Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Retaliatory firing

Anyone been through retaliatory firing? I've been at vmware for 5 years. My manager (who I had for about 6 month) threatened to fire me. I know the reason. It is pure retaliation. What advice is out there? NSBU Palo Alto

Racisms and layoffs

It is sad that Pat talks about business force redistribution as his justification of the racism, the retaliation behind the layoffs. Come see NSBU, both NSX and VeloCloud. You will see retaliation first hand. You get a director firing people... —  read more 

And it has begun!

A lot of people got 1:1's set up yesterday(5 in the HCS platform engg team, 2 in SRE are the ones I know) at EUC Bangalore. It was always clear this dev owns quality b—s— was a way to move the QAs into dev teams and fire them stating "business... —  read more 

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Doom day

Yearly layoffs happening today. It started in Europe, let’s see how it goes in the US. Not-so-competent management letting go of people they don’t like to hide their own incompetence. If you get an invite for a 1-2-1 with your manager, you... —  read more 

Acquire to layoff

This is a strategy and well established history for vmware. Acquire small startups, then lay-off the good minds. Another acquisition is in the baking (in a few weeks). Little they know, they will be crushed. Welcome to Vmware.

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