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There was so much hot air at Vancouver that we all needed GS-X, to remove the bloating

How low can the stock go

Tdc stock is around $24 now. With the poor quarterly and annual results coming up, how low do you think tdc will sink to this year ? My guess is $17.

Why the suffering?

Please tell me that CT is not host again this year at GSX? I left the company last year thinking that once OR left that CT would be out the door quicker than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck. Surely TD has wised up to the fact they are not... —  read more 

The experiment has left

RP exit stage door left. RP should have been treated as a data science project so we could have "failed fast". Unfortunately she stayed on too long and never delivered anything.

No cash bonus this year

Rumors are afloat that there is not going to be any cash bonus and minimal raises. They will give paltry stocks which will be meaningless as the stock loses value and vests over time. Jump ship now!!!

So, what's it going to be?

2019 is over. Will Teradata show improvement in Q4 2019 or will they bury that and look to 2020? CAN they actually improve with clueless management? When will the next set of layoffs start? I predict March 2020. I bet 2020 will see competitors... —  read more 

Dear Santa

Please can you send me: Someone who can count Someone who can build stuff that actually works Someone who can promote the business Someone who can show everyone the path ahead and explain what it means Someone who likes talking to customers... —  read more 

Compensation savings

I hear TD is saving a lot of money cause they can’t figure out how to pay the compensation on deals that are closed. The very minimal that are closed at best

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Do not get lulled

I was laid off close to my 10 year mark. I liked working there, it was a great place. It was also however like a warm blanket for a long nap. Do not ever get complacent at work. You may think you are super well positioned and a high-value... —  read more 

TDC needs new leadership

Somehow I hope it will be taken private/will be acquired by private equity or another tech company, which can put in new leadership and offer a more long-term perspective for developing the business. The underlying technology is still quite good... —  read more 

Layoffs Jan last week or feb first week

There is a huge chance of lay-offs in feb 1st week or before DCT . Target groups are unity, appC,project management and database team mostly people would be let go with out warn notice that means the severance will be zero.please have the resume... —  read more 

Invest in lies

This is a a horrible company in all directions. Employment, investment, management, and future prospects. Stay away, no matter which of these categories you fall under. It is a toxic environment and is only going to get worse. If you a a prospective... —  read more 


I feel a bit guilty, but Teradata management has brought all this on themselves. My advice to the actual workers (managers and below) is to get out soon.

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Light reading



What was once a unique and highly respected business has become a commodity. A great product that still retains market leading benchmarks from all the analysts - commoditized by incompetent management messaging. Highly intelligent and capable... —  read more 

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How much will VL make if he pulls off a private equity sale of TD and Cloudera as a package Rumour has it will be $100M personal fee. Surely no one can get $6B together and make VL day. AC got together $5b ($50 a share)just for teradata in mid... —  read more 

Dear M.e: How's that transformation going?

If there’s one attribute Martyn Etherington is counting on to realise his ambitious brand transformation plans at Teradata, it’s bravery. “As a CMO, you cannot have fear, you have to be fearless. You can’t blink otherwise the team senses that... —  read more 

RIF'd employees eligibility for re-hire

Not sure anyone would want to be re-hired, but I've heard that RIF'd employees are not eligible for re-hire due to some lawsuit or legal action. Does anyone have any information about that?

How bad is it ?

How many more posts are there on this thread than any other company ? Does Teradata win yet another benchmark ? How many times have management tried to intervene and had their posts deleted ? M.e. keeps on knocking but he never gets in...probably... —  read more 

Not an anti-TD/OR post

This post will either generate some hate or a debate. I have been with TD for a while. Not dinosaur while but a while. The last few years I have had decent productivity: brought in 2x-3x of my cost to the company ( measured by billable hours and... —  read more 

MBA Case Study

Almost every MBA case study examines companies that have strayed from their core competencies. it is imperative for TDC to get back to what made the company; EDW, massive parallel processing, providing unlimited data queries. Now, we must been... —  read more 

I welome being RIFed

Anything is better than this mess. I gladly volunteer to be paid to leave this sh—show.

The rif plan

Workforce Reduction Plan that expected to cost the company $20 million to $25 million, half earmarked for international... —  read more 

Open Letter to Vic

Teradata has lost its way for the last 3 years now. You need to forget about Branding or what ME, CT and the rest of the marketing VPs tells you. Or what the supposed Revenue Managers tell you Its all smoke and mirrors. Your mission is to get the... —  read more 

Can we expect more layoffs before year's end?

It wouldn't surprise me if the answer was yes, to be honest. Our leadership has long shown they lack any kind of a moral compass. Laying off a bunch of people just ahead of Christmas wouldn't even be a blip on the radar for them. Hopefully I'm wrong... —  read more 

The Bright Side at HQ in San Diego

If you can mentally block out the trauma from OR, there are a few items on the bright side. HQ employees will no longer have to shill for the company with pointless LinkedIn puffery that virtually no one sees and which have zero affect on the... —  read more 

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