Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

New Roles at VMware

I see new roles being advertised for VMware and their recruiters keep pinging me on a weekly basis for Solutions Engineering type roles. If VMW is in as much trouble as it appears to be in, then why are they hiring so aggressively?

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Working for Broadcom

I work for Broadcom. Have been doing so for 10+ years in a couple semiconductor divisions. You would be an id--t to leave right now, before the acquisition is finalized. Yes, BRCM is no frills: little HR, very little IT, the administrative staff is... —  read more 

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What will RTO look like?

Can you guys provide your opinions on what returning to the office would look like under BC? Im not near a physical office and would have to move. Not interested in Palo Alto because of CoL. Lets say the deal close Jan 23 what offices do you think... —  read more 

High Value HR communication

Hey, folks, listen! I have a great idea! Let's send an e-card to everyone from HR telling them that we appreciate there hard work! This will boost morale and show that we mean BUSINESS, and that their contributions have not gone... —  read more 

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This forum should not exist

Or more to the point, should not have to exist. It shouldn't exist because if we had senior management that was competently handling the merger, it wouldn't need to. But we don't. Management reaction to the merger has been shameful. It has been... —  read more 

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How is Broadcom with promotions?

Is Broadcom promoting people based on merit? At VMware, going up the ladder means a lot of shoulder rubbing and a-s kissing and not so much hard work and experience. If working for Broadcom means that my work will be properly rewarded and I don't... —  read more 

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Today's Company Meeting Notes

Broadcom - No surprises here; the current execs haven't the slightest clue about what's actually going to happen and it is pointless to ask them. SEC Fine - Thank you Mr. Magoo for the non-answer answer. Let's be honest about what it was. It's... —  read more 

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Severance package in Europe

Anyone has any idea on how much we can expect as severance in some countries in EU? I mean on top of the normal generous notice period that we usually have here. Don't want to be specific on the country but let's say like in the Netherlands, Germany... —  read more 

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When are the layoffs. A

Can anyone please update any news etc they have come across recently. Its so quite in here. Not sure why people are not commenting here. As we are approaching October, my heart beat and BP is continuously rising.

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Ghosted after two interviews

It's been nearly four weeks since my second interview and I've heard nothing from them. Both interviews went really well and I was told to expect to be called in for a third. Nothing since then. I did send an email after two weeks passed but never... —  read more 

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How many are you actually working?

I am seeing lots of people becoming literally inactive. Slack responses are slow, people taking PTOs left and right and in general total lack of morale. Not seeing a single person doing more than is required on the job. To top it all, we have a lousy... —  read more 

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Bcom values?

Anyone know if bcom is wanting to continue to uphold our epic2 values? I really love the culture here and would hate if they changed that.

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Broadcom won't have to pay any severance if people keep leaving at this pace. On Friday, two more of my teammates said they accepted offers and that they'd let our manager know this week. That's five total so far. My team is not that big so this will... —  read more 

Vmw stock problems

I'm surprised noone mentioned this cash dividend VMware paid about a year ago now as one of the possible issue we faced. The cash dividend was actually a huge sum like 11Billions mostly gone to DELL shareholders. As the dividend wasn't really... —  read more 

Visa status

Tech industry is going through massive layoffs. I know about the rules that you need to join new employer within sixty days. But realistically, all the people who are unable to find job in given time period leave US? Since finding jobs in sixty... —  read more 

EPIC2 days

Do you think our EPIC days for the Christmas break are safe even if the deal happens before? Any possibilities for Broadcom to remove them like it was done for ESPP?

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Some Observations and a Reality Check Timeline. Broadcom announced the acquisition intent in May. The desired timeframe is "FY23" - which gets us into Q4 of Calendar Year 2023 - perhaps more than a year from now. If you want to have a reference... —  read more 

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This Forum is Amazing

That's it, that's the post. This Forum is amazing. I love reading all the wild comments and genuinely get a kick out of the witty things people say. Thank you all for making my day suck less. Sorry we are all in this predicament. Wish we could all... —  read more 

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