Topics regarding layoffs at Arrow Electronics Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Arrow Electronics Inc.

Fake Company

Manager ,Directors and executive level are not cooperative. Fake management,HR not trustworthy Too much influence ,manger higher friends family not having knowledge Hard working knowledgeable employees are to suffered

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Why do it like this?

They just laid off over 91 people at my warehouse today in Reno, NV . With more to come. They didn't do it based on seniority or by production standards and with no input from the supervisors. Some guy from the top decided who to let go. There were... —  read more 

So much is wrong here

So much is wrong at Arrow I'm not even sure where to start. Maybe with pay, which you are stuck with once you get it, because raises are virtually non-existent. And it doesn't stop there, if you are a salaried employee, you are not eligible for... —  read more 

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Constant fear of layoffs

A few years ago Arrow Electronics used to be a good place to work. Now with the constant fear of layoffs it seems to be more “who you know” instead of “what you know.” It turns out any one of us who are experienced and have proven ourselves in our... —  read more 

September layoffs at Arrow

Layoffs just happened in Solon, OH. Departments were told Dec 1st is their last day. They did it over the phone too, didn't even have the decency to tell people to their face. These are people who have spent a majority of their careers devoted to... —  read more 

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A decent raise?

Rumors of layoffs at Arrow are nothing new. Ask yourself when you had a decent raise then look at the stock options given to the people at the top and what they sell on a regular basis. They are raking in millions while you continue to struggle with... —  read more 

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Arrow Electronics Layoffs 2015

I hear many rumors about possible major reorg here at Arrow Electronics. Most of your competitors are going through large layoffs and trying to cut costs and I would not be surprised if Arrow is hit with yet another round of cuts. This is tough... —  read more 

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