Topics regarding layoffs at Palantir

Topics regarding layoffs at Palantir

No need to hide layoffs

I'm not sure what's the point of trying to hide layoffs. Yes, Palantir just cut some people. It happened this week. No, the layoffs were not too big but they're still layoffs. From what I understand, it was mostly recruiters who were hit. I'm not... —  read more 

no real layoffs

no real layoffs and company hiring is continuing but just slower. lots of growth in some parts of the business but recruiting isnt going to happen as fast. many people on here are mad but reality is this isnt a major thing. "C suite says hiring... —  read more 

Nothing good to expect

After disappointing quarterly results and slashed revenue guidance for the year, I think doom and gloom awaits us. Any thoughts? I wish someone would convince me otherwise.

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What will IPO bring us?

Buckle up, we are going public. I still don't get how we managed to lose that much money with so many contracts we have. Honestly, that's amazing, but I think the hype around the IPO will overshadow the fact that Palantir has ever lost a cent... —  read more 

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