Topics regarding layoffs at Insight Enterprises Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Insight Enterprises Inc.

Layoffs have started

Layoffs started today. 10 people from my group are gone. Any chance you can clarify - are you talking about furloughs, temporary layoffs, or permanent layoffs? With everything that's been going on, there is now a bad, worse, and the worst kind of... —  read more 

April 2020 Layoffs

You can probably expect another massive cut on April 1st... I don't have any insider info, it's just that they have cruelty done layoffs on April Fools Day twice before... I worked there nearly 2 decades and the company just became more & more... —  read more 

Insight cuts are ongoing

They are still slowly cutting more. Removing tenured Insight employees to "make room" for employees from the acquisition. Very much this. Sadly, I don't see an end to this any time soon.

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