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Talk about trust

Half of the team from RB front end already said adios. After talking to HR, IDs were surrendered and they were escourted by guards to go outside. Talk about trust. Their managers will then get their things for them and they have to wait outside the... read more
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New people who can’t even describe the market

If you are someone who was part of the companies past success, you are no longer welcome. All new people who can’t even describe the market they are in. Think that the problem with the company is sales execution and SFDC will fix that, when the... read more
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Analyst Day - take away

Magic Formula Insider Sales to reduce salesman cost +less service by 2022 +Vantage only in subscription +500 mega data customer by 2022 = Lay-off Any lay-off Forecast ?

A new addition to the BOD

According to the company’s press release, Teradata’s Board of Directors has a new addition. The current COO of the company OR has been appointed to the BOD, widening its structure from 11 to twelve members. Here’s the link with all of the details... read more

Is Teradata next for SAP

There was recent news the other week that a subscription based software company that specializes in collecting and analyzing data was just bought by SAP for $8billion called Qualtrics. They are based out of UT same place TD CEO (Lund) is out of... read more

The logic train

Getting rid of all the low margin consulting work. Sounds like the next steps in selling a business New management-starting in 2016 check New pricing models to make it less complicated in selling check Consolidate HQ to what seems to be a better... read more

TDC Consulting revenue

TDC should publish Consulting revenue - How much is real revenue and how much is internally funded PANB. Most of its consulting revenue is PANB $s.

Layoff in TD Europe

There is a rumors of several layoff in Spain in the ex think big people. Any other countries is impacted in EU ?

Norway Subsidiary is Sold

TD doesn’t have future, low Margin services will be spin off and sold and small country closed and pass to distributors. Norway is the last. Who next?

#hillbilly OHIO

Can anyone confirm that OUR high level MGT called the Dayton office a bunch of Hillbilly’s from Ohio. I heard it was M.E. Where was it at? Who was it in front of? We need to get this out because that behavior is unacceptable and not accepted... read more

More info on layoffs

Rumor is 45 people on this round the last week of September 2018. 25 years or 1 year = 12 weeks severance. No pay for unused vacation since the vac accrual went away. Sales must be booming for this the third major layoff and lots of stealth... read more

Layoffs happened the last week of August 2018

Once again another layoff. Unlike March 2018 which was about 10% of the consulting/PS team (60 0ut of 600) , this one seems smaller and more stealth like. You find out when someone's email bounces or word of mouth. In the last 2 years this is # 6 or... read more

No future at Teradata

Give it up and just start looking for another job. TD is a one product company, and that product is over three decades old. Lund et al are playing on the brand recognition and selling the notion that TD is a going concern in hopes of a fat payday if... read more

Layoffs and Hiring H1-Bs from India

What's up with hiring more and more H-1Bs from India after the layoffs. Sadly, it feels like company is infested with H-1Bs after kicking out many Americans. I hate to see many of my friends lost the job and instead of hiring them back we hire more... read more

march 31st 2019 TD ohio jobs moving to india

Great plan Mr. Lund. You sure thought about the company. Now we can really save money and screw our orders and customers.. and they can to talk to someone in India and explain them why flex f’d up the order. Talk about loyality. Does Vic Lind... read more

Laid-off in the past year (2018)?

In previous posts, someone mentioned creating a Facebook Group in order gather and communicate information. I was a part of the March 2018 Layoff and have taken the initiative to setup a private group communication as an initial step. I have created... read more

2018 H1B Visas Hired By Teradata

Employer: Teradata | Job Title: Solution Architect | Base Salary: 143000 | Location:Atlanta, GA | Submit Date: 2018/02/27 | Start Date: 2018/03/05 Employer: Teradata | Job Title: Senior Software Engineer | Base Salary: 121160 | Location:Austin, TX |... read more

Layoffs in Dayton?

I heard the Vic is coming to Dayton for a big all hands meeting for all employees. Is this the beginning of the end for Dayton???

Heads up

The motives behind these firings look a bit fishy. Employees fired here are being replaced by cheaper h1b candidates brought from India. That indicates a potential abuse and manipulation. Bringing candidates for replacement is not legal. Some of us... read more

Should I join TeraData?

I will work as Software Test Engineer at TeraData on Viewpoint product. I am not sure about overall outlook for this group/product and I heard many test engineers were laid off at TeraData in past. Can someone advise, please?

One more reorganization at Teradata

I've been hearing lately that we are gearing for another reorganization later this year. Does anybody here have more info on that? We all know that reorganization is just a fancy name for layoffs, so I'd like to be prepared if they are about to hit... read more

Severance Payouts ?

Has anyone from the 3/23/18 Layoff actually received their payout? Most companies will payout their Severance agreements within 24 hours of signatures... however TD has yet to provide payout on the signed Severance agreements. Since Severance... read more

Bases for ageism suit?

One of the affected employees told me the number was 300. All of them older well comprensated highly experienced people. From what I saw, this seems like exactly what happened. Considering that it looks like older employees were specifically targeted... read more

Think Big Toast

Looks like the roasting process just got started. This won’t be the last.
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What's the final number?

Do we finally know what's the final number of people who were laid off last week? And while on the subject, do we know for sure it is done, or should we be worried more layoffs will be incoming sometime this week? This whole never knowing if layoffs... read more

More info on layoffs

Layoffs were the heaviest in PS, lots of consultants and Client Directors.... Severance was ironically based on "Job Level" (considering the new leveling transformation). Very poor package provided, especially now that no vacation time is paid out... read more
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Teradata died when Mike left

Teradata used to be an excellent company to work for, but somewhere down the line, they sold their soul (around 2013/2014, I think). I know because I was there from the start (when they were a division of NCR). Mike Koehler was the absolute best... read more

Job leveling?

anyone know about this job leveling project that's underway? How will this impact employees? Good or bad? Seems like an opportunity for them to pay their people less money.

How does this help us?

Over the years I’ve experienced Teradata’s struggle with maintaining any type of long-term focus or steering us into any type of strategic direction. We seem to be going through an identity crisis. I understand change is difficult, but how can that... read more

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