Topics regarding layoffs at CDW

Topics regarding layoffs at CDW

Today's Incident...

CDW should be ashamed of itself for what happened today in Chicago. Out of respect, I will not include any names or details. However, as a coworker I will speak up. What does it say about your company culture when someone calls you out in a suicide... —  read more 

Rumored S3 Layoffs in 2018

S3 (aka data center solutions) is rolling out a tool to track coworkers' activity, literally by the hour. Lots of whispering among coworkers that this is just a way for CDW to collect data on employees and start laying off staff they deem... —  read more 

Configuration Engineer

Since our UK company joined CDW, everything is getting worse. Workload and pressure is heavier and our gain soon will be the same as the UK lowest guaranteed by law. I feel like a number, not actual pearson.

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It's not all about money

If you start working here, expect no serious money for at least several years. The base pay is so law that it's beyond ridiculous, and the commission is simply not enough for your needs. On a bright side, you get to work with some wonderful people.

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CDW is changing

It used to be a great place, with good environment to work in. CDW is changing, and not for the better. And the one thing that should be changed ASAP, remains the same. This old-school management style which drags this company into abyss. A lot of... —  read more 

CDW 2016 Layoffs

I heard that some distribution centers might be closing in Q1 2016. How reliable this information is? Just a rumor or there is some substance here? Anyone?

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