Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Topics regarding layoffs at VMware

Success 360 train wreck

Is anyone else hearing their customers or sales teams throw a fit when they hear the price of Success 360 compared to their previous costs of Premier Support, BCS, and HCS? In many cases, it is double the previous cost or more.

WWKO 2021

Proof that this place is bloated with too many talking heads and disjointed strategies. Most of these sessions are fluff rah-rah sessions, except for the technical ones. It is sad that most of the agenda is spent on the rah-rah sessions.

Wrong focus?

I used to be proud to work for this company, but I’m afraid there is no salvation for it anymore. VMWare is soon to be a dinosaur. The management (what’s left) doesn’t have a clue. They focus on SJW c-ap, the environment and any and everything... —  read more 

Our products

My question is: will we ever have better products? As long as they keep building complex, fragile products that don’t integrate well, and keep blowing their cash on botched acquisitions, no amount of shuffling the deck is going to change... —  read more 

Is there a future here?

I’m not sure anymore. After the last round of layoffs I’ve been question on whether to stick it out or jump ship. When layoffs are the only solution that can be found to solve the issues this company has, it becomes obvious how inept upper... —  read more 

Market RIF

There was a layoff in VMware marketing today. About 7% (23 out of 350). Across the board cuts in field and corporate marketing. Given 2 months to find a new job internally.

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