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What a Difference a Year Makes!

I'm sure it was about one year ago to the day when the official announcement was made that Broadcom would buy the enterprise security assets of Symantec. Little was known at the time as to what that would actually mean for thousands of employees... —  read more 

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What’s left of Symantec?

All we keep reading is layoffs ? As a former employee of Sym it pains to see what’s become of this company! Greed of investor activists, apathy of senior leadership, lack of direction....what you are seeing is the end result . It won’t be long... —  read more 

Broadcom effect.

Symantec was a great Company. broadcom destroyed everything. broadcom is not a company, they work more like an investment found. no ethics, no mission, only profit.


NortonLifeLock jettisoned 59 jobs in Mountain View +

Customers are furious

Symantec ( Broadcom) customers are furious with the level of technical support they are receiving. The goodwill SYM earned has been thrown into the trash can in a matter of few months. It’s all a mess ! Employees in technical support too are fed up... —  read more 

NLOK stock

So, many of us still have NLOK stocks and the special 12$ dividend is coming. Should we wait or sell before (to avoid the dividend tax) ? What about the McAfee rumour ?

False hope

The final headcounts have been complete for a few weeks now and all offers have gone out. For most of us the deadline to return offers is this week or next week. If you didnt recieve one I would be looking for a new job over xmas :(

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All Hands????

Why are you attending this stupid, useless meetings? Enjoy this period where you can do whatever you want and find a new job! I won't be surprised if you find a new place better than this pigpan!

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Next round of RSU !!!!

RSU, babe! Broadcom has to distribute the RSU until 15/12. So, until 15/12 Strategic people will receive the contract and RSU and for Enterprise Santa Hock will give us a temporary contract to work more 6 months in this mess.

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