There was a rumor of May layoffs at VMware some time ago - did that prove to be wrong or can we expect something to happen in the next few weeks? It'd be nice to get some info on it wither way, just to know just how much I need to worry (or not to... —  read more 

Major Layoffs at EUC

EUC workspace 1 is under fire after very weak year performance. Layoffs are being escalated. This in addition to the too many harrassment and retaliatory practices that has been reported. Several VPs are under scrutiny in what appears to be a big... —  read more 

Unresponsive technical recruiter

Since Jan last week till date, I have had 5 rounds of interviews (telephonic and in-person). They would occur randomly - suddenly two rounds over a period of three days and then again a lull for two weeks and so on. Recruiter doesn't respond to... —  read more 

Airwatch feedback

Hows the Airwatch team / business doing ? Have been coming across few PM / Dev openings in Bangalore. Is it a good team to work with ? Is VMware continuing to look at it as an important entity and continuing to invest in it ? Is it prone to layoffs... —  read more 

New layoffs round coming in May

Usually, it is in July. But this time it is being prepared. Confirming company direction in hiring Cisco like culture. The policy is hire as many and the kick out who does not become obedient.

Recruitment frozen ??

I had an initial round of interview for a post at Bangalore. Then no response from th recruiter.. doesn't even respond to multiple emails.. Is recruitment happening or frozen ? —  read more 

Time to leave

It has become patently obvious that there is no future at VMware. When layoffs are the main and only go to for management to solve the mounting issues, then it becomes obvious how inept and desperate they are. My advice to everybody is to start... —  read more 

Do we have an idea how many were affected in the end?

I know that’s hard to figure out, but does anyone have an idea how many people were affected by layoffs and, if somebody knows, what number were they targeting? In other words, can we expect more, or is that about it for now?

Stop laying off our best people!

Honestly, it's like the goal is to leave all the dead weight and cut anybody who actually has any knowledge and contributes to the company. Each time when we have more cuts, I'm left in disbelief when I see who is gone. Who is the genius who makes... —  read more 

What's with hiding the number?

Why exactly is WMware refusing to say how many people were laid off as part of the latest layoffs round - especially here, in the US? What is it they are trying to hide? Could it be that the numbers are much larger than anybody suspects and they just... —  read more 


So, my number came up and I was let go yesterday. 14 months before retirement. It could have been avoided and they had multiple options, yet this is the path they chose to take. I'll be fine but this leaves quite a bit of bitter taste... Farewell... —  read more 

Engineering / VxRail / QE (Palo Alto)

I've seen a list with 8 names on it today, all let go. I am hearing the cut may be a bit bigger but that's all what I know so far. Maybe someone else can chime in on the timing, etc.

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