Topics regarding layoffs at SAS Institute

Topics regarding layoffs at SAS Institute

Childcare Staff

I was one of the staff who was offered a transition and declined. It didn’t take me long to find something comparable (at least in pay) and was wondering how everyone else is doing? Who else decided not to go along with the transition and look for... —  read more 

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SAS lays people off

This review is based on my belief of how SAS operates, based on my experience working there. Do not kid yourself. SAS lays people off. The method they use is quite unsavory. Rather than actually hold above-board "layoffs", they target specific people... —  read more 

SAS is laying off people

They put employees under hatchet managers and then force them to retire/strongly encourage to quit. The employee is then made to choose between being laid off or quitting.

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Unhappy SAS customer

As a SAS customer, I hope the company goes down the sh--ter. For annual license renewal, sales holds our feet the fire (lets our license expire MULTIPLE times during renewal) then takes a pound or two of flesh. We chose SAS because it is a reliable... —  read more 

We need layoffs

The SAS problem is the CEO doesn't want to lay people off because it would tarnish his reputation as someone who has never had mass layoffs. Does SAS need to lay people off? Hell yes. There is so much dead weight it keeps them competing in many... —  read more 

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