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It was like high school

The office was full of mean girls (administrative and hr), jocks (the sales teams), and nerds (my crew, the engineers). Advancement was available if you knew the right people and belonged to the popular kids group. Like high school, the mean girls ran the office and rumor mill, and a lot of people lost their job because of that. Training was available to employees, and it looked like you could choose what you were interested in, which seemed right. However, your manager could write you up if they weren't included in your decision. My manager was a spiteful person and new to management, so I suffered. My review was a termination decree, not ways to improve. It was my first review, not any issues according to my manager. This horrible experience taught me not to emotionally invest in people that I work with, and that if I want to improve or seek additional training, that I need to do so through an outside source. Keeping my achievements to myself has become a way to keep a job, which might be the only way to work for this company.

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