Topics regarding layoffs at SAS Institute

Topics regarding layoffs at SAS Institute

Viya Workbench

Thoughts? Was highlighted more deeply at Innovate today. Combines SAS9 and Viya procs into a single, non-CAS runtime. Basically what we’ve all been asking for after all these years.

Is McKinsey behind de-SASing SAS

McKinsey, the management consultants that brought us Enron, have been quietly involved at SAS the past few years. They worked the BS Broadcom ‘deal’ to try and set a low-end price. Are they now the ones responsible for de-SASing SAS?

Signal to Noise Ratio

Reposted because it hits the mark. "Rumor and gossip is what SAS runs on. These same sorts of discussions probably happened each day at the lunch tables in R." Yah, that's a problem at SAS. We receive a company-wide notification when a parking lot... — read more 

the ageism in tech

let's discuss a more general topic in the tech labor market. a lot of commenters who said they were laid off, took VRBP, or chose to leave have commented on the ageism in tech. it's very difficult for those of us beyond a certain age to "start over"... — read more 

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Days Of Our Lives

I really need to stop watching this site. Some good posts and comments but mostly a bunch of disgruntled, jealous, entitled bs. I su-k so let’s tear down large profile groups to make me feel better about myself. If you feel that way go get a... — read more 

The Great Deckine

@1uqq “Way way too much managerial bloat, too many yes people, too many friends of the family and not nearly enough accountability and not enough worker bees. A technology company can't allow itself to fall behind its peers.Sas has.”


I know, I know, nobody here believes an IPO is happening, and a sale is the likely plan/wish if not outcome. However, there is an in between option called SPAC, special purpose acquisition company. A SPAC that has gone public in order to seek... — read more 

No card swipe = No job

The new return to office policy is being rolled out one team at a time. Loyalty test? Measure of productivity? The testers, retail, education, and most other layoffs have something in common. Older, younger, old hire, new hire, race, s-x, or... — read more 

Education layoffs

Someone said 24 people were laid off yesterday - along with the 17 last year, that’s a huge reduction for Education - anyone know if the latest batch was mainly senior level folks?

Of Course SAS Can IPO

Posters continue to write that SAS “can’t” IPO. Two examples may help. Last year, KenVue (KVUE) IPO’ed. This is a collection of older brands (Listerine, Tylenol, etc.) from Johnson and Johnson that have poor revenue growth — barely above inflation... — read more 

Sinking ship

Bankers can prop up the numbers, buyers beware: "SAS's declining ability to compete in the analytics market; inability to attract and retain talent; flawed product strategy in relation to Viya; countless examples of bad decision making at the most... — read more 

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