Topics regarding layoffs at SAS Institute

Topics regarding layoffs at SAS Institute

Any news about cuts?

I almost wish we would have cuts because, like this, I'm worried 24/7. I always feel like we're in the calm before the storm and something bad is about to happen. If anybody knows if any cuts are coming or, even better, can confirm that we won't be... —  read more 

Let go in 2019

In 2019 almost the entire automotive team (including me) were let go. People with years of experience from 1 year to almost 30 years. Sales in automotive were almost zero in 2019. Existing customers are not renewing. It's a real mess. They were... —  read more 

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Not waiting for buyout

I hesitated a lot but in the end I accepted an offer that is not much better than what I have here. The reason is I don't want to stay here anymore. I wanted to leave as soon as possible. There were also those who tried to persuade me to wait for... —  read more 

Target groups

I am very anxious, I hope to survive this round of layoffs and at the same time I feel helpless because I know that all my efforts do not mean much when it comes to making the decision whether to cut me or not. Does anyone have more info on who... —  read more 

Vaccinated to death...

Goodnight informed employees that if they don't show proof of vaccination by Nov 1 they will be fired by Nov 30, even if they are remote employees or already had covid. Way to treat people like they matter. With turnover already ramping up, I think... —  read more 

Slow death...

Amazed at the number of talented folks leaving here in Cary. Just google "last day at sas" on LinkedIn... How bad is it going to get before the bottom falls out!!

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