Topics regarding layoffs at Qlik Technologies Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Qlik Technologies Inc.

Time has expired

Qlik had a window but we did not execute, unfortunately. Poor decision-making by the CEO (former payroll industry experience/non tech) and a very dino leadership team coming from IBM, Cognos is unable to match the speed ot our competitors. Power BI... — read more 

HIC fired?

As we discovered on social media this week: The heart and soul of Qlik was fired in the latest round of layoffs. Over 1200 people on LinkedIn have taken the time to comment on how HIC (a name that every Qlik employee knows), was unceremoniously let... — read more 

Worst work experience ever

Leadership team has no vision or accountability Missing target revenue quarter over quarter with no solid plan to turn things around Culture of firefighting valued over planning 5 CIOs in 7 yrs (3 in the last 2 years) Core values are words only. No... — read more 

More layoffs at Qlik

Massive cuts to Qlik R&D this past week worldwide. Many good people lost their jobs, while many incompetent people kept their jobs. Qlik had a chance to trim the fat and completely missed the mark. Found this in another thread, bumped it to the front... — read more 

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