Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

No bonus?

Lot of people on this website are saying that there will be no merit increases or bonuses. But, if the total compensation includes annual bonus, can they stop it?

I'm not leaving, Jim

Broadcom is a mess, but a lot of good stuff can happen in a mess. Accountability is way down during all this chaos. With so many problems with the new system, it's easy for difficult problems to be shuffled around, delayed, or just plain ignored. .. — read more 


Do these tards actually call each other this? actually take pride in an irrelevant product and a negative revenue producing BU. cant wait till Hock axes it.

happy for Broadcom Sofia

Very happy to see that Sofia office was not affected much by the layoffs. My concern is that there is so many teams not generating any revenue and hiding under VC revenue bracket, not sure how sustainable this would be. Most of the teams has so many... — read more 

Can't wait

I can't wait for the Transition folks (toxic ones who are envious) to finish there time soon and go on there gaga vacation which they have been harping about. They are ensuring nothing is working and managed and becoming bottle necks and creating... — read more 

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