Topics regarding layoffs at CDW

Topics regarding layoffs at CDW


They are eliminating 200 jobs Jan 2nd and still making employee's go into the office two days a week to slap us in the face.. They didn't learn from the incident in 2018 with Jesse Pajente, 35. its sickening.. and the Cover ups keep coming!!


Not sure how CDW gets positive ratings by Forbes. Unless of course they are asking coworkers who fear repercussions for not spouting what management crams down every ones throats. That or Forbes is asking upper management who are raking in bonuses... —  read more 

CDW UK Layoffs

I’m a UK coworker and haven’t heard of anyone being laid off ‘across the pond’. Of course the UK will have had its share. Does anyone know of numbers or departments affected here?

Will CDW survive?

I've heard different forecasts: CDW will do better than other tech companies CDW will suffer headwinds this year. Is this just a blip on the radar screen, and will CDW return to the "no layoffs" company it used to be? Or is this a sign of... —  read more 


I got to boot two months ago during the first tiny wave of layoffs. When I asked about the layoff, they told me not not call it a layoff but instead to say “my role was eliminated” or “my contract is over early”.. I knew something shady was up. So... —  read more 

Layoffs info

Is there anybody here who has concrete info about the coming layoffs? We all know something is going to happen, but nobody seems to be willing to share anything beyond that. A lot of people are stressing over this, so if you could help and clear out... —  read more 

Today's Incident...

CDW should be ashamed of itself for what happened today in Chicago. Out of respect, I will not include any names or details. However, as a coworker I will speak up. What does it say about your company culture when someone calls you out in a suicide... —  read more 

Rumored S3 Layoffs in 2018

S3 (aka data center solutions) is rolling out a tool to track coworkers' activity, literally by the hour. Lots of whispering among coworkers that this is just a way for CDW to collect data on employees and start laying off staff they deem... —  read more 

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