Topics regarding layoffs at Avnet Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Avnet Inc.

Layoff's incoming?

Lots of rumors around the office right now. America's region not hitting quota for the past 2 months. Premier Farnell taking a large hit on profit (along with layoffs). Somebody in GIS told me there was a hiring freeze. Anybody hear anything about... — read more 


So, after 23 years with the dame company, approx 13 of which were with Avnet, myself and 50 others from CTL MANUFACTURING (part of the Alpha 3 group, which is owned by Avnet) are being made redundant. No shock in that, that's life, and business... — read more 

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Any more layoffs expected at Avnet?

I've heard some rumors at the office that we might be having more layoffs sometime in April, but the source is not the most reliable one, so I'm hoping maybe somebody here will know if it's true or not? After last month's layoffs, the last thing I... — read more 

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More layoffs in China

Looks like there were more layoffs at Avnet after all, this time in China. Not sure about other locations, but we have confirmation for that at least. Anybody else knows if this was isolated Asia layoff round or if some other locations were hit? And... — read more 

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November layoffs at Avnet

It looks like the layoffs are over, at least for now. Do we know the exact number of people who were laid off from Avnet this week and which locations were hit the most? Also, if somebody who was laid off is checking this board, can you please share... — read more 

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Chinese Buy-Out?

Is there any news of a Chinese investment fund looking to buy out Avnet and layoff middle management? Was laid off three months ago and now working as an independent contractor, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Most of my fellow engineers... — read more 

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2015 Layoffs at Avnet

Anyone has more info on the planned reorg and layoffs here at Avnet. It is my understanding that the IT group might be affected again and wanted to get any info that might be available. As always, there are many rumors flying around and it's very... — read more 

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July 2014 Layoffs At Avnet

What do we know so far? I hear rumors in the office and on this site that the next round will be significant - nobody has details on what Avent folks will be affected by the July cuts. Anybody has more info?

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Avnet does have A lot of layoffs

Avnet does have A lot of layoffs. Expects loyalty from employees but is not loyal to employees. Makes big promises of growth to smaller companies, buys them out, then lays off their employees and replaces the employees with ones with lower wages and... — read more 

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i am interviewing for an it position (sap) at avnet and wanted to see if someone can post a word or two regarding how stable that job would be

i am interviewing for an it position (sap) at avnet and wanted to see if someone can post a word or two regarding how stable that job would be. i know that avnet has some challenges in the marketplace but at the same time i wanted to see what other... — read more 

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